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Found 213 results

  1. Currently living/working in Melbourne on a 457 - Now seeking to get residency on a 175. = I therefore need to get my skills assessed. I have checked and there are two categories on the new SOL that I deem myself appropriate for: Computing Professionals - (not elsewhere classified) 2231-79 (ACS) - 60 pts Cartographer 2123-11 (VETASSESS) - 50pts Being that Computer Professional gains me more points, it would make sense to go for this one. I did a bachelors degree in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) which is a computer science degree concerning digital mapping (a form of cartography). I have over 7yrs experience in the field, and I am currently working for ESRI, a major GIS software vendor, as a Support analyst in a Server/Developer team, for people having problems with the GIS Server software. I know I am lucky that I have two options on the new SOL, but not sure which one I should be applying for. I guess this is a long shot asking here, but I thought it might be worth it, particularly, if anyone in the future googles for the skills codes.
  2. Guest

    Where is Footballer on SOL

    With the world Cup now in full swing ( Sorry Australia fanatics ) what would a footballer do if wanting to move to Australia? I am assuming that something would be administered via the employer ENS, RMS or is it possible to just to give DIAC a "bung". ( I refer to bung culture in FA Premier League ) Anyone have a clue on this one? Cheers, Gary
  3. can anyone point me in the right direction please??? JOHN
  4. Australian population and immigration growth slows Migrant cut slows population growth in Melbourne but crowded city swells further. MELBOURNE'S population hit four million as Victoria's growth continued to surge last year. But national population growth slowed marginally last year owing to lower immigration, according to a report yesterday from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.... ....Public concern over rampant growth and its effect on liveability led the Federal Government to cut migration by more than 20,000 places last year. A major national survey on social attitudes recently found that more than two-thirds of Australians believe the population is big enough. The ABS data reveal that net overseas migration fell by 24,000 to 277,700 last year. There were 295,700 births in Australia, a drop of almost 5000 compared with the year before... ...Australia now has 22.2 million people, up by 432,000 since 2008. The growth rate slowed to 2 per cent last year after peaking at 2.2 per cent in 2008. By early 2011 will have slowed even more.... then by mid 2011 the federal government will realise that immigration growth, i.e. numbers of permanent residents, not temporary as included in population such as large but decreasing numbers of overseas students, needs to increase as baby boomers start retiring en masse this year and tax base decreases while demand for government services such as health, pensions etc. increases... but then again, racists, anti immigrationists, panicked politicians, media, demographers etc. would not be able to run scare campaigns in the media... so while scare campaigns were active in 2009 about supposed run away population growth, the population growth rates had been slowing significantly.... PS Real estate industry would not be happy with the news either as their justifcation for increasing house prices has been rapid population growth....
  5. Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO)
  6. mandymcqueen

    485 & sol

    Can you still apply for a graduate 485 even if the skill has been removed from the SOL I just had a look and realized it states you must have studied in a skill that is on the SOL, please tell me this isnt the case or I am up the creek without a paddle.
  7. Jag Khairra

    SOL for 175, 176 and 475 announced!

    Not sure if this has been posted already, but here it is: http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLaw/legislation/LegislativeInstrument1.nsf/0/252A3EAFFB7D07D8CA25774A001D0B73/$file/IMMI10027LI.pdf Also shows ASCO as well as ANZSCO codes making it easier to understand. Cooks, Hairdressers and other trades are on the list. The list refers to the change announced earlier this year with more details here: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/whats-new.htm#w
  8. Vetassess has just sent out this important announcement, which, if literally true, suggests that the new SOL is not going to bite immediately and that the DIAC transitional legislation will be humane: RE: Applications for skills assessment received before 1 July 2010 This advice applies to skills assessments received before 1 July 2010 when the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) and the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) will be introduced by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. It is expected that skills assessments for nominated occupations in the Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) will continue to be accepted for migration purposes from 1 July 2010 if the application for the skills assessment was received before 1 July 2010. This is the case even if the skills assessment was finalised after 30 June 2010 and the nominated occupation is not on the new SOL. This is all the information available on this announcement and Monday is a holiday here, but I'm sure that clarification will be made on Tuesday. In particular, does this announcement apply only to Vetassess assessed occupations or all occupations? Cheers, George Lombard
  9. huggesy

    The new sol

    Wondered whether this question can be answer, if you have already applied for a skilled visa and now your skill is added onto the new SOL list, can this help you in anyway? and if so how
  10. Guest

    News about the new SOL

    This just in: Hairdressers out as migrant skills list gets a trim | The Australian
  11. Hello Ive been trying to get an answer to this question. What happens to those visa applicants that have SS but the Job is not on the new SOl. My wife is one of the dreaded Hairdressers . There has not been a word on wether or not SS will be exempt from cap and kill. Anyone heard anything please Shane
  12. can anyone answer if community welfare is in that new SOL? as i only saw the welfare centre manager as occupation. anyone knows some details about this matter, please help as i know many welfare course applicants have been in pipeline and a lots still studying or finishing? probably migration agents or Gill would help to clarify this?
  13. I would like to ask if anyone knows about the new list included welfare manager..that means if you study community welfare course, can you still apply for it?:goofy: very confusing to me. as i applied for my PR march last year in welfare profession, have been working as welfare officer for Victorian government for nearly 3 years since finish my course in 2007 anyone thinks that it would be capped and ceased at all...a bit worry..but may be not that much as other applicant. however still a long wait as my 885 visa is independent is not processed till 2011 or 2012 whatsoever...hate the waiting!!
  14. Looks like this niche (Network Security / Firewall / Internet Security) is off the list!? What are my options now? Help is greatly appreciated! Thanks. :cry:
  15. Guest

    New SOL list 475 visa

    I am really getting worried now. Husbands occupation that we applied for the visa with looks like being taken off the SOL. We applied for 475 Regional Family Sponsored last year. Does this mean that our application will be cancelled? We have just returned from a reccie to The Sunshine Coast and although OH has applied as a Disabilities Service Officer we both have Bus driver licences and found no problems in getting a job if/when we emigrate . Having a family back up and having already been out to the area we want to move to, having checked out houses, jobs etc we feel we are in a far better position to emigrate than some who get their visas in a matter of months and move out ill prepared. Sadly our Visa Catagory puts us right at the bottom of the pile. :sad:
  16. Guest

    New SOL / ENS / I.T JOB

    Hi, Im a Newbie & this is my first thread/comment. I am 26 and have a degree in Computer Networks. I also have 4 years experience in I.T. The new SOL has come out, with a reduced amount of IT professions on it. Whilst I know that state lists will be coming out in the second part of the year, this does not necs mean my profession will be on it. I work in IT support, titles such as systems administrator, network administrator & i.t technician are most like my job role. My actual role is 'senior it technician'. The new list does have telecommunications network engineer and telecommunication technical officer on it, whilst I can do some of these jobs on the breakdown of the job role, it is not really my complete job. I dont know whether id be best to get sponsered on the ENS. Either as : Computing Professionals – Systems Manager 2231-11 Computing Support Technician 3294-11 But do you think the ENS could change in the future or become obslete e.g if I move to auz??? Secondly, there are plenty of jobs out there. My destination is either Brisbane or Perth/Albany. I have a friend in Brisbane but when I went on hol last year I fell in love with WA....Perth & Albany. Mind you anywhere in Auz would do during these times of being hard to migrate. HOW DO I GO ABOUT GETTING SPONSERED? WHAT ARE THE BEST WAYS? ANY OF YOU LOT KNOW ANY ONE, OR HAVE, OR IN THE PROCESS OF BEING SPONSERED??? IF SO WHAT ARE YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS. There is plenty of jobs in my area of work on seek: SEEK Job Search - Find jobs using multiple job search options Any guidance or suggestions welcome Sorry about the essay :biggrin:
  17. Hi We applied for 475 Visa in December 09 with SS from Queensland with wifes occupation as Pre-Primary School Teacher. This was not on CSL/MODL and had resigned ourselves for the 2-3 yr wait while those on CSL took priority. Just checked the new SOL list and Pre-Primary Teacher is still on there, does this mean that they will continue to process those applications in the pipeline that are on the new SOL as normal? Hope someone may be able to help!
  18. Guest

    new SOL trick my 886----HELP

    Gonna get hearattack from the new SOL. My occuption is not on the list, but was on the previous CSL, and I also have a relative can sponsor me as well, but still it cannot make me to apply any furthur 886 visa at all. can anyone help? how should do if my occuption is not on Sol, but my relative still can sponsor me, the IMMI didnt mention this. I've asked the agent, they reponsed me it is not helpful at all once im not on the demand. p.s Im still studying, be finishing April 2011. thnxx.buddy zo11
  19. Guest

    Fresh IT graduate and new SOL

    I am going to graduate in july 2010 (Com.prof. nec)....How does this fit into new SOL? 261111 ICT business analyst 261112 Systems analyst 261311 Analyst programmer 261312 Developer programmer 261313 Software engineer Can i use any of this? Best fit for me is system analyst....I have done all subjects required for this....however I am not sure about skill level 1 Any advise is highly appreciated!!!
  20. My OH is halfway through the AQFIII process to obtain an Australian qualification in Landscape Gardening, we are fully paid up! Landscape Gardener is on the April 2010 State Sponsorship List for South Australia which is where we plan to go. Have the state lists been approved yet? If not does anyone know when they will be; I believe that if an occupation isn't on the New SOL but is on a State List you can still apply via that state, is this correct?
  21. Hi, We have sent an application to Vetassess under 4311-01 supervisor-electricians. Does anyone know if this occupation is included in the new sol under electricians. I've found a migration agent's site Specialised Occupations which suggests it is. Any info would be gratefully appreciated or would like to hear from anyone in a similar situation:) Thanks Alex
  22. Guest

    Specialization in new SOL

    Hi, My husband had applied for ACS assessment last year. Unfortunately, he did not get the Specialization for C++ and got assessed as non CSL non MODL. Since, we did not want to wait for three years we gave up the idea and the ensuing confusion caused by frequent changes in rules only reaffirmed our decision. But, now that the new SOl is out and it has generalized codes such as Software Engineer/Developer etc. we feel that perhaps we do have a chance. Though I do feel that it's all speculation at this point but do u ppl see those specializations (C++, .Net etc.) reappearing on SMPs. I did read on some other forum that perhaps ACT is going to carry it's existing baseline occupations onto it's SMP...Do any of the agents have a clue abt the other states? Thanx a lot
  23. Robarts Family

    475 applied visa versus new sol list

    Hi There, We have applied for a 475 visa SS SA visa as an Office Manager on the 17th Sept 2009. But I noticed my partners skill is on the new list which will be coming out soon. He is a telecommunications fibre optic engineer in the UK for BT. My question is: Do we wait to see if my visa application comes off and if so when or ever will it happen? Or do we apply a for a new visa with my partners skill. The issue also is he has had in house training and has 9 years experience but not an actual qualification so could that go against him for being able to apply? Or does he have to have an exact qualification? I am so confused and not sure what to do. Any help is most welcome. Thankyou Jo
  24. Hey guys, I have been assessed recently as 2231-79 .NET Technology Specialist. Does anyone know how this ASCO will fit into the new SOL? Currently there is: 261111 ICT business analyst 261112 Systems analyst 261311 Analyst programmer 261312 Developer programmer 261313 Software engineer My guess is that it will go under '261312 Developer programmer' but not sure. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks a lot?
  25. Guest

    New sol

    hey everyone any ideas on when the new SOL might be out? :jiggy: