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Found 63 results

  1. Hello, I am a new member. I will be applying for a skill assessment for the "Developer Programmer" role. I was wondering if anyone can provide me a sample of an Employment reference for this role. I have the format provided by ACS and also ANZSCO job description. But just need to know how detailed the employment reference needs to be. Is is sufficient to have the points mentioned in the ANZSCO job description or do we need to go into details of technology, etc? If anyone has a sample employment reference letter or any other information that would help, it would be great. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi All, Below is my situation. I was working for organisation A for 6 years and 8 months till December 2013. In February, i Joined Organisation B at the same designation (Senior Business Analyst - IT - 261111). In May, i had my skill assessment done, but in my naivety, as i did not want to inform my employer that i'm planning on migrating to Australia, i only showed the reference letter from my previous employer i.e. 6 years and 8 months. I got my assessment result in June, and ACS deducted 2 years making my experience 4 years and 8 months. I recenly got my ielts result and got a band of 8 (min 7.5 so 10 points). So here is my points Age - 30 Qualification - 15 English - 10 Job - 5 / 10 if current experience is counted. I want to now, whether i should go ahead and show my current experience which is 9 months now making overall 5 years and 5 months, despite that my current experience has not been assessed by ACS. Would diac accept if i show them the reference letter and salary proofs from current employer. Cheers
  3. vmadhav531

    ACS Skill Assessment - Queries

    Hi Guys, I have submitted the required docs(personal details - passport, Educational details - Graduation completion certificate and transcript, Employment details - Self declaration (Notarised), references from my previous company and current employer confirming my responsibilities and designation (notarised). I have received an email from ACS to submit additional documents as below Please Note: the ACS is unable to accept letters of appointment, self-statutory declarations or contracts as employment references’’ You will need to provide third party statutory declarations that have been properly witnessed along with one of the following; Certified copy of Payslip - preferable first & last payslip Certified copy of Human resource statement or Service Certificate Certified copy of Termination Letter with corresponding dates I do have service certificate of mine as well as my colleagues who referred me. Could someone shed some light on statement " (You will need to provide third party statutory declarations that have been properly witnessed along with one of the following;") on what needs to be done for this (as i already submitted notarised third part statutory declaration with their signatures as well) Thanks for your help
  4. Hi men I have got the copies of degree and employment letters attested from Notary Public in India. I addition will be sending the original transcripts received from my University to Notary Public in India. In order to provide evidence of skilled employment to Engineering Australia I have done a Statutory Declaration from my immediate supervisor on a plain paper and signed by Notary Public in India. Is it ok or is it required to be on a stamp paper or something else can anyone help me out with it. Can anyone please advice on above. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone! If anyone could help me with the following enquiry I'll be thankful!: Migratory agents have access to the Country Education Profile (CEP) of each country, where they can see to which category a university belongs and according to that, they can check wether a 4 or 5 year degree like a Bachelor for instance (in my case from Argentina), is equivalent to an Australian Bachelor degree or Diploma. To have access, they pay an annual membership (I read it in another forum). For what I have been researching, also any individual (not an agent) could access to the CEP paying for an annual membership that allows to see the info of the country you are interested in. Have anyone used this service, and could tell me how does it work? E.g. In that year (membership), can you do several consults from several carrers? What information is shown when you consult? Also, I haven't fully understood the following: Is there a list of universities that are "recognised institutions" and if the case university is not recognised you could not apply for an assessment by any means? or, Does the fact of having a degree from a university that is not within the "recognised institutions" just imply that the degree could be considered as a lower degree (e.g A Bachelor being recognised as a Diploma in Australia)? Thank you for any help or comment that you could provide me :rolleyes:. Regards, Pampa
  6. uzair

    ACS Reassessment??

    Hi Guys, My problem is related to ACS reassessment for one work experience judged as not closely related. I applied to be assessed under 261311 (Analyst Programmer), my latest experience of 3 years 1 month has been assessed to be suitable with this ANZSCO however the problem is with my prior experience of 2 years in another company. Being a small-sized company the job roles were limited and more job duties were performed. My Job title was Project Coordinator but i had been performing almost 70-80% of the job responsibilities of Analyst Programmer and thats what my experience letter said as well. However it has not been assessed as closely related to 261311 (Analyst Programmer) and i want to get this reviewed. My queries are: What are generally the chances of positive review? What evidence in my case would be suitable? Does a detailed revised experience letter stating job roles in detail from same company helps? Any other suggestions are welcome!! Thanks
  7. mwn123

    Research experience in EOI

    Hello, I have just got invitation for 189 visa. At the same time I am little bit confused about my point claims. As per SkillSelect my EOI point breakdown is as follows Age: 30, English: 10, Education: 15, Experience: 10 (TOTAL: 65) I claimed points for research assistantship (RA) during my masters study which added 5 points. Apart from this I have 3 years experience which is assessed by EA. My confusion is 1. If I lodge visa and provide all documents of RA, will it be considered as an experience? (I heard somewhere that RA is not considered as experience) 2. If they don't consider it, I still have 60 points. Will they issue visa based on that? I am now thinking if I made any mistake including RA as an experience. I am confused if I should lodge visa or not, as I will lose the visa fees if it is refused I am eagerly waiting for your cooperation. Please provide your expert opinions. Thanks mwn
  8. mwn123

    Points for Masters degree

    Hello, I have got a positive assessment from Engineers Australia and it mentions the following statement regarding my Masters Does it mean that I can claim more points for my Masters? FYI, I intended to claim the following points AGE: 30 English: 10 Overseas skilled employment: 5 Educational qualifications: 15 (Bachelor) Can I claim additional points for the following criteria as mentioned in the point table? Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Regards, MWN
  9. Hi, I am a UK citizen applying from New Zealand for a Temporary Work (Skilled) (subclass 457) visa. I've not yet submitted my application. I have a job offer and employer willing to sponsor me. My queries are with regard to: 1. Skills Assessment- page 35 of the information leaflet states “you may be required to provide evidence of a suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority of your nominated occupation”. My nominated occupation is Occupational Therapy and I am aware how to obtain a skills assessment from the assessing authority, OTC. My query is in regard to the how to determine the specific requirement of providing this. The words "may be required" in the advisory information is ambiguous. I want to be certain that it is definitely required, prior to making an application to OTC and paying the $1200 fee. Are there any exceptions where this is not a requirement, e.g in the case of being able to evidence professional qualifications and current registration? 2. Health Requirements-page 42 of the advisory information sates “you may be asked to undergo a health examination”. Again, how should I determine whether or not I will be required to undergo a health examination? Also, I have previously had a health examination for a New Zealand visa application. Is it possible that this will be valid, and if so what time period for medical examination certificates are acceptable? 3. Does my job offer have to be for full time employment (38hrs p/w) or can it part-time for a 457 to be approved? Also the job offer is only until June 2015, are 457 visa for 12 months? Many thanks Emma
  10. Hi All, I have some queries regarding Work Experience Assessment by Engineers Australia (EA) and EOI. It would be much appreciated if some of you can help. Here is my situation and timeline: December 2013 - I had a standard occupation/qualification (Australian Qualification) assessment done by EA, and successfully received the assessment outcome letter. Jan 2014 - Worked with my current employee in Australia for a year, which can give me an extra 5 points towards my EOI (makes a total of 65). Then I started preparing docs to get my work experience assessed by EA. 17 March 2014 - Submitted docs required for skilled employment assessment to EA. According to EA, I had to return the original outcome letter received previously, so to enable EA to issue an updated letter to incorporate advice on my work experience. 21 March 2014 - $330 additional service fee deducted from my credit card. No confirmation email received from EA yet. Now - I want to lodge my EOI before mid-April, but not sure when I can receive the updated assessment from EA. So, My concerns are: 1 How long will my additional work experience assessment be processed by EA, given that I already have my qualification assessed previously? The turnaround time for standard qualification assessment is approx. 8 weeks as shown on EA website, but this turnaround time is not applicable to my case. I was wondering what will be a practical processing time to expect in my case. Has anyone of you had the same situation before? 2 Worst case scenario, if it is taking too long for EA to finalise my update assessment. Is it okay for me to lodge my EOI only based on my standard skill assessment which was issued in Dec 2013, even though I have returned the original letter back to EA, which I'm afraid that the previous assessment outcome is no longer valid as I requested for an additional assessment. I hope my explanation is clear, and again your help is much appreciated. I'm desperate for an answer. Thanks!!!
  11. shellyk666

    TradeSET please help!

    Hi, last night my husband completed the tradeSET questionnaire as a Joiner. He's never used computer controlled machinery so ticked 'no' to this question. He also completed his online skill assessment to Vetassess and paid the $600. Now I'm printing off the TradeSET report and can see it's suggesting that computer operated machinery is listed as 'mandatory'! Does this mean his skill assessment will fail?? He's been a joiner for 20 years and none of the workshops have ever used computer controlled machines (CAD)! Has anyone else not been able to answer 'yes' to all of the TradeSET questions? Did it matter? The report just states it as 'Skills and evidence I may need' and states that if the report indicates gaps in your skills 'please discuss these with the RTO you select to conduct your skill assessment'. They're not open now and are closed for Labour day on Monday. Can anyone help?! Pretty please??
  12. cassie23

    which visa??

    hi there, I would like to know which visa is the best for me to apply for so that I can live in Australia permanently. I am 6 months in to my 1 year working holiday visa. I will start a new construction job that I am qualified for in April. I have realised that 3 months regional work in construction will allow me to apply for a 2nd year working holiday visa. I will have this by June/July. Will this allow me to apply for the 2nd year in time for the end of August when mine expires? Or would the 457 be better, as this would give me 2(?) years?? I think the Expression of Interest site states this doesn't need a skills assessment is this correct? My employer will consider sponsoring me also, in this case what would I need to do and by when? I want to apply for the permanent visa in the mean time, so this will give me enough time to gather all the documents and more experience I need to apply for permanent residency. Thank you in advance!!! Any replies extremely appreciated!!
  13. Hi, Does anyone know whether my husband can book the practical part of his skill assessment (he's a carpenter) before he's received the Employment and Training Assessment part back? Looking at the Vetassess website the practical assessments appear to be every 2 months with the next one being in London on 22nd March. The deadline for booking this is the 7th March however I don't think we'll have received his paper Employment and Training Assessment results by then. Any ideas?? Thanks for any help
  14. Aditya Vankayalapati

    NEED HELP: Skill Assesment:- Civil Engineer

    Dear Friends, I am quite new to the site, I did my homework to check for a thread on Civil Engineering Skill Assessment, as I couldn't find one, I post this. I am a software engineer and I am currently waiting for Case-Officer to get assigned for my Visa Application. I am writing this for my friend who is Civil Engineer and working in Singapore. He has a degree from India, which doesn't fall under accredited degree, hence he needs to fill a Application for Assessment of Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) and as a supporting document he also needs to fill Summary Statement of Professional Engineer. We together did a lot of searching in the internet and couldn't find an example for Summary Statement of Professional Engineer. I really look forward, if anyone here can be of good help. Best Regards, Adi.
  15. lovejarora

    Need help with getting my ACS

    Hi Everybody, I need to get my skill assessment done but i am a lil bit confused about things. * I persued my graduation from Melbourne three and half a years ago in Information Technology * Since, then i have been working in India in IT Industry in networking. * My joined my first job as a Network Engineer later on i was promoted to Network Specialist. From 06/2010 till 10/2012 * Since then i have been working as a Senior Specialist. Confussion: Need ACS against "Computer Network and Systems Engineer" * I have a total of 3 + years of exprience but i have been told by an agent that when i would file my ACS they would knock off the first two years of my exprience as the exprience after it meets the ACS criteria gets counted. So, i would get my skill assessment but no points for exp. * I have been told that the jobs n responsiblities listed for "Computer Network and Systems Engineer" should match to my jobs n responsibilities atleast 80% of them. I have attached both of the Reference letters, could someone please advise if they qualify or not. Much Appericiated. Regards, Lovej
  16. Caveman fatboy

    Technical Assesment support please

    Pathway 1: My husband has applied for a skill assessment under the welder (first class) job description. Our paper submission has been accepted and he has now been invited for a Technical Assessment in London. I'm sorry if there are other post on this but I have looked and can only find very little on practical assessments and interviews?! My husband has been welding for 13+ years and has been trained/mentored by one of the best welders in the south west but has no formal qualifications (just codings). He is feeling the pressure that if all goes wrong and he doesn’t pass our dream stops here - even though he is brilliant and can do it and even if he doesn’t its all good. I want to support him as much as I can and was hoping someone who has gone through the technical assessment for there skill set could provide an outline of the process and what to expect from the day or if someone has undertaken the Welder (first class) technical assessment could provide some insight I must admit I though it would be either/or a Technical Interview or Practical and am unsure what the technical assessment would involve. He has only been asked to provide ID and its in the middle of London (Oxford Street) Any help/support on this would be great
  17. Hi, this is my first post. Is there any electricians who have went through this same process. I am wanting to attain a permanent visa to Oz. I have an NVQ Level 3 Qualification in Electricial Installation BS 7671 (16th edition) which i completed between September 2005 & June 2009. I have signed up to do the 17th edition course this year and the Inspection and Testing course. Could anyone tell me would these qualifications guarantee me a permanent visa and where and what I do to get the visa. I have searched the internet, Tradeskills etc and I am not really sure on how to go about getting any further forward. Has anyone did this the same way? I know there is ways to get sponsored and get the visa paid for by an employer but I'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  18. rohitbhagat

    Need Help - Skill Category

    Hi All, I am new to this forum. I am planning to go for skill assessment from ACS. I have a B.E. degree with major in Electronics and communication. However, I have been working for 6.5 years as a SCM (software configuration management/Change management + Build and release management) since I graduated. I have also experience in various automation activities we do as part of our job and have gained some expertise in UNIX shell and perl scripting. I am not too sure which category would my skills fall in. Will I be falling under 'Developer Programmer' or 'System Administrator' and any other category?? I would really be thankful if someone can help me recognize the category with which I should go with skill assessment. Regards, Rohit
  19. bijit011

    CPA Skill assessment timeline

    Hi all, I submitted my documents to CPA for skill assessment recently and the timelines are Posted 9 April 2013 Delivered 12 April 2013 Acknowledgement received 18 April 2013 Any idea when I can expect to received my result? Do they use recorded delivery or normal post? Thanks.
  20. yoguibrown

    Skill Assessment

    Hi, I have worked as an external auditor for 5 years and as an internal auditor for 2 years in Big 4 audit firms. Currently I am a certified internal auditor and I work as an Internal audit manager. Where should I have my employment/degrees assessed? Vetassess or CPA australia? I hope I won't have to apply in both. Please advice,
  21. yeah012

    TRA Cook assessment

    Hi guys, I am new on this site, but I find it very helpful. I hope you can help me. What we need to a successful cook assessment? My boyfriend learnt 5 years to be a cook and has 3 years part time apprenticeship during school. After we moved to the UK, he has been working from June as a cook and we plan here two years more. It will be enough for a positive skill assessment? Thanks, Kiki
  22. bristolianpasty

    EOI?? Skill Assessment?!

    had a look online about starting the process, and all i could make out from it (other than going around in circles being overwhelmed with paragraphs of rubbish) is i would have to register an EOI?? i tried doing this via the skillselect website, but now its saying i can't register as i need to do a skill assessment...?!:mad: iv looked everywhere online about these assessments and cant find any info on them?!?! does anyone know how i go about it? and if it can be done from the UK? im an electrician looking to move to adelaide area.. thanks!
  23. Melbourne Folks, Hope u enjoying summadayze.. I have cleared my ACS (ANZSCO 263111-Computer Network and Systems Engineer ) and also cleared the IELTS (L-8, R-8.5, W-8.5, S-7). :biggrin: That was all about the good news..I cannot submit my EOI since my Edu qualification isnt recognized by ACS. My ACS verdict says: your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under 263111. your Work experience has been calculated as follows on the basis of full time employment of atleast 20 Hrs per week. Company #1) Overseas Co. W.Exp 4 Yrs 8 Months Company #2) Aussie Co. W.Exp 2 Yrs 4 Months There is no mention of my Edu Qualification recognition in the verdict. I am not sure if I Have my Edu qualifications recognised. I have done a Bachelors in Commerce B.COM from Mumbai University, India. I have learnt that VETASSESS does Educ Qualification assessment for point test purposes for DIAC. Can anyone help/guide me to the right form or URL. Would be great if anyone can direct me to any other authorized body who can validate my Bachelors degree as comparable to the Aus Degree.
  24. stephaniepomroy

    TRA skill assessment. HELP NEEDED X

    hello. were quite new to the who visa applications so pls bear with me! were wanting to go to oz on a 189 were now looking into our first step which iv been told would be to get my partners skills assessest via TRA as there is a back log, hes a plasterer by trade, iv had conversations with the immi in london and was advised to do this first, im rather confused tho, how do we go about this? chris (my partner) does not have a nvq in the trade but has 10yrs experience. where do we start getting this done? all help and advice will be great x
  25. HEllo Poms.. I had my Skills recognised under ANZSCO 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer). I had put in an RPL application. The ACS verdict has mentioned it has found my skills suitable for migration and that my work Ex is calculated as follows Company #1) Overseas Co. W.Exp 4 Yrs 8 Mnths Company #2) Aussie Co. W.Exp 2 Yrs 4 Mnths There is no mention of my Edu Qualification recognition in the verdict. Prior to submitting my RPL application, I had put in a Skill assessment for Software Engineer, which had failed but there they had recognised my qualification to a Australian Bachelors degree.. Now I am in a dilemma wheather to submit my EOI, since I am not sure if I Have my Edu qualifications recognised. I have done a Bachelors in Commerce B.COM from Mumbai University, India. Kindly help.. Peace.......................... ##########