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Found 252 results

  2. I might be being thick but from what I have read if you have opted for a family member to sponsor your application you wont see any change in priority through the new SMP lists? Thats what I have gained from reading the FAQ http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/statmig-faq.pdf Any insight? Thanks Mike 475 Visa - Applied 03/03/10 - QLD Family Sponsored - Priority 4
  3. Guest

    NT SMP out........

    NT has been announced, haven't seen it anywhere on here, so thought I'd post...dated 17th, so here's hoping like the last two that WA comes out tommorow..... State Migration Plans
  4. Hi we are desperate for the Wa smp, applied with off-list nomination Nov 09. I know Wa had 500 off list spaces and apparently used them all, so where is everyone? Has anyone had any feedback from their agents as to off lists chances? Our agent told us that they are not very confident we will be included :-(((( please has anyone heard anything better? I am really struggling living in limbo land.....
  5. Guest

    NT SMP list is out !!!

    http://www.migration.nt.gov.au/documents/SMP_Shortage_List_FA.pdf Good luck everybody and hurry up other states!!!
  6. Guest

    Northern Territory SMP

    Hi all NT's State Migration Plan has now been published at: http://www.migration.nt.gov.au/documents/SMP_Shortage_List_FA.pdf Best regards S
  7. family S

    Nt smp

    Pluto found it!! :yes: http://www.migration.nt.gov.au/documents/SMP_Shortage_List_FA.pdf
  8. Does anyone have any idea as to when nsw will be releasing there smps
  9. Hello POMINOZ members Firstly , i would like to thank all the members here as this site is always my first source of information for everything related to AUS immigration let me first describe my situation , and then i will ask some questions i logged a skill assessment with Engineers Australia 1 month ago ( 18 October 2010 ) , i already know that it could take up to 4 months for the results . the questions are - while i am waiting , should i request a sponsorship from a specific state ( to save time ) , or should i wait first for the assessment results . - i heard that i must have proof of funds ( for example ACT reuqest 20 k AUDs ) , the question is , does it have to be in AUD , or i could have the exact amount but in other currency after the conversion ( sorry for my english , i mean like 120 , 000 EGP , which will be almost 20.000 in AUDs ) - if i lodge an 175 subcase application , and then lets say that NSW SMP got released , and my occupation is included , could i request the sponsorship , and ask DIAC to switch my subclass to 176
  10. Hi Everyone, while we play the waiting and guessing game i thought i would ask if there are any plumbers, or other trades out there waiting for SMP for Victoria. It would be interesting to find out how many people are chasing the few sponserships that are available, and to see how quickly anyone hears back.
  11. Any proffesionals / agents / indivuals had any official feedback when they are expecting the QUEENSLAND SMP to go live? Days / Weeks / Months / Years / Decades / Centuries / .... Light Years.:SLEEP: :hug:Lets see if we can piece it together with our collated infomation.:hug:
  12. JoRed4

    Sa smp

    Anybody heard any news on when the South Australia SMP might be released?? I feel like it's never going to be announced.
  13. Waitingawhile

    Wa smp?

    Big whiny voice-Why is there no movement on the WA Govt. page?-so disappointed- does anyone have any concrete info that the plan will defo be published tomorrow, I know Bowen has said he has agreed it but.....still we wait :arghh: Does anyone (IT experts) think that the changes are already waiting to be uploaded and they just need to press a button tomorrow therefore that's why no changes are being made to the system? Just so fed up of checking:goofy: Sorry for winging everyone.
  14. :huh:Get the feeling I'm the only one who's waiting for the Tasmanian SMP... :huh:
  15. Ok.. Prob getting a little ahead of myself. Its hard not to get ahead if i`m being honest but just trying to cover all eventualites. And surely cant be the only one thinking this.... What happens if i`m not on `my` State Sponsered [QLD] SMP .... but i`m on another SMP .,., say WA etc. ? Is it easy / worthwile to switch - I hear about allocations etc. but cant put that into a realistic timeframe as im not experienced on the numbers and availaiblty pending on applications. Thoughts please anyone?:hug: ARCHITECTURAL ASSOCIATE >> Agent Appt - JAN`08 / Vet Asses JUL`08 / 475 changed to 176 MAR`09 / SS App MAY`09 / IELTS JUN`09 / SS Grantd SEP`09 / 176 Visa App OCT`09 .....
  16. Guest

    WA SMP signed off....

    Hi all Just thought I would share info, rec'd an email from our agent this morning to advise that there was an announcement today to advise Wa SMP's have been signed off!!!! Whhhhooooooo Sue x
  17. Nick and sez

    Wa smp for plumbers

    HI Guys, i am a general plumber waiting to apply for SS in WA. Like most i hope im on the new SMP if and when it comes out. i was reading other threads and with the quotas etc, i was wondering how many other plumbers (general) and gasfitters are in the same boat. That is waiting to apply for WA SS and benig on the SMP when it comes out or that have applied for SS before July and need the SMP for CAT 2 176.. Keep in touch, it wil be good to know numbers.. Cheers NICK..:jimlad:
  18. Ladies and Gentleman, As most of the forum members know me. But still I have to introduce myself.I had applied for Designated Area Sponsored( Provisional) Visa( Subclass 496) 30 August 2007. I had went through a roller coaster during the processing of this visa subclass. In spite of being provisional visa I have to waited for such a long time. I was asked to submit medical and PCC in 2008, which I had submitted. Then again I submitted the medical and PCC on January 2010. Job verification was done on 03-09-09. I am still waiting guys. Well, to add more 496 visa subclass is not come under capping and ceasing. It means we are not capped and ceased as some of you must be thinking that I am Pre September applicant and must have capped. Well, friends my question is that my occupation is on ACT(Limited) SMP. Now my question here is should I go for the new application or wait for the result of 496 which I am doing for ages.....?
  19. hi, As my nomination occupation is on ACT SMP,I sent an enquiry to DIAC asking when my case would be allocated to a CO again? and the answer: "Dear Client, Thank you for your email in relation to your visa application under Australia's General Skilled Migration program. Once a State and Territory Government?s Plan is in place, existing applicants whose nominated occupation is included on the relevant Plan will be processed under processing priority category 2. At the moment, you do not need to provide any further information as the department will determine your eligibility for priority processing. Applicants will not be eligible for priority processing under a Plan until this department accepts a nomination. If you have already lodged an application with nomination you do not need to provide any further confirmation as nominations, approved before Plans were implemented, remain valid." Every thing is very clear except this comment:" . . .you do not need to provide any further information as the department will determine your eligibility for priority processing . . ." After months in darkness,now how long it takes time for DIAC to let the SMP shine on our case?It's not complicated,a SMP,an occupation and a case that should be processed with 2nd priority. any idea?
  20. Hello Friends Need help urgently, i applied my 175 visa in jan 2009, i scored 120 points by using the MODL points as my profession was Network Security, i had a co in June 2009 and submitted my Medical and PCC in July 2009. then they verified my job and then in the end they asked for form 80 in may 2010. After July changes i asked my co regarding my case and he told me that they are making checks as i was falling in category of (Computing Professionals NEC with co assigned ), then again i asked my co 1 month ago no reply and mailed him again last week still no reply. My question is am i still considered as modl applicant or do i have to move to VIC SMP as they have my nominated occupation on their list. Please help me i am so confused do not know what to and if i have to move to SMP then what is the procedure, Your urgent help will me much appreciated.
  21. Ready to go

    Help filling in Victoria SMP

    I have filled in all the sections of the SMP form online. I'm a bit worried about submiting though as it has not asked me anything about where i i want to live, or what reseach i have carried out. I knoe they asked for this information on the old SS andi'm worried that if i don't 'prove' my commitment to Victoria i won't get one of the 'golden tickets'. Anyone else done applied for this or any idea's.
  22. MazPaul

    Victoria smp

    Hi everyone i want to know if i need to apply for smp with Victoria.I have applied for 175 visa in Feb 2009 then changed this to a 176 visa for Victoria which we got state sponsorship for in Sept 2009.Do we need to apply for smp to push us the processing order or is the smp there to replace the state sponsorship in which case will be on the same level as people who get smp for Victoria.Any help most welcome as usual. Thanks Paul.:biggrin:
  23. Hi all, Victoria released their SMP today (1 Nov 2010), one day before they formally enter caretaker mode for the state election. Some MODL/CSL IT occupations/specialisations have been preserved in the new SMP, so that would be good news for people holding 2231-79 MODL/CSL type assessment letters. More here: Eligibility Lists - Live in Victoria and Ptlabs Consulting - Articles on Australian Immigration Cheers Peter
  24. Guest

    Occupation in all state's SMP

    Lets start to write which occupation will be in all state's SMP...I know its tough to judge...but we will try and make a list...If any person think that particular occupation not possible then they can comment on it...Its 100% assumption but at DIAC office human are working so what we predict its same way they think:biggrin: As per my views:- Construction project Manager Civil engineer Civil engineering draftsperson Civil engineering technician Architect Landscape architect Geotechnical engineer Quantity surveyor Structural engineer Transport engineer Electrical engineer Electronics engineer Industrial engineer Mechanical engineer Mining engineer (excluding petroleum) Petroleum engineer Telecommunications engineer Aircraft maintenance engineer (avionics) Aircraft maintenance engineer (mechanical) Aircraft maintenance engineer (structures) Sonographer Optometrist Orthoptist Chiropractor Osteopath Dental specialist Dentist Physiotherapist Podiatrist Cardiologist Clinical haematologist Medical Oncologist Endocrinologist Gastroenterologist Intensive care specialist Neurologist Paediatrician Rheumatologist Psychiatrist Surgeon (general) . I didnt not added trade but some one can focus on it I have listen down some of the....i know still so many will be added but if some one think that listed down can be deleted so they can delete but first he/she needs to give strong proof...:wideeyed: Plz dont close down
  25. mlsdq

    South Australia SMP Enquiry

    My email: Hi, I am sponsored by SA as graphic designer last august 2009, and lodged my visa application the same year, my question is, what will happen to my visa application if my occupation is not on your SMP? Will i get lowest priority if in case im not included? Will I wait forever? Thanks for your time and their we-are-so-tired-of-replying-to-your-email-enquiry reply Dear XXX This is the last correspondence Immigration SA will enter into regarding your application 000000 or any additional correspondence regarding sponsorship, as there is no change to our response and I reiterate, you received sponsorship from Immigration SA on 10/08/2009. Your Form 1100 (notification of your sponsorship nomination) was generated and sent to DIAC on 09/09/2009 and your visa application is now in the DIAC visa processing queue. Immigration SA no longer has any input into the visa process and any enquiries should now be directed to DIAC and not Immigration SA. As the State Migration Plan (SMP), new list of Occupations for Sponsorship and current sponsorship criteria, has not been finalized or implemented by DIAC and Immigration SA, we are unable to advise you whether you qualify. Please monitor the Immigration SA website for the implementation of the SMP (date not confirmed). http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/sa/migrate_from_overseas/visa_options/gen_skill3.jsp When the SMP is implemented if your occupation is on the list your application will receive priority processing as directed by DIAC. Please visit the DIAC website regarding priority processing. http://www.immi.gov.au/ If your occupation is not on the list your application will still be in the DIAC processing pipeline and as Immigration SA is not involved in the visa processing system any queries regarding your visa application and processing times should be directed to DIAC. Regards Program Support Officer, General Skilled Migration :cry: