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Found 54 results

  1. Koala Chloe

    Sky+ / V+

    Hi everyone Is there an equivalent in Australia to the Sky+ / V+ box? Thanks KC
  2. Guest

    Sky plus question

    Hi anyone know if they have something like our sky plus in Oz. Thanks
  3. Guest

    sky box/dish??

    Is there any point in taking Sky dish or box to Australia?? Do they work?:wacko: Thanks Sheena
  4. Guest

    The Sky Fell In.......

    Hello, bad bad day on th Oz front.... 1stly the muppet buying our flat just pulled out leaving us a little over two weeks to either find another buyer or let it out... 2ndly we had the first of our shipping companies over to quote and we found out that they will not ship our stuff until we have been granted the visa! 3rdly have spoken to my visa agent and have been told that although they were confident we should have the visa before xmas this may now not be the case as the Oz people are snowed under and the fact that my wife has a dutch passport may slow things up (don't understand why as she has lived and been educated in the uk since she was 2 and no one ever mentioned that before)... We have flights booked and an apartment in Sydney booked... the shipping is not the most problematic as we can always store it in the uk (20ft container £42 per week... not too bad)... the visa is a bummer as we will be in under the toursit visa for 3 months, if it doesn't come through in that time then we will have to vacate to NZ for a lot longer than orginaly planned / budgeted for)!! The major bummer is the bloody flat sale... renting it out sounds good but there is a whole load of stuff i will have to do to get it rentable.... no time!!!... ok... rant over... very sorry.... i do feel a bit better for it though.... sorry to be neg, i'm sure things will sort themselves out, shame it has to be a challenge though as all we want is to get to Oz! James... :sad:
  5. Guest

    Sky One Series

    Are you planning a reunion or bidding farewell to friends and family? Lion Television is producing a new feel-good reality series called Hello Goodbye, for Sky One. We are filming at Heathrow arrivals and departure lounges from now until January 2009. We hope to take a look at the lives and relationships that come together (and apart) at the airport terminals. Presenter Kate Thornton will meet and greet travellers to explore the stories of emotions bubbling in the crowds at the terminals. Perhaps you will be bidding farewell to your loved ones at the airport as you head off to study abroad or perhaps you are returning to Britain and will be saying a joyous ‘hello’ to family members at the airport. If you or someone you know is passing through Heathrow and would be willing to share your story we would love to hear from you. Please email linzi.small@liontv.co.uk or call me on 0208 846 2191 Kindest regards, Linzi Small Lion TV

    Can you get sky tv in oz

    Hi , We were just wondering if it is possible to recieve SKY IN AUSTRALIA.We know the tv is not to clever so has anybody taken there SKY DISH with them?Can you buy a bigger dish to enable you to get it.Does anyone know how you go about in trying to find out if it is possible to get Sky over in Oz.We know that going to Australia is for the out door life but we all like some tv from time to time lol.We would be greatful for any advise please thanks Mark and Rikki
  7. Guest

    Simpson Removals/ Ocean Sky

    I have recently had a quote from Simpson Removals in Kent. They told me they use Ocean Sky to unpack in Brisbane. I wondered if anyone had used them. Thanks Amelia
  8. beastmaster2452

    Sky tv

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone tell me, will my UK Sky Plus receiver work in Aus, I know they dont have SKY they have FOX instead, but will my sky receiver work with FOX or is it a case for Ebay. Regards Matt :mask:
  9. waynecaz

    anyone watching sky 3

    are you watching sky 3 now ... australias deadliest destination x love carolyn
  10. title says it all but unfortunatly its half way thru:unsure: just thought i d tell ya ll it may be on again x
  11. I don't beleeeeeive it. Its there in the sky shining away and there are no clouds and it warm. Oh joy how long will it last do you think? I am in total shock:notworthy: Sunday Lunch may be off at this rate as my sun lounger beckons ! (and the ironing come to that!):jiggy:
  12. Guest

    sky 3 now

    watch sky 3 now
  13. Guest

    Sky + Machines

    Hi Can anyone tell me whether its worth taking your sky + boxes to Oz with you. Thanks Liz F
  14. As it says looks interesting.
  15. Guest

    Sky TV ?

    I was wondering.. does sky TV work in Oz? Is it possible just to take the box.. or do they have a special box over there to get sky TV? :shocked:
  16. Guest

    sky sports?

    anyone know if you can get sky sports in oz? i need my fix :unsure:
  17. Does anyone know if a UK Sky digibox will work with Foxtel in Oz?
  18. fraggles

    sky or fox

    hello there all :)new to this site and new to oz ,was here in 2006 on a working visa and now have emigrated here ,came on a spouse visa as were getting married next month ,we in newcastle till march but looking at moving to queensland better for me for work ,i work on the tower cranes on construction sites ,anyway i noticed that the tv is full of american rubbish here in oz ,does anyone know if you can get sky tv? or a bigger dish were you can pick sky up????????
  19. Mark was doing TRA so i didn't want to disturb him by going to bed. Flicked over to a lot of semi naked bodies on the beach!! Brits acting like idiots, and others deciding shud they stay for xmas or go home and a very sad teenage lad getting a Sammy'd sam Tattoo !!! Very manly!! ooo dear!!
  20. We are mostly jetting off to our new life to Port Kennedy WA on Oct 30th with Singapore Airlines. Dog is flying week earlier with BA (£2150 First Class). Wondering if there any other PIO members on our flight. Wales For the RWC....
  21. Guest

    Sky TV and phones

    Hi, I have a query to settle a current 'shall we, shalln't we' argument in our house.....has anyone taken a UK sky box and dish to Oz and been able to make use of it by picking up the UK free channels? We are in discussions as to whether to bother taking them and paying for shipment etc, but more importantly whether my OH will dare climb the ladder high enough to retrieve the dish! also, has anyone taken house phones (normal BT cordless)? if so, do they work in Oz? thanks Sam and Shaun
  22. Guest

    528 , 9pm Sky

    KILLER TOADS IN OZ .SKY 528 . 9 PM TO NIGHT.:chatterbox::chatterbox::radar:
  23. Guest

    Full Uk Sky+ In Australia

    I've recently returned to the UK from Dubai. A very good friend of mine has recently subscribed to recieve full Sky+ channels to his PC thence to a 42" plasma with brilliant results. He can record 2 programmes whilst watching 1. He overcomes the time difference by recording. I am due to come to Australia shortly and wondered whether anyone has experienced the same service? I intend to have it for when I arrive. Should anyone be interested email me and I'll forward the details. mailto:vendesi@btconnect.com:idea:
  24. Guest

    Sky TV

    Hi guys - how can you watch footie and Brit TV in Aus - can you not get SKY or Setanta?:chatterbox:
  25. http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,22606,21526971-5006301,00.html All this while the exchange rate drops - great!