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Found 252 results

  1. morning all (Sorry for repeating this here, but i am going mad!!!) Please could someone help me before my head explodes!!!!! We emailed our agent last night to ask her to contact DIAC and find out what is happening with our application She emailed back saying that our 475 is not on SA SMP, and that she ‘just took our work for it ‘ that is was…… firstly it is her job to check where we are, not just take our word for it!!!!!! (and OH JOB IS on SMP- Chief Information Officer) Secondly, there are other members on Pio that ARE SAME STATE, SAME JOB, AND SAME VISA that are in Cat2 and are getting CO There are also others from SA that are on 475’s in cat2 with CO, so how can she say that SA is NOT taking 475 applicants!!!!!!! If you look at the SA SMP it clearly says at the top 176 and 475….with whatever the onshore codes are….cant remember…. Really as you can understand my head is totally swimming and I am furious!!!! She has left us thinking for over a month that we are Cat2 and all is well, which according to everyone else in the same position as us is correct She still has not replied to us and I am pulling out my hair waiting!!!!! PLEASE, any advice and help would be greatly appreciated before my head explodes!!!! Our timeline is on our sig if anyone wants to know!!!!! Thanks in advance Jill
  2. I am just wondering if that is still possible, my 885 application is from 8/2008. Thanks
  3. Hi all, The South Australian SMP has now been released. See Home :: Make The Move Some occupations listed there are tagged "Not Available" for the remaining period of the 2010/2011 program year. In terms of IT occupations, SA are now sponsoring: 262111 Database Administrator 262112 ICT Security Specialist 262113 Systems Administrator 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer 263113 Network Analyst South Australia also advises that "All occupations listed (whether 'Available' or 'Not Available') will receive Priority Processing 2 by DIAC". This means that if you have been sponsored by SA previous to the SMP being released and your occupation is on the new SMP (even if it's 'Not Available'), you will be on Priority 2. Happy new year to all, by the way! Cheers Peter
  4. Hello lovely people, I am new to this and have had a few problems finding a good forum to post to...I think I have found the best on as there are a few at the mo! I am a copper of 8 years and my wife Clare is a registered nurse of 14 years (deputy sister), paediatric trained and some. On 20th Dec 2010 we lodged our application to try and get some of the good life. We have 3 children where the oldest is 12. The migration application is based on Clare with her skills in demand. Does anyone know how long this part of the process will take, before the medicals are required? And does anyone know how to access the site where yo can see how the progress is going, without contacting our agent each time? I have lost of wild questions to ask, but as a virgin user....that sounds wrong! I will keep the questions down to a minimal first off! Thanks you all!:wink:
  5. mipi

    Monthly review of WA SMP

    Just checked WA's site and they have posted that they will be open to applications from Carpenters, Electricians and Fitters from 1 Feb 2011. Hope this helps.
  6. Hello everyone, I am new to Aussie Immigration. Also waiting for NSW SMP to come out that seems to be taking ages now. as SMP quotas are limited, I don't want to wait for eternity for NSW SMP while other state quotas are running out. My question is can we apply for another SMP (e.g. victoria's) while waiting for NSW? and if I apply for Vic's SMP now, and later want to lodge another for NSW's; will it be a problem?
  7. Alex997

    Anyone with a CO for SA SMP

    We were all well and truly happy with the release of the SMP today!..finally!..:biggrin: So the next two steps would be...allocation to a CO and of course,the visa grant!.. Just thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for people to discuss issues,once the CO has been allocated... Hope and wish the time gap from CO allocation to visa grant is not as big,as the wait for the SMP to be released...:biggrin: Good Luck ..ALL!:biggrin:
  8. rainyc

    Who else is waiting for SA Smp

    Hi all Just wondering how many of us South Australian bound boys and girls are eagerly awaiting the magic day. Also what is your profession and date of application. I'm a sparky submitted Sept 09. Come on SA pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee.
  9. hi all, i'm one of those unlucky ss applicants that was left behind when the first batch of smp was released. i'm very very very sad right now. i hope a new list will be published soon. but any one knows when this will take place? 3jps
  10. Guest

    Who's waiting on NSW SMP?

    See loads and loads looking for WA, but not many looking to go to NSW? I thought most ICT professionals would be most eager to make the move to Sydney, as that's where all the work is? Anyone have any ideas when it may be released? Did I hear all will be announced this side of Christmas? Or did i just imagine i heard that? David
  11. http://www.development.tas.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0018/30195/Moving_South_-_Summer_2010.pdf
  12. Hi guys, have noticed that my occupaion is on new SA SMP. I applied in August 2008 for 885 and have resided in NSW for past 6 years. Have 3 years work experience in my nominated occupation approved by Vetassess. Currently in Cat 4. Do you think I have any chance for SA SMP? I tried ACT but was told I needed 8 in every IELTS part and be either offshore or residing in ACT. I sadly only have 3x7.5 and 9 in IELTS and am onshore. Thanks!
  13. Hello Friends, I want to figure out how many cat2 applicants guy received job verification call at work place..... As I think possibility for getting call is less due to, - required only 100 points (occupation 60 , age 25/30, ielts 15/25, state sponsorship 10, exp 5/10 ) so any one can easily reach 115-130 range - more backlog - more demand of skill and less supply - satisfaction with work exp documents - deadline to finish cat 2 process before jun-july 2011 ANY MORE POINTS? I am not sure I am thinking in right direction or not... please light on it ??? also who got visa in last 2 months they receive verification call ??? specially for 176 category and HR countries:rolleyes:
  14. Hello, I have been reading up again on the SMP lists and shocked to find us on SA. A good shock after the last year! We have applied for a family sponsor 176 over a year ago and before the July 10 changes. As I have said we are now on the SMP for SA but so could anyone confirm if we can switch to state sponsorship without having to re submit another application? I was under the impression that we would have to re submit but have seen a couple of posts suggesting that we could transfer as we applied before the new changes. We are currently sitting in the dregs of CAT 4 and expecting a new baby any day so would be a real boost to know we could transfer without having to pay another application fee. Really grateful for any information, thanks Amelia
  15. Hi all, We have just been told by our agent that we got a CO (hubby applied as a Chef). We originally applied for 175 in Feb 09, changed to WA SS 176 in July 09, we were days away from getting our visa when the changes on 23Sep took place and everything was put on hold. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have 4 weeks to produce medicals and police checks. Good luck to everyone.
  16. Just downloaded the latest processing times Looks like there was a massive backlog of WA SS applicants if they are only processing applications up to Dec 2008 (at least they are going to give out in date order and to dinosaurs first)
  17. Hi PIO's Just looked at the SA SMP Am i right in saying that it is only WA that havent got the trade on its SMP ? If this is right I find it absolutely disgusting that WA could not get the trade on its SMP. Those of us who find ourselves in Cat 4 as a result of this have been badly let down. I urge WA to push DIAC strongly to have their SMP amended so that Hairdressers that they already sponsored should be allowed on the SMP. Shane
  18. emma&vas

    Financial evidence for SA SMP

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anybody knows what kind of evidence south australia ask for when applying for sponsorship? I already have WA SS but hairdressing wasn't on the list so i'm thinking about applying to another state. Thanks in advance Emma
  19. Guest

    New South Wales SMP

    Hello all... Does anyone know if/when NSW will be releasing their state migration plan occupation list? Thanks Simon
  20. News & events :: Make The Move :biglaugh:
  21. topturner

    Sa smp update on sa website 5 jan

    Hi All, SA have just updated their website: LATEST NEWS: 5 JAN 2011 Immigration SA would like to announce that the State Migration Plan has now been signed by both the South Australian Minister for Industry and Trade and the Federal Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. The website and online application form links are being updated today and new applications for sponsorship are expected to be available from this afternoon, South Australian time, 5 January 2011. WHOOOO HOOO, its for real this time.:jiggy: Good Luck to everybody waiting Adele x
  22. Guest


    How often are SMP's released are they annually?
  23. Guest

    Sa smp - this time!!!

    It's actually happened!! News & events :: Make The Move
  24. sedgecl

    SA - SMP Where's it gone???

    Hi All Just been on line to check the SMP SSML for South Australia as my agent says that it's not there, and it's not. Has it been moved or removed. Anyone have any information, then could you let me know. Thanks
  25. Hi, Im struggling to find the new list, does anyone have a link pls? Want to know if primary teachers are on, thanks.