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Found 40 results

  1. Hi all, Was hoping someone could help. My boyfriend is just going through skills assessment for a joiner ( visa 189). We have references and proof of employment for 7y and 9 months- so just short of 8 y to get extra points. Assessment may take up to 11 weeks, so by then we should have those extra 3 m to take him to 8y. When we submit EOI , can we only claim those 7 y and 9 m that are being assessed or can we add an extra evidence to show 8 y ? Skills assessment people told us yes so can claim more later on, so we submitted the application without waiting those 3 m to take us over 8 y. But now they say they are not sure.. told us to speak to our migration agent, but we don’t have one as trying to do without ( as it costs a lot L ) Anyone knows how this works? Thanks in advance! Andana
  2. Anyone here who apply in 2017 after march before change the rules july 2017 and any good news
  3. Hi, I have applied for a skilled Visa under an ICT Analyst (I'm a Business analyst in my field) but I have no computer related qualifications so need to complete a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). I think I have over thought the document as I am in a complete mess over it. How does it need to be written? Does it need to be 3rd person? Does it need to be really technical? I have so many questions...... If someone has completed one and has any advice it would be really appreciated.
  4. Katie Carter

    The IELTS test and the point system

    My husband is the main applicant for a skilled 189 visa however, he is taking the IELTs test for extra bonus points but he is underconfident about how he will do. I wish to take the exam aswell in the hope that my points will also count towards the visa application. Can anyone clarify for me the following, will my test results gain points (provided they are proficient or superior) for the visa or am I taking an unnecessary exam that won't be counted in the points test. As you can see my quality of grammar is very rushed in this post haha! my apologies!:biglaugh:
  5. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/policy/bid-to-keep-out-dentists-fails-in-visa-shakeup/story-fn59noo3-1226953823161 From today's The Australian newspaper: The Abbott government will slash the number of foreign accountants able to get permanent visas but local dentists have failed in a bid to impose new restrictions on their overseas counterparts working in Australia. The government decision to cut the number of foreign accountants came after the Australian Workplace and Productivity Agency rejected a bid by the Department of Employment to have accountants removed from the Skilled Occupation List. The agency recommends annually which occupations be added or *removed. Foreign workers whose occupation is on the list can apply for a permanent visa without requiring a sponsor. Documents seen by The Weekend Australian show the department told the agency that its research showed “there continues to be a surplus of qualified accountants’’ in Australia. But the agency said the department’s was the only one of seven submissions it received that called for accountants to be removed from the list. Among arguments in support of foreign accountants was that changes to taxation law and regulations would increase demand. “Pending repeals of the carbon tax and the mineral resources rent tax were cited as examples of initiatives which will drive further demand for accounting services, along with changes to superannuation laws,’’ the agency said. Under the general skilled *migration program, professionals and other skilled migrants can enter Australia without being sponsored by an employer. While they have to nominate an occupation on the skilled occupation list, there is no obligation for them to work in that occupation. The government has capped the program at 43,990 skilled visas next financial year. For each of the professions on the list, the number of positions available is capped at 6 per cent of the occupation’s workforce. After the agency agreed to *reduce the cap for accountants to 4.5 per cent, the Assistant Minister for Immigration, Michaelia Cash, said the government had decided to reduce the cap further to 3 per cent. Senator Cash said the new *occupational ceiling would limit the number of accountancy places to about 5000 next financial year. “Lowering this ceiling will not only ensure that the allocation of the program remains appropriate to Australia’s ... needs, but will safeguard other in-demand occupations ... from being crowded out from excessive *accountant applications,’’ she said. The government has backed the agency’s recommendation to keep dentists on the list and maintain the cap at 6 per cent, meaning up to 942 foreign dentists will be able to obtain permanent visas next financial year. About 15,700 dental practitioners are employed in Australia, with non-citizens making up 15.2 per cent compared with an 11 per cent average across all professional occupations. According to the agency, there has been a 41 per cent growth in dental employment over the past five years, with employment growth expected to rise 20 per cent over the next five years. But the number of graduates employed full-time has fallen 20 per cent over the past years, including a 6.1 per cent fall between 2012-13. => If you are an Accountant and want to migrate to Australia, I suggest you secure an expedited skills assessment, and ensure you are claiming all the points you reasonably can if you are not going for a State sponsored skilled visa. Best regards.
  6. Hi, I'm currently level 2 NVQ qualified in carpentry, will be level 3 NVQ May 2015. Looking to work in Oz for a few years, moving September 2015. Hoping to get a sponsored visa, ideally a 457, as I don't want to do regional work. However, it appears you have to undergo a TRA assessment before applying for a visa. Does anyone know if this costs? Or is there any way to get around this? Is there an easier way to be able to work for up to 4 years, without having to do regional work? Does anyone have any advice on the best route or path to take? thanks Sam
  7. If you got to Australia on a working holiday visa, is there any way of training in a certain job when you get to Australia to get experience and skills to get a skilled job to then get sponsored? or is that impossible and would it be too hard to find those jobs when you're on a working holiday visa? I want to go to move to Australia from the UK and I don't want to marry an Australia either as I'll be going to Australia with my girlfriend from the UK. I've only got experience in call centre and admin work and my girlfriend only has experience in being a support worker so we don't really qualify .. any help?
  8. LittleRebecca

    Study Nursing in Australia or UK

    I am considering studying Nursing in Australia (well I started but dropped out). Would I be better studying in the UK or Australia with regards to getting a long term visa for Australia? I was 28 in Feb so I reckon my age will also be a problem.
  9. I thought some readers of the forum would be interested in the following extract from newly published DIAC policy on the SkillSelect model: To ensure that every EoI has a unique ranking, equally scoring EoIs will be separated by the date and time at which the intending migrant met all eligibility factors and points test score for a given subclass. The time of effect will be updated each time the intending migrant amends their EoI resulting in a change to their points test score or eligibility for a subclass. If an intending migrant changes their information, but it does not change their points score or eligibility, this will not alter their date of effect for the purposes of ranking against a particular subclass of visa. The ranking of an EoI will also change if SkillSelect determines that the intending migrant is no longer eligible for a particular visa or claims against the points test have changed resulting in a higher or lower points test score - for example, if the intending migrant: • has completed an EoI for a subclass 189 visa and • has a birthday and turns 50 (exceeding the maximum age permitted) they are no longer eligible to complete an EoI for a Subclass 189 visa. Ranking is an objective and automatic process, conducted by SkillSelect daily in order to facilitate the issue of an invitation with no intervention by departmental staff. The ranking is based on the information provided by the intending migrant. An example of how the points score of an EoI for a given subclass would change due to an intending migrant updating their details is as follows: An intending migrant submitted a complete EoI for a subclass 189 Skilled - Independent visa on 1 August 2012. They claimed a points score of 55, which included 10 points for their trade qualification. They later completed a bachelor degree, and on 10 September 2012 at 0911 hours and 13 seconds AEST Australian Capital Territory, updated their EoI to claim an additional 5 points for this qualification. Hence for the purposes of ranking the EoI, the date of effect is 10 September 2012 at 0911 hours 13 seconds with a points score of 60 points. This change does not effect the date of submission of their EoI, which is still valid for 2 years from the original lodgment date of 1 August 2012, when they submitted their EoI for the first time. Periodically invitations will be issued to the top ranking EoIs for intending migrants seeking to apply for an independent or family sponsored skilled visa. Best regards.
  10. [h=2]Thanks for your time spent reading this thread. My partner and I are off to Perth 8th September 2012. I am a qualified primary school teacher who has been teaching in the UK for 2 years. We are going over to Aus on a working holiday visa. Will I be able to teach in schools in Perth and would we be able to stay permanently in the country if I am accepted for a skilled visa? My partner works in retail and does not have any of the skills on the list. Can she still stay with me I am accepted for the skilled visa? Thanks for your time. Ross and Sarah[/h]
  11. Hi there, We're currently gathering everything to submit our Visa to move to WA but the skill we were using for an AQF qualification has just been taken off the list! Argh! We're now wondering whether to apply for another state, ie Victoria, Southern or Northern but WA is really where we want to be as our family are already settled there. Is there anyone else having the same problem or can anyone recommend where else is good to move for telecommunications work? We'd even consider fly in, fly out from WA if that was acceptable! Many thanks for any help! :cute:
  12. dannymull

    Gas Fitter?

    (first post, not sure if I'm in the correct area?) I’m going to try and process a visa application without using an agent. Ideally, I’d prefer to use one but need to keep the cost down. I’ve noticed how very helpful members are & hopefully, someone can help me….. Gas Fitter? Can anybody let me know if they have a similar working background. I’m a Gas Safe registered engineer and work on industrial and commercial heating (gas and oil) such as warm air htrs, force draft burners, process burners, & all types of boilers inc steam. I have been told by two separate people at Oz Expos that I’ll have to do an assessment on plumbing? I could do it, but I’m more familiar with 6” pipe than 10mm pipe (& especially plumbing bathrooms) - does this sound right? Trades on the SOL that I could be in (I think)? Gas Fitter 334114 AirCon & Mechanical services plumber 334112 Production or Plant Engineer 233513 Industrial Engineer 233511 The Vatasses – once you’ve passed them, do they expire? ie Do I have to lodge my visa application within a time scale of passing or being recognised for competence. Thank you.
  13. Guest

    What level of NVQ?

    After being ripped off by an oz agent, and loosing all of our money, and missing out on pathway D for the skilled visa, due to the agent, I have obviously been very dissapointed and annoyed how this could happen to us! :arghh:I have been looking at other options which have resulted in dead ends for us. I have found that the only way, unless anyone has any ideas, is for my husband Gary, to go and get an NVQ in joinery and start again under the skilled visa. Sponsorship is not an option due to the school fees we would incur. He is a time served joiner of 22 years, corgi and electrical qualified and registered. His main trade is joinery, he fits kitchens, so it makes sense that he goes down that avenue rather than the elects or plumbing. What level of NVQ would be needed to Gary to get the skilled visa? Is NVQ the best qualification for him to obtain or will oz accept anything else? If so what? I would appreciate any help or advice. At the moment we are getting the house sorted and the visa money together, again, so I don't have an agent at the mo. Expensive time in the current climate! I am very wary though of who to use if any!! We have resided to the fact that it may take 2 years, esp if Gary has to get an NVQ, madness with 22 years behind him. So I don't fancy paying an agent at the mo when we don't have the right paperwork in order. I want to apply and have everything there ready so there's no hold ups!! Ideas and experience appreciated!
  14. Hello to everyone who is applying for one of the above State/Territory general skilled migration visa classes. I had some very encouraging news from Gollywobbler AKA Gill re how quickly applications with a successful State & Territory Nomination were being allocated to a case officer. I asked the same question of our agent ASA consultants who said there was no real evidence of things speeding up. I would like to start this thread for people who have appled for one of the above visa classes after the 1st Jan 2009 and if people can update it when they have any news it would help all who are still anxious on processing times. Thanks to all
  15. Hi everyone :wacko: We are new to pio, and just wanted to know if anyone can let me know what is the best option, for my partner to get a job sponser (he is a plumber) or to go through the route of the skilled visa apllication. We have two children 1 & 5, and just want to get to oz (brisbane) sooner the better, and having spoken with the embassy know that the visas are taking about 12-18 months. If my partner was to get a job offer how long can the process take then? Also if my partner got sponsered does this mean i can work, and do we then get perm residency, or can we not apply for that until a year or two later Thanks for your help in advance x