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Found 125 results

  1. littlelegz

    visa for my son

    Hi all, me and my wife and youngest daughter will be leaving for oz in August on a 457 visa, unfortunatly my son is 19 and a qualified brick layer cannot come to oz on my visa. So is it possible for him to come out on his own visa and work as a bricky. If so what would be the best visa for him to work in NSW . Thanks all
  2. Guest

    Son in army - could he join us?

    I was wondering if there is someone who could give me some information regarding our son. OH has a job offer in Toowoomba so we are now starting the visa process. Our eldest son is nearly 19 and is in the army. He joined when he was 17 but as service only starts when you are 18 he could not leave before he is 22. Is there any way he could transfer to the Australian army, either before his 4 years or even after it? Thanks Petra :unsure:
  3. Guest

    how to get son there?

    Hi all, I'll get straight to the point; Eldest son (20) is from my first marriage and I now know he defineately cannot come on our visa as he is classed as independant as works full time. He can't go as a remaining relative as his father is in UK. His only option seems to be working holiday visa and this only lasts 12 months, then he would have to return to UK, (to what!!! as we'd all still be in aus). Anyone got any reassurance or a solution as I'm pulling my hair out, surely there must be a way round this problem. Have we got to abandon our dreams because he can't go? I defineately would not continue with the visa application if there is no solution.
  4. Can anyone let me know if my son who will be 18 yrs on arrival in Oz, will he be able to go to university. He will have completed his A levels, od does he have to re -enter schooling to qualifiy. Does anyone know if there are costs involved and how much? Any information would be apprciatted. Tracey
  5. Sorry for such a sad thread, but I thought this worth a mention. A boy from my son's school had a fatal accident on a school trip yesterday. The poor thing lost his footing and fell and broke his neck. Although he was in the same year as my boy Bradley, he did not know him. I cannot imagine how his poor parents feel, I feel bad enough just knowing that he was from around this way and only 12 years old. It brings it home to you just how precious our children are to us. You don't expect to send your child on a trip for them never to return. Very sad indeed. April
  6. Guest

    Son Of Pathway D?

    We Have Heard A Whisper That An Updated Loophole Free Version Of Pathway D May Be Being Re-introduced On The 1st Of July This Year,,and That An Interim Assesment Body Will Be Set Up On The Same Lines In The Meantime,,,is This Just Idle Gossip Or Can Anyone Shed Any Light?
  7. melpaul

    cant get son to meds

    HI how can i get around it my oldest son is not migrating with us has been living with his father for 2 years he has said that he does not ,will not have meds done he will not be 18 for another year can anyone help could i do a sat dec anyone had children not going and wont have meds please give us some advice thanks melpaul
  8. Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome and advice.:v_SPIN: Our Son Kallum is 12 years old - he is so looking forward to our move. He loved Oz when we visited last year - Could anyone give him some info about lifestyle inside and outside of school ??? We are hoping to go to the South Brisbane area.Kallum doesent seem woried at all.Thats because theres nothing to be worried about its a golden place if you get in... :err::jiggy:
  9. Hi all, This is my first post here after deciding to leave the uk for oz. A question regarding schooling has cropted up during discussions with my better half. We are going for a regional sponsored visa and wondered if schooling is available for our son as soon as we arrive in oz. It might seem an odd question but we want to make sure. Our son is 7 at the momemnt. Thanks and no doubt I'll have plenty more questions in the future.
  10. Guest

    17 year old son

    Hi we are currently at the beginning of the process of making the big move, nut we feel as if we have ' hit a brick wall before we start!' I am a Nurse and also a Midwife and at the present unsure whether to apply for a skilled visa or to get an employer to sponser me (due to lack of funds really). Our problem is our 17 year old son (18 in July) who is not in college has worked a little before Christmas but now his temporary contract has ended and he is in receipt of no money. I understand up to 18 year olds can be classed as dependants and therefore applying for a visa is fine. But when does this count for my son is it when we first apply for the visa or is it when its granted?...Oh my what a minefield! He also says he doesnt want to come (but hopefully those feelings will pass!) Thankyou in anticipation
  11. ‘MY SON MIGHT HAVE BEEN SAVED’ While an RAAF Orion aircraft took off to search the Southern Ocean for shipwrecked yachtsman Tony Bullimore, British-born Edward Jeffries in Adelaide fought back emotion as he watched the news on television. Less than a year earlier, his only son, Paul, 29, had drowned in St.Vincents Gulf, South Australia, while aircraft at a base 5 km away, and a $1.2m. multi-purpose sea rescue boat, the MV Gallantry, stood by, idle. Its crew, who could have set off two minutes after any alarm call, read about the missing fisherman in next morning’s paper. ‘I felt pleased for Tony Bullimore and his family and I was overjoyed when he was found,’ says ex-British Merchant Navy man Jeffries. ‘I admired his guts and determination. But I have no doubt that an Orion aircraft with all its high-tech search facilities and apparatus would have found my son alive.’ Paul Jeffries and a friend, Colin Daken, had set off to swim to shore from a sand-bar when their 5-m. bondwood boat sank about 5pm on March 17 after hitting a reef. Jeffries father said: ‘My son did everything right. He sent off distress calls which were received by police. The police said the calls were treated as hoax calls. ‘At 11.20 pm my son’s wife became very anxious and phoned the police. The police then decided the calls had not been hoax calls and a rescue mission was organised. By that time my son and his friend had decided to swim for the shore and had been in the water for seven hours. Sixteen hours after he had made his distress calls his body was found just off the beach.’ Lying idle in the docks nearby at the time, was the three-years-old emergency response vessel, Gallantry, with a trained fire-fighting crew of two, on standby for sea rescues or fires. It had a shallow draft enabling it to operate in deep or harbour-side waters. So what went wrong? The South Australian Government’s then Minister for Emergency Services, Mr.Wayne Matthew, said to Mr.Jeffries, in a letter, that rescue resources deployed by the police that night were considered adequate. This comprised two helicopters, a fixed-wing aircraft, two police launches, eight sea rescue squadron vessels, two volunteer coastguard vessels, a hovercraft and a police search team on shore. Says Mr.Jeffries: ‘That all sounds very good. But as I understand it, none of this armada went out until after one o’clock in the morning. Had the Gallantry been sent as soon as the police decided around midnight that the calls were not hoaxes, my son might have been saved. His wife phoned the police at 11.20 pm and it wasn’t until 1.15 am that the police search began.’ Nine hours later, a helicopter crew spotted Paul Jeffries’ body. Colin Daken said when he struggled ashore that both he and Paul had been wearing life jackets when they took off to swim from the sand bar. Jeffries, a father of three, had only life-jacket straps on when his body was found. The buoyancy sections had disappeared. Paul Caica, Secretary of the United Fire Fighters Union, whose members operate the Gallantry, told me: ‘The crew could have taken the vessel out within two minutes. It is built specially with a shallow draft so it can operate in shallow or rough open seas. It is an outrage that it was not utilised. One must question the response procedures in place that leaves a resource like the Gallantry moored during such a search. The UFU suggests that those involved in the rescue, and in particular the family of the man who tragically lost his life, might well suggest that an inquiry ought to be held as to why a readily available and most suitable resource sat idle. Gallantry is a modern, multi-purpose, specially built vessel that must be implicit in all South Australian marine emergency rescue response plans.’ Even though it is almost a year since Paul Jeffries, a physically fit man and a strong swimmer, lost his life, there has been no inquest and police are still carrying out investigations into the circumstances of his death. ‘I talked to them again today,’ said Mr. Jeffries. He has spent months researching the various government departments involved in emergency services; how alerts are responded to, and the technical specifications of the Gallantry’s construction, along with its capabilities. ‘Watching the news of the rescue of Tony Bullimore I wouldn’t be honest if I did not make comparisons and say that here was a man who had the whole of Australia and its facilities behind him. I know how Tony’s family must have felt at the time when he still hadn’t been found. ‘The Gallantry was built for those waters and should have gone out that night. I just keep going because I am the sort of person who, when I ask a question, I like truth for an answer.’
  12. hi well ive been offered a job in brisbane which is very apealing, we were hoping to apply for an PR visa,, but this wil take a year the hospital where ive been offered a job want me over there asap first they said before march which is too quick, there are willing to give me a little longer. our problem is my son he lives at home and from next week will be starting a apprenticeship here in the uk with a very good company as a carpenter, when he was interviewed he was told he could be qualified within 6 months as he has already done 2 years at college, a good opportunity. We know that we can get him on our visa but the hospital have only offered us a temporary visa so at the time of applying we know he can be classed as a dependent. However the hospital have informed me that after a year they will assist me to gain perm. res. my concern is if my son stays here to finish off his apprenticeship does any one know if i have to go through the whole process of application, medicals and especailly trying to prove hes dependent on us to turn this visa into PR. I know there must be ways round it as a family we think he has a better chance as he as a medical condition which may cause concern if he applys on his own, we were hoping that his condition would be conteracted due to my profession and my husbands being on the short list. Please txt back if you have had a similar experience with leaving one child here hoping they will come at a later date. We dont really want to go to a agent as the hospital are helping me all they can and if we go down the PR route i will loose this job, I know many of you may think it is so easy to get a job as a midwife, yes i agree it is but ive waited for this job for 4 years as it is working from home in the community and in OZ they do not have many community midwives and there is no way i would want to work in a hospital, so get a delima. I just need to know this will not prevent my son from coming over, else I will not go, tracy
  13. Hi Just thought I would post this to remind parents that dragging their kids here that don't want to come is in their best interests :biglaugh: I have 2 boys ages 17 & 13. When we were thinking about coming to Oz we asked them what they thought & they said yes go for it. Fast forward 6 months got a sponsor, visas applied for & the day the house goes on the market my 17 year old tells me he doesnt want to go to OZ :arghh: He didnt want to leave his first girlfriend (who we knew nothing about). We stayed in Glasgow she stayed in Aberdeen and he saw her twice a monthly if lucky. To cut a very long story short we had the fights, the I'm not going, etc, etc, etc. So I eventually talked him into coming but he was determined that he was coming back in 3 months. I figgered what the hell as long as I get him there. We arrived in August got settled into rental etc. He then got a part time job in Hungary Jacks (bare in mind he cant go to college or get full time job until we get perm visa). 2 months after arriving he tells me that he has decided that he is staying in Oz :notworthy: He is loving his job(first job he's had) has loads of friends & is out every weekend. He passed his theory test & is now taking driving lessons & his work are putting him forward for a Assistant Managers course. So he is know talking about going to college next year & working at night. Dont get me wrong its very hard work especially if they dont want to come & it would have broken my heart if he had decided that he wanted to go back home as I would probably have went back too. So to any teenagers out there that feel the same as my son did please read this & give it a go. Janette
  14. Guest

    Son Went To Perth Yesterday

    Well as the thread said,my son has gone to Perth,the last two weeks have been mad :arghh: trying to sort him out and his girlfriend (19 year olds are a nightmare ) as we where leaving for the air port he had lost keys ,forgot his bag,GOD knows what he going to be like in Oz without his mum lol. Wish we was going with him :cry:. Yesterday was horrible I think all I did was cry,feel like my heart has been ripped in two, I not feeling as bad now ,but it is hard. My sister also flew yesterday.My son flew at 1.30pm and my sister flew at 10.00am so you can understand how it was yesterday.My sister has moved to Bris the other side of the country. I am still looking to go out there with my Husband and other 2 childern but my 16 year old son is in Army College at Harrogate and my Daughter who is 15 is in her Gcse year (don't no what to do) :wacko: I need and want to go to Perth but am so confussed. We also do not have alot of money here,our house has no money left in it,so we would only have a bit of savings (and I mean a bit ) and money from two cars and two horses and that would be it. Has anybody else gone over with not much money.As I have posted before my husband is a painter and decorater and I am a health care assistant C grade so I don't think jobs would be a problem. Any advice would be welcome .Well my son will be :SLEEP:now its really weird the time difference,its thursday there. Sorry for going on but I no people on here understand. Thanks again Gwen x
  15. Guest

    Son Wanting To Go On Work Visa

    Hi all, Not been on here for a while,we decided not to carry on with our application to oz,as it just is not the right time.Are daughter is 14yrs and would have found the move hard so we going to hold back for a while.Anyway that is not why I came back on My Son still wants to go to OZ and his girlfriend and family are going just after xmas.and you guessed it he wants to go. He is 19yrs and still at uni,he would have another 2yrs to do if he stayed here. I have looked on the visa sight and the only option I can see is a working Visa. He has not got loads of money (being a student).If he went on a working visa after the 18 months (if he was aloud a second working visa)would it be possible to go for perminent residency. :arghh:I could do with some help on this matter and any information anybody has or any more surgestions. I dont want him to go I just lost one son to Army and now this one,but it a chance of a life time,but I also need to know he is going to be safe.
  16. samozsoon

    Claiming money for son still here

    Hi everyone, Would anybody know if my eldest son can claim anything to help towards his up-keep in the UK when we move to Oz in December? He will be 18 in Nov and still at school doing A-Levels til June nx year (when he plans on joining us in Oz). He will be staying with my brother-in-law and will have to drive about 15mile each way to school everyday, so we will have to give him petrol money as well as dinner money, and money for BiL for food......etc etc. He does have a part-time job as a life guard so he does have his own money for going out. He doesnt get that money for staying on at school (cant remember what its called) because hubby earns more than the limit. Would he be able to get this once we've gone? I've got to sort out my family allowance for him too. So much to think about.......my head hurts. Sam xx
  17. Guest

    query re my son student visa

    My son is 21, is it possible for him to go to australia as a student and do an apprenticeship course at a college for a trade on the skills shortage such as joiner which would lead him to an australian qualification and eventually would this give him permanent residencey?
  18. Guest

    will my son join year 12???

    We will to moving to brisbane in dec and my son is currently 16 in year 11 and studing for his gcse's here. his birthday is march 31, will he start the new school year in jan as a year 12 student?
  19. Hi there, I've been told that I have to get my ex to sign something to say that he gives his permission for me to take our 13 year old son to Oz. Does anyone know if there is a set format or particular form this permission has to take please? Or do I just type something out stating that he gives permission and get him to sign it? Thanks Julia
  20. I've been posting here on and off as nico and newnico for months now while waiting for news of my contributory parent visa (daughter and BF have appointment with centrelink tomorrow, so I won't be sleeping a lot tonight). In the meantime, my youngest has made up his mind to try and join the rest of us in Oz. I couldn't wish for anything better. But here's the situation, if anyone could offer their opinion.... He's 27, has worked for 18 months as a network engineer, has a first class degree, and thinks he should theoretically get 125 points (110 needed) as a Computing Professional-Systems Manager on the skills list for Sydney, where his sister lives. She is already sponsoring and assuring me, because for complicated reasons my oldest can't at present. Can she sponsor another family member? Or is there any other way he can get in with these skills? I've done nothing but witter on about how lovely people on PIO are ( and he already suspects I spend half my evenings glued to the computer), so here's hoping someone will know the answer to this one as well as all the others. Thanks in advance, lovely people nico
  21. Guest

    18 year old son

    Hello Everyone. This is my first time posting in the forums. My question is, we are considering immigrating to oz. My husband and I have 2 children. One is 15 and the other is 18. We have been informed that because my eldest son is 18 he will not be able to immigrate with the family because he will have left school and will be classed as a non-dependant. Is there any way of getting around this issue and has anyone had any previous encounters with this problem? Any help would be much appreciated as I don't want to go without him. :unsure:
  22. i have a son whom has been living at grandparents, due to a family fall out , but everything fine now, he is 21 and just got a job in warbutons bread factory, although hes never lived in a place of his own, has lived with me or grandparents, Basically would there be a problem him coming with us, couldnt think of leaving him to stay at grandmas, we are applying for general skilled visa
  23. Guest


    All of you that have read my previouse posts over the months will be aware of the dramas we have had with our eldest and getting him to come to Auss with us ( he's just turned 20 and in feb last year moved out into a squalid little flat and refused point blank to be part of our plans). Well, 2 weeks before we moved out of our house and 2 months before our visa was granted he moved back home and announced that "to make things easier for you, I'll come for a little while" Well, he did come along but has now gone missing and has been replaced by this "young man" who has got himself an aprenticeship and is now looking at buying a unit as an investment :idea: If anyone out there needs a bit of reassurance they are doing the right thing for their kids by moving here, I have living proof of this in the room next door. We are gobsmacked by this sudden change. I have found myself watching him sleep so I can be sure that he's the same baby I bought home from the hospital 20 years ago! Lesleyx PS. IF ANYONE FINDS MY OLD SON, YOU CAN SEND HIM BACK TO ENGLAND TO LIVE WITH HIS NAN, AS THAY WERE HIS PLANS JUST A YEAR AGO :wink:
  24. Guest

    Add son on to the visa

    Hi all, Hope someone can help. We received our visa letter on the 22nd December . Our 22yr old son wants to come now and complete his legal training out in Oz so will be a full time student and dependent. What is the best way to get him out there, as we are to late to have his name added to the visa? Should we take him out on a visitor visa and then apply once we are out there for a last remaining family member visa? Or should we apply before we go. We don't want to leave the country without him. we have time as he doesn't graduate uni till June, and we are planning to go out there start of August. Any suggestions would be greatly recieved. Neal
  25. We are in the process of applying for a spouse visa for myself. My partner has an Australian passport but has no family there, has not lived in Sydney since he was a toddler. We basically do not know the city very much, lived there for a couple of months when we were single. We now need to find out what are the good areas in Sydney for a young family, fairly close to the beach, not too expensive, with good parks and good state schools. Can anybody help?