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Found 98 results

  1. Guest

    Wa state sponsership query

    Hi, Can anyone give me some idea as to how much it costs to apply for WA state sponsership. I sent an email to our agent last week & we're still waiting to hear!!!! If anyone out there could help i would be extremely grateful. My oh's a plumber & we originally lodged our 175 last year but want to apply for state sponsership as (hopefully) this will be stightly quicker! Thanks so much. Jo
  2. Guest

    WA State Sponsership

    Skilled Migration IMPORTANT INFORMATION From 9 of March 2010, The State Migration Centre will no longer be able to accept or process sponsorship applications for off-list occupations for the Skilled Sponsored Visa. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) allocated 500 off-list places to Western Australia for the 2009/2010 Project Year and this quota has now been met. A quota of off-list places for the 2010/2011 project year is yet to be confirmed Taken from WA State Migration webpage. :arghh::arghh::arghh:
  3. Guest

    State or job sponsership?

    I am very confused at the moment! Can anybody tell me how we go about getting state sposership for my partner who is an IT test analyst? Many thanks Also.......what is the possibility that we may be able to get him a job out there and have a firm sponser his visa application? Or am i dreaming?
  4. :biggrin:, hi all, can someone tell me in plain english , as to how the SS visas work?, i know everything is up in the air with the SOL and MODL and everthing else in between, till the new lists come out. i was planning on applying for a 175 GSM visa, but in case the new changes knock me off this track, im thinking the 176 SS visa route. I am just getting the last of my paperwork in order to send off to the TRA, to have my trade assessed. I should not have any problems getting a positive assesment, ( hope not anyways:biggrin:) . So lets say i do get a positive assesment, what next?, i have seen that Victoria has my chosen trade on there SS list from there list (july 2009) hasnt changed since then?, do i apply to Victora or fill out 176 forms from DIAC, and send them to DIAC?, do i need some sort of Vic State paperwork to accompany my DIAC forms? would i be right in saying that the 176 visa, means you should work and live in the chosen state for at least 2 years? , it is perment residence, and once granted you can enter and leave Oz for up to 5 years , before it expires?. SS means i am solely sponsered by the State, and not an employer?, and i do not need to have a job offer or job to be granted the visa? If some one could clarify these point i have made, that would be great, thanks:wacko:
  5. :jiggy: Hi Just wanted to tell everyone that our Queensland S.S has been was approved on 19th Jan 2010. Yipee!!!! Just have to wait now for everything else to be done and visa granted, but at least the ball rollin now!!!! Does anyone know how long after the S.S approved will it take to get date for medicals etc? Im Sooooooooooo excited Jan & Dave Cook:yes:
  6. hi there all has anyone any information regarding sponsership as a home care assistant in perth, thanks in advance debbie ross
  7. sedgecl

    State Sponsership

    Dilemma..... Which State to chose, guess it's a personal thing really, but our Agent has asked us for our decision for SS. I am a Hairdresser and OH is a PC. The problem is that we can't decide on WA or SA. I spent ages in Perth and a shorter time in SA and loved both. My OH hasn't been to Oz before and doesn't want to be in constant hot heat and I don't really mind. I don't like spiders, but will get over it. The boys 6 and 5 will be fine and the dog, not sure about that one yet. Were not doing a reccie until the visa comes through. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Guest

    Family sponsership

    Just a little help, my hubby's cousin is moving to Perth at the end of the month, how long does he have to be there before he can sponser us. And how does it work as we dont have jobs that are on the demands list.
  9. Guest

    carpentry sponsership

    hi everyone i am a 33 year old honest hard working carpenter.i am here with my wife we are a newly married couple.due to the changes the diac have made i find my only chance of staying in perth is if i get a tempoary sponser.does anybody know anyone that would be willing to sponser an irish carpenter.i had my own buisness at home for the last five years specialising in roofing,tileing,slateing.can also 1st and 2nd fix.willing to pay the costs of the sponsership. please help!
  10. MazPaul

    Victoria state sponsership

    I am applying for Victoria state sponsorship and one of the questions on the on-line form is are you looking to move to metropolitan Melbourne or regional Victoria could anyone explain the difference in the two.Also on uploading my college certificates i couldn't tell if it uploaded all the certificates as you cant upload the whole folder you have to do them one at a time.It only displays the last one uploaded in the form.Any body know if they all will be attached from past experience. Thanks Paul.:smile:
  11. Guest

    State Sponsership

    Hi All Just about to start the state sposership application, any advice or tips would be greatly apprieciated, applying to wa, fingers crossed Thanks Maggs:idea:
  12. Guest

    wa state sponsership

    Hi All just about to apply for state sponsorship and would be very grateful is anyone could give me some tips!!!!! :idea:
  13. Hi everyone. I have state sponsership from SA and will hopefully get my visa soon, (fingers crossed) Does anyone know the conditions of entry into Oz on this type of visa,(176) I know I need to live and work in SA for 2 years but does that allow me to work overseas. I am asking because I have been offered work in the Uk starting in June 2010 and finishing around 2 months later. I would like to take on the contract as it will mean more work in the future and some of that will be in Australia and Singapore which I plan to run through a company I will set up in Aussie. I had my health and police checks carried out in June 2009 so I will have to go to Oz to "activate" my visa by June 2010 before returning to the Uk in July to carry out the work. Is this possible. The money could be paid into my Aussie bank account if this would help. Sorry for waffling on.:chatterbox: Cheers Chidge
  14. Guest

    form 40sp partner sponsership

    hi all will be applying fora aprospective marriage visa, but for my partners form 40sp, thye ask you how many people live with you, well he lives with himself but does have a mate staying with him for a few weeks(well he has been there for a few weeks )and will stay until i get there, shane is helping him out til he finds somewhere. Should he put it on the form 2 people living there. ro just one. would they come and check the house. aslo if shane there is 2 of them may not be a strong case as we are getting married and should be living by oursleves, which we will he just has a mate staying with hi, for a few weeks. ahhrrr:arghh: Nadine
  15. Looking to move to OZ soon as. just completed my VETASSESS assessment for my trade and now looking for an employer to sponsor us (wife and 2 boys). Has anybody else in this boat or got any pointers. cheers,:wacko: martin
  16. Hi all, really dumb question prob, but when i apply for my visa (state sponsership) (i am going for a 176 subclass) is that separate to the actual visa? I have been looking at the dates at different peoples posts and there seem to be different dates :unsure:
  17. Guest

    SA state sponsership.

    Just gotan email informing me that my application for state sponsership to SA has been approved.:jiggy: I already have a 175 visa app in place since Dec 08 but havent heard anything on that front yet. :no: Applied to Sa online 4th March 08. Docs received 16th March 08 Approved 24th April 08. Well happy ,but I understand that this is only a short and very small step forward.
  18. Guest

    state sponsership

    Hi, can anyone tell me is it necessary to do the IELTS before applying for state sponsership, If so I am in leeds, where is the best and quickest place to apply. thanks B.B.
  19. Hi All As my lateral transfer from the RAF to the RAAF has fell through, I am looking at other avenues!! Does anybody know of any good websites or companies that are offering sponsership? Cheers
  20. Hi My hubby and I are looking to move to the Brisbane area ( not too specific) and securing a job or sponsership before we go would be great. If anyone can help, even if its by telling us there are no such things, we will be grateful. This forum does seen very busy and a lot more helpful... Thanks everyone.. Lisa, Russ and boys :wub:
  21. Hi im pretty new to this site, but its helped me out with a few things. Ive been in Australia for 9months now on a working holiday visa, ive worked 6months of that as an electrician. i dont have a queensland licience. I thought i would be able to apply for residancy when i was in australia, and get some sort of bridging visa while my application was being processed. Ive now found out it takes 12 months to process and i have to leave the country!:arghh: Im a hard working Northern lad, i served my time as an apprentice with Haden Young back in the UK, and they kept me on for 3years after that. The reason i left was to come out here. I really do not want to go home, ive got a girlfriend out here now, shes getting sponsored. I have fell in love with Brisbane and the Australian way of life. If anyone can help me, please please please get in touch Thanks Dean
  22. Guest

    WA Sponsership

    Hi Guys , Only my second post on this site and the whole process is mind blowing ! But with good people on this site all becoming a little clearer . I have great advise from Gollywobbler and been reading info and links that she passed on . Ive just a few questions if anyone can help , we are thinking about getting state sponership (WA) and are wondering if you need a minimum amount to take into the state ( I think I read you need 60,000 aud for NT ? not 100% sure if I read that right ) like I said trying to absorb alot of info . Also I take it you dont need a license ?? (if your state sponsered by WA)Im a brickie , but do you need a blue card ? Hope someone can help Thanks Dave:smile:
  23. hi every one, i am desperate for peoples views, opinions, advice, reassurance its wrecking my head i am 24 years old shane is 25, i met him in oz 14th feb 07 when i was on a hol working visa in oz. we were seeing ech other for a while then i moved in to his rented house in june 07 lived there til jan 08 as visa ran out.we had decided we loved each other and wanted to be together forever and got engaged xmas day 2007. stayed incontact via mobile(unfortunately pre paid mobile so cant get phone records)like 4 times a day, some emails, letters and lots of sms. he came over to meet my family and friends may 08 they loved him:wink:. we went travelling around euroup then again the sad time came he had to go back to oz middle of july 08. again the same contact i just saved hard and went back to oz on 15th october 2008, i was soo happy to be with my shaney, our lil house and animals, and mates. we went to tassie met his mum and sisters they thre an engagement party for us , it was just bliss. but i came home a few days ago, cuz of tourise visa, came back xmas eve, i was absolutley devestated and am really finding it hard to be away from him this time. so we are strating the process, gthering info for defacto sponsership 309. please i would really appreciate any advice, views , experiences , to tell us a deffo no i dunno what ever you think really, or things to make our case stronng enuf. also when i went back to oz i got stopped by immi officer he said dont use an migration agent , cost you lots of dollers , if ur relationship is genuine and have photos and letters to each other no problemo. so am not using one ok we havent lived together for 12 months but have been in a reltioship for over 12 months, and are engaged, to be married to share our future together although we ant to wait til we have enough money to apay for flights for family and friends whether it be in oz ur uk ok so evidence -corrispondance and pay slips to me at his address from when i moved in to his place june 2007.(we didnt have joint rent bills)its all in his name although i did pay my share so should proove that i was living with him . -phtots and a few xmas card to us both for my time there -emails, letters, envelopes to eachother whilst we have been separated and a few home fone records from my parents line -shanes flight details to uk -our travlling flight and train details and plenty of phtot -photos of us and my family -photos of us and my mates -my flight details to oz -flight details for us both to tassie to meet his family -photos of us and his family -enagament party invitaion -engagment cards -engagement announcement in newspaper -plenty more photos of us both -stat dec from our neighbour who we are good friends with and see eachother every day -waiting on stat decs from his mum and sisters, and a mate who knew us from beginning when we first met eachother -waiting on support letters from my parents -i also got a letter from my last employer in oz to say i had worked with them before and they be happy to offer me permanent position if got this visa -xmas cards and evelopes adressed to us both for xmas 08 - a wedding invitation from my friend to us both and a thanyou for attending letter to us both. -we set up a joint ozzy account about a month ago for our savings gona do all police checks and meds ready. i desparately want to get over there with him and start our future together its killing me and will break my heart if we are refused, so please any any help :spinny: im sorry for writting so much, just had to let it all out hahaha, im glad i have found this site , we can all help each toher, we are all going through immigration stuff, and know what each toher is going through. ahhhrrrr its doing my head in i feel like well no i actually am putting my life on hold until al this is sorted out.i wana start living it with shane its all i have been thinking about and worrying about since i first left oz on 19th jan 08. im sure many of you worry and think about ur migration issues every day too, its a stressful business.well i am really scared cuz i want it so bad to be with my shaney and back to our life in oz with our lil hippies house and our pet goat, cat, dog and four fish hehe. thankyou soo much
  24. Guest

    Employer sponsership

    Hi everyone Can someone tell me what the time scale is from start to arriving in oz, if you have employer sponsership , also what are the rules about employer sponsership, ie, what if i didnt like working for the company after a short period?, does anyone know the rules in oz for going self employed? thanks rich
  25. Can anyone give advise please. Have just passed my TRA assessment as printing machinist. Am about to apply for sponsership to south australia. do i need to take IELTS english test. my first language any only is english. please help