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Found 74 results

  1. Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone has any advice or tips to give us about the TRA application and the required evidence. I've had a good look through some of the TRA threads but haven't been able to find an answer specific to our situation. My partner is a plasterer and I'm trying to put together his application. The difference we seem to have with most other people in the TRA threads is that we're already living and working in Oz. Steve is a defacto on my student visa and has been working for the same Aussie company since 2009. That means we have payslips, a reference etc to cover that period. So there's no problems for the last 3 years in terms of evidence. He didn't have a UK qualification as he just learnt from 2002 in his stepfathers company, so he recently got the Aussie Level 3 in Solid Plastering through a workplace assessment. This means we now have to provide evidence for the 'informal training period' in the 5 years prior the the qualification and I was wondering if people had any advice on missing evidence. When we left the UK we had no idea we'd need all this stuff, and to be honest I don't know if we'd have been able to locate it all if we did - it's a long time to expect someone to keep everything for, esp someone in their early 20s who was totally unorganised!! To add to this, we have a (somewhat brief) employer reference for between 2006-8, but no reference from my partners stepfather as a. he's retired and b. they've more or less lost touch because of family issues. I was wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation with having lots of missing evidence and whether the TRA will accept a statutory declaration to cover this period? They seem pretty mean and we're worried that we'll get rejected. Also, does anyone know if already having Aussie experience is likely to go in our favour? The ironic thing is that Steve is a foreman and supervisor of other Aussie plasterers yet we're still having to go to the ends of the earth to prove he can plaster at the Aussie standard!!!! Any advice on this or the TRA application in general would be much appreciated!!!
  2. Hi All, We have an agent and he has given us an idea of the content required for the references but there are a few things I am trying to get my head around and would be grateful of any advice. There are 4 companies I need references off and I presume each reference must be completely unique? Does the assessing authority (in my case I think it will be vetassess) expect that all references are written completely by the employer or simply not care as long as they have the Information? The way I was thinking is that I write the references for each of them and send that to the ex employers to print on letter headed paper and sign. Did any of you provide a copy of the reference on cd so they dont have to re-type it and provide a self addressed envelope for them to send it back to you? I know employers have to provide references for new employment but do they have to for skills assessment? I know I am over thinking this but I cant help it. I would love to hear about your experiences and any problems you had and how you got round them. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, Its been a while since posting but been waiting months to hear back from the skills assessment. my oh recieved an email today from our agent asking if he could do a technical interview in 10 days time. Has anyone on here done this who could give us some info on what it was like and what they asked. How long after that do you know if you have passed the skills assessment? Thanks Lisa x
  4. Im trying to find out approx what lodgement date tra is currently working on so, Have you recently been assessed by tra? what was your application lodgement date?
  5. Guest

    Employment evidence

    I am currently applying to be assessed as a wall and floor tiler. They ask for evidence of 3 years full time employment. How do i do this as i am self employed ? Thanks, Phil
  6. sarahbenstead

    ENS Stream - which one am I?

    I have been nominated by my company for ENS. I have a positive skills assessment and have worked for them for 22 months and so was eligible for the visa based on past experience. Now that the visa has changed to skillselect, I am confused as to which one I am. The two I am confused between are the following: The Temporary Residence Transition stream is for subclass 457 visa holders who have worked for two years and their employer wants to offer them a permanent position. The Direct Entry stream is for people who have never, or only briefly, worked in the Australian labour market. So I don't think I am temporary residence as I haven't worked for them for two years. But I'm not sure if I can go for direct entry, as I have worked here in Australia for nearly two years. I'd prefer not to wait until the 2 years is up as my nomination will only last for 6 months so if there any delays it will run out. Can anyone shed any light on this please?
  7. ANMAC SOON TO ASSESS ENROLLED NURSES FOR MIGRATION 16 July 2012 ANMAC has recently been gazetted by the Minister for Immigration to assess Enrolled nurses for migration purposes. ANMAC is yet to finalise the assessment process for internationally qualified enrolled nurses but will keep potential applicants informed via our website – there is no need to...http://www.anmc.org.au/node/216
  8. Guest

    Skills Assessment Procedure

    Hi Folks, I m new to this forum and have just joined it today and was ecstatic to see such knowledgeable posts. I want to know the skills assessment procedure required to fill the EOI. i m applying through Skillselect Sub Class 189 (Accountant (General) 221111). Thanks in advance for the help!
  9. Hi guys Been a lurker on the forums for a couple of years and thought it was now time to get involved having submitted my initial EOI to skill select last week. Before I progress can I just say to the forum members that the level of information and advice I have found through these pages has been immense and anything I can do in return will never repay the debt I owe to all of you. It has been both heart warming and heart wrenching to follow the journeys of some of the more active posters and I hope I can offer something back once I have my own migration experience to share. To the matter at hand. I need to have my skills assessed by one of the accounting bodies in Australia (chosen occupation is General Accountant) and I wanted to check if anyone had a similar experience. I believe that my mix of academic and professional qualifications fulfills the relevant 'knowledge areas' but I am unsure as to whether the assessing authorities will allow me to use both academic and professional qualifications in my assessment? For the record, I have an undergraduate degree in Economics (2000), a post-graduate diploma in IT (2001), an MBA (2011) and the advanced diploma in Management Accounts from CIMA (2012). Kennedy101
  10. Hi Everybody! I'm a 27 year old lawyer who's just walked away from it all to do try and make a living off something I love - Baking. Now the thing is, I tried going there and doing the course-my Aunt offered to loan ne the money- but the visa was turned down because they weren't convinced that I was a 'Genuine Temporary Entrant'. Guess lawyers don't usually up and decide to become bakers that often, eh? Anyway, their loss, because I'll be getting qualified and then going there. Planning on doin the City&Guilds Diploma in Baking and Patisserie (IVQ level 3- I believe) as well as their Advanced Diploma in the same. The DIAC specifies a Cert III + 2 Yrs of experience for a successful skills assessment. Or if you have a Cert IV, you don't need the experience. I've read in a lot of places that the Level 3 Diploma has been assessed as Higher than their Cert IV (which happens to be a skill level 3 on the ANZSCO - perhaps that's why). I'm counting quite heavily on this last bit, but the problem is, I've seen it for other trades/professions and not for bakers yet. So are there any bakers out there who have made the move successfully or even gotten a positive skills assessment? Any tips, stories or pointers from any other tradies too will be appreciated! Thanks!!
  11. I'm contemplating whether I should apply for a skills assessment and then regional state sponsorship or if I would be wasting my money. I'm currently on a working holiday visa with 6 months left so am hoping to apply on July 1st or thereafter. I've been studying the SOL and noticed that "judicial and other legal professionals" are listed. I have looked at the ANZSCO description and I have covered most of the tasks in my one year of work experience as a paralegal that I would hope to have assessed. I'm just a bit thrown by the bit where it says "most occupations ... 5 years experience." Has anybody out there been assessed under this title?? Any advice at all on the process would be much appreciated. I'm aware that there are some changes coming in on July 1st, but as far as I've read regional sponsorship is being left alone.
  12. Hi guys, Just joined and looking for a little help. I'm going to be sponsored for residency by my current employer (856 visa) here in Brisbane - but I'm wondering if I have to do a skills assessment for this? For my 457 visa, I just had to show that I had more than 5 years experience in my trade as a Graphic Designer (I have around 7-8 years experience). Will proof of this be enough or do I need further documentation before I start the application process. I'm going to do the application without an agent so wish me luck! Thanks for your help! Will.
  13. Hi! I am new to the forum. Hope anyone can shed some light to my question. I am applying for 176 visa and would need the points for my partner's skills. I am applying as a secondary school teacher which is in SOL 1. Must my wife's nominated occupation be from SOL 1 as well? She is a university lecturer which is in SOL 2. A second question: I have been a university lecturer the last 15 years, does that qualify as a closely related occupation to a secondary school teacher? I know some secondary school teachers applicants have used their primary school teaching as their closely related occupation. Thanks in advance for all your replies.
  14. Hi Everyone :smile:... Have managed to gather a fair bit of information in the last few weeks/months due to some great contributions here....thank you all for a fantastic forum. Partner & I have decided to try and go it alone without an agent and save some $$ :unsure:. I am a qualified electrician of 18 years but do not meet the current employment criteria having not worked full time in the trade for 4-5 years, due to this and my age (42) we are hoping to emigrate via my partners trade to WA on a SS,she is a hairdresser. We are currently filling in the TRA skills assessment application form and are a bit confused ,if anybody can help on a few points I would be very grateful : 1) TRA application time - Approximately how long are we looking at before TRA assessment ? We are hoping to try and apply for visa before July but realise it could be too late for that deadline. 2) Employment History - Partner has 16 years experience, been in current salon for 8 years. For the previous two years her weekly hours are approx 23 hrs,will these hours count as part-time or full time ? She has had maternity leave - will this matter ? 3) Qualifications - Qualified to NVQ level 2,currently studying for NVQ 3 - is this a problem ? 4) Work history - Does the work history description have to be in-depth and include her complete career or just current employment ? 5) References - Do these have to be in depth and does anybody have any templates which we could show to her boss ? 6) TRA Assessment - any advice on where / how this is taken and what the procedure is ? Sorry for the long post but it seems to get more confusing the more we read...... Thanks in advance for any help :smile: 2by2
  15. Hi All, This is my first ever post on a forum so please accept my apologies if I get anything wrong! It's a fantastic forum but I can't quite find the answers that I'm looking for so here goes... I’m applying for a GSM Subclass 175 Visa and doing it all myself – and that’s what’s making me nervous. I have no-one to bounce any questions off so I appreciate your help, even if it’s only the answer to one of my many questions! The BIG issue is that I am 45 on 4th February this year so time is really of the essence. I am doing an online application and most of the form is filled in and I’ve got to the point of paying for the application. My main concern is that I have all the things in place to file a complete application. Here’s what I’ve got so far. I graduated as a Chemical Engineer way back in 1987 and fortunately the degree course has been assessed by Engineers Australia as a recognised degree course (15 points). I have taken the IELTS test twice; first attempt I got L9,R9,W7.5,S9 which wasn’t enough to get 20 points. Re-took and got L9,R9,W8,S9! (20 points). I'm married with 3 children (ages 13, 11, and 4) who are all obviously on the application with me. All straight forward – Question: Is Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificates enough to show relationship and dependency? I’ve read recently on the forum that you get the chance to upload your documents when you pay the application fee. I’ve got all the documents (I think) and I’ve also read that, as long as they are colour scans, then you don’t need to get them notarised etc – Question: Is this true? Question: Is the application considered complete online if you haven’t uploaded all the documentation? Do you get a checklist of what you need to upload and if anything is missing is it considered incomplete?! Critical for me with only a few days left! My age will give me a further 15 points but my other concern is the assessment of my ‘skilled employment’. I’m hoping to get a score of 15 for working 8 out of the last 10 years in a Chemical Engineering related job but I don’t know how this is assessed? I have since found out that Engineers Australia could have assessed this for me when I applied for my degree assessment (hindsight is a wonderful thing!) but I am now too late to get this done by them. I contacted them and they said that the DIAC would be able to assess my employment skills but I’m unsure as to what information to send? My employment background is that I have worked in the family chemical business for the last 25 years. My role has been that of a Chemical Engineer but also all of what comes with running a business. I can supply a CV with details of my experience; my father can supply a letter declaring my role and position and I can supply P60’s for at least the last 8 years showing my employment in the company. Question: Is this enough? Many thanks if you can help me – even just a little bit. I’m starting to get edgy and unable to sleep as I don’t want to get anything wrong with no second chance available!
  16. Hi All, This is my first thread and will probably be pestering you all over the coming months as i am just about to tackle the 175 visa process head on without the aid of a migration agency........:-/ Does anyone have any helpful tips or advice on the application process and any hidden nasties I should look out for? I am an Automotive Electrician with 5 years experience but no qualifications in this area........ does this matter? I also have a level 2 Apprenticeship in the application of engineering techniques and an HNC in Mechanical Engineering. How do I go about getting a skills assessment for an Automotive Electrician with only the 5 years experience to go on? Can I just get references from my employer (or preferably my supervisor so I don’t need to tell my employer yet) and send them in a nice e-mail and await the outcome? Thank you for your time, Mark p.s. if I can be of any help to anyone let me know.
  17. Hi, I'm in the process of filing my ACS skills assessment app. Find below the reference documents I've collected so far: 1. On Company letter head - HR letter stating my dates of employment and Designation 2. On A4 plain paper - stating my job duties/responsibilities including dates of employment, designation, working hours and contact details of the colleague 2.1 letters from 2 senior colleagues (Senior Software Engineers) and 2.2 one at same level (Software Engineer) as me 3. Company issued colleague's Business Cards 4. Self declaration witnessed by Notary/Solicitor explaining it is against company policy to issue letter of reference with duties/responsibilities 5. My salary slips, bank statement, letter of offer and promotion Am I missing something here? Thanks a ton guys! armandra!
  18. Hi, I received a successful skills assessment from the ACS today 19/07/2010. I applied for ASCO code 2231-79 (Computing Professional COBOL) but was assessed as being successful for ASCO code 2231-17 (Applications Analyst & Programmer). The ASCO code 2231-17 that I have been assigned correlates to the ANZSCO code 261312 (Developer Programmer). The Western Australia Occupations in Demand List (WAOIDL) only has the ASCO code 2231-79 on it which was why I applied for it. Can someone tell me if my assigned ASCO code 2231-17 will be accepted by WA for an application of State Sponsor? If not can you suggest what I must try and do now? Also is it true that new applications for State Sponsor are currently suspended? Any information would also be appreciated on the ANZSCO code situation i.e. do I apply for State Sponsor with my ASCO code or do I need to use the correlating ANZSCO code? Thanks Scott
  19. Hello, this is my first post having just joined the forum today... hopefully I'm posting this in the right place... I have been drafting the Australian Computer Society (ACS) 'Recognition of Prior Learning' form for a while now :arghh: and I'm keen to know if I am going about getting my skills assessed in the right way. Do I need to do the RPL or is my degree sufficiently IT related to count as a IT degree? I'm a web developer with 9 years of experience and I'm planning to apply for skills assessment under the 2231-79 'Computing Professionals (nec)' category. My core areas of expertise are in web development/programming, specifically Java/JSP in an Oracle environment. While I have learned the majority of these skills in employment, my degree - Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Linguistics joint honours - had a large amount of programming and IT concepts but may not been seen as an IT degree. I actually successfully completed the first year of a Computing and Electronics degree before changing course to AI & Linguistics. The Computing course was based on C+ programming. To give a flavour of my education, I've listed the I.T. related courses that I completed during my 5 years at Edinburgh University. _________________________________________________________________________ Final Year AI and Computer Science :AI and Education AI and Computer Science :Advanced Techniques in natural language processing AI and Computer Science :Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming AI and Computer Science :Philosophical Issues in AI 3rd Year Computational Linguistics 2nd year Artificial Intelligence 2 1st Year Artificial Intelligence 1 1st Year (of my Computer Science and Electric Engineering degree) Computer Programming Skills and Concepts 1h Computer Science 1h Mathematics 1D1h Mathematics 1D2h _________________________________________________________________________ I appreciate any advice, thanks in advance.... :hug:
  20. PLEASE HELP. 5 Feb 2008 Lodged Vetassess Paper-Based Competency profile assessment 22 Feb 2008 Received "level 1 - successful outcome" from Vetassess for Paper-Based Competency profile assessment 22 Apr 2008 Attended Vetassess Practical skills assessment in Cape Town 01 May 2008 Received Unsuccessful Outcome for Vetassess Practical skills assessment 10 June 2008 Received Record of Assessment from Vetassess for Vetassess Practical skills assessment 25 Aug 2008 Received Review of Vetassess Practical skills assessment :arghh: Review reads : Below is a provisional list of units that u were demmed as not to have met the aquivalent technical skills: * UEENEEC001A - Maintain Documentation * UEENEEC003A - Install Wiring and Accessories for Low voltage Circuits * UEENEEC005A - Verify Comliance and Functionality of General Electric Installations WHAT DOES THAT MEAN ? My husband is an apprenticed Electrical Artisan working 12+ years as an electrician artisan at Matla Coal Central Engineering Workshop. How can he take 20 tests fail the 3 above and be denied the out come necessary to proceed with PR Application !!!!!!! Has anyone else failed the Vetassess Practical Skills Assessment ? what do we do next ? My husband is refusing to redo Vetassess Practical he is convinced that they are a money making scheme and passing the test relys purely on how vetassess feels that particular day !!! we do no even understand what he did wrong in the first place !!!
  21. Dansdoinit

    Help with TRA....Please

    Hi all, thought i would introduce myself as I'm a newbie! :wideeyed: long time reader first time threader. My name's Dan, 32 (today!) time served as fabricator/welder (boilermaker) I Backpacked up & down the East Coast of Oz on a working visa in 2003 for a year and fell in love with the place and has always been a dream since to live there. Putting the wheels in motion now and I'm stumbling at the first hurdle, the dreaded TRA. Now, I have a rough idea of what is required to be put in but i have no idea how in-depth I need to be, how far back I start from etc, etc, Ive tried trawling the net to see if there is one that I could use as a format, obviously everyone is going to be different but there's nothing out there. If anyone can help at all I would be so greatful. Thanks for reading my first thread Dan
  22. Guest

    hi, newbie here!

    hi all we are looking into moving to Australia. At the moment we are in the process of filling in the Migration Skills Assessment as my husband is a plant mechanic/fitter.... having to somehow put together a Statutory Declaration, as one of the companies he worked for are no longer trading......... But we'll get there! we have 2 girls and a dog........ How easy is it to emmigrate with a dog? :smile:
  23. Hi all am new here any advice welcome I am wanting to go through the skills asessment, and as I understand it, the GTP is not accepted as a route in to teaching in oz because it lacks pedagogical value as the persons initial degree probably wasn't in an education related topic, and the year spent in school is not acredited by a university as is the case with a PGCE. So, with this in mind, I did a 4 year teaching degree with QTS in 95, but left early during the 3rd year as I decided teaching wasn't for me as I felt I was too young (20 at the time). I did however manage to gain a Diploma of Higher Education in Technology with Secondary Education allowing me to teach Post 16. I had some time out and came back into teaching through the Registered Teacher Program. I spent two years in a school working towards my QTS (2 years with 80% timetable) and a year and a half part time at Bradford University topping up said DipHE to a full degree. My initial degree started in 95 contained modules and units of pedagogical value and also school based teaching practice, and then my part time at Bradford also contained modules which contained the necessary pedgogical subjects which one would expect from an ordinary 4 year QTS degree, or a 3yr + PGCSE, child psychology, classroom management, behavioural theories etc. So now, I am 31, Deputy head of my department and am in my 7th year of teaching with a damn sight more experience than a fresh faced PGCE graduate whose qualifications would be problem free as far as the skills assessment goes. Anyone got any ideas, do Teaching Australia consider individual cases if circumstances warrant it? best regards JT:arghh:
  24. Hi Guys - I'm new here although I've been looking through the site quite a lot and it seems like a great community with loads of good info! My fiance and I, after years of talking about it, are finally starting the process of applying for an independent skilled visa to go live in Sydney...and I can't **** wait!!! We're applying on my fiance's nursing skills (and, she'd be asking this question herself if she wasn't out working like a dog for the NHS!), which i don't think she should have any problem in getting...as long as we do the skills assessment properly. So my question is - does anyone have any top tips for filling out the nursing skills assessment? Are there any pitfalls that we should be looking out for? We thought about getting one of the migration companies to go over our application before we sent it off - for £200 it seems a fair bit of money to me...is it really necessary? Are these things really that difficult - they don't look it, but if they're ultra-particular about certain things, maybe we should do it? Any opinions on that? I also noticed in another post that some people had applied for registration with their chosen state's nursing board before doing the skills assessment - is this a good idea? Does is make the process any quicker or easier, or does it not really matter which way round you do it? Thanks kindly for any advice you can give...I'm sure I'll be asking for plenty more in the not too distant future! Cas :cool: