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Found 443 results

  1. Hoping for some more great advice. My wife and I are now Australian Citizens after being on a Skilled Independent 189 for the past 5 years. Our grown up children are now also living in Australia and looking to settle down here. They have both just qualified for a Bachelors degree from an Australian uni, but we are not sure what visa pathway would be best for them now. My son is 26, will have his Bachelors soon. Is currently on a international student visa and is looking, ideally for a PR, but worst case would go for a longer term temporary visa that has a pathway to PR. He needs to be able to work and live, preferably close to us in Victoria, but would go to Regional Victoria too. He will currently get 60 points on the skilled independent or 70 points if he takes and gets a 'superior' IELTS score. We are less worried about our daughter, she has passed her qualification and has met a lovely partner and applied for a defacto visa. Paul and Sandra
  2. Hi all, I am an Australian citizen, while my partner is a British citizen. My partner is currently sponsored on a 482 visa which expires in February 2022. We recently registered our relationship as de facto (in NSW) and are hoping to lodge our Partner Visa application at the end of the year. Unfortunately my partner is really disliking his current job. We've had a meeting with a migration lawyer and he mentioned my partner won't fall onto the Partner Visa Bridging until his 482 expires. He responded with this at the very end of our meeting and haven't had a chance to ask further. My question is, what if my partner resigns from his job? Surely he would automatically fall onto the Bridging Partner Visa and this would give him the freedom to move companies? Thanks for the assistance.
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me that my relative, who sponsors me for 491 Family Sponsored points tested visa. has to live in a designated regional area at the time of the invitation or at the time of visa application? Thanks a lot!
  4. immigrant589

    Visitor Visa for Parents

    Hi, I am living in Brisbane as PR with my wife and kids, for around 5 months. I am working as full-time permanent employee for the last 5 months. I am planning to apply for 12 month visitor visa for my parents. My parents never came to Australia, however then have been to USA for 3 times to see my elder brother. My parents are 72 years old. I have few questions regarding the application and will appreciate a response. Should I apply for Tourist Stream or Family Sponsored Stream? What have better options for 12 month visa grant? If apply tourist visa, How much funds will work, my father has term deposit and rental income? Basis of invitation to be mentioned in the letter or application? Any example or idea ?? Do a invitation / cover letter is required?? What I should write in covering letter / invitation letter to make my case strong enough for 12 month stay visitor visa?? Do I need to pay a bond?? If insurance is required, shall I purchase it now or just attach a quote?? Waiting for advice.
  5. HI All I am currently looking for opportunity within Australia, any information or feedback into getting the ball rolling would be appreciated.I am a heavily experienced painter/panelbeater.
  6. Hi, guys, My name is Kim L. I have an issue with my 187 VISA recently and I literally have no idea to deal with this. I hope any of you professionals can help me with this. I have been worked for my employer in a regional area for three years already, start from Jan 2015 till now. I start with my 457 visa from 2015 and I have got my PR since July 2017. I have worked very hard for these three years and because of that, my body condition is getting worse and worse. I suffered a lot of symptoms and I went to see the GP as well, he suggests that I should quit my job to avoid further injury. I have talked to my boss and he agreed to let me go ( I know this is against the 187 condition which is employee should work at least two years for her employer after she got PR). My boss said as an employer, he cannot dismiss me due to my medical condition, if he do then he will be in trouble. The only thing I have to do is hand in a resign form and then I can leave. However, I am very scared of my PR might get canceled by this condition. one the one hand, I really cant work and on the other hand I am scared my visa might get canceled if I resign. Please, I need advise......
  7. Hi My boyfriend and I are currently looking at working in Australia as I have several family members there and we want a new adventure as we're still young. We noticed that Ecology is on the list of wanted jobs and he has a Degree in Biological Sciences and a Distinction Masters Degree in Ecology. For the last three and a half years he has been working for the Governments Environment Agency here in Britain as a Freshwater Ecologist and is currently undertaking more training including 4X4 training and handling a boat. He is also currently running trials on different Rivers as the team leader and is in charge of several surveys and research tasks. I have a degree in Practical Media and have worked in several charity organisations including Marie Curie Cancer Care in England in the last two and a half years. My current position is for a Hospice Charity as a Fundraiser which includes Corporate Fundraising, Event Fundraising, Community Fundraising and Educational Fundraising. We just wanted to know what are the chances of getting a job in the Queensland area especially as my family live there including my sister and her boyfriend. I know that Ecology is apparently a wanted career and we just wanted more information on his chances of getting a job especially being sponsored particularly in Freshwater Ecology. Any advice would be a great help!
  8. Hi, I need your help in Sponsored Work Visa. Just FYI, following are my credentials: Name: Waqas Ahmad Nisar DOB: 28-10-1983 Marital Status: Single Nationality: Pakistani Education: Bachelor in Computer Science (4 year Honors) Occupation: Developer Programmer (IT) One of my Australian clients wants to sponsor me for a work visa. Can you please help in this matter? How much it costs for the whole process. What is the processing time for this visa and what are the chances of success? Should I hire a consultant for this process? Can you please recommend any authentic and less expensive consultant? Thanks, Waqas
  9. irishexcavator

    Excavator Operators

    guess what another excavator thread. but on a serious note, has any excavator operators on this forum actually been sponsored by an australian company in the last year if so please come forward and post your views and comments in this thread wed like to hear from you cheers
  10. Paula and Jay

    5 weeks today!!

    Flights booked, accommodation booked, job secured! Cant believe after all this time were moving to Sydney ! Just wanted to say thanks for everyone who has helped giving us info along the way! It's took us almost 18 months to get over to oz and finally it's becoming a reality! If anyone needs any info about our process let us know! Thanks again Jay
  11. Hi would like to pick someones brain please, I am in process of applying of 176 fs and have a query on one thing. My brother who is an aus citizen lives in Melbourne and have received his side of the application, is it correct that I too have to live in Melbourne for at least 2 years.!!! Please advise many thanks:wacko:
  12. Hi, would appreciate any information on how long the processing time is taking for SS 176 visas for Accountants in WA. Thanks, Richarc
  13. Guest

    State Sponsored Visa

    Hi Friends have the above for WA, but now really want to settle in Sydney along with ourselves. How strict are they on this & what is the likely result if they were to try land & stay in Sydney. ( Qualified under Nursing Qualifications )
  14. Hello, Forum newbie here , hoping for someone to give me the benefit of their wisdom out of the kindness of their hearts! After much google searching and the purchase of 'Living and Working in Australia' I still have a couple of questions.... My current plan is to visit Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in February before making a Skilled Indpendant Migrant 175 application . Because I know this will very likely take >18months (and I want to live and work in OZ asap!), I plan to immediately lodge a working holiday visa application. Once in Oz on the WHV visa, I want to do the 3 months 'Regional' work done (and out the way!) so as to qualify for the 2nd year WHV , so that I should be able to work as an accountant from that point on in Oz uninterupted (albeit on temporary <6month contracts whilst on WHV). My 1st question is - does anyone forsee a problem with the above? Is it possible to apply and have a 1st and 2nd WHV whilst my 175 is being processed? I understand the WHV is supposed to be for people primarily there to holiday, so I might not be looked upon favourably...... My 2nd question is more difficult - does anyone know how you go about getting assessed by a state, if say I wanted to go down the route of state sponsored? I believe the cost is the same but you get greater priority for processing? One of the things driving me to leave is there is not much work / opportunity for me in North West England, and I know Western Australia has had huge growth because of the mining / construction boom. Even though I'd Ideally like to move to Sydney, if its was easier / cheaper / better job prospects getting visa and work somewhere in Western Oz, then I will definately consider that. But I've no idea how to go about finding out if any state would be interested in my profession, can't find it on the immi.gov.au on any agents sites.... As relevant background info: I am from Liverpool UK, 28, qualified Management Accountant since June 09, been working for the same FTSE 100 UK insurance company (RSA) for the last 6 years. I'm therefore on the current SOL under management accountant. I have no kids/spouse/other dependants (its just me!) and I have no immediate relatives in Oz. The (brief) online assessments tell me I have enough points to be accepted under the Independant Skilled Migrant Visa because of age/english ability/my skill on the SOL/ number of years work experience. - as per above paragraph. I am aware of the change upcoming 1st July so if I'm gonna do this at all I need to apply asap after Feb visit! Very grateful for any help with any of the above - Sorry its so long! Mike
  15. boardie

    Employer sponsored visa advice

    My husband has been offered a job in WA for a job that isn't on either the general or state skill lists. Am I right in thinking we wouldn't qualify for a visa even though the company is happy to sponsor us? I'd appreciate any advice, I'm going round in circles here! Thanks
  16. Hi Everyone Ive been in Australia now 22 months on a working holiday visa 417 - Im now in the process of being sponsored by my employer here in Brisbane but cant seem to find out much informtion about what type of medical I need to obtain to submit with my applicaition. Anyone who lives in Brisbane and has been through the same would be great to hear from you Hope everyone has a lovely day Dan
  17. I have applied for 485 visa before 8 feb 2010.so I am eligible for transitional arrangement.Please tell me what documents are required.My wife is secondary applicant and her aunt is going to family sponsor. Thanx in advance.
  18. Hi :wubclub: My 176 skilled state sponsored was granted on 07 Nov 2011. I was sponsored by Queensland government. Should I inform Queensland immigration team of my visa grant ? Regards REZA:wubclub::cute:
  19. Guest

    Sponsored Visa

    I need civil/structural engineering job sponsored visa to relocate to Australia. Any help regarding job site, immigration rules , other options, sectors etc. for is welcome!
  20. Hi, Has anyone recently been offered PR visa by Hospital in Sydney for nursing post. My wife received email on Friday from agency confirming she has been approved by NSW heath for Royal North Shore Hospital. However during the interview interviewers haven't discussed about the type of visa they are going to offer and also when they want the applicant to start for them so no idea what they are going to offer. As we have 7 year old son we prefer PR visa so appreciate any info from anyone who has been recently approved for nursing post in Syndey. ....Mansawant
  21. I have a question regarding an application, has my priority group been changed from 3 to 4 with the July 2011 changes? I have learned after a phone call that a case officer was allocated Aug 2011, does this make any difference? Lodged online Oct 2010 - Systems Analyst ANZSCO Code 261112 - 176 family sponsored
  22. Has anyone here received State sponsorship as a single person without any dependents?
  23. Hi all, As the title suggests I am confused about who pays for the visa when being sponsored. My boyfriend just got a potential offer for sponsorship and I have been on immi.gov looking through the visa options. It says on there about 1st and 2nd installments that need to be paid. Who pays for this? Would we pay or the nominated employer? I am an Australian Resident and my dad got job sponsored when we moved over 6 years ago. All they paid for with regards to the visa were medicals and police checks. Can anyone offer any advice? When reading through the visa 121 timeline thread I see that they have been sending IMO...i assumed this was international money orders but i thought visa class 121 was a fee free application. Confused.com Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for the ramble!
  24. Offshore 176 family sponsored, applied Oct 2010 > received general email March 2011 to send meds/police > Sept 2011 gsm team sends email requesting info > now still waiting without any updates I'm in priority group 3, should it be waiting much longer?
  25. Hi When I applied for Analyst Programmer back in August 2011, the state sponsorship for that job code was closed. However, now that is open again. I have a few questions regarding this: 1) Is it possible to move from 175 to 176, with the same application? 2) If yes, does it improve the chances of getting the application processed quicker? 3) If answer to 1 and 2 are yes, how to go about it? If the answers are NO dont bother :biglaugh: Hopefully, the DIAC guys are churning out the grants at a rapid pace... so that I can hope to get a CO assigned at least by march 2012, at the current rate... Cheers guys ind175