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Found 63 results

  1. bristolianpasty

    EOI?? Skill Assessment?!

    had a look online about starting the process, and all i could make out from it (other than going around in circles being overwhelmed with paragraphs of rubbish) is i would have to register an EOI?? i tried doing this via the skillselect website, but now its saying i can't register as i need to do a skill assessment...?!:mad: iv looked everywhere online about these assessments and cant find any info on them?!?! does anyone know how i go about it? and if it can be done from the UK? im an electrician looking to move to adelaide area.. thanks!
  2. bonza2211

    Who was your assessing authority?

    Hi Guys, Some feedback please? For Skill select (ENS186) / EOI 1. Who was the assessing authority? 2. How many years of your work-ex was assessed by the authority? 3. In relation to #2 for the 3 years work-ex requirement for DIAC, does that have to be assessed or you can submit the original employment letters regardless of whether it was assessed or not? Thanks Bonza
  3. Hi This is my first post here. I'm a developer programmer with 16 years o experience. I didn't complete the graduation, though. I'm planing to assess my skills and work experience through RPL. So, I can get 10 points for the skills and 10 for 8 years plus experience. Next year I'll get a degree in a closely related area, so I can assess the degree with ACS and update my skills on skillselect and get 15 points in place of ten points from RPL. Am I right? Any thoughts? I'm worried about the work experience, am I going to face any trouble? Is DIAC going to consider my experience as skilled? Thanks in advance!
  4. Guest

    ANMAC Processing Time

    Hi everyone, I know that on the ANMAC official website, they state that it takes about 14 weeks for a skill assessmen to be processed. Just wanting to know, for those of you who received your positive skill assessment recently, 1.how long did it ACTUALLY take? 2.And how long did it take for you to receive the letter afterward? (and where it's posted to.) I think a lot of people would be interested in this. Thanks in advance.
  5. I’ve lodged onshore 457 visa as a metal fabricator and my company’s nomination has been approved. i have provided my qualification (european diploma in welding) and employment references for relevant experiences for about 2 and a half yrs (2 yrs in Belgium and 6 months in Oz). now the case officer ask me to provide further evidence to prove i have the necessary skills according to ANZSCO, but i’m from belgium there’s no skill asseessment avaivable to me (already called and told by TRA). does that mean my visa will be refused because i don’t have australian qualification or 3 yrs relevant experience (from ANZSCO) is there any other way to prove i have the necessary skills? Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks in advance! robbi9
  6. Hi guys! New here. Been reading some posts for the last few days and wondering if I could get some feedback! Basically, long term, long distance but fully committed boyfriend and I want to finally live in the same place. But also have the freedom to come and go together or separately, travelling here and there. I just finished three years of training as a nurse last year so had no way of living near him, and he was paying off a mortgage by working in the arctic. Needless to say, both my UK and his Australia will not accept this as a full time committed relationship by their criteria. I now have a years experience as a nurse and was thinking of the 189 visa, so that I'm not committed to a particular State, work-wise. This new scheme is baffling me a little. It seems to want all the paperwork done and ready, i.e., medicals, ielts, skill assessment. But the medical quotes I've received want an application number off me before they can proceed. I want to know I've got my planning in the right order because I know if you get an invite to an expression of interest, you are time limited to reply with the full whack of documents. But then again i dont want stuff like medicals and ielts tests to expire if its a long wait. And at what point do I need to apply for nursing registration? If this whole process takes years, i could have to renew it before even using it. What a pig. Talking of long waits, im beginning to think my original idea of getting hitched is much more straightforward, faster, but he doesn't believe in marriage. I'd still have to jump thru a few hoops to get nursing registrstion, but at least I could do that with residency already in place. Soooo, sorry bout the rambling, but if anyone's got experience of getting their stuff together for thus new 188 visa who can share the process with me, that'd be great. And nurses, did you have to get all your medicals, ielts, nursing skills assessment, etc done before submitting an EoI? Cheers guys! Vix
  7. Dear all,My partner has 55 points and I'd like to try contribute additional 5 points using my qualifications to our EOI to qualify for the 190 visa. He has already completed skill assessments, IELTS, etc.I am an ACCA affiliate and I also obtained the Oxford Brookes University Degree which was offered by ACCA after completion of Part 2 of their exams. I worked with one of the big 4 accounting firms after I graduated for about 2.5 years as an associate consultant in the tax department (2005-2007). However, I became self-employed in an unrelated field after that. Does applying for skill assessment require work experience to be taken into account for partner points? Or will the qualification be sufficient? Do I apply for ICAA's combined assessment (skill and experience - $500) or do I apply for CPA's skill assessment - $475 without experience assessment? What are my chances (if I get through IELTS)? We have already spent considerable on agent fees and application fees beginning of this year which is why I'm hesitant and would rather apply for the assessment myself than pay the agent to. I'd appreciate if anyone can share their experience. Thanks Thanks
  8. Guest

    Skill Assessment Issues

    Hi, I have applied for Skilled Visa ,(PR) for Australia, the very step is Skill Assessment . I have Submitted all my Educational and Professional Document. Now I am facing the issue with Experience Certificate, I left the company in year 2005, and got my relieving letter , which mentioned, My Employee Number, Date of joining , Date of Leaving , My Position in the company. that is what they provide as per their Policy. Now Skills Assessment Cell says , I need to get the Detailed Roles and Responsibilities on Company's Letter head. I got the Reference , Role and Responsibility , with my colleague in the Company, However they do not have Authority to give on Company letter Head. Company can only give me Relieving Letter , as I have left the compnay . If I would be the Current Employee , they could have given me the Detailed Certificate, but not after leaving. Please Suggest What can I do? I am told the even the affidavit of the Colleague's Reference would not work. I have all my documents, but due to this issues my skill Assessment is not progressed. Please help me. Thanks Azra
  9. having meandered through the wealth of information on here, and pored over DIAC and skill select, looked at possible nominated skills and assessment bodies, I have got myself hopelessly lost... My partner and I wish we had made the move years ago, as we now find ourselves at aged 46 and 47, with two children, wondering if we have missed the boat. My partner has an Aunt and cousins in Oz, but unfortunately they are in Wollongong, so that looks like a non starter. Partner was across last month on a visit to them, and he was 'offered a job', the guy said he would do the paperwork next day and he would start the following week, work for two years in the outback then qualify for citizenship, meaning we could go to Oz that way. I had my doubts, as it would have meant a life changing decision within hours, so said no. He came home with tail between his legs... My partner has a wealth of work experience, including HM Armed Force, but no formal qualifications. I have formal management qualifications, but looking at the skills assessment and the job titles available, the three job categories that I could fall under are assessed by three different assessing bodies. Looking at the new SOL, two of them are still there, but waiting on the ENSOL list may throw up the third. Should I just aim at getting one assessment with AIM? Talking through the possible move, our dream would be to be situated close to our relatives, but would really consider anywhere in Australia short term. Not sure though, that it is all just a dream that should really be put to bed once and for all, or whether this is worth pursuing. A question I have about visas - if we were fortunate enough to be successful in finding the right route - if it all hinged on, say, regional sponsorship on my abilities, would I have a set period in Oz to prove that I have managed to get a job, or would my partner be able to get a job without me having one? Any help, suggestions would be great.
  10. I had my Skills assessed by ACS and the assessment recognised my Bachelors of commerce as comparable to Aus Bachelors degree with insufficient ICT content and therefore doesnt meet requirements for a qualification as prescribed in PIM3. ACS however recognised my Work Experience. I am once again considering applying for skill assessment (261112 SYSTEMS ANALYST) and also filled the PASA Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) doco in which I have to submit Project reports. My Qualification (Bachelors of Commerce ) and RPL and Work Exp (6 Yrs 2 Mths relevant skill) are now ready for Skills assessment.. I consulted this with a lawyer and his opinion is that the ACS may award a skill assessment but may knock off a couple of Yrs from my W.Exp setting off the ICT content. This will make me unable to apply for PR under subclass 175 as I may lose points for my W.Exp. Is this correct.. Opinions pls..
  11. Hi all PIO users, I need help and fast. I have applied for two visas nowthe first was off my own back and was for a 176 gsm visa that I fell short ofthe pass mark by 5 points and was put in the pool. I then had an agent get intouch with me to say that she had got my details from DIAC and had a job for apanel beater for me was I intrested. I said yes and started the processtransfering the payment of first visa over to this new RSMS 119 visa, thenominations all got passed fine by the SA goverment and the DIAC. I then hadthe bombshell droped on me the agent emailed me to say that the visa had beenrefused as the skills assessment that I had used on the 176 visa was for aspray painter and the job offer on the 119 visa is for a panel beater. I amactually qualified in both and got the pappers to prove it. I was told thatunder the PAM conditions that a spray painter and panel beater would have beenallowed as they are closly related occupations. What do I do from here do I appeal the decision and go to tribunal or do Istump up the money for another visa and have the nomination changed to suit myskill assessment, Not forgeting that I need a new application in by the firstof july as then I would need a new skill assessment as my one now is a TRA andnot the new vetessa one. Any comments, help or people that have gone throughthe same thing and came through it Please help. Thanks in advance Roo
  12. Hello all, Has anyone had to apply for their skilled employment assessment for the occupation of a General Accountant to satisfy their basic recent work experience requirement? Is this assessment even required if you are not claiming any points for experience, but merely wish to satisfy the basic recent work experience requirement? How harsh are CPA or DIAC when it comes to assessing one's actual duties vs. ANZSCO duties prescribed for the Accountant occupation?
  13. Hi, My wife is wrking as Computer Faculty since April 2005 in Govt. High School (Punjab School Education Board). Till July 2011 the post was contractual, but full time and paid. Now it is equivalent to Vocational Lecturer. She holds M.Sc. IT, MCA (lateral entry into 3rd year after MSc) completed in 2004. From which agency can we get her skills assessed? Will she be eligible under GSM or any chances of getting positive skill assessment?