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Found 38 results

  1. Hi all If I was to get State Sponsorship, I would sneak in with a score of 65 points. By getting State Sponsorship, will my application get any preferential treatment or will my application (with its minimum 65 points) still be subject to the SkillSelect selection process leaving me hoping it makes the cut in the next round? Many thanks, haydenp
  2. Hi everybody, This is my first post on PIO, I've been lurking for a while and given the amount of expert advice on here, I'd like to, first of all, say a big thank you! But sometimes, with too much information available, I'm afraid I've reached a stage of info overload.:arghh: I have a few questions I hope you guys could help me out with: 1) If my occupation is not on the SOL, is it possible to submit an EOI for an occupation that I am keen to pursue? E.g.: I'm a sales manager, and I'd like to apply to be a Motorcycle Mechanic. Do I simply need to pass the governing body's test (VETASSESS etc.) along with the other criterias (IELTS 7.0 etc) to be eligible? 2) If i have relatives staying in Australia, I believe I can apply for a 489 Visa if invited after my EOI, there's a list of postal codes that my 'sponsor' is supposed to be residing in? [TABLE=class: tableborder, width: 1] [TR] [TD]New South Wales[/TD] [TD]Post areas 2311-2312, 2328-2333, 2336-2490, 2535-2551, 2575-2739, 2787-2898 (anywhere except Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong)[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Looking at this, if my relative is living in Sydney, he will be unable to sponsor me? To sum it up, what's going to be the best method to apply? I'm below 30 years old, with a background (and work experience) in film production, switched to sales over the last two years, an offshore RMIT graduate, with relatives living in Australia. I look forward to any helpful advice you guys could provide, many thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm looking for some advice on my best options(s) to get a Visa for work in Australia. I'm currently 4 months into a 12 month Working Holiday Visa, and I have no plans to return home! ...so i'm trying to think of the best way to obtain a 4 year working visa, then apply for citizenship. In the UK I was an Operations Analyst / Operations Relationship Manager for a major Bank for 10 years, and I have a degree with HONS in Business Management. I thought it would be easier than it appears to be at the moment. I may just be able to force myself into one of the more generic job roles on the SKILLS LIST e.g. systems analyst or something like that. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. The sort of things I've considered so far are: -Would the 175 Skilled Worker Visa ever be re-opened so i could apply independently? -Has anyone gone through the 'Skill Select' process? Particularly for Management or banking positions. -Are there any specialist agencies that sponsor, and how have these been? e.g. Geoffrey Nathan? -Sponsorship by a business, particularly banking - which are the best Banks to approach, or get my foot in the door? -Do I have any other options or Visa's I've not considered so far? Thanks for reading, and thank you in advance, Tom
  4. barnsey10

    EOI Invite Issues

    Hi, Tony here from the UK. Plan to migrate to australia next year. Skills assessed as a Professional Engineer with EA. Honours Degree qualified, 41 years old, IELTS R9S9L9W8, Total 65 Points. I have been working in my role post degree for 12 years, i have documentation to prove this (Control and Automation Engineer). I have submitted my EOI for a 189 Visa on 23/11/12. Although i havent recieved my letter from EA yet, i dont know how many years they have qualified me for. Questions are: Does this matter ?? I have Evidence to prove that i have been in this occupation for 12 years - will DIAC accept this should i be invited to apply ? Will my EOI be invalidated if EA grant me less than the 8 years minimum for 15 Points ?? If invited can i change the EOI post invite should EA disagree?? Many thanks... Tony
  5. Hi Guys, I am in a defacto relationship and at some point in the future we may decide to go down the spouse/partner visa route. However my partner and I both agree that we don't want to complicate the situation so I am unsure what exactly the below questions are on page 2 of the EOI. Does it lead to the application being processed any differently? Also we don't have any necessary paperwork to prove the defacto at the moment. Maybe in a years time as my PR is granted and we have built up evidence it would be possible., When I applied for the 457 as well I had stated I was in a defacto but it never asked if we intended to apply together in a future application. What are your thoughts?
  6. Hi Guys, I've decided to build a tracker to check the % of occupational ceiling achieved with every round of invitation. I will try to update it frequently with every round of application. Attached is a PDF version of the status as of 1st September 2012. The next round is on 15th September 2012. Updated. Total 370560 ceiling and 1158 invites as on 1/9/2012. Source : http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/ Attached is the complete table of invitations vs ceiling for all occupations that are part of Skillselect. Hope this helps! Bonza
  7. bonza2211

    Who was your assessing authority?

    Hi Guys, Some feedback please? For Skill select (ENS186) / EOI 1. Who was the assessing authority? 2. How many years of your work-ex was assessed by the authority? 3. In relation to #2 for the 3 years work-ex requirement for DIAC, does that have to be assessed or you can submit the original employment letters regardless of whether it was assessed or not? Thanks Bonza
  8. Earlier this month the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) announced that it had sent out its first round of SkillSelect invitations to intending migrants to apply for an Australia skilled visa. In total 100 invitations were sent, 90 for skilled independent visas and 10 for skilled regional family-sponsored visas. Amongst the 100 invitations sent in the first round by DIAC, doctors, dentists, nurses, engineers, accountants and IT workers received the lion share, all of which were the highest scoring candidates from the initial expressions of interest (EOI). Interestingly, the lowest points score invited was 75 points, significantly higher than the 60 point pass mark required for an EOI. According to DIAC, the highest score across the two subclasses was 85 points. These numbers demonstrate DIAC’s selection methods and suggest that settling for only 60 points when submitting an EOI could mean long waiting periods for an invitation, if you receive one at all. The next invitation round conducted by DIAC is expected sometime in September, with a larger portion of invitations due to be sent, however with more than 10,000 EOIs submitted since 1 July it’s clear that there will be significant competition for invitations. So what does this mean for you? It means that you need to carefully assess whether you are putting forward your best possible EOI against the DIAC criteria, keeping in mind that if you get an invitation, you need to be able to deliver an application that reflects your EOI! It’s all about understanding the criteria, and we can assist with that optimization process. Australian Migration & Visa Lawyers can assist you with your SkillSelect EOI and visa application, contact us to arrange an appointment. Our team of friendly and professional Registered Migration Agents specialise in all visa categories and are here to help.
  9. sarahbenstead

    ENS Stream - which one am I?

    I have been nominated by my company for ENS. I have a positive skills assessment and have worked for them for 22 months and so was eligible for the visa based on past experience. Now that the visa has changed to skillselect, I am confused as to which one I am. The two I am confused between are the following: The Temporary Residence Transition stream is for subclass 457 visa holders who have worked for two years and their employer wants to offer them a permanent position. The Direct Entry stream is for people who have never, or only briefly, worked in the Australian labour market. So I don't think I am temporary residence as I haven't worked for them for two years. But I'm not sure if I can go for direct entry, as I have worked here in Australia for nearly two years. I'd prefer not to wait until the 2 years is up as my nomination will only last for 6 months so if there any delays it will run out. Can anyone shed any light on this please?
  10. Applying for my 186 online. On 13/19, you have to include your employment history. The Info help tells you: It also states to put your most recent job first. On doing this and leaving the field blank, you get a validation error: I have left it as todays date, but this will give impression that I have left the employer that has approved my sponsorship! Have raised via SkillSelect support, but the automated response is: This new online applciation has a lot of bugs and has not been designed that well.
  11. I am checking http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/sol/ now but I am wondering if there is any minimum requirement to be able to apply for the Skillselect program. What are the skills that are considered as high demand in Australia.
  12. Hello all I have just completed a PGCE in ICT Secondary Teaching. I want to apply for PR as a Skilled Migrant as a Secondary School teacher. Under the previous (before 1st July 2012) system I believe you had to have 1 year experience before you could apply. I have now got a job (starting in September) so I was going to wait until I had the required experience before I applied. However, looking at the new system (post 1st July) it does not seem to say anywhere that you need this experience. My occupation is on the SOL1 list and I have the required points to make an EOI. Could I apply after 1st July 2012? Do I need to get all my checks and skill assessments done before I make an EOI? Is it better to apply for a state sponsored visa, if so, how do I go about getting state sponsorship? Thanks in advance to all you kind kind people :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::smile::smile::smile: Phil
  13. Guest

    SkillSelect for Austalia Visa

    What is the first thing to do with this new process of migrant visa application? Do I have to assessed first by an assessing body? Do I have to take an IELTS exam first. Please help me guide with what to do first with this new process.:cry::cry: