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Found 98 results

  1. hi i am looking for sponsership to australia. i have ran my own business for 3 years. i am currently 28 years old and been a spark for 8 years doing all domestic commercial and industrial work. if anyone has anyidea of any companys thay will sponser that would be great i would prefer to go to brisbane but i am will to work anywere??? thanks kevin resume 2011.doc resume 2011.doc
  2. atlime

    State Sponsership

    Hi everyone Hoping someone can help:biggrin: I have been searching but cant find the answer so thought I better ask rather than get it wrong :wink: I am just in the process of sorting skills assessment but then I will need to apply for Visa We will try for state sponsership but not sure of the process Have been through the WA state sponsership form and seems straight forward enough but do we apply for that and our Visa together? or Visa first then state sponser? or state then visa ...arrragghhh!!!!! :err: Also does anyone know how much money in the bank is expected and do they actualy check? as we will have savings and money from sale of house but house may not sell in time. many thanks to anyone who can help :smile:
  3. Guest

    IELTS SA State sponsership

    I have scored IELTS overall 6 band and two modules 5.5, if i apply for SA SS will they consider, i have launched my subclass 175 2 yrs back, wanna get SS to process faster , Im a trades person (FITTER)...Any one pls help....thanks
  4. hi, just a really simple, curious question..... here goes......... if we found an employer sponser, would the july changes still affect us? many thanks in advance katrina
  5. hi i am after some advice is it better to get my visa in place or wait to get a sponsership visa . i am a paint sprayer
  6. hi, me and my family are wanting to move to oz. my job is on the SOL so as i understand i would fill a 175 visa, and we would live in perth all good.:biggrin: but i was told by my dad that we have family friends who we know, who live in brisbane and would sponser us. so what i'm asking is:- 1. would it be easy to be sponsed by our friends 2. if so once over there do we have to live in brisbane or can we move to perth 3. an important one, is the cost more expensive to do it the 175 way or the sponsership way.
  8. Guest

    Changing State Sponsership

    Hi all, Just wondering has anyone else got more than one state to sponser them, I have Vic sponsership but want to go to Queensland anyone have any idea on how to go about this I have a 176. By the way is it true that you must stay in the state for a mim of two years? Thanks Carpetman
  9. i all im a newbie,im looking for any help in sponsorship for work in australia,Hi I'm currently from the united kingdom seeking work in Australia,I've been driving excavators and face shovels up to 100ton,also dump trucks triple 7s,loading shovels eg cat 992,for 15years working on big projects eg terminal 5 heathrow airport to coal and metal mines with various firms one was an Australian firm called brambles ive a cpcs ticket with NVQ in plant and I'm currently employed by harsco metals in the steel works,im also a qualified bricklayer serving a full time apprenticship would any one have any firms that would be interested...happy new year all...:confused:
  10. Guest

    Employer sponsership

    Hello Fellow Poms I'm new to this site, I hope someone can give me some advice as I am clueless. Me and my boyfriend have been in Perth for 8 months on WHV. This expires end of April. My job in retail Management have said they will sponser me, I believe this is on some list??? that accepts this occupation? The problem is I dont think they have sponsered anyone before so they have limited knowledge as do I. At the end of Jan I will have worked for the company 6 months and I know on my current visa you can only work for the same company 6 months, however, if we are in the process of applying for sponsership will this be okay? Also, please could someone tell me the costs involved? I have offered to pay for it from my salary if it means I can stay and do the job I enjoy. Is it just a case of applying for the visa or is it more complicated than that? what obligations do my employer have? Will my partner be able to stay on my visa and work? Thanks in advance for any advice
  11. Hi All, I lodged my application to DIAC on 25th Nov, Can anybody tell me if everyting works out positively, How many months will it take to get the visa?? I have applied thru 176 - Sponsership visa and my occupation is on SOL.(Priority 3) -Thanks M:wub:
  12. Guest

    State Sponsership + WHV

    How many state sponsherships can you aplly for e.g can you apply for say WA & NSW Can you apply for these and go to AUS on a WHV while you wait? or apply for these out there?
  13. Hi All, I am all set to apply DIAC for one of the above visa. I can apply under 175 subclass OR 176 Subclass (Relative Sponsership). Whats the timelines for both types? is it same? which one will happen earlier?? If apply in Nov 2010 then will it be finalized approx Nov 2011?? Help needed...:confused: -Thanks ManasiK
  14. Can we make a list of person who has applied for South Australia's state sponsorship based on interim list I have applied on 29/09/10 online and courier just reached at Adelaide office:) 1) Jigar..................civil engineer...........6.5 band next person list down his/her name below me and expand this list:biggrin:
  15. I have assesed by ACS under ANZSCO code 261313 (Software Enginner). Since My occupation in SOL and I wanted to apply for DIAC under 175 GSM. It is based on point system. I needed 120 points to be eligible under above visa. Unfortunately I scored less in IELTS (to get 120 , I need 7 in all four components) This situation left me with 2 choices 1. Re-appear for IELTS , get 7 in each band then cover 120 points and apply for 175 visa 2. Get Sponsership visa (thru my sister-in-law) , it needs 100 points and I satisfy this requirement. So which way should I go?? One important point to be mentioned is my ACS result is valid till Feb 2011 only, so I have to do something positive before that.
  16. Guest

    457 sponsership visa advice

    Hi there, My husband has a job in Melbourne on a 457 sponsorship visa, has anyone been through this process recently as wondering what the current procesing timescale is we have done the company have done the nomination and we did our application over a week ago and uploaded all the relevant documents but have heard nothing since, also did anyone require medicals we will be migrating from the uk and have no health issues. Any advice would be greatly appriciated Bex
  17. Guest

    Victoria Sponsership Required

    Hi, I am a Software Engineer by profession. I got accredited from ACS a few days back. Now I want to have Victoria State Sponsorship. Please tell me what are the requirements for that and is Victoria Govt still giving State Sponsorship? what is the estimated time required to get sponsorship? If Victoria is not giving SS, Is South Australia a good place to go for a Software Engineer? I have reviewed a lot of job search engines and I found out that there are very less number of Jobs for IT people in South Australia as compared to Victoria and New South Wales. Regards Stacy
  18. I want to apply to queensland for state sponsership as they are still sponsering people while waiting for the SMP to come into force. What proirity would i receive as it is after july 1st and before SMP's, I am a nurse. Need to apply now while i can borrow money for proof of funds.
  19. Hi guys As most of you are probably aware ,Gary is a diesel mechanic/fuel inj technician. He has been approached by 2 companys located in Brisbane who are desperate for good, reliable, TIME SERVED, diesel fuel injection technicians for bench/workshop duties. One company is prepared to sponser, the other will consider it but would prefer someone with a PR in place. If you are interested feel free to send me a PM and i will pass contact information to you. Heres hoping this may help someone wanting to relocate to the Brisbane area. Cal x
  20. Guest

    Employer sponsership

    I would like to ask Mr Evans What is the point of having ens when your occupation is in group 3 and is not on the approved list for ens. Registered nurse Periopretive is on the new list, I am a Odp ( anaesthetic tech in australia). Doing the exact same job. Anaesthetic nurse, anaesthetic tech no differnce except the nurse is registed. :arghh:
  21. Hi all After getting off of the phone to the Tasmanian government last night I was really down in the dumps as when I asked if my application would be processed further I was told that they would be processing no more sate sponsership applications until July. ( I submitted mine in April) When I turned my computer on this morning I got the e-mail telling me I had been sucessful!! Hello ***** I’m pleased to inform you that your application for Tasmanian Skilled Sponsored (SS) visa sponsorship has been successful. As a reminder, your reference number is *******– please quote it in all future correspondence. Your visa application can now be lodged with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). Once this has been done, please send me your TRN or CLF reference number so that your nomination can be formally lodged with them. Providing you meet DIAC’s other visa requirements, including health and character checks, a visa will be issued in due course. State sponsorship does not guarantee a visa will be granted. Your sponsorship is valid for a visa application lodgement within three (3) months from the date of this email. Should you require an extension to this time-frame, please apply to me in writing before the sponsorship expiry date. As you may be aware, DIAC has temporarily stopped accepting 176 visa applications until 1 July 2010. The Tasmanian Government is in the process of reviewing its sponsorship eligible occupations but at this stage we expect HAIRDRESSER will stay on the list. On this basis we are happy to provide you with our sponsorship. Please let us know once you have lodged your visa application after July 1 2010 and email your TRN number to this office. Please note that this office is not receiving new sponsorship applications as of May 10 2010 but we will you as your application was received April 16 2010.
  22. Hi. We are just at the stage to apply for WA state sponsership. My partner's occupation is on the draft SOL but due to all these changes, is it worth waiting? Any advice would be appreciated. Regards, Michelle
  23. Guest

    State sponsership

    Hi everyone (who looks at my boring new thread!!) So how does one go about getting a state sponsership with either Perth or Victoria? Thanks
  24. Hi im am a plumber in scotland and i wish to move to australia, i have been over there before and a friend of mine in adelaide who is an ozzie wishes to sponser me. He is also a plumber and works for himself, could anyone tell me if it is possibel for him to sponser me and what is the best way to do it if so. Any feed back will be much appreciated. Thanks Ross
  25. Guest

    state sponsership queensland

    Hi how much money do you have to have for sponsership by queensland state. emailed work live and play and they would not state an amount. The onus is on the applicant to prove they have enough funds to keep them going for a while as they find jobs. I want to aplly but i am worried that i dont have enough funds. Has anyone else applied . If so how much did you have. ( apparently they dont take into account money tied up in a house only free funds) Can anyone help. Dont want to put in an application then get refused.