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Found 151 results

  1. Guest

    Skill Migration

    I am on independant skilled migration process. Lodged the CDR 2 days before. How long will it take for the whole process to get PR?
  2. Guest

    Skill Assessment Question

    I am just in the process of filling out the skills assessment paperwork for The Australian Institute of Management. I want to make my application as strong as I possibly can and am considering hiring the services of a HR Consultant to this end. Has anyone had experience of this? Would anyone recommend a consultant who has experience in this area?
  3. Today while uploading the documents for my 175 application when i was going to attach the copy of skill assessment, found two options in the field DOCUMENT TYPE : 1. Evidence of Skills Assessment 2. Evidence of Suitable skills assessment. Can anyone please clarify what is the difference between the two and under which type i should upload my copy of positive skills assessment ?
  4. Guest

    skill assessment concerns

    Hi, My husband keeps stalling with getting our visa app started....he's worried about the skills assessment. He's often had people misinterpret what he does (programming) and expect him to create things he has no idea how to do! He thinks that the skills assessment will be the same!! I've told him they'll only test him on what he SAYS he can do, but still he keeps dragging his feet with getting it organised. Has anyone got any advice or words of encouragement/reassurance that I can show to him? Cheers
  5. The Pom Queen

    Perths Skill Crisis

    Perth patients struggling to access dental services and diners frustrated by slow service at understaffed local restaurants could be about to get a reprieve, if a new Federal Government plan to loosen skill restrictions on foreign workers proves a success. Under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, Perth will be reclassified as a regional employment hardship area giving employers access to a pool of 16,000 sponsored visa places. That means like employers in the Pilbara or Kimberley, Perth businesses will be able to sponsor semi- skilled workers including dental assistants, hospitality workers, teacher's aids and child and aged care workers. The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Chris Bowen says broadening the range of workers eligible for such visas is necessary to cope with a breadth of staff shortages. "Skills shortages are not limited to mining projects, with opportunities for Australians in the resources sector leading to local skills shortages in other parts of Western Australia, particularly Perth," he said. "This will provide employers with another, easier avenue to recruit the skilled workers they need from overseas and give temporary visa holders in Perth a more streamlined pathway to permanent migration." The English language benchmark for foreign workers will be lowered under the proposal. The State government and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry have welcomed the proposed scheme. The CCI's James Pearson says business has been calling for the change for some time. "A recognition by the Federal Government of the enormity of the challenge facing WA businesses as they struggle for more workers to meet the increasing demands, not just of our resources industry but of economic growth more generally in the state," he said.
  6. doing a geographical

    chef skill pathway for 856 2 questions

    Hi all, I'm on a 457 visa as a chef. Since I've been approved as a chef already, do I need to do the TRA skills test for the 856 PR application. If not, great. If so... I've been a chef for about 9 years but have no formal chef qualifications. I've got good experience tho and definately think i'm up to AFQ3. Problem I think is lack of evidence. I'm not sure which skill pathway I should go for on the TRA application (for 856 visa). I have an HND in International Hospitality Management (which included practical formal training, but not in an NVQ sense). But most of my experience is informal training. It says in the smallprint on the TRA website that I can do Statutory Declarations to document any experience that I cant prove. Will pages and pages of these with my HND do? I know its not an easy question, any help would really be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
  7. Hi, I am planning to apply for ACS skills assessment for my 176 visa application under NSW state sponsorship or the 175 visa. My nominated application is Software Engineer, but my current work is SAP Functional Consultant for the last 12 months but I have been working as a software engineer for 7 years prior that. The confusing part is that for me to be eligible to either 176 or 175 visa, that I should be working for 12 months for the last 24 months under the nominated category. I presume that SAP Functional Consultant and Software Engineer falls on two different categories, so if I nominate software engineer, will I not qualify for this visa as I have been working as a SAP Functional Consultant for 12 months in the last 24 months? I cannot nominate my SAP work experience which I presume would be under Business Analyst as I have only 1 year of experience. Please advise me what to do as I am a bit hesitant whether to pursue my skills assessment because of this issue.
  8. Guest

    Skill assessment please help

    We have been told that my hubby will need a skill assessment code number341113 . Only he don't do the skill assessment and can't help us where can I find an agent for this . I feel like we not getting anywhere with this every time we move a step further we right back at the start please help . Many thanks jacqui
  9. Hi Guys, I have served in the Royal Navy and since leaving I have been in sales, ranging from car sales to financial advice in Abu Dhabi and I am now a sales manager for a company in the UK. as you can see I have no 'skill' set that is listed on the SOL list, are there any other methods of how I can get to move to Australia? Also does any one know the process of getting step kids out to oz? hope to hear from you. Lee
  10. Guest

    Which skill?

    As I discussed in my previous thread I am consdiering PR in Australia. However, as I am un-skilled I am wondering what I "could" do. IT is something which I am good at but the more I read, the more I get put off that route. Gaining the necessary IT qualifications would take several years, plus then I would need several year experience behind me. I was also looking at the Electrician (General), would a City & Guilds 2357-13 qualification be sufficient to qualify for this? Any other suggestions I could do which I can fast track and get some experience behind me?
  11. siandsu

    skill description change

    Hope someone can help. Am trying to complete a state sponsor form and cant find my occupation on the list. In the origional DIAC application my skill is described as "Sheet Metal Worker (First Class)" However, I think they've changed it to "Sheet Trades Worker" Am in hope someone can shed light on my dark corner. Thanks in anticipation.....
  12. Leyteris77

    Plumber skill assessment from Greece

    Hallo there, I am asking for a friend of mine who is plumber here in greece and he wants to migrate to Australia. As I found from both Vetassess and TRA web sites the only way to have an ofshore skill assessment is if you are from a list o a specific countries (Greece is not included of course). In this case what should he do? How can he apply for a visa without getting a skill assessment? Thank you!!!
  13. Guest

    AAT skill assessment

    Hi Everyone, I have completed my AAT (Association of Accounting Technician) course and have five years of experience as Payable Accountant. I am also doing my ACCA part time (I haven't completed my ACCA yet.) Now, I would like to move to Australia permanently. Please advise me, if I can apply for skill assessment for migration to Australia (Subclass 176). If yes, where should I start, ICAA or CPA website. Will AAT be considered as overseas trade diploma? Many Thanks in advance
  14. Hi folks I have got my state sponsorship today and now i need to apply for 176 with DIAC. My problem is that the validity of my skill assessment from ANMC is expiring on 27 May 2011. is it ok if i lodge an online application today or they insist certain period of validity for all documents attaching?. i did send an email to DIAC but they replied with pre printed text nothing specific to my case. Thanks
  15. Hey guys, I am preparing for my skills assessment with the ACS. As we all know that we need a ref letter from our employers. I found this certain template regarding the stuff that the ref letter should contain which is as follows: This Reference should: · - show the official company or government department letterhead of the organization which employed you · - show in the letterhead the full address of the company, any telephone and fax numbers, email and website addresses · - be from your supervisor or the manager of the human resources department –references from colleagues at the same level or below are not suitable · be signed by an authorized person whose name and position is typed or stamped below the signature – a signature which cannot be identified will not be accepted and include the following information: o the direct contact number of the person writing the reference o the exact period of employment o the required working hours per week o whether that employment was permanent or temporary o whether the employment was full-time or part-time o the position(s) held o the main duties undertaken o the salary earned o Positions should not be described by generic titles, but according to the nature of the duties undertaken. Is this information sufficient ? Please assist.
  16. Took my skills assessment this morning via skype to perth, nervous to start to with , but was completley put at ease when examiner said, we don't give out interviews unless we're serious about putting them through after reading references and viewing photo's. Things to read up on are health and saftey on spit guns and platform scaff, he asked me to explain current work and whats involved and did i have questions for him, good idea to have one. all lasted around twenty mins and a lot simpler than taking manual test. Hope this helps
  17. 2adults2cheekykids

    ANMC Skill assessment??

    Hi does anyone know if i can apply for the skill assessment without my IELTS results through or will i have to wait until its finalised? Thanks Hayley
  18. Guest

    Quality bit of skill!

    You gotta see this! [YOUTUBE]4TshFWSsrn8&feature[/YOUTUBE]
  19. Hi all, Well..unfortunately I do not qualify (according to ACS) for a skills assessment because I do not have 4 years experience on top of my qualifications ;o( So Plan B!.. My partner will now become the primary applicant and myself the secondary. But we are unsure which VETASSESS SOL she should nominate.... She holds a 4 year degree and an MBA from an university in Australia. She has worked now as a Market Research Analyst for the last two years. However, this is not what her studies entailed. And according to the VETASSESS "Work experience is not assessed by VETASSESS as part of this process." So our question...what SOL should she nominate? Or is it possible to nominate "Market Research Analyst" and include a cover letter and reference stating she has worked as one for the last two years? We are really unsure how to proceed! Any help much appreciated! Cheers G
  20. Hi to everyone on here! my question is my husband recieved his certificate lll in bricklaying from vetassess back in 2009 but we had to put our plans on hold for family reasons, now all sorted my hubby has a job offer and offering sponsorship we now need to know if he has to do his skill assessment again! He did actually ring vetassess a few months ago asking this question and they told him that it doesn't run out but i have been reading some threads on here and they hint that they are only valid for certain amount of time, quite confused would really appreciate some info :confused:! thanx!:hug:
  21. I am expecting an outcome for my sponsorship application from Queensland by May 15th only and so i can't lodge application with DIAC till that. My skill assessment is expiring on 28th May 2011. Does that mean i can lodge an application with DIAC till 28th of May 2011?
  22. Hi , sat here today looking at a few peeeps who have agents and who seem to be hitting their heads against a brick wall with them ie wait for a week .....or in my case diac are very busy at the mo :eek:. I know i haven't waited long but wondered if i could check status . Poor hubby is waiting to hand his notice in ( he has to give 12 months notice ) so just wondered if anyone has filled this online form out who had a agent. General Skilled Migration Post-Lodgement Enquiry Form As anyone who has an agent ...took it on themselves to fill in the form online ? To check status .....if you did what did you put for this question Are you the client's agent or authorised recipient? (REQUIRED) yes or no ? Hope you understand what i mean Brides x
  23. Hi This was on the new tonight, just thought it might at least give some of you a boost as things slowed for lots of people for a while Skilled migrants to tackle state's skill shortages - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  24. Help I need data on why there is a demand for Bricklayers in Aus and why the prospects are better than in UK? What is the sustainability of Trade etc.... Does anyone know a Government website? I know a weird request Many thanks sharon:GEEK:
  25. Hi my name is Alex. Can anyone help me please with my question. I live in Ireland for 10 years and working as fibrous plasterer all this time. What qualification do I need to pass skill assessment in this occupation? How can I prove it? Looking forward for your answer. Thank you.