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Found 125 results

  1. Hi I hope you can help me I'm trying to find out as much information as I can for my son who is very reluctant to come. We are coming out to victoria in july and would like to know when my son can start driving, he will be 16 can he start to learn straight away i.e a moped or car? He is a qualified ref for the FA over here, can he continue over there as he is very sporty? sorry one more question when he goes into year 11 in february what would the best subjects for him to take to become a sports physiotherapy? Thank you so much x:skeptical:
  2. Hi, I moved to Oz in 2000 to get married, leaving two young adult sons behind in England. One son came to Oz nearly two years ago on a holiday/work visa but this unfortunately expires in 4 weeks (21 April). We would both dearly like him to remain in Australia but it's looking very unlikely. We've contacted immigration to discuss the various visa options but have been told he doesn't 'quite fit' the necessary criteria of any one visa. He has a degree in electronic graphic design & illustration but has yet to find someone prepared to employ him where he can use his degree. Instead, he's spent much of the last two years working for some of Australia's major banks and insurance companies as a claims manager. I am divorced and don't have any living relatives in Australia, if my son has to leave I will be here on my own. Can anyone advise as to how we can legally obtain a visa so that my son can stay in Australia and ultimately apply for permanent residency? All helpful responses would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. monkeymandness

    Great news for my son!

    :biggrin:Yeaterday we had an appointment with our Community Paeditrician as my little boys teacher was concerned about his 'unusual' running style and general clumsiness. She suggested to us that he may have Dyspraxia. Needless to say I have been researching it lots and yeastedays appointment was praying on my mind somewhat. Anyhow she had a really good look at him and asked him to hop, balance, jump etc. Asked us lots of questions etc. She told us that she does not think he has Dyspraxia, and that his clumsiness is down to the fact that he has very long and flexible limbs and muscles, which are harder to controll that short ones! Told us not to worry about him and not to let it put us off our emigration plans. Feel so happy for him as he was poorley as a baby with Osteomeilitis in his ankle bone (also not a problem with regards his funny run). Wanted to share this today as I'm bursting with relief and v happy! Amanda
  4. ant

    Please Help my Son

    Act 2 Scene 1 Hello All, You may remember the saga of my 22 y o son. He was a chef on a 457 long stay visa but had health problems, namely Peyronies disease and stress. I must add neither affected his work. In fact he excelled at this. He was mistreated at work . In nearly two years he had no proper holiday, sometimes worked 6 and seven day weeks and when he worked with a particular member of staff, who was senior to him he had to do most of his work as well. This person would also verbally abuse him, criticising his work. And on one occasion when my son was off sick he walked through his open door went to his bedroom and got him out of bed to go to work.. The only reason we can understand this behaviour is because of this persons envy of my son, laziness and meaness. Anyway we went over to Aus recently for a holiday and to bring him back for a holiday to find our son had lost loads of weight was very stressed and he broke down in tears a few times. The head chef left leaving the person mentioned above to become head chef and more intolerable finally my son came home and broke down again wanting to give his notice in. He did not want us to intervene in case he needed to go back there or for references purposes so the best we could do was console him and write his letter of resignation. We were all of course aware that he would lose his visa also and have to leave Aus if he didn’t get another but we had little choice. Anyway he had a few weeks holiday in Aus and is with us in the UK for a couple more weeks holiday until he starts a job here.. He’s over most of his stress and he has an appointment with a Urologist for the Peyronies disease (injury below, leading to dysfunction) and may need an operation. That’s the background done, sorry it’s long, but felt it important to express. He wants to get back to Aus when he’s fit as he loves it there. He has a job offer from his old head chef but conditional on him getting a visa. He can’t go independent etc. because he has not got up to 5 years experience yet for a skill assessment. He also has been put off the 457 route. He worked for nearly 2 years in Aus and his qualifications are NVQ 2 in Food prep and Cooking and an NVQ 2 in Food Service. He’s keen on trying the Regional Sponsor route but does he have the equivalent of a diploma for this or indeed does he really need this?? Our options appear to be: 1. Contact his former employer complaining of his treatment and use it and the return flight / pay till leave Aus cost, as leverage to get them to reemploy him on a regional visa elsewhere. 2. Appeal to the Immigration minister to get him a permanent visa under the circumstances. 3, Get his former head chef who has offered him a job and accomodation to accept that we will pay and do the necessary work to get a regional visa.for him to work there. 4. Register for the Manchester Symposium in hope of a job and visa there, But this is likely to be away from where he wants to return (Noosa) and subject to a two year contract to recupe their costs. Sorry again for the length of this but our son is a good person and great chef he deserves a break. Any relevant advice would be appreciated as we can’t afford an agent at present and many thanks for previous exceptional assistance goes especially to Alan Collette of Gomatilda Migration agency and the relentless Gill Palmer. Thank you. :arghh:
  5. HI guys, can someone please advise. I am about to speak to the ex regarding taking my son to oz is there a standard stat dec i can get from somewhere myself or do i have to obtain it from a lawyer? our agent does have a copy but we have yet to pay our full deposit so we cant get it from the agent yet and i would rather we get it over and done with many thanks kelly
  6. Guest

    Worried about my son

    Hello everyone. My son is 13 (possibly 14 when we get to Oz) and he's a shy boy, doesn't have that many friends (he refuses to act like someone he isn't just to be popular - which I admire him for) and I'm worried about him starting school in Oz. We're moving to the Gold Coast area, most likely Arundel/Labrador. Are the schools good, are the students decent, is it in a poor area? He likes music, and is very serious about his education. He likes sport, he's not too keen on rugby though, playing video games and socializing. Will he fit in, because I have read that Aussies aren't very keen on Pom's and make their life like hell to start with. Thanks for any help
  7. I am sure a lot of you are aware of the case that is currently being fought in Victoria at the moment about the German Doctor who is here on a temp visa and has just been refused PR and told he has to leave Australia in 2010 because his son with Downs will be a drain on the health service. There is an uproar at the minute over here and he is hoping to get the decision overturned. For those that don't know anything about the case take a look at this article (I have cut and pasted from the Herald Sun) if he wins it could open up the doors to other families who have also been refused visas because of health costs. A MIGRANT doctor and his family are being forced to leave Australia, and the Victorian town that desperately needs him, because his son has Down syndrome. Dr Bernhard Moeller answered a call from the Federal Government and the Horsham community two years ago, and moved from Germany to become the town's only permanent specialist physician. But the Department of Immigration and Citizenship this week rejected an application from Dr Moeller and his family for permanent residency because his 13-year-old son, Lukas, has Down syndrome and does not fit the bureaucracy's health criteria. On advice from a government doctor, the department wrote to Dr Moeller saying his son had been assessed as a burden on Australian taxpayers and could not be granted permanent residency. A copy of the decision said care for Lukas was "likely to result in significant costs to the Australian community in health care and community services". Angry? Send Immigation Minister Chris Evans an email about this decision. But Dr Moeller said his son would always be cared for by family and his needs at school were not prohibitive. "I have the means to look after him and I will look after him," he said. Horsham, with a population of 20,000, is enraged at the prospect of losing its only internal medicine specialist and residents rallied outside Dr Moeller's practice yesterday, demanding the decision be overturned. As well as his private practice, Dr Moeller fills a key role at the Wimmera Base Hospital, which serves 50,000 people in the region. "We are desperate for doctors in the country and the Government says we must get skilled labour from overseas," said Business Horsham's Andrea Cross. "The decision to reject residency is crazy. He has a disabled child but we've got great support for him here." Dr Moeller said he was hurt by the rejection, but thanked the community for its support. "We feel rejected, not welcome any more, by the Australian Government," Dr Moeller said. "But we've had huge support here in the community." Dr Moeller is in Australia on a 457 temporary working visa that expires in 2010. He and his family searched for the best place to raise a family and his wife, Isabella, said Australia was the preferred choice because of the support it offered disabled children. Lukas attends a mainstream primary school and has an integration aide and speech therapy. He plays football, cricket, golf and table tennis, and his parents say he has no difficulties coping. Ms Moeller said Down syndrome was graded from zero to 100, with zero representing a fully dependent sufferer and 100 the mildest affliction. Lukas was rated close to 100. "It's the worst thing that's happened to me – worse even than when they told me Lukas had Down syndrome," she said. "We fought for years against discrimination in Germany against Lukas. "We wanted to make sure he got the best quality of life, and when we looked all over the world we decided Australia was the right place to live. "We came to Australia in April 2006 on a temporary residency visa, and we told everybody then we wanted to stay in Australia as permanent residents, but they didn't mention anything like this even possibly happening. "Now we have to start fighting all over again against discrimination." Down Syndrome Victoria yesterday slammed the Federal Government's decision. "This decision is disgraceful and discriminatory," Down Syndrome Victoria executive officer Catherine McAlpine said. "The department are not looking at Lukas as an individual or seeing his potential. "Instead, they are making assumptions based on their outmoded understanding of intellectual disability." Ms McAlpine said the case was one of a number where people with Down syndrome were refused residency automatically because they were judged to be a drain on Australian resources. "It is outrageous that in the same year the Australian Government ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, it is effectively stripping this young man of his human rights," Ms McAlpine said. Immigration Minister Chris Evans's office referred questions regarding the Moeller case to his department. A departmental spokesman said officials were legally bound to reject an application if a Commonwealth medical officer deemed the applicant posed a significant cost burden. "It is long-standing government policy that high-cost medical conditions are a consideration in visa decisions," the spokesman said, adding that the family could appeal against the decision to the Migration Review Tribunal and, failing that, to the minister. Dr Moeller said the family would appeal. Horsham hospital Wimmera Health Group chief executive Chris Scott said he was very disappointed at the decision to refuse Dr Moeller's family permanent residency. Mr Scott said Dr Moeller's was the only permanent position at the hospital, and two other vacancies were unfilled. "We recruited him specifically from Germany," Mr Scott said. "We think it's very disappointing that such a decision can be made when rural Victoria is crying out for senior medical appointments."
  8. Guest

    apprentership , son

    hi all we are in a bit of a dialema our son leaves school this year ( hes 16 ), he wants to be a car mechanic the problem is we are hoping to go to oz in feb march but will stay for his exams if need be. i have just heard that english exams dont count anyway so could we go now and would he be able to get an apprentership ? what age do apprenterships start in oz ? do they have to wait untill the school leaving age of 18. please help dobba
  9. scottntina

    What about my son?

    Hi guys, Hope someone can help, bit confused. Will try my best to explain.. Here goes. My partner and i are heading to oz on 175 visa and me as defacto spouse this year. My son(- not my partners-), is twenty and staying in uk for now, which is gonna be hard for me, believe me. He has agood job here and a very sensible lad, but cant help worrying.. Anyway, he thinks he may want to come and join us in oz in maybe a year or two, so my real question is.. How? would he need to come out totally in his own right, as not my dependent anymore. or would it help that we would have been out there as perm residents. Would he have to come over on a working or holiday visa. Really not sure what options would be possible as far as visas for him available ! That probably all sounds really confusing, but maybe someone can understand all my jibberish. Would be grateful for any info guys Thanks alot Tina
  10. Guest

    16yr old son - advice needed?

    Hi all. my family and I are hoping to migrate in 2009 on an 'employment Sponsorship' My 16yr old son is currently in 1st year of 6th form.... please can anyone offer advice as to what his options can be once we are out there. (Adelaide) our there opportunities for - Further education - (cost if known) not sure if he is best to finish his 'A' levels here? Employment - What is the minimum age? Thanks in advance for any advice given - Also feel free to offer any further advice on 16yr olds (typical Kevin's). xxxx
  11. :unsure: Hi, Just wanted some opinions, have started getting thoughts about going home again!...already pingponged "long story" apart from my son being here and OH of course! my heart is just not in this place. My dilemma now..could I live back in the U.K. and not feel guilty every day leaving our 19 year old son here without us? he will not come back, he is at Uni. here and has a steady girlfriend. If we go he will have to find himself somewhere to live, and financially we would not be able to help him out much...he does have a part-time job. We dont see very much of him, he spends his time between our house and staying at his girlfriends. Although he is quite a confident person is he too young to leave?? :sad: We on the other hand are no "spring chickens "and will reach the point of no return soon.
  12. Hi I'm moving to Sydney, fly in 2 weeks time, on a Spouse Visa - other half is Aussie. I have 16 year-old son, who is remaining in UK till he does his GCSEs next Summer and will then join us. He's a good student and is at a very good Grammar School in Northern Ireland. What I'd like to know thow is what the easiest or best processes are to get him in to resume his secondary education before hopping off ti Uni. What are best options for him to resume his A-level (or equivalent) or 6th-form studies etc in our new location? Is it easy to arrange academic transfer to good schools? Id rather not go private, but may consider if no options, and will examine the selective route first - any one experience or know of similar at all ? All advice gratefully received! Best wishes S
  13. Hello to everyone I was hoping I would be able to get some information from wise tradesmen out there - lol Myself (aimy), hubbie (john) and son (joe) will be arriving in Brisbane in the next couple of months. One of my biggest worries is my son. He has no real qualifiactions & has come up with the idea of getting a trade - Bricklaying or Cabinet making at one of the Tafe's. I'm all for him getting a trade but have no idea which one. I've heard from brickie's in the past saying steer clear but that's what my son is leaning towards. I want him to think long term also I know it's his decision in the end, but it would be good to hear from anyone with opinions or feelings about this This is my 1st post, so just wanted to say HI also :laugh: Aimy xx
  14. :unsure:Me and OH have submitted out TRA last week, been told by agent should hear back in a months time. Getting kids passports re-newed just now before we get next load of documents certified by solicitor so we can lodge our 175 visa. The only worry i have is my son who will be 17 when we lodge application for visa but will probably be 18 when DIAC deal with it. So agent from GO Matilda advised me to put my 2 daughters on visa and not my son. We all live together as a family and i feel rotten saying by the way were going but you cant. My daughters are 12 and nearly 17, they are fine on visa but i dont no what to do about my son. He cant get last remaining relative as his dad lives in UK and only option i can think of is a working holiday visa, but it only lasts 12 months. At least it will let him know if he likes it in Oz. The agent Stephen says he can apply for Student visa while on working visa, but is that the only option. How much is i for college course? We cant sponsor him as he has to be in an occupation for 3 years or more. He wants to get an apprenticeship in carpet fitting, cant an employer sponsor him while he is there on working visa? any ideas folks would be very much appreciated.
  15. Our 19yr old son is getting fed up with the way they are getting treated in the Army and has only another 2 yrs to go and he was wondering about joining us in OZ once we are over there , any one now what the procedure or what Visa would be needed Dave Petra and Quianna
  16. Cant quite believe it...after 4 years of planning and saving, 2 reccies, house being sold, we were just about to book one way flights for next month but......horror-my 13 year old son, (who was previously the most enthusiastic of us all) has said he doesn't want to go. He has put up a good argument, including: 1) Working really hard at school 2)Has excellent group of friends. 3)Will miss his rugby teams We have explained that we will try it for a year and after this time, all sit down and review the situation but he is still not keen. Whilst I know he can't make the final decision, the thought of taking him when he really is opposed to the idea, is extremely upsetting. Has anyone else encountered this problem so late in the day. HELP Debby
  17. Hi all, I dont know if anyone has had any experience with anything like this, but my son was diagnosed with ADD when he was just 5 years old, he will be 16 in December. He does not take any medication & no longer has to see a specialist. He is doing really well & his school has really helped him, he will be leaving at Easter 09 & will have some good exams, one of which being a Duke of Edinborough award. He has just finished work experience for a Mercedes Benz body repair garage & did really well. Basically what im trying to say is that he is growing into a very well adjusted young adult & I know I could get many professionals & teachers to fully back me up on this. But does it affect our application? :unsure: Kelly.:smile:
  18. Hi, I was wondering if ayone can tell me if they have been in the same situation. My son has been diagnosed with ADHD, and will be on the drug 'concerta'. I've been told that most grow out of ADHD by mid to late teens so i'm hoping that this wont be an issue for our medicals. Has anybody applied with this on their medicals and been granted or refused a visa because of it? :unsure: Hays
  19. jollyswagman

    son to soon be 11, medical question!!

    Hi, can anyone please advise me? We submitted visa application in August and on the medical download and checklist it dosn't request a chest xray for my son who at the time of submission was 10 years old. We are going to book our medicals for the end of September/early October, My son turns 11 in October and will be 11 when visa (is hopefully) granted, will he be required to have an xray??? Do they go by when you submit or visa grant day?
  20. Guest

    Party doods for 20 year old son

    So ... we arrrive 31st July, oldest son arrives 13th August for 4 weeks to validate visa before going back to Liverpool uni... so need to find lots of fun loving Melbourne young things to show him the sites - we are based in Eltham for first 7 weeks... need to show our Ashley what life is like in Melbourne and looking at Poms in Oz to do the deal with some hip hoppy doddy...hock up mates.... Morag x
  21. hey, hi everybody i'm getting a lot of conflicting evidence about emigrating to aus to be with my four year old son who is already out there. does anyone have any advise that doesn't entail ringing an agent? why is it that some authorities tell me i can use a parenting visa while others say no such thing exists. i can apply for a business visa but is there any other consideration i could be thinking of? where do i find the facts? has anyone been through the same ordeal?? many thanks
  22. Hi We are a family of 4 from Manchester England going to queensland 2010 my eldest son will be in his last year at school year 11 over here and will have done his gcse's. dont understand what his position at school will be in Oz when we get there. Will he have to resit his gcse's and repeat his school year, because if he does we can go out there earlier, there doesnt seem any point oing them twice. My son is doing really well over here at school and I dont want to disrupt his education and confuse him!!!!:unsure: Also he is very good at boxing, anyone got any info on boxing gyms on gold coast/sunshine coast need to find a good boxing gym!!!!! Please help!!!!!:err: Thankx Jan
  23. Guest

    Son with Autism

    Hello :v_SPIN: - I am hoping that someone out there might be able to offer some advice on emigrating with a son who suffers from Autism - we are hoping to emigrate to Tasmania and we have 3 healthy young children....two daughters 9 and 8yrs and our son who is 11yrs and has autism with no speech - he uses a pecs system to communicate. We have lodged our application for a Visa 176 and have all had our medicals completed (they were fine) and police checks (also fine)- the health department (where we lodged the visa) have come back to us asking for more info on our son i.e. IQ Test and School Report - I just wondered if anyone else may have gone through this process and how they got on...... Thanking you in advance for any help with this bright blessings Any advice would be welcomed by us........
  24. Hi, Bit off an odd thread but we are going to the Essex get together. Our son is 13 and is being swamped by girls most of our friends and people we have met on here who we are hoping will be our new Auzzie friends have two girls At 18 he will look at this situation differently I am sure but just now he is not having a good time of it as his 12 year old sister is lapping up the girlie domination SO Is there any one going to the Essex get together that are heading to Perth (or Australia generally) that are in the same situation or similar or just have boys Robert could meet up with Possibly a bit of a wild stab in the dark but worth a try Thanks Stu and Annie
  25. Hello everyone, My son has recently been diagnosed with Colitis and is currently on Predisolone. We are planning on moving to Australia in the next couple of years as im a Nurse and know that finding work shouldnt be a problem. I wanted to know how my sons condition will be regarded, are we likely to be refused a visa on medical grounds? Really any information would be appreciated at this confusing time :smile: Thank you