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Found 34 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Earthquake in South Australia

    People living near the epicentre of Australia's biggest earthquake in 15 years have reported being shaken, but otherwise escaping unscathed. The 6.1 earthquake struck near Ernabella, in South Australia's far north, just before 8.30pm (CDT) on Friday. Ernabella, an indigenous arts hub, is home to about 500 Aboriginal people, with more living in about six communities in the surrounding region. The remote area is just south of the border with the Northern Territory, about 317 kilometres southwest of Alice Springs, 230km southeast of Uluru and 415km northwest of Coober Pedy. Geoscience Australia seismologist David Jepsen said people in the communities around the earthquake epicentre had reported strong shaking. "An event like this, there are a number of Aboriginal communities around there and they have experienced strong shaking," Dr Jepsen told AAP. "We've heard from them, people have felt strong shaking, but we haven't heard of any damage yet, but there is that possibility." There have been several aftershocks since the earthquake. Friday's earthquake followed two quakes in the area in the past week. The first, on March 16, measured 4.3 magnitude and the second on March 20 was 3.8 magnitude. Friday's 6.1 magnitude earthquake is Australia's biggest since a quake measuring 6.3 was recorded off Collier Bay on West Australia's far north coast in 1997. "This (Ernabella) earthquake would have been felt in Yulara (near Uluru), only weakly in Alice Springs and maybe as far as Coober Pedy," Dr Jepsen said. South Australia Police said no injuries or damage had been reported. Dr Jepsen said the region's earthquakes are caused by the release of stress from the earth's crust, built up as the Indian-Australian tectonic plate moves, squeezing South Australia sideways by about 0.1 millimetre each year. He said on average there are about 200 earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or more in Australia each year and one earthquake above magnitude 5.5 about every two years. The 1989 earthquake in Newcastle, NSW that killed 13 people was a 5.6 magnitude event and the 2011 Christchurch earthquake that killed 185 people in New Zealand was 6.3 magnitude. Australia's largest-ever recorded earthquake was in 1941 in Meeberrie, in central-west West Australia, with a magnitude of 7.3, but there were no fatalities.
  2. Hi, I am new in this forum and need some idea of people who have experience of skill assessment with Vetassess. My wife has applied for Skill Migration with Vetasses for the Occupation "Training and Development Professional" on 21st Dec 2011 and hard copies of the supporting documents were received by them on 6th of Jan 2012. However there has been no communication from their side after that. I have called them up a couple of times and have mailed them also regarding the estimated time required but always get a standard reply that it will take 16 weeks without getting details of the case. I am worried that if takes that long and the assessment is not done before May, I will not be able to apply for South Australia SS as they closed the same on 2nd May last year. And if we miss the deadline this year the changes in the next year will be a total different scenario. It will really help me if I get some idea of the time required for assessment from people with experience of the same. Please help!!!
  3. Tourism Australia is running an online campaign at the moment, promoting locations around Australia in short online videos, featuring, backpackers, tour guides etc to lure more young people Down Under to work and play. The Tourism Australia campaign, 30 days in Oz, consists of 30 online videos, each following someone different in locations around Australia, with each demonstrating in 60 seconds why "there's nothing like Australia for young travellers." Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy said the campaign would promote the Working Holiday Visa and encourage young people to consider Australia as a place to work or travel, particularly those leaving school or on a Gap Year. "One of Tourism Australia's objectives is to get more young people to holiday in Australia. These travellers often become lifelong advocates, influencing friends and family of all ages to holiday in Australia and returning themselves later in life," he said. "We also know from research that many of these visitors are backpackers, who spend more time travelling and explore more of Australia than other travellers, which is one of the reasons the youth market is such an important one for us." The video's showcasing South Australia are below: 7MIvCyNUfX0 2BKHDeqZ07Y cy4OpklYrYc dIg3br2HN0E
  4. Guest

    visa - the beginning

    Hi, after about a year of thinking, we finally decided to start the process of applying for a visa to AU (South Australia). I'd be very grateful for a general overview of costs , timelines and things to do. Basically where do I start? Also would you recommend using an agent for the whole thing (approx costs?) or an agent just for the guidance part through the paperwork? Or doing it yourself? What are the things that could go wrong and we should look out for? I'm sorry if I'm asking obvious questions, but when I read PIO's posts about 175s 176, COs, Cat 2 and 3s - feel that people are way on their way in the whole application process and cannot really extract info where they all started. Thanking you all in advance! :smile:
  5. Guest

    SA to WA sponsorship

    Dear all, I applied 475 visa before July 2010, through South Australia SS. But, unfortunately my occupation is not on their SMP (today released). But my occupation is on WA - SMP. 1. Can I apply WA - SS and forward it to visa process now? 2. Roughly, How long will it take to obtain WA - SS if I apply on-line? Or can anyone suggest a better option than this..... Please someone help me.... Thanks.
  6. Hi, I hope someone can help me. We have applied for a visa under my wifes job (Secondary School Maths Teacher) so I don't need to do VETASSESS for our visa. I'm a NICEIC electrician running my own small business in the UK, I want to be ready to work as soon as we get to Oz. I'm hoping to go on the tradies down under course (£3000 for the Australian qualifications) so I'll just need the experience over in Oz. But do I also need to do the VETASSESS too? My wife has been told by an imigration agent that I can do a course in Oz for $300 and that's all, has anyone heard about this? I can't seem to find anything about this any where and we've done our own visa so can't exactly ring and ask. I want to make sure I can work ASAP in Oz. Any info about how electrician are doing in SA would be greatly received. Cheers
  7. Hi i am hoping someone on here can help me, i am currently on a temporary working holiday visa with my husband! We are both in our 20's and are desperately needing to find 3months harvest work ect to apply for a 2nd working visa next year as our permanent one has been delayed. We live in south Australia, Aldinga Beach, have our own accomidation and vehicle. Both reliable hard workers, my husband is a carpenter by trade, and has experiance working on farm land, using tractors ect. If anyone out there could help or put us in conatct with someone that would be great. Thanks Stacey x x x Stacey_tarr@yahoo.co.uk
  8. Lauren82

    176 vs 475

    Good afternoon - hope you are all well. I am feeling a bit worried about my situation and was hoping some of you may be able to give me some advice one way or another. I am a secondary school teacher (design tech) and want to apply for a 176 ss visa and apply for ss from Victoria, however I require 2 years work experience before I can apply (and I don’t have that until late June.) I have been following the postings on here and I am really concerned that the update to the SOL and SS lists are going to hit before I can apply and I am getting a strong sense that Australia may take me off its lists or at least reduce my desirability. I have read reports that there are a shortage of teaching jobs and that Australia is now training enough teachers to fill positions internally. At the moment technology teachers specialising in wood (that’s me) are on the Victoria SS lists but if I get taken off there I do not have enough points for a 175. I feel I am stuck in limbo land - Australia doesn’t know I exist, yet I am sat here raring to go. And it is frustrating because I know that even if they agreed state sponsorship now it would take such a length of time to process the 176 that it would take me well in to my 2 years work experience… but unfortunately that’s not the way it works. What is tearing me at the minute is I could apply for a 475 with South Australia sponsorship now. However the idea of a 475 throws up a lot of ‘What ifs?’ for me. Is it worth throwing away everything here, selling up spending our savings on relocation for just a hope that they will eventually allow us a permanent visa. The idea of it being temporary doesn’t sit comfortably with me - I think whilst we were holding a 475 I would always have that doubt in the back of my mind - also would that affect work opportunities if I only had a temporary visa? But on the other hand surely this opportunity is better that nothing. So I am totally tied up and torn at the minute and have been back a forth over pros and cons and I am getting nowhere fast. To hold out and hope that I stay on the lists or to not take the chance and go the 475 route. I must also add we have done a reccie trip to Victoria and loved it but have not set foot in South Australia. Sorry to dump the wait of the world from my shoulders on to you guys but would appreciate any feedback that you can share.
  9. Hi Everyone, I just thought I'd post a this link to a special report published in todays Weekend Australian newspaper. It has lots of really useful info for prospective migrants to the state. The report was also a a liftout feature in the hard copy of the newspaper and contained lots of adverts aimed at encouraging people to settle in Adelaide. The main thrust being to point out the positives in relation to the bigger Australian capitals. -Housing affordability. -Lifestyle. -Shorter commuting time to the city. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/specials/0,,5018858,00.html Hope you find it useful.