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Found 252 results

  1. SA has released its SMP guys!! http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/sa/immigrate_from_overseas/state_migration_plan.jsp Happy New Year!! Good luck to all Rose xx
  2. Dear All, I am happy that my occupation is in SA SMP list. But not sure if I am capable to move cat-2 as my occupation shows not available. I have got my SS approval on 9/9/2009. some user said that it will move but not yet got response from any agent. Anyway, something is better than nothing. Also lets update how many of us are in this type of cat like" not available" who's SS are already approved. First I have updated here as below: You can also join: Name: Dayem Type: 447 Occupation in SMP: Production Manager (Manufacturing) SS approved: 9/9/2009 CO allocate: Not yet Medical: Not yet Best Regards, Dayem
  3. JoRed4

    SA SMP!! Online Application?

    Fantastic News South Australia have finally released their list.... Happy 2011!! We are SA's SMP list OH is a Landscape Gardener.... However when we tried to complete our online application, Landscape Gardener didn't appear on the drop down list.... Is this a cruel joke or do we think the online system hasn't been updated yet? Congratulations everyone who has been patiently waiting
  4. Here we go.... State Sponsored Migration List :: Make The Move
  5. sedgecl

    Sa smp

    Hi Does anyone know if the South Australia SMP List has been released yet. Thanks
  6. Guest

    Nsw smp

    hi all anybody got any information regarding nsw smp release.....please
  7. Guest

    Valid Asco for Vic smp

    Hi I just need to ask anyone for some advice. I found this under the VIC Faqs I have an ASCO assessment, am I still eligible? If you have an ASCO assessment, you must have a correlating ANZCO occupation on the current Eligibility Lists. Refer to DIAC's website for the ASCO to ANZSCO correlations. The ASCO assessment will be accepted for sponsorship as long as it remains valid. My husband got his skills assessment in June as Systems Manager and so it is still valid. In the new ANZSCO list it is broken into 3 occupations of which 2 are in the VIC smp. My question: Can we apply using the Asco skills assesment without reapplying for a new skills assessment under the ANZSCO code (even though it is broken up into 3 correlating occupations?) Will VIC ask for a new assessment? And Has anybody already sent their applications with their original ASCO assessment and what has happened to it upto now? Thanks
  8. Hi folks, ACT SMP occupation list has been updated. :shocked: I have found it out by chance when I opened the file on Business and Industry Development - Skilled Migration. The webpage shows "November 2010" but the title of the file is SMP_Occupation_List_Dec_2010.doc and something has actually changed in the list. Better keep an eye on it, just in case it turns out to be updated monthly. It could make a hell of a difference for some of us....
  9. Guest

    Nsw smp!

    Thought Id share this here. Ive noticed that the NSW website had changed and was a bit confused with the links, so I called them up to ask whether the SMP was released or not. They said that they were waiting for a signing off which owing to the christmas break would probably take place early next year. I know that this might not be tremendous news for a majority, but for a person like me who's waiting anxiously for the SMP (Im currently cat 4 but hoping the smp would lift me up to cat 2), this is important news. Thought Id share this for people in the same boat as I am.
  10. Guest

    And still no SA SMP.. :-(

    I actually expected it, but was still secretly hoping.. My insomnia did not help my effort of abstaining from visiting the site :wubclub: Guess we will all just have to wait for 2011 :cry:
  11. HI, Just wondered what all hairdressers who have SS but arent on their chosen states SMP are doing now? I have SS with WA, but not on their SMP so now wondering what to do. I have looked at other states, ACT want 7 in each band of ielts, I got 6.5 in two of them so cant apply to them, was wondering about NT or SA when it comes out. I relly dont know how easy it is to change from one state to another, I have lodged my 176 with DIAC back in june, does anyone know the procedure or do you just forget your states SS and apply all again. I really dont want to give up the dream, so at the moment I am willing to live anywhere just to get to OZ. Also does anyone have any advice on getting employer sponsorship? I would be very grateful if anyone could help? Thanks in advance april:sad:
  12. JoRed4

    SA SMP not til after Xmas

    OH checked SMP updates this morning, his daily routine before he even gets out of bed! Tasmania's SMP has been released followed by a comment from a forum website which stated that South Australia have confirmed they will not release their SMP until "after the holiday period?!?!" Has anybody else heard anything about this? I have sent an email to Immigration SA asking them if they are able to confirm or deny this.... I really don't understand why it is taking so long, it will be nearly time to release the next set of SMP'S before they release this one... Do they bring a new one out every year? I mean the new points system comes into effect in July of next year, those of us waiting for SA & NSW will barely have enough time to lodge our application at this rate!! Come on Hurrry Up!!!
  13. Guest

    Sa smp

    Hi Does anyone heard about SA SMP?:SLEEP: R, Notun
  14. After waiting and discovering we are not on Wa's SMP, I am wondering whether we'd meet the criteria for for another state ? The main issue is in showing finances as ours is only in equity format at this time. Also, how do we show strong ties with a state when our family are in wa? We are on NT and ACT at the moment, waiting to see if we're on any others.
  15. Hi All Has anyone actually had state sponsorship before the state migration plan was released. I have had mine since June and my occupation is now on there. I know that this means I move to cat 2 but I wonder does the new work experience rules apply to me. My Trade is Solid Plasterer and am not sure how much work experience was submitted with my SS application although I already have SS since June. It's really confusing! Can anyone help?:biggrin:
  16. family S

    TAS SMP released today

    For those who didn't read it in the other topic: :jiggy: Migrating to Tasmania : Tasmania - The life you've been looking for
  17. Guest

    Where is nsw smp

    Hai all ....Can we expect NSW SMP before xmas.......:confused:
  18. JoRed4

    SS before SMP?

    Hi.. I'm a little confused.. Are you supposed to apply for State Sponsorship before the SMP's are released? My OH is a Landscape Gardener, he passed his AQF III in Sept '10 & passed the TRA on 28th Nov '10. Our state of choice is South Australia... which typically hasn't been released yet! We are on the ACT list so have obviously been looking into Canberra, which upon research seems really nice. Could we loose out by waiting for SA's SMP to be released? My understanding has always been that you wait to see which list/s you are on & then apply to the relevant state? However upon reading some posts, people who are waiting for the SMP's to be released have already got their State Sponsorship?
  19. Guest

    South Australia SMP

    Any information about SA SMP atul
  20. Can anyone shed any light? We previously applied for our skills assessment to TRA under the ANZCO code 3123-13 Electrical Engineering Technician (Electrical Engineering detail draftsperson) with a positive outcome. Under the new SMP list, Electrical Engineering Technician is still there, however the number has changed to 3123-12 and the bit in brackets (Electrical Engineering detail draftsperson) is no longer there. TRA are still the assessing body. Can we still apply for WA state sponsorship even though the ANZCO number has changed? Who should I contact to clarify our position? Things are never straight forward with this process are they? Thanks in advance
  21. Nick and sez

    Trades on the WA SMP list

    Finally us tradies have been given our break on the new WA SMP, what is more all the long hard stress and cash of the Vetassess and TRA means we dont have to go and pay money for the ielts test to prove to our commonwealth brothers that we in England are English and can speak and write it properly.... I was getting fed up with the idea of proving who i was from a country that created AUSTRALIA..... Good on all those on the new WA SMP and sorry to those guys who are not, but like all things the DIAC change like the wind... who knows whats next..:wacko: Nick(General Plumber)(Finally on a :idea:bloody SMP.)
  22. I am Electronic Engineer and Master Degree in Industrial Engineering. 10 years of experience as Project Engineer/Manager..mainly IT Projects.. I am living 1,5 years in Brisbane. IELST 7.0 My Immigration Agent recommend me to do the assesment in Australian Engineer as Industrial Engineer.. probably next week I will obtain it. Now, I am not good... I was waiting for QLD and WA SMP long time and Electronic Engineer is in the list..but Industrial Engineer IS NOT!!!!!:arghh: What can i do now???!!!! Thanks,
  23. Guest

    SMP: New delay with WA

    Just called them. They were told last week that there were high chances that it could be this week. However things changed yesterday , they were told that it' not going to be released this week anymore, and now their position is once again "hopefully in the next few weeks" It's become a nightmare for all the people waiting.
  24. WA SMP is not coming faster than other states. Because there quota is higher than other states and They have approved most sponsorship as compared to other states. So DIMA will publish SMP for all less Quota states and then WA so its easy for them to manage. As they have been doing VIC, ACT, NT & Now QLD. God knows how much time will applicants get for processing when they will publish WA SMP because May 2010 is not so far.
  25. Team Rennolds

    If not on SMP, what could it mean?

    Hi All We have obtained state sponsorship from S.A. and were wondering what position we may be in if my job is not on the SMP but they do decide to honour existing sponsorships. We are currently category 4(hoping to be upgraded to cat2 on release of SMP) but feel very unsure of what is likely to happen if job not on the list. We would greatly appreciate any input or advice anyone may have Cheers :err: