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Found 125 results

  1. ant

    My Son

    Hi All Quick update about my son Adam. From the disaster of his employers not giving him lunch breaks etc. to him leaving with us to stay at my daughters in Melbourne and retrench. (Even the rental the employers got him was filthy. My wife had to clean the whole house). Adam ended up with offers of employment from a few employers in Melbourne. Noosa and Warrnambool, Vic. He took the one with the best prospects and nicest employers in Warrnambool. We was still there to settle him in and he is staying at my daughters partners parents spa/fitness resort for free there. He likes his new job and is now finally happy in Australia. We had to do a 457 sponsor and nomination application for him to transfer the visa to the new employer and wait 28 days before he can start. We also put a nomination for the ENS at the same time and are awaiting DIACS reaction to this too. Does anyone see a problem with this particularly the ENS. He has the qualifying 457 visa to apply for this anyway hasn't he? He also has the other qualifiers for this PR visa, positive skill assessment and 3 years pre app experience. This three years, when they say immediately before application what do they mean. Adam left his last chef job at the end of July started in Shepparton 20th October for 2 days and started his new job this week. Do they mean three years experience without another intervening job pror to applying for the ENS visa? I am holding back the visa application until I get confirmaton. Thank you to one and all for your previous help!
  2. Guest

    Son's medicals seem to be MIA

    My medicals arrived in the mail (to me) about three weeks ago. My son's, who didn't need blood tests or xrays, did not arrive. I have medicare solutions on a weekly basis to try and see what the hold up was and, for two weeks, I was told to "call back next week if they still haven't arrived". This week, when I called, I was told "those were finalised a month ago and sent out" which leads me to assume that they've been lost in the mail. I understand that immi can access the medicare database but I recently read something about immi demanding a hard copy. Is this something I should be concerned about? Has anyone else had a similar experience? What should I do?
  3. Rodfan

    Leaving Son Homeless!!!!!

    Hi, There may be a potential move back home for us next year (OH relenting finally) we are definitely going back (UK) to visit our family and our youngest Son (22yrs) is also coming, if we stay (he is definitely returning to OZ) he will have nowhere to live, bittersweet move in the end for us. Our eldest Son has also recently returned to OZ (lives in sydney we are in Melb.) once again wish I had a crystal ball to see how it will all work out, I really wish I could just settle here as would make life easy for everyone...but I yearn for home..yet know I will feel really guilty leaving Son to return with nowhere to live:confused: anyone else had this dilemma??
  4. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me? I am here on a 457 with wife and two kids. My 457 doesn't expire until May 2013, however we are considering applying for permanent residence before that date. My son will be 18 next August and I was wondering if it would be easier to apply for permanence before he reaches 18. I have read that over 18s (even if dependent) have to apply separately. He is in full time education now but plans to take a gap year before going to Uni. Does this means he may not be considered as being in FT education if we applied during that time? Any information would be really useful. Thanks
  5. ant

    Please help my son!

    Hi Everyone This is the second time my son has had problems with employment in Australia. The first one was mainly bullying and the second one was mainly working 15 hours and more without a break, including no lunch break. Both were as a cook/chef on a 457 visa. He left the last job recently before he became ill with exhaustion and fortunately we was there to help him leave etc. This latter job came with the promise of PR but it had too high a price to pay. The better news is he has had offers of other jobs and he can transfer his 457 visa but the employers need to be approved sponsors and they are not, and won't pay for this approval or nomination. We have had a quote of $6000 from an agent but this is too much to pay especially added to what we've paid so far. It is therefore left to me and hopefully any kind person on here to help with this application. This brings me to the particular problem with this Employer Sponsorship approval, training. The employer has to show evidence of a contribution of 2% of payroll paid to a training board or 1% of payroll towards training of citizens or PR employees. Both companies are small ones and may find this requirement difficult also I have not briefed them about this yet in fear of frightening them away. I have heard that there are ways to satisfy this training evidence particularly from Jamie Smith on pomsinoz. How can we meet this training requirement evidence? Can someone please help us. Is there a kind agent out there willing to help us. Thank you. Best wishes Tony
  6. We have applied for a parent visa and are investigatingr the possibility of getting my son over on a Remaining Relative visa. I know these are taking longer now and I understand all the conditons, which I believe he would meet. My query relates to how soon he could apply for this after we have moved to Australia? Does he have to wait till we are 'settled' or would my daughter or son-in-law be able to sponsor him? My daughter is sponsoring us, so not sure how many people you are allowed to sponsor.
  7. Please help, all you fab migration agents out there. Me and my Oh will hopefully have our visas early part of next year, my son has now decided that he would like to come over too. He is 21, which means he will get a working holiday visa for the first year, and then hopefully extend it for a second year,... and then if he still decides he would like to stay, would we be able to sponsor him? Or is his only option to receive employer sponsorship. Thanks guys, really appreciate any help. Tina
  8. Hi all, I hope you might be able to advise....... I am currently at university and will graduate in 2013, at which point I plan on moving to Perth with my husband, daughter and stepson. However, my step son will be 19 by the time we move. Will he still be able to come over on our family visa? We will only move if he can come with us, which he is desperate to do. If he can come on our family visa, does anyone know what the maximum age is to be included on the family visa? As my step daughter who is a little older is also considering the move. Mind you, she will have graduated from uni herself by this point so could probably apply herself if needs be. Thank you in advance for any advice. Abi :v_SPIN:
  9. Hi Everyone Jusy got an e-mail from an Aus employer who's doing a 457 visa for my son and was shocked and disappointed. She said things are slow but we have a case officer looking at the nomination this week. She was told she could have put the visa application in with the nomination. This is what I was shocked to hear the visa was supposed to go in with the nomination but she didn't do that. She went on to say that when she did them previously she put the visa in when the nomination was approved. This employer has done at least two 457's before and has a friend she see's regular who's a regional migration officer. She went the 457 route because it's quickest, she wanted my son to start the end of July and yet she failed to include the visa application with the nomination. My son's given his notice in and has four weeks wages left before he get's desperate. The employer seems genuine but is apparently also working round the clock to cover my son's job. She appears to have dropped a large clanger. How long will my son now have to wait for his visa??? I am document ready to do the application myself I think , and the employer has offered this option because she is so busy. The employer also made a mistake on the nomination form, Has put the wrong salary and has had to submit a letter to correct this. In view of the case officer being involved now and the nomination being assessed this week and hopefully with this letter correcting the salary and myself submitting a visa application tommorrow how long do you think the visa grant will be. Should I call the case officer to enquire?? Thanks in anticipation
  10. Hi I've read a number of the threads about teenagers and their foibles. We are fairly early down the road to migration, and due to age it has to be on ENS or 457. Our extended family is not very close so our move may not have a great impact on them. However it's the children who are the problem. Our 18 yr old daughter is going to uni in September and doesn't want to come. As she's effectively leaving home we don't have much issue with that, and she's even starting to try to be less dependent on us for the basics such as cooking and cleaning. Our son is 15 and although 2 years ago he was more than happy about a move, is now refusing point blank to consider it, saying we must wait until he's 18. Normally we wouldn't consider a move for him at this stage in his education, but although he is very bright and capable of excellent grades, he doesn't see the point of school, and the school has done very little to dispel this. He also doesn't want to leave his friends behind. The opportunities for migration will become less as we get older, so to wait another 3 years to meet his "demands" is unreasonable. However are they just demands based on teenage uncertainty or is it really a bad move? His nature is such that he seems to be popular in lots of things he takes part in, so I have no worries about his making friends, but since the education system in the UK seems to have failed him, is the Australian system really that much worse? There are lots of things done or not done in life that we regret, but I don't want to resent any of them. I'd appreciate any opinions. Thanks Pete
  11. Guest

    Helped My Son

    Hi All and Gill:jiggy: You may remember my son left Australia last year due to bullying at work etc. Well thanks to advice on here particularly from Gill and Alan from Gomatilda migration agents he got an AQF in cookery and a Positive skill assessment recently. He also has a job offer with PR in Australia and is thinking about taking it. It is not the area where he wanted to be Noosa, but its a start. A bird in the hand is better than a job in the bush! Should he go for it or wait for Noosa. His old head chef hasn't come up with anything yet??:hug:
  12. veronica

    Son turning 18 in Feb 2011

    Is it better to apply for our visa before my son turns 18 or do they look at his age which may be 20 at the time they make their decision? He decided to leave school a few months ago and has no income what so ever but hopefully he will be employed at some time in the near future but he is very much dependant on myself and husband, we will hopefully be applying for a 176 ( husband carpenter). We are going to either Perth or Brisbane in October as we want to feel sure it is the right decision for us before we apply for our visa. Any comments appreciated. Veronica
  13. Guest

    son is permanent resident

    My situation is my son is a permanent resident in Oz and We would like to join him and are trying to look at different visas, problem at the moment being the balance of family test, I am in a defacto relationship and my partner has 2 sons over 21 in the Uk I have another one also in the UK, i have always been very close to my son who is resident in Oz and would really like to join him Are ages being 50 myself and 53 my partner both working and property owners in uk, I know that the balance of family test is very clear are their any ways round this?
  14. Guest

    Son wants to go to uni in Oz

    Hi, we moved back to the UK last year after less than six months in Oz on a PR 176 visa. Our intention is to move back to Oz before our Visa runs out. However, our son wants to go to uni in Oz now. Do I, as the main applicant, need to return with him or can he attend Uni in Oz without us? Without paying International fees. Regards Andy
  15. Hi there, we're on a 457 visa and applied for ENS 856 3 weeks ago. (Nomination accepted in November and approved, application lodged 3 days after 856 application sent in). My almost 20 year old son was enrolled in high school grade 12, but after speaking to the deputy principal a few days ago, he has signed to leave school. He had trouble settling in with the younger kids etc etc. Obviously on the visa application 3 weeks ago he was in school and thats what we signed to say. What do I do now? Email immigration and tell them? Or wait? He has an appointment with the careers advisor today and is going to a TAFE open day tomorrow as thats what he wants to do, but not sure how, as last time we enquired he would have to pay international fees. He isnt working, and never has since being in Austrailia (19months ago), as we need to prove his dependancy on us. Any advice will be greatfully received. Thanks in advance
  16. Hi All Just wondered if anyone knew the answer to this question!! As we are a family of 4 on a qld state sponser 176 visa, we have been approved but no case officer yet!, as you are probably aware we are cat 5 on list. Hubby a carpenter/joiner and if it takes as long as the recon maybe 2012, my eldest son will turn 18 begining of January 2012. What will happen? Will he have to apply for a seperate visa or will he still be ok to come on ours, as we applied before he turned 18? It was just a terrible thought I had if this was the case of us going in 2012. Thankx Jan
  17. Oh's son isnt coming with us but we had added him to our 176 incase he changed his mind. we are now doing a 457 application, should i also add him to this, does it make any difference that hes not coming and wont be visiting till november at the earliest??
  18. Guest

    19 year old son

    Hi, My husband has a 457 visa and works in nsw, my son who was 17 at the time of approval now works in a local factory, my question is that my husband is now putting in the ENS 856, and I am worried that my son who will be 19 at the time of application wont be accepted because he is working, yet it is only a temporary job on a temp visa. If my husband and myself get accepted what will happen to my son, as he wil have no job in UK and no house as we have sold it. He technically will be dependent on us any way. Big Worry along with all my other worries.
  19. Hi there Just wondered if anyone can help? My wife and I are British and we having been living in Australia for 10 years now and we also have Australian citizenship. We recently had a little boy and we want to apply for British citizenship for him. As he was born in Australia under Australian citizenship parents he has automatically become Australian. (which is great but also gonna cause all kinds of problems when we watch Australia v's England together further down the line.) When I went to the British High Commission webiste to find out more information I found it a bit confusing. In order to apply for a Bristish passport you need to apply for British citizenship which can't be done through the High Commission in Canberra. There are a few numbers to call but you get put on hold for ages at a rate of about $3.80/minute Does anyone know what the best cause of action is to get him registered as a British citizen please. Thanks
  20. looking for a bit of advice. I am in the process of applying for a 457 visa, I have 3 children, 19, 15 and 8. The 15 and 8 year olds have been included in the application and have had medicals completed. I am still waiting for nbv reg so I know that my visa has not yet been submitted although all documentation is with sponsoring employer ready to go when reg comes through. Initially my 19 year old daughter and her 18 month old son did not want to come, they are currently living with me, she is at college part time, and was planning to remain here with my sister in UK. However, she has now decided she wants to come. :biggrin: I have looked on the DIAC website and it does not clearly state what documentation I should include to prove they are dependant on me does anyone know if she can be included on my 457 visa with her son and how I can prove she is my dependant? Thank you Regards Vanessa
  21. Ryso

    son has dyspraxia ????

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone can clarify if you can pass the medicals if you have dyspraxia ? I have been reading some post's and im starting to panic that this might be a problem.I have not applied for my visa yet but have been researching our options and hope to apply in the next 12 months. The only problem my son has poor handwriting skills and im not even sure if the school def class it as dyspraxia . He is 13 and uses an alpha smart in some classes with extended writing although he is very bright and has no other learning issues ? He does also have asthma and allergies but is generally well. I do think that I will be using go matilda when the times comes to apply . Im just starting the ground work and there seems like a catch everytime you think you sussed which visa ect . Im sure fellow members will know exactly what I mean . Anyway I would be grateful for any advice that anyone can offer:biggrin:
  22. Hi all, I'm applying for a 457 visa with my wife and two kids but should I include my eldest son (he's 16 in August) as he's staying in the uk with his mother (my ex)to finish his schooling. I'm hoping that once he turns 18 he can come over to Oz with us (assuming I get PR ). If I include him in the application I assume he'd have to come over within 12 months. If he's still at school then obviously he can't so would he have to reapply for a visa on his own and how easy or difficult would that be? Hope this makes sense to someone ! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  23. My husband holds a 163 Business Skills Visa and we will hopefully be applying for permanent residence when we are eligible next year. We have a married daughter who is a permanent resident, she's been here for nearly 4 years. Our son (aged 30) is a sales and marketing manager (computer & gaming magazines) and has been in the job for 6 years, he has been granted a working visa for aus and will be arriving next week. What visa can he apply for with a view to permanent residence while he is on his working visa. Don't think balance of family will work as we have an older son who is in South Africa and for the foreseeable future will be staying there. Can anyone please help. Thanks
  24. shirleyt

    Son need seperate visa?

    Hi, can anyone tell me if my 18 year old son would still be classed as a dependant or would he require his own visa?
  25. I have been married to my wife for 12 years and we have an 11 year old son. My wife is Australian. Our plan was for my wife and son to return to Oz in a few months in order for our son to settle in and start his senior school Oz education. I am a serving police officer and can retire in 3 years time at 44 years old and then join my family with my pension. To further complicate maters I have undergone a few medical issues involving my heart - a heart attack in Aug 2008 an ICD fitted in Sept 2008 and a triple bypass in Jan 2010. How will be able to prove that our relationship is still ongoing and what visa would I need to apply for? Are there any issues that I should be aware of? My concerns were increased by speaking to the no fee no visa companies who stated they would not take my case on. May I thank you in advance for help and assistance given.