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Found 213 results

  1. I am 42 this year and have tried out the visa wizard. I have a Diploma in Electrical Eng. which is listed in the SOL but when it comes to working experience, I got none cause the last work related was 20 years ago and afterthat I have been in a sales line. Without the nominated skill experience , is there any other channel that I can try, like going for student visa at Tafe while gaining employment in the related field for a year and than apply PR under Skill Visa. Time is running out for me and anyhelp is appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Annual update of Skilled Occupation List effective 1 July 2011 – 2 June 2011 The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) will change from 1 July 2011. There will be 13 occupations added and four occupations removed. See: Annual Update of Skilled Occupation List – 1 July 2011 (111KB PDF file) :biggrin::notworthy:
  3. Hi everyone, I'm still trying to find some way of getting me and my OH to Oz for good. If I apply for a job in Oz and they offer it to me, would I be eligible to apply for a visa if that job wasn't on the SOL list? The work I do is pretty specialised and I have a lot of experience, some qualifications (no degree, this is why I can't get in on the Skilled Migrant Visa) and a proven track record of achieving top results. So I'm pretty employable is what I'm saying. But is it worth me applying for jobs? I know it's a long shot, but any shot I've got I'm going to exhaust right now. Thanks all. Kelly xxx :cute:
  4. Guest

    SOL Schedule 2 question

    Hi I am after some advice on where I fall in the SOL. My occuptaion is listed in schedule 2 which is for State or Territory Government nomination. I dont understand what this actually means, and if there isa different application process I need to go through. I have done oline assessment with visa companies and some say I meet the points and others say I dont. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello. I have completed the Bachelor of IT, major in Network Services, at the Central Queensland University. It is an ACS accredited course. Here is a link to the degree: handbook.cqu.edu.au/Handbook/programs_4.jsp?s=4&code=CQ18 I took the following courses: Core: Conceptual Foundations of Computing Computer Hardware Fundamentals Professional and Technical Communication Ethics and Social Issues Programming Fundamentals Software Fundamentals Java Programming Visual Programming System Analysis and Design System Development Information Systems Project Managements Objects and Data Structures Database Use and Design Data Communications Network Services specialization: System Administration Operating Systems Networks Information Security Electives: Human Computer Interaction (from Application Development major) Database Application Development (from Application Development major) Statistics Principles of Economics Business Finance Macroeconomics Now, I am looking at SOL and I don't see Networking there, there are the following: 261111 ICT BUSINESS ANALYST 261112 SYSTEMS ANALYST 261311 ANALYST PROGRAMMER 261312 DEVELOPER PROGRAMMER 261313 SOFTWARE ENGINEER My main question is what occupation should I choose for Skill Assessment with ACS? I may fall under the Transitional Arrangements from 8th of February 2010, as I was studying in this course at that point in time under 573, although it was a different visa number since I had to extend it this year. If my understanding is correct, I should also fall under: 135111 Chief Information Officer 261111 ICT Business Analyst 261112 Systems Analyst 261311 Analyst Programmer 261312 Developer Programmer 261313 Software Engineer 261314 Software Tester 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec 262111 Database Administrator 262112 ICT Security Specialist 262113 Systems Administrator 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer 263113 Network Analyst
  6. Guest

    Confusion over SOL

    Hi there, I've been looking through the threads and can't seem to find the answer to this question - so apologies if it has already been discussed!! I have been checking out the SOL on the Australian Gov website, and there seems to be two - one for general skilled migration, and one for state/territory migration.... General Skilled Migration Skilled Occupation Lists (SOL) Applicants must have a nominated occupation which is on the SOL applicable to their circumstances at the time they apply: the current SOL (schedule 1) – applies to all new GSM applications, including applicants eligible for transitional arrangements if they prefer to use it. See: Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 1 ( 86KB PDF file) the State and Territory SOL (schedule 1 and 2) – relevant only for GSM applicants who are nominated by a State or Territory government agency under a State Migration Plan. See: Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 1 and 2 (201KB PDF file) My occupation is not on the first one, but the second one seems to be a lot wider in it's range of occupations, so I was just wondering would I have to apply to a state first of all if I were going for a visa, to see could I then use the second list, or what way does this work. Am very confused!! I'm just at the researching/planning stages of a possible migration, so trying to get everything in order. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Cat :unsure:
  7. Hi there I know the new SOL comes into effect on July 1. However there are a few different schedules of the SOL now, can someone explain why? Also, I am studying I.T, I have already done 1 year in 2010 and am going back next july to do my 2nd year (Diploma) in I.T. Have all the I.T occupations been taken off the SOL and the MODL, because I keep hearing about other lists of occupations in demand for the State Migration Plans? Can anyone kind of put it simply, I've read loads of info on immi.gov and its just bouncing around not making any sense! :err: Thank you Take Care :cute:
  8. skipjack

    Police Officer on SOL list

    Hi, I don't know much about the GSM process - can any one help so i can advise someone else? As commissioned police officers are on the second SOL list (State/territory nomination), could a UK police officer apply through as a GSM? How does the state nomination work? Thanks
  9. Hallfamily

    SOL confusion

    I have an Environmental Science BSc and MSc and 8 years experience as an Environmental Engineer (SOL code 233915). However, this stopped 6 years ago so is outside of the 5 year rule. I am also a Chartered Environmentalist not sure if this helps? I am currently Head of Health and Safety so could apply under SOL code 251312 as an Occupational Health and Safety Adviser. However, I hold no formal Health and Safety qualifications but have 15 years experience which is continous and current etc. Can anyone advise me re the best route as I feel I am in a catch 22 situation? Many Thanks
  10. Hi DIAC has edited its processing time table and has included other visas categories which were forgotten in the last announcement. For instance the 176VE applicants who were included in SOL and off from SMP list were not listed in the first announcement and many believed that those applications will be considered in Cat5 and now are included in Cat4 which is a good news for them. There are some other changes in the table which can be seen through the following link http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/visas/8.0.htm
  11. I am planning to apply for the Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 475) sponsored by my relative who is staying in a designated Area, please let me know if I have to refer to SOL - Schedule 3 or Schedule 4 for my Occupation. Is SOL – Schedule 4 the right list for Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 475) sponsored by my relative? Note – My occupation is not listed on SOL - Schedule 3 but is listed on SOL – Schedule 4 My Occupation is University Lecturer. I have no option other than applying under ENSOL if all else fails. None of the state sponsorship have this occupation listed. The only exception is ACT, however it requires you to currently be employed in ACT in the nominated occupation to qualify. Any advice is deeply appreciated, Many thanks
  12. jakc

    Unclear on points for

    With the recent changes to the 175 visa process, I am now trying to figure out how many points I will get. I have been getting some help on this over on this post, and currently it looks like I will either have to sit an English test or provide more proof on previous employment to get the points. I have some confusion over the skills employment section. First let me state my situation: Have worked in a skill on SOL for around 5yrs* back in UK. Have worked for 2yrs in same skill on the SOL, for 2yrs in Australia. Will be 3 in Feb 2012. * Currently trying to get proof of this from previous employers. With some it being contractual, it might be tricky for me to get this proof, and might have to suffice with only 3yrs in UK. So with this in mind, I am trying to understand how many points I could get from this section on the points test: Its that bottom right Note that has me confused. "...for any combination of Aus or overseas..." There is more detail in the pdf: Now what does this mean? I have worked overseas for 5yrs = +10pts AND I have worked in Aus for 2 yrs = +5pts Total=15pts? Or should that AND be an OR, meaning a total of just 10pts? I am not sure if its a combination of both, or if its one or the other. Can anyone help clarify this? The more I read it, the more confused I get.
  13. Hi My application is a 176 skilled sponsored. If my occupation is on SOL and if it is taken off from the state SMP list then what will be my application category ? I remember DIAC had mentioned it will be on cat3 before July2011 changes But after July 2011 DIAC has not mentioned any thing regarding this issue Regards
  14. hi all, I have a concern regarding my current occupation and SOL. background: I am an electronic and telecommunication degree holder and currently working as a project manager in a telecommunication company. My designation goes as " Senior Executive - Technology project management". I successfully got my skills assessed as a telecommunication network engineer from engineers Australia. I want to claim 10 points for my 3 year working experience. Problem::confused: Will there be a problem to claim 10 points for specific work experience since my designation ( Senior Executive - Technology project management) not being exactly matched with "Telecommunication Network Engineer". But in my employer reference letter, under the job role almost everything matches with the job description of a Telecommunication Network Engineer. Thanks!
  15. Hi Guys, I have served in the Royal Navy and since leaving I have been in sales, ranging from car sales to financial advice in Abu Dhabi and I am now a sales manager for a company in the UK. as you can see I have no 'skill' set that is listed on the SOL list, are there any other methods of how I can get to move to Australia? Also does any one know the process of getting step kids out to oz? hope to hear from you. Lee
  16. andyjackie

    Help with sol list and cat

    HI every one i am a painter and dec . am applying under G,S,M my trade at present is sol list in demand does any bodie know were i will be after 1 july . ps awaiting T.R.A result then will apply for state sponsorship . Queensland . Western Australia:confused:
  17. In one year I'm going to finish my uni study of Nutrition and Dietetics. The thing is I want to move to Australia on 176 Sponsored (Migrant) Visa and occupation (251111) Dietitian is not on the current SOL (link) but it was on SOL Schedule 2 and on the site of Department of Immigration and Citizenship it sais that: "the SOL in existence prior to 1 July 2010 in ANZSCO code (schedule 2) – applies to GSM applicants who are eligible for transitional arrangements and who lodge their application before 1 January 2013." So correct me if I'm wrong: If I apply for a 176 Visa before the end of 2012 my occupation will still be on the SOL? But the thing is I won't finish my education till September of 2012 and so if I apply for the visa at that time I will have no recent work experience, and that is basic eligibility requirements. If I have no experience could my application still be approved? Do you have any good advice for me?
  18. I'm wondering if someone can offer me advice on a query I've not seen yet on the forum. I'm currently looking into returning to Australia full time (I lived there for 2yrs some years back) and until recently I was looking at the 457 visa option. I am an Environment Enforcement Officer and have been for the last 4 years and have noticed that on the annual updated SOL list, Environmental Health Officer has now been added. My job is very similar to that of an EHO, but obviously there are differences. Would anyone know if it is possible that the DIAC would accept an application under these circumstances where your current job title is not exactly as it is stated on the SOL? Many thanks in advance. Linda
  19. Annual update of Skilled Occupation List effective 1 July 2011 – 6 June 2011 The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) will change from 1 July 2011. There will be 13 occupations added and four occupations removed. See: Annual Update of Skilled Occupation List – 1 July 2011 (111KB PDF file)
  20. twister292

    Updated SOL released

    DIAC have released the updated SOL.. Summary of changes: These occupations will be added to the SOL: 234914 Medical Physicist 251311 Environmental Health Officer 251312 Occupational Health and Safety Adviser 251511 Hospital Pharmacists 251513 Retail Pharmacists 271111 Barrister 271311 Solicitor 323211 Fitter (General) 323212 Fitter and Turner 323213 Fitter-Welder 323214 Metal Machinist (First Class) 399111 Boat Builder and Repairer 399112 Shipwright These occupations will be removed from the SOL: 251411 Optometrist 251412 Orthoptist 324111 Panel Beater 324311 Vehicle Painter Others to stay as is. Details here: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/solfact-sheet.pdf The file is also attached for reference. The document details that people whose occupations are removed will probably move down to Cat4 after July... NewSOL.pdf NewSOL.pdf
  21. Here's some news: New SOL released which would be effective 1st July, 2011. The following 13 occupations have been added: 234914 Medical Physicist 251311 Environmental Health Officer 251312 Occupational Health and Safety Adviser 251511 Hospital Pharmacists 251513 Retail Pharmacists 271111 Barrister 271311 Solicitor 323211 Fitter (General) 323212 Fitter and Turner 323213 Fitter-Welder 323214 Metal Machinist (First Class) 399111 Boat Builder and Repairer 399112 Shipwright And these 4 occupations have been removed: 251411 Optometrist 251412 Orthoptist 324111 Panel Beater 324311 Vehicle Painter Source: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/whats-new.htm Alternatively, find the announcement attached. armandra! solfact-sheet.pdf solfact-sheet.pdf
  22. Guest51810

    SOL list

    am i right in saying that theres a change of list coming soon? anybody think excavator operator might come on it eventually? wishful thinking eh!? :eek:
  23. Completely speculate now... :radar: does anyone know or have any reason to believe that the new SOL will change drastically, a little bit, a whole lot or what? Will jobs be added, removed, or will the column containing the points for work simply be removed? What have you read, searched, or heard? I suspect the new SOL may come out next week... I read that somewhere but can't remember where... sorry... Reminds me, is anyone going to the, "Skills Australia Needs" event? Has anyone gone before? How was it?
  24. stephenhall444

    SOL Changes

    Hello, I thought I read somewhere that the new SOL list which will be effective from 1st July 2011 will be released early May 2011. Am I mistaken? I have read the posts regrdaing the changes effective in July 2011 and those further changes in 2012 but see no mention of this. I am just about to send my details for skills assessment (takes approx 4 weeks) and to sit the academic IELTS test so that I could beat the 30th June 2011 deadline, I know I can also pass the new points test (effective form 1st July 2011) but need to make sure my occupation as Management Accountant is still on the SOL list. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Stephen
  25. Guest

    new sol for July?

    Does anyone here know if a new sol will be introduced in July along with the new points system?