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Found 473 results

  1. tracybayliss

    anyone had sponsored visa

    hi im hopefully getting a sponsored visa from my employer, and today was told that they would like me to start work on the 10th march wow, i felt like crying, sheer shock and did think that we would ever get everything sorted by that date, has anyone else been offered job and managed to get over to oz quite quickly, its nice on one hand but really scarry on the other, and i havent even been asked yet to supply any info. The job is for a midwife so im sure a big company like the health industry must know its possible, but afeter reading so much on this sight it seem to have taken people upto a year to sort. would appreciate and thoughts tracy :arghh:
  2. Hi everyone, I've been offered a job in Melbourne on a sponsored visa and I am trying to negoiate around the logistics which I must admit are daunting. The company have included in the contract for 4 weeks temporary accommodation for me and my family in a serviced apartment. My question is, what could we realistically organise by way of permanent accommodation within that 4 weeks? Obviously purchasing would be out of the question but is it likely that we will be able to assess areas, schools and locate and rent a house within that time frame, bearing in mind I will be working during the days? Does anyone out their have experience of this kind of arrangement and if so what would be a reasonable compromise for a period of temporary accommodation that would give us a chance to sort out a permanent residence. I have similar queries on the sponsored visa and relocation fees that they are offering so if you have any knowledge on either of these please search for these under "johnthepom" Thanks guys John
  3. gundog

    Employer nominated sponsored

    Hi, Can anyone tell me once you have been accepted on this scheme, is there a time scale in which you have to be with that employer. Can you be sent home if your not with that employer for a specific period of time ? for example if you have a difference of opinion and part company!
  4. Hi Does anyone know whether the processing times are any quicker for a Skilled-Sponsored (subclass 176) visa than the times for a Skilled-Independent (subclass 175)? Can anyone give me their timeline for their Skilled sponsored (176). Thanks folks! HH xx
  5. Guest

    Sponsored Visa

    Hi All I'm new to the site and have just started looking into moving out to Oz, I have some aunts and uncles out there who will sponsor me and I meet the basic points req of 110 (actually 120) A few questions to get me statrted. Approx how long will the process take? I still have a year of Uni (and alos work full time so may find it hard to find time for checkups etc) do I need to start sooner rather than later? Do you have to use an agent? What are the cost involved and will these be inadditton to an agents fee? Thanks, any help appreiciated. George
  6. May I ask if there is any advantage of applying for both Skilled Migration Visa and the Employer Sponsored Nomination visa at the same time ? My partner is a chef and is making some contacts in Victoria whom we will arrange to meet up with when we fly down to Oz for a visit. We have been told that appication for ESN is quicker than Skilled Migration visa. Is it true that for the ESN, he would only be tied to the particular for 6 months, after which he can leave the employer and maintain his permanent visa status. A related question, would one visa supercede the other visa ie, if he gets the skilled migration visa first, followed by the ESN visa later, would the ESN visa supercede the skilled migration visa? You may asked why bothered with applying for two visas at the same time. Well we want to get to Oz soon, and if the employer is interested, then the ESN sounds like a good idea. But that is dependent whether the employer is keen to apply on his behalf. We would appreciate your thoughts. Many thanks for reading this thread. V
  7. Hi All, Just wondering if anybody else has submitted an application under the same visa 138 Australian skilled sponsored and the processing times? Our application got reciepted on the 5th of June and we received our acknowledgement letter today the 3rd of September. How long can we expect to wait before we get the visa???? :nah: Cheery
  8. Guest

    457 Sponsored Visa - Docs

    Hi All I've just accepted a role in Sydney to start early next year, the contract is on the way back too the company and they are going to apply for the 457 visa for us, can anyone please let me know what documents i'm going to have to supply for this level of visa? Just so i can start getting them ready. Many thanks:mask:
  9. Guest

    Employer Sponsored visa

    Does anyone know how long it takes to get DIMA approval?? they recieved reciept of our application on july 23rd. After DIMA approval, is it just a matter of us getting meds, police checks and qualifications certified??? could we be doing some of this now while waiting for DIMA??? If anyone has any info on this it would be greatly appreciated. :notworthy: Thanks Sue
  10. Guest

    457 Sponsored Visa

    What is the usual time for the processing of a 457 visa as we submitted our visa via the website on 13 July, xrays were done on 17 July, posted 19 July to Sydney and supporting documents uploaded. We still haven't got a Case Officer as yet, is this typical? Our house is currently being sold and our buyers are looking to move in mid September and starting to worry about the timing for our visa. Won't be happy until 100% sure that we are going as literally selling our dream home in UK to move to Oz as only been in it 2 years.:arghh:
  11. Can anyone help me..........If we manage to get to Oz (fingers and toes crossed) on a temporary employer sponsored visa is it then just a formality to apply for the permanent visa once we have been there for 2 years and working with the same employer for at least a year. My husband cannot get his skills assessed as he does not have a university education but lots of experience in his field. I have looked at the immi site and I believe that we only have to meet one of the criteria, i.e. the residency and employer timeframe bit but as with anything to do with visas I'm starting to question if I am understanding what I am reading. I bet you all understand where I am coming from. Or would the employer be able to sponsor you right off on a permanent visa? Would really, really appreciate any help on this. :unsure:
  12. Guest

    Sponsored Relocation Expenses

    Hi Everyone, I've been offered a job in Melbourne and my prospective employer is allowing me up to $7500 AUD for shipping costs. I've done some research and it seems this will cover a 20ft container that should accommodate our household furniture and stuff that we will bring over. However we would also like to bring over my wifes car, as a replacement in Australis appears expensive and the shipping cost at around $2000 AUD is well below what we would lose on it in depreciation and replacement costs by selling it before we go. Does anyone have any advice on typical relocation expenses that might be paid by a sponsoring employer and whether Australian Employers might commonly expect or be willing to pay for an incoming employees vehicle ot be shipped over? Any advice appreciated. Thanks John
  13. Lynne2007

    Sponsored Tandem SkyDive

    Right my best Buddies, I am going to be doing a Tandem Skydive for the Lennox Children's Cancer Fund so if anybody would like to sponsor me to help raise money for a wonderful charity then PM me and i will give you details as i will need Name, Address and Sponsor amount etc. I have never jumped out of a plane in my life so will be a scary event but i am going for it as it is for a wonderful cause, i will be doing it with my work collegue too so let me know if you can sponsor me Make sure you all pray for me lmfao :swoon::wideeyed::chatterbox::yes:
  14. Hi all, Love the site,dont really post that much but love reading all your post and they have given me lots of great info but I have a question and I can't seem to find the answer so I was hoping someone might be able to help. We are hoping to get to oz usng a sponsored provisional 496 visa which means we will have a 3 yr visa,have to live in a designated area for 2 years and must work in the designated area for 12 months of that 3yrs. After doing this we will get a permanent residency visa,does anyone if there is any restrictions with this type of visa with regrds to employment,being self employed,benefits or being able to buy property etc or in fact any other restriction which maybe I have not thought of before we actually get permanent residency? Cheers Ian
  15. Guest

    Sponsored Visa

    Hi We do not qualify for a skilled visa, however, we have been told that if my husband gets a good job offer with a large company, then they will sponsor him & after 2 years he will get a permanant visa. This was told to us by 2 agencies. The job has to be a good one of a certain salary & he has to stay there 2 years but no qualifications are needed. Can anyone clarify this or has anyone actually done this? He is a Senior Manager in Pharmaceuticals - seems quite a few relevant vacancies on looking but would only do if it would lead to a perm visa! Thanks
  16. My mother would like to migrate with me and my family but I have been told that effectively we will have to live in Oz for a certain length of time before she can come over on a parent sponsered visa (or something like that). Does anyone know if it is possible for her to come over on a holiday visa, then come back to UK when the visa expires, then apply for another holiday visa.... until such time as she can apply for a permanent one. One thing I was unsure about was if there was a certain length of time before you could apply for another visa. Does this make sense?
  17. Guest

    Wife being sponsored

    Hi all, as the subject line states, my wife has been offered a job in Sydney and they are sponsoring her. Question is, what does this mean for me, what type of visa would I get? Hope someone can clear this up? They are also looking at making it a fastrack application, anyone know how long this can take? Cheers Gary
  18. Hi all Does anyone know the upper age limit for which a company can sponsor immigration? I'm 40 and have been offered a job at Monash University. A bit anxious as I'm worrying that immigration might be able to put a spanner in the works. Thanks Andy
  19. Hi all im about to move to brisbane on a 457 visa however I intend to eventually immigrate fully. Once I do I have a brother who would like to join me Is this possible or as easy as it sounds? had a look thru the Au website but doesnt really make it clear if all he needs to be is my brother ! any help would be appreciated thanks all
  20. What happens when your temporary employee sponsored visa runs out? Can you apply for residencey as you will have been there for 4 years?
  21. Hi I'm new in here but please bear with me! We unsure what visa to go for; my wife has a brother with citizenship already living in Sydney; she also has another brother who has been granted a visa and will be moving down there soon. Their mother still lives here but would probably move down - but only if we did. I've worked in management all my life and although I'm not at Chief Exec level I am on the board and have lots of experience working at that level and ran my own leadership training company for 4 years. The question is do we go for a family sponsored visa; do we qualify for it? If we don't and go for a work visa which type of management visa is the best to go for, there seem to be many of them (management consultant, general manager, business and information professional, etc) and all can be a little vague. Any ideas would be welcome; thanks!
  22. Hi, We've been informed by our agent that the above visa is suffering from the same deprioritisation as the 136 visa that Neil mentioned in another thread. Essentially, we've been told the case officers have currently been allocated to cover mid-July - September and expect to begin processing post September soon. Our application was lodged in late November. I think what this means is that subclass 138 applications are running two months behind. What this means for us is that we should expect medical requests in June at the earliest rather than April. It's not the end of the world, though it is disappointing. It's better than a rejection. So, back to waiting then Cheers Choobs
  23. Hi all Just curious if anyone has gone through or going through this process. I've had a verbal offer, awaiting the written version, and wandering what your experience have been. I've heard it takes roughly 6 weeks for visa approval but taking that with a large pinch of salt. Pj (PS, please don't flame me, I know how amazingly lucky I am as we were going through the normal visa channels until 4 weeks ago.)