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Found 212 results

  1. I applied for my 176 visa (just made the cut off on 7th May) as a financial advisor NSW State Sponsored. This job is not on the new Sol, but is/was SS, so what does that mean, is there a chance the job will be on the SMP?
  2. Etienne

    New SOL and IT

    For all the IT ladies and gentlemen out there lets start talking!! The new SOL ASCO's are: 261111 ICT business analyst 261112 Systems analyst 261311 Analyst programmer 261312 Developer programmer 261313 Software engineer Does anyone know where the definitions for each can be found?:radar:
  3. My trade, Toolmaker, doesn't appear on the new SOL. It seems that it will be processed at the same priority as before as it was on the SOL when I applied for my visa. I received state sponsorship with WA as it was on their requirement list at the time. I'm just concerned with what will happen if Toolmaker does or doesn't appear on the WA state migration plan. Anyone know?
  4. George Lombard

    New SOL - State Migration Arrangements

    South Australia is the first stage to formally announce how it will manage the transition to the new SOL, see below: Immigration South Australia New Procedures for State Sponsorships In February this year the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) announced, among other changes, that the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) will be reviewed. This new list of occupations will be released by DIAC at the end of April for implementation in mid 2010. It is therefore to follow that applicants whose occupations that are not to be included in the new SOL will need to have their visa applications lodged with DIAC before the implementation date of mid 2010 (an exact date for the implementation of the new SOL has not been released by DIAC at time of this update). In anticipation of this, Immigration SA will be implementing the following procedure to assist applicants who wish to have their sponsorship applications/decision available in time to lodge their visa application with DIAC before the implementation date of the new SOL. If you wish to have a decision on your sponsorship application before the new SOL is implemented by DIAC, you must comply with the following: · Submit your full application as soon as possible. · All Sponsorship applications must be lodged online AND all supporting documents registered at Immigration SA before 14 May 2010 · On 14 May 2010 the Sponsorship Online application system will be closed down for a short period of time – There will be no access to the system during this time. You will need to monitor the website. · All applications will be assessed according to order of registration – no fast tracking for any reason · Annual planning levels apply to all occupations on the Sponsorship List. Once the planning level has been reached for that occupation, the occupation will no longer be available for sponsorship for this financial year regardless of the date of online lodgement or registration. All remaining applications received for that occupation will be refused. · Applications that are received after 14 May 2010 (when the system is switched back on) will be placed in the ‘queue’ for processing under the new SOL, unless the (sponsorship) planning levels are reached for that occupation. · Sponsorship applications submitted and registered in the queue under the new SOL will be assessed in 4 – 8 weeks, according to current Visa and Sponsorship criteria at the time of assessment regardless of whether a visa application has been lodged with DIAC. State Migration Plans (and any associated lists) These requirements and arrangements may change when State Migration Plans (and any associated lists) are finalised and implemented. These are expected to be completed in the middle of 2010. Occupations included in State Migration Plans, criteria, procedures will be published on this website when available. Deadline: 14 May 2010 If your sponsorship application is not submitted online AND all the supporting documents registered at Immigration SA before 14 May 2010, your sponsorship application will not have a decision before July 2010. If DIAC makes any significant changes to the implementation date of the new SOL, this may affect the 14 May 2010 deadline and subsequent temporary closing down of the Online application system. Cheers, George Lombard
  5. I have been on this site everyday since back in March, my OH and I went to a Live Down Under Show in March. We planned to sell our house, move to OZ permanently no looking back............But OH has changed his mind :arghh: His occupation is on the new SOL Yippee, we also have a family sponsor in Melbourne..yippee But now he,s changed his mind I am down and confused. We have 2 little girls who think they are leaving their friends, family and school to live in Sunny OZ, but now looks like it isnt going to happen, and to boot we have already paid hundreds in agents fees............. I don,t know why I am writing this but this site has been so full of wonderful advice over the last 3 months. A friend of mine said "sometimes too much information can be a bad thing". OH has read all the stories of the people who want to come back to UK and it has scared him. Now he has decided he also does not want to give up his job as it is very well paid and life is comfortable. He thinks life wont be comfortable in OZ as we will have a big mortgage and the cost of living is more expensive so they say? Head is spinning...............what to do:err:
  6. paulswin

    After new sol list??

    Hi just wanted to see who's in the same boat as us having to see if we can get in through state sponsorship now that hubby's oc is not on the new list
  7. Guest

    Assessment result after new sol

    hi does anyone know or have an update on the assessment cases which are already "in-process" and result is expected in few weeks before 1st july. What code would they be assigned and if they gets old asco codes how would diac going to convert into anzsco. i.e, my assessement case is now pending with acs at "in process" stage, when i receive the letter before 1st july will it contain the codes from new list? I know someone posted the correspondance email from engineers australia that they are giving the old codes till 1st july but what about the others?
  8. World News Australia - Migration changes draw mixed reaction Video: Minister explaining today's new SOL. Best regards.
  9. Guest

    Pending cases and new SOL

    Hello everyone ...and finally we've got new SOL I lodged my application in 2008 (175 skilled independent-MODL non CSL) my occupation is in the new SOL. I'm wondering why should all the people like me wait till 2012 ( as they said before) As I understand they reformed an old system to ensure that new strategy will deliver better control on the current labour market needs. so if my occupation is in the new SOL and I have the skills and qualifications that meet the Australian standards. WHY SHOULD I WAIT TILL 2012-2013 !!! ??? They have to do something about it don't you think my friends ??? If they need us now let's do it now !!! all the best my friends bye
  10. paulswin

    New sol list?????

    Hi my oh's occupation is not on the new list he's a floor finisher, does that mean this is the end of the road for us or can occupations still get added on? Also what about state sponsorship??
  11. AussieAussieAussie

    New sol list??

    Hi everyone, we have only recently sent our TRA off and my oh is a Painter and Decorator,. We have just had a look on the new sol list and it appears that there is a Painting Trades worker, does anyone know whether this is the same thing, My oh thinks so but I want this clarifying just so we dont waste any more time!! Cheers Nat & Gaz :err:
  12. julie and gary

    New SOL list

    New List of Skilled Occupations Intended to Replace the Current Skilled Occupation List It is intended that this list of occupations will form the new Skilled Occupation List, proposed to come into effect from 1 July 2010. The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship will be recommending that the Governor-General in Council make amendments to the Migration Regulations 1994 to give effect to the framework in which this new list would be applied. ANZSCO Code Corresponding occupation 133111 Construction project manager 133112 Project builder 133211 Engineering manager 134111 Child Care centre manager 134211 Medical administrator 134212 Nursing clinical director 134213 Primary health organisation manager 134214 Welfare centre manager 221111 Accountant (general) 221112 Management accountant 221113 Taxation accountant 221213 External auditor 221214 Internal auditor 224111 Actuary 224511 Land economist 224512 Valuer 231212 Ship's engineer 231213 Ship's master 231214 Ship's officer 232111 Architect 232112 Landscape architect 232211 Cartographer 232212 Surveyor 232611 Urban and regional planner 233111 Chemical engineer 233112 Materials engineer 233211 Civil engineer 233212 Geotechnical engineer 233213 Quantity surveyor 233214 Structural engineer 233215 Transport engineer 233311 Electrical engineer 233411 Electronics engineer 233511 Industrial engineer 233512 Mechanical engineer 233513 Production or plant engineer 233611 Mining engineer (excluding petroleum) 233612 Petroleum engineer 233911 Aeronautical engineer 233912 Agricultural engineer 233913 Biomedical engineer 233914 Engineering technologist 233915 Environmental engineer 233916 Naval architect 234111 Agricultural consultant 234112 Agricultural scientist 234113 Forester 234211 Chemist 234611 Medical laboratory scientist 234711 Veterinarian 241111 Early childhood (pre-primary school) teacher 241411 Secondary school teacher 241511 Special needs teacher 241512 Teacher of the hearing impaired 241513 Teacher of the sight impaired 241599 Special education teachers nec 251211 Medical diagnostic radiographer 251212 Medical radiation therapist 251213 Nuclear medicine technologist 251214 Sonographer 251411 Optometrist 251412 Orthoptist 252111 Chiropractor 252112 Osteopath 252311 Dental specialist 252312 Dentist 252411 Occupational therapist 252511 Physiotherapist 252611 Podiatrist 252711 Audiologist 252712 Speech pathologist 253111 General medical practitioner 253211 Anaesthetist 253311 Specialist physician 253312 Cardiologist 253313 Clinical haematologist 253314 Clinical oncologist 253315 Endocrinologist 253316 Gastroenterologist 253317 Intensive care specialist 253318 Neurologist 253321 Paediatrician 253322 Renal medicine specialist 253323 Rheumatologist 253324 Thoracic medicine specialist 253399 Internal medicine specialist nec 253411 Psychiatrist 253511 Surgeon (general) 253512 Cardiothoracic surgeon 253513 Neurosurgeon 253514 Orthopaedic surgeon 253515 Otorhinolaryngologist 253516 Paediatric surgeon 253517 Plastic and reconstructive surgeon 253518 Urologist 253521 Vascular surgeon 253911 Dermatologist 253912 Emergency medicine specialist 253913 Obstetrician and Gynaecologist 253914 Ophthalmologist 253915 Pathologist 253916 Radiologist 253999 Medical practitioners nec 254111 Midwife 254411 Nurse Practitioner 254412 Registered nurse (aged care) 254413 Registered nurse (Child and Family Health) 254414 Registered nurse (community health) 254415 Registered nurse (critical care and emergency) 254416 Registered nurse (development disability) 254417 Registered nurse (disability and rehabilitation) 254418 Registered nurse (medical) 254421 Registered nurse (medical practice) 254422 Registered nurse (mental health) 254423 Registered nurse (perioperative) 254424 Registered nurse (surgical) 254499 Registered nurse 261111 ICT business analyst 261112 Systems analyst 261311 Analyst programmer 261312 Developer programmer 261313 Software engineer 263311 Telecommunications engineer 263312 Telecommunications network engineer 272311 Clinical psychologist 272312 Educational psychologist 272313 Organisational psychologist 272314 Psychotherapist 272399 Psychologists nec 272511 Social worker 312211 Civil engineer draftsperson 312212 Civil engineer technician 312311 Electrical engineer draftperson 312312 Electrical engineer technician 313211 Radiocommunications technician 313212 Telecommunications field engineer 313213 Telecommunications network planner 313214 Telecommunications technical officer or technologist 321111 Automotive electrician 321211 Motor mechanic (general) 321212 Diesel motor mechanic 321213 Motorcycle mechanic 321214 Small engine mechanic 322211 Sheetmetal trades worker 322311 Metal Fabricator 322312 Pressure Welder 322313 Welder (first class) 323111 Aircraft maintenance engineer (avionics) 323112 Aircraft maintenance engineer (mechanical) 323113 Aircraft maintenance engineer (structures) 323313 Locksmith 324111 Panelbeater 324311 Vehicle painter 331111 Bricklayer 331112 Stonemason 331211 Carpenter and Joiner 331212 Carpenter 331213 Joiner 332211 Painting trades workers 333111 Glazier 333211 Fibrous plasterer 333212 Solid plasterer 333411 Wall and floor tiler 334111 Plumber (general) 334112 Airconditioning and mechanical services plumber 334113 Drainer 334114 Gasfitter 334115 Roof plumber 341111 Electrician (general) 341112 Electrician (special class) 341113 Lift mechanic 342111 Airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic 342211 Electrical linesworker 342212 Technical cable jointer 342313 Electronic equipment trades worker 342314 Electronic instrument trades worker (general) 342315 Electronic instrument trades worker (special class) 411211 Dental Hygienist 411212 Dental Prosthetist 411213 Dental technician 411214 Dental therapist
  13. Guest

    New SOL & 457s

    So if my occupation is not on the list, I have until 1st July to seek sponsorship? Even if it is on the new SMPs (doubt it), if new SOL is effective from then, would this matter Thanks Catherine
  14. Re: 8th February when DIAC ceased accepting PR visa's, have they started accepting them now or is it still on hold? As to what I understood they were put on hold till the new SOL is out?!
  15. Guest

    New sol

    well My occupations not on it, Not on the ens either, so looks like i will be staying on a 457. Registerd Nurse Periopretive is, but guess what im a registered ODP ( non registered Anaesthetic Tech in Australia). Looks like they will be cancelling a lot more ops in theaters as They will not have the qualified Anaestheis techs the hospitals needs.
  16. hi everyone Can anyone answer me this plz? once the new sol and anzco list is out and all settled is this righ?t, the anzsco will be the new broad list with all the occupations (new zealand currently use this and its has several jobs on it, a couple hundred maybe?) ?? SOL will be the new version of modl, csl etc?? SMP,s can have any occupation from the anzsco list not only the sol on it? am i right so far? what if for arguments sake your a shoemaker and your not on sol just on anzsco, but you are on WA,s SMP but you have found an employer in QLD (whose list you are NOT on) who wants to sponsor you can this happen? Sorry for the blondeness theres that many changes at the drop of a hat im just trying to get it all sorted in my head:goofy:
  17. Hi all, we should have my skills assessment from ACS in acouple of weeks. Should we apply for SS once the ACS bit is complete or should we wait until the new SOL comes out? What happens if my occupation is took off the new SOL and we have already applied for SS? Seeing as they have suspended applications for the 176, would it mean that the application for SS is null and viod as we can't apply for 176 because it's no longer on the SOL? Thanks, Harry.
  18. Hello I am a PHP professional and planning to apply for the immigration for the 175 visa type.. But as everybody know that SOL will be replaced with the new one. So what will be the chances to include PHP in the new SOL. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi Any idea, will counsellor (nec) be on New SOL, i have applied for SS with WA for the same OH on Dec'09 and its been 6 months of waiting, but before the outcome of SS this suspension came into effect! :wideeyed: I didn't apply for visa yet, my agent told once i get the SS can move for visa lodging. Now saying a prayer my OH should be on new SOL. any idea will be on New SOL, fingers crossed! :goofy: Any one feel free to share your opinion....:yes: Thanks :smile: Becky
  20. Hey guys, I've just received +ve ACS assessment for 2231-79 .NET Tech Specialist and and I was about to lodge my 176, when as you all know, it's been suspended. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts and opinions on whether this ASCO code will be on the new SOL and how the priorty processing might end up. Thanks if anyone can shed any light. Cheers
  21. Hi All I have noticed several threads about whether Occupation X will be on the new SOL The fact is, none of us know because the Minister for Immi saw fit to promise that the new SOL would be published by no later than 30th April 2010 but he later broke his promise to the world. Which is unforgiveable, in my opinion. On the "Agents Only" thread, George Lombard has commented that the Aussie Budget will be available from about 8.30pm AEST today, 11th May 2010. George thinks that the new SOL will be published soon afterwards because the new SOL will determine what part of the Budget for DIAC ought to be for 2010-2011. When I have time (which is not right now because I need to hop into the shower) I will try to bring the existing threads into this one so that all the questions are in the same place. I have un-stuck the "sticky" thread about the non-appearance of the new SOL order to make way for any thread about the DIAC Budget and/or the new SOL later today. Cheers Gill
  22. Guest

    Is the new SOL out?

    any news on the new sol or migration plan in particulat ACT? thanks everyone:chatterbox:
  23. kellyjamie

    Will new SOL and SMP be different?

    Hi everyone, i would appreciate some clarification please as im clearly confused. i thought that the new SOL would be the main list, and that any occupations on the SMPs would have to come from the new SOL?? But after reading several posts it appears thats not the case and that SMPs can have their own list of wanted occupations?? Can someone tell me please? many thanks kelly
  24. ptlabs

    New SOL Update

    Hi all, So the fingernail chewing sessions will continue for the time being: Update on announcement of New Skilled Occupations List The Government is considering the report from Skills Australia containing their Skilled Occupation List. An announcement and publication of the new Skilled Occupation List for Migration purposes will be made in May. See What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration Regards Peter
  25. Guest

    Confused about SOL and Skills

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me figure out the difference between State-sponsorship requirements and Visa requirements. The Victoria state sponsorship requires two years of the last four years of work experience (in your specified field). ACS requires me to have three of the last four years of work experience. My question is: if Victoria only requires me to have two of the last four years in my field, why does the ACS force a requirement of 3 years? Also, with this new SOL coming out. What are the 6 different categories? I can't seem to find good information about what they are. Thanks! :wacko: