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Found 74 results

  1. I recently received an invite to apply for the 189 as a clinical psychologist ANZSCO code 272311. I applied for this code because I have a doctorate in clinical psychology and this had been the profession I've been in since 2015 in the UK. When I had my skills assessment completed by APS, the form says this skills assessment can only be used for psychologist nec application ANZSCO code 272399. I did not apply for this code because my job description and role more closely match those of a clinical psychologist. When I look online it just says APS will assess skills but they only do an assessment to determine that your degree is comparable to the six year degree in Australia, I can not find how to get an assessment to determine specifically for clinical psychology. I'm unsure how to proceed and whether I can still apply for the 189 using the skills assessment I have. Has anyone else been in a similar boat?
  2. Adrian K.

    TRA Video Request

    Hi! My first post on here - so forgive me if this is in the wrong forum. I'm in the process of a skills assessment for a pastry cook and recently received a request for video evidence. The thing is I have no such video and there is no way I can get it, as my employers would never allow a camera onto the bakery floor. My agent says it is highly unusual that they would ask for video evidence as that is one of the more obscure options. What I'm wondering is, has anyone else had a similar experience? How did it pan out? I'm just wondering if they're building up to a rejection? Thanks for reading! Cheers, Adrian
  3. Chrisa2083

    Help I need advice!!

    Help I need advice and hopefully someone has been in a similar or same boat. I am a time served (UK recognised mechanical engineering apprenticeship with the UK MoD) engineer with nearly 17 years working for the U.K. MoD on systems undertaking strip / build / test maintenance tasks in accordance with maintenance manuals and processing check sheets. I also have lower level qualifications in this field but not to degree level (i.e. HNC and NC and SVQ Level 2 and 3 in Mechanical Engineering). Through this time I have also been responsible for ensure safe systems of work are adhered to and then followed for the last 11 years through line management ( supervisor) and now senior management as a site (300 personnel) safety manager. My dilema is would I receive a positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia in either Mechanical Engineering or Engineering Management given that I don't have a degree? Or should I be concentrating on the safety side of things? i know it is hard to say either an assessment would be successful or not as every one is different however there must be someone who has been in a similar circumstance?? i don't want to go to the expense of 1 or 2 skills assessments for both to be unsuccessful!! Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hey guys, I'm pretty worried; I had my skills assessed as an Industrial Designer with VetAsses, and had a positive result, so went ahead and applied for my 186 DE visa. The application has been in with a month, and I was just looking over my VetAsses letter for another random reason and noticed that the dates on the positive skills assessment are wrong. I've looked at my application and all employment documents i supplied and all point to the correct dates, yet for some reason they've invented dates on the letter. Either they made a mistake in typing up the letter, or botched the whole application. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone, and what the outcome was, as really looking to sort this ASAP. What's the likelihood VetAsses will just admit the mistake and reissue a correct letter? Any reply would be massively appreciated
  5. Collythekid

    Vetassess Processing Times 2014

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this, very good site! I recently (the last couple of days) have uploaded and sent off my Vetassess application. I am a Construction Project Manager. I hold a Masters, a Degree and a Diploma in Construction Project Management and I have 4 years Australian Experience as a Construction Project Manager. In Essence, I am by all means a Construction Project Manager. I have uploaded about 25 documents proving employment and all of my Educational Qualifications and results I am reading very nervous posts from last year stating 12-16 weeks process for Vetassess. My visa is up in April 22nd so obviously I need a quick turnaround on my Application. I have posted them a Urgency request form but I'm not too sure if this form is just kinda stapled to some page and left on someones desk for 3-4 months or if they actually hurry the process up. I rang them to confirm that payment has been made and when I check my Vetassess application online it says lodged but please wait 2-3 weeks for documents to be received. I understand they had a backlog before christmas but I am informed that they have no migrated their entire system to digital to quicken up the process. Anyone have any experience lately with them or any issues with them. I'm so baffled by the posts on here for 12-16 weeks process, it's not rocket science. Your help would be greatly appreciated folks! Many Thanks, Colly
  6. Carolann

    ANMAC Skills assessment

    Hi all, Does anyone have any timescale of how long anmac are taking to process a full skills assessment. I know their web page says around 12 wks but was hoping to find people who have experienced a quicker turnaround (forever the optimist). Their website also gives a case study of a nurse that had their positive skills assessment after 7 wks. We are using an agent based in Queensland to help us emigrate, but I have a deadline of having to have lodged my visa application before my 45th birthday on 15th August (need the 15 points). IELTS score 7 14/2/15, skills assessment commenced 13/4/15. All documents have been front loaded to our agents except for the medicals, as we don't have a HAP no. as yet. House is sold and all of our eggs are in the basket, so desperately hoping the skills assessment is quick and the invite is timely so that we can lodge the visa application. Has anyone had any other experience of applying for the subclass 190 visa? Its great to read everyone's experience. We all deserve medals for coping with the waiting! Carolann:rolleyes:
  7. Sean Matt

    ACS Skills Assesment

    Hello Everyone hope your doing good. I have a little concern which has been bothering me for a while now regarding the Australian Comp Society (ACS) skills assesment. Im planning on a regional residency application and I seem to have hit a road block with my qualifications. I have about 6.5 years experience as a Support Engineer and the only qualification i have post school is a Diploma in Hardware and Networking from a small college in Sri Lanka, now my question is as follows : Do the qualifications assessed by ACS need to be from a big shot university or college (or government one) or is it ok to apply with what i have ? I dont want to spend money and get a negative skills assesment just because my qualification is not from a star class college so if anyone has any info it would be very much appriciated.
  8. Hi I am on a roller coaster ride of points-building for a general skilled migration visa (190) and would really appreciate some help/advice. I need 10 points from my skills assessment/employment experience, but will just get 5 based on VETASSESS only stating the minimum requirements for the nominated profession (149913 - Facilities Manager), which is 3 years. I need to prove I have more than 5 years, which I do have. I accept my mistaken assumption of the VETASSESS outcome, but am now in a difficult position. I believe I can easily prove the extra years as the letters supplied to VETASSESS all clearly state I have been in the same job for almost 8 years. However, do I need to get VETASSESS to provide 'points test advice' to verify the extra years I need or can I rely on my own proof as described above? I am fast approaching 45 (Sept 15) and time is running out for me to maintain sufficient points to qualify for the visa. I have also watched my nominated occupation drop through the 'availability' spectrum. It is currently on 'LOW'. If it goes any lower, all my eggs in the one basket will be done for! So, should I risk proving the extra proof myself and that the DIBP might say they need the VETASSESS approval for the extra 2 years? OR should I risk going back to VETASSESS and that the Nominated Occupation falls off the list? :wideeyed: Please help if you can. Thank you!
  9. Hi All I'm just about to get my skills assessed with CPA and wondering someone please give me some guidance; 1. I'm not sure which ANZSEO Code to pick between General Accountant and Management Accountant - what do most people go for? I'm ACCA qualified and they say to pick whichever best describes your qualification but my qualification covers both 2. Is it true that you need to have a relevant degree in order to obtain the skills assessment and then later the visa? I didn't do a degree prior to my ACCA exams and started at the beginning of the ACCA instead of doing a degree and then gaining exemptions from the first few ACCA exams Is there any one who has been in the same situation that could let me know of their experience? 3. What is the difference between 189 and 190 visa? Is it just the state sponsorship? Can I select to get state sponsored on the 189 visa and if the option is there they grant it and if not, so be it? I'm so confused with all this and I can't afford to use an agent so I want to complete all myself Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. Hey everyone! Just come across this forum. Me and my partner are looking to migrate to Oz next year - he is a working electrician and I am self employed. I’ve been reading through all the information online and still find things a tad confusing. 2 things!! 1. We attended a Expo in Manchester and came across ‘Down Under Centre’ www.downundercentre.com - Anyone used or heard of them? They seem fairly local to us and good testimonials??!! 2. Did people go through their organisation and things all alone or use a company to help with organising and recommendations. I’m pretty sure we will go down the route of using a company to help. Will keep you guys updated on what we find out, if anyone has used them before please let me know!!!
  11. Hi, Today I have submitted my Skills Assessment Application to the Australian Computer Society (ACS). Can anyone please tell me what is current processing time of application? I have already have required IELTS bank so I am just waiting for ACS approval. Thanks
  12. can anyone suggest their experiences with Pearson Test Of English-academic?.. is it easier to get 8 band or >65 points in(pte) than ielts? i do know that the whole exam is conducted on computer and it is US based but i want to know how one goes about its preparation. i am curious to know from the people who enrolled in this exam thanks jonathan
  13. Hello all, I'm about to contact former employers in order to obtain reference letters according to the ACS format. The ACS does not ask for technologies used and projects worked on but I've gathered that a couple of people in forums say it helps to put those in as it would help the assessor assess your skills better. Is that right? Should I ask for this level of granularity in the references? Thanks, Kurt
  14. So this morning after worrying about it for so long I received some great news from Vic Uni - my skills assessment had been successful! Now that I have the skills assessment required and I got 8.5/8.5/8.5/8.0 for IELTS, I am now ready to submit an EOI for a skilled independent migration visa (189) as I have the 60 points required. Does anyone have any advice or anything to look out for when submitting my EOI? I'll also share my full experience with Vic Uni for those interested or in a similar position to myself. I am a 24 year old carpenter from Scotland. I qualified as a carpenter in September 2010 after a 4 year apprenticeship. After returning from a Working Holiday in Melbourne 2012/2013 staying with relatives, seeing their lifestyle and the opportunities for work in Melbourne I decided I'd like to move there. After a lot of research and gathering, the time came to submit all my documentary evidence to Vic Uni to start the skills assessment process. I submitted around 3/4 payslips (from a variety of different dates) for each employer (6) I had worked under since I qualified, I also got references from each employer and 2 supplied more detailed 'employment statements', as well as my TradeSet report and photographic work evidence w/ technical write-up. I posted all my evidence on May 21 2014 and it was received at their end on May 28 2014. On 11th June 2014 I received an email stating one of employment statements had to have more detail and I also needed a statutory declaration + letter from accountant confirming my self-employment for a period of 1 year and some alterations were needed to my photographic evidence. My advice would be to follow their guidelines completely, it was my fault that these items were missing from my package. After re-submitting my revised evidence on 19/6/14 I was informed on 2/7/14 I had been successful in the documentary evidence stage. A date (17/7/14) was arranged for my 2 hour Skype Interview for my skills assessment. I was rather nervous building up to this as I had been reading about people who had been in the trade for 15-25 years going for this assessment, I felt that my experience (or lack thereof) may hinder my ambitions. I would recommend to anyone who is going for this assessment to brush up on Australian Health and Safety as a lot of the questions he asked were related to this. Work Safe is a good website for research. The assessor was great, he understood the differences in terminology/technique etc and took this into account. The questions he asked were all from a booklet which was based on the candidate guideline you are given by Vic Uni in preparation for the assessment. I would highly recommend the service that Vic Uni provide for skills assessment, all of my emails were (generally) replied to within 24 hours and they walked me through the process step-by-step. I realise this is a bit of a passage to read but I appreciate it if you take the time to read it and have any advice regarding my EOI. Any questions regarding anything in this thread are welcome as well! Thanks, Steven
  15. Hi guys, would really appreciate it if someone could answer this: My student visa expires in about 5 weeks, will i be given a bridging visa even if the skills assessment is not ready? I have just finished my IT degree and have applied for a skills assessment to the acs. I will apply for a 485 TR visa today as it says proof that you have applied for skills assessment is enough to put a visa application(even if results are not ready). Also, If the answer is yes, and If i am on bridging visa and my skills assessment is negative, will I still have time to extend my course and enroll in a short course to make up for missing subjects that they need for positive assessment. Thanks
  16. Hi all, I am an electrician with 5 years experience in the power station industry (including 4 year apprenticeship program). I am thinking of applying for the one year working holiday visa for Australia, as I have heard of very good opportunities out there in the mines for electricians. What are the steps/processes I need to start to get the ball rolling? Some of my qualifications are; NVQ level 3 in electrical engineering technology maintenance HNC level 4 in Engineering City and Guilds level 3 wiring regs BS 7671 (2382) City and Guilds level 2 medium risk confined spaces Could anyone tell me what category of electrician I would be in Aus? Also would I still have to carry out the skills assessment for the working holiday visa? Thanks Jim
  17. I wondered if anybody has received a positive skills assessment for contracts administrator? I really don't want to spend all of the money (and time) on a skills assessment if I don't stand a chance and should be trying an alternative option! My work history is working as a Paralegal within contract law and I have a degree and postgraduate qualification in law. I am hoping to apply for state sponsorship in the NT and gain employment in a commercial contracts role. My previous role duties and tasks match at least half of the description for the ANZSCO description for contracts admin. However there are seperate categories for legal executives and legal clerks. I have read all of the information on the Vetassess website, but wanted an idea of just how strict they are. Particularly in what they deem 'highly relevant employment' as even after reading the key terms section it still leaves a lot to interpretation. Any help would be much appreciated :-)
  18. Hi All It is my understanding that under the skills select visa system for a 190 that actual work experience is not required, am I correct in assuming this? If you have a qualification from a Uni that is directly related to a category on the SOL and as long as you get the correct number of points for a EOI should this do? Some one I know has submitted their docs to VETASSESS to have the skills assessment completed but VETASSESS are asking for CV info and info related to the last 5 years of work. I understand that one can get points for years of work completed in the field post completion of qualification but has anyone had a positive skills assessment from VETASSESS directly after completing the qualification? Thanks i advance for any help
  19. Hi all, I have a few questions and I am hoping that someone may have an answers for me. I have a degree in Graphic Design from Curtin University, WA (from September 2013) but I do not have at least 1 year paid work experience instead I have some paid freelance graphic design jobs behind me and a year of voluntary design work done for the university. I have written my IELTS and will get my results on Thursday (I am sure I have passed) My questions are: Is it possible to still pass my skills assessment based on the work history I DO have? Has anyone passed skills assessment with little or no work experience but with an Australian qualification? Which migration agent is the best to approach who actually has successfully helped anyone achieve their skills assessment pass mark? I would be very grateful if anyone could help me in this area. Thanks :biggrin:
  20. Hi guys, after hours searching for informations on the internet here my post. I am a qualified chef in germany and since then worked 5 years as a chef ( 3 years chef de partie in new zealand, 5 months cdp in australia). I want to get a permanent residency visa cause my work and holiday expires in june. i found a sponsor here in rural victoria and was thinking to apply for a 186 visa. does anyone have experience with this visa? is it possible to get pr with a sponsor and direct entry? I am working as well on a skills assessment with tra. turns out they need heaps of informations to assess my skills. i have work references and payslips from the last 3 years but not before that. should be enough though as they write i need to proof 3 years of experience. I am struggling with the letter they want to explain in own words what i worked in each job. does it need to be really detailed? would be a few pages long per employer i guess. any help/experience on the 186/187 visa or skills assessment will be much appreciated. thanks Lucas
  21. I was pretty sure that I didn't need one, but now I'm not so sure. I have started the online application for my 187 visa and on page 11, it asks if I have a skills assessment. In the info for this question, it says that for the RSMS direct entry, a skills assessment is required for overseas qualified tradespeople at ANZSCO skill level 3. I have been nominated as 'Hotel Service Manager', specialising as front office manager, which according to ANZSCO is skill level 3: http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/lookup/91290F0C00EF0445CA2575DF002DA5AB?opendocument I studied for 2 years in England for a Foundation Degree in Hotel and Catering Management, which is equivalent to NVQ L5 or an Australian Diploma / Advanced Diploma. I have also previously discussed this with a migration agent, who said: ''Hotel Service Manager does not require a Skills Assessment but Olivia will need to demonstrate she meets the skill level to apply under that occupation. Hotel Office Manager requires Olivia to show evidence of Certificate III equivalent including at least 2 years' experience. At least 3 years' experience can however substitute the formal qualification.'' Any help / advice / direction would be appreciated, was i've already trawled the internet for answers.
  22. Robbouk

    Skills Select and Qualifications

    Hi Confused again, Visa 489 Does your 'highest qualification' have to be in your nominated profession for the points to count? The Australian Computer Society has already said my BTEC in Business & Finance does not count as towards a professional qualification when they are assessing my skills for a nominated Visa, which I cannot argue with, BUT completing the 'Expression of Interest', you are asked to enter your highest qualification, so is that for 'general education'? This is the passage that concerns me from http://skillselect.govspace.gov.au/2013/03/07/points-for-educational-qualification/ "Any other qualificationYou can receive 10 points for any other qualification or award which is recognised as suitable for your nominated occupation in your skills assessment by the relevant assessing authority." They certainly dont make this easy!!!!!!!
  23. Hi all, Ok, so in July 2011 I applied for skills assessment for 313214 - Telecommunications Technologist with Engineers Australia. I had originally queried with Eng Oz as I don't hold an Engineering degree. I actually hold a computing degree, but had worked in Telecoms for 7 years. They said that there shouldn't be any issues after explaining my situation. I sent my 52 page CDR and waited for a positive outcome. In November 2011 I received a 1 line letter telling me that I as unsuccessful and would be more suited to software development?!?! Anyway, after 3 months of disappointment I decided to lodge a very cleverly worded informal appeal. I didn't hear anything until October 2013, when I received an apology email out of the blue. They over turned my initial assessment! Wow! So now I have an official skills assessment. So anyway, I had kind of got my head out of Australia and dismissed the idea. On receiving the email, I was not too bothered, but now that I have been thinking about it, I'm getting the bug again! But now, I have no idea how much the emigration system has changed in 2 years (I'm guessing a lot!) So I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. 1) How long is my skills assessment valid for? 2) What is the process now? I seem to think that now you need to apply, so that you can apply. Is this correct? Is it possible to apply for permanent migration? 3) Does anyone know of any DWDM / SDH jobs in Perth, or have a good website link that can help those with a skills assessment only, to get a job and emigrate. I was brought up in Perth and my Father's side of the family are all out there - if only I had my Australian Citizen ship ;-) Thanks for your time, I'm totally out of touch with the process! Cheers Neil
  24. Hi all Anyone out there who can help with my query - my hubby is a Group Financial Controller, in his role for 5+ years. We are looking to emigrate to NSW SS visa under Accountant (General). He is sitting his IELTS this week. We were advised by an agent here in the UK (we're now going with George Lombard in Oz by the way) to dumb down his CV and any workplace testimonials for his skilled employment assessment by the CPA so that it didn't reflect all the higher level stuff he does. Otherwise, he could be considered a Finance Manager - which is a different ANZCO code and not on the list for skilled migration. Has anyone else had to do this? Am I also right in assuming that as we will be claiming 15 points for skilled employment (and 15 points for his ACCA qualification = bachelors degree comparable) that we will need CPA to assess his skilled employment at the same time as his qualification? It's no problems getting his CV and testimonials to show that he does the role of Accountant General as per the ANZCO code criteria, it just seems a strange thing to have to do - considering he is very very well qualified and then some....it does stipulate that skilled employment has to be at the appropriate level...I guess this is why we have to do it? Thanks guys in advance for any input
  25. Ssandy

    Help with Skills Assessment

    Hi Friends I'm new to this forum. I want to know if I'm eligible to apply for 313112 ICT Customer Support Officer or 313199 ICT Support Technicians nec. I'v done my MBA in HR/Marketing and B.com (computers), but I got a job as customer support executive job and I continued with that job for 5 years 7 months. Is it good to go for VETASSESS skill assessment with the experience that I've gained? Thank you in advance :smile: