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Found 93 results

  1. Hello all, Im hopin that some of you can give us some advice on a 'hypothetical' situation!? The situation is this... I have a friend that is desperate to move to Oz with his wife to be and new born son. They qualify with flying colours to get the visa required to emigrate as he is an electrician and his fiance has a sister with two children and they are all Ozzy citizens. They have a property that after the credit crunch is worth 90 - 95k however the mortgage is 120k. They have 25k in the bank. After exhausting all angles of how to use the money to change their lives and emigrate they have hit a brick wall. They see the 25k they have saved as their 'new start' money for Oz. The only option they feel they are left with is to get the visa's in place, book the flights and head to Oz.....posting the keys to their property back to the mortgage company on the way to the airport!!! The questions they have are these.... - What are the consequences of doing this? - Would it effect their new life in Oz? - Can it be done? - Would it effect coming back into the country in the future? Obviously he realises that this isn the perfect scenario and he would jump at the chance to do the move more 'above board' so to speak so if any1 has any ideas they would be welcomed, but i do know that he has looked at every option he can think of! Any advice/help/contacts would be greatly appreciated as i know my friend is desperate to make the move! Many thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I met my Australian girlfriend last year whilst she was working in the UK a normal hoiday Visa. The working part of the Visa expired recently, but she is still able to stay in the country for another 5-6mths. After much discussion we decided to apply for a Propestive Marriage Visa, the app will be sent in the next 2 weeks, so that I could go back to Australia with her (hopefully before she is required to go back). Since my girlfriend stopped working over here, she has been living with me (which was a natural progression in our relationship). My girlfriend already has property etc in Australia, and is also my sponsor for the Visa. However i am wondering what would be viewed better in terms of immigration: 1.) My girlfriend stays with me as long as possible, in a committed relationship in the UK, but not working, whislt we apply, wait for outcome and then travel back... or 2.) We make the Visa application and then she heads back to Australia and starts working etc.. and if approved I join her over there at a later date... or is there a better solution!!?? Many Thanks, Sam.
  3. Hi all, We have just joined this site and are hoping to get some good advice. We are waiting to hear about our visa, 175 subclass, we submitted it last August, just done the medicals and are now just about to send off police checks. Had the house valued a couple of weeks ago, just to get an idea and we were horrified to be told by the estate agent that our house had dropped in value by £20,000 which was what we were hoping to walk away with to start our new life in Australia. Now what do we do? Pay off our debts which will leave us minus 2-3 grand or Walk away and let the banks/creditors chase us...........sell what we can from the house, sell the car, van, tools etc we might be lucky to get approx 6K for the lot. Obviously we dont really want to go down that route as we are unsure as to whether debt collectors will catch up with you or not. We are having many sleepless nights over it at the moment and would appreciate any advice on what to do. Cheers GSD
  4. hi all Hubby has just started RPL. does anyone know if we can actually start looking/applying for jobs now ready for (hopefully) sponsorship or do you at least have to wait for the rpl assessment pass to come through first? also we are hoping to head to brisbane/goldcoast area as apparently IT work is in these areas the most especially GC. Just wondering is this still the case are there plenty of jobs for programmers in queensland or is the credit crunch starting to hit there too? thanks :hug:
  5. dave and ange

    A Bit of a Situation

    Hey Guys, We got our visas in Aug and were all set to come out to Oz on 3rd Dec. We had one way flights booked, hire car and accommodation arranged and our belongings had been picked up by the shipping company and then I found out that i was pregnant after 3 days in bed thinking I had a bug - BIG shock! (my kids are 19 &17) I was really ill and couldn't manage the flight so everything got cancelled. I now want to wait until after I have the baby before moving but still need to make the trip to activate visas but I dont know what the situation is with the baby not having a visa hen we decide to move and was hoping that someone could advise me. Thanks in advance for any info x
  6. This Article has just appeared on the Age web site and there is another one on newscom. Job ads at recession level Chris Zappone January 12, 2009 - 11:30AM The number of jobs advertised dropped by nearly a third last year, putting the number of new positions added by businesses at "recession levels.'' The ANZ job advertisement survey showed that for the year to December the total number of job ads fell 30%. For the month, they slumped 9.7%, the lowest since 1999, according to data from Bloomberg. The increasingly weak reading on newspaper and online figures point to a higher unemployment rate this year as expected drops in consumer demand, business confidence and business activity take their toll. The December plunge is the eighth consecutive contraction of the gauge. Last month there were an average of 190,661 job ads in print and online per week, down from an average of 211,199 in November. Job ads in trend terms edged down 5% in December, or 23.4% for the year. "The rate of decline in job advertising intensified in the month of December, providing further evidence that the demand for new labour across the Australian economy is now at recession levels,'' ANZ head of Australian economics Warren Hogan said in a statement. Newspaper job advertising plummeted 13.9% in December to an average of about 10,100 a week, dragging down annual growth in the reading by more than half, Mr Hogan said. Worst since 1975 "This is the weakest annual rate of growth in newspaper job advertising since the survey began in 1975, including both the economic recessions experienced in 1982 and 1991,'' said Mr Hogan. Internet job ads were off by 9.5% in December to an average of 180,500 per week, 28.1% lower than a year ago. Analysts will get a more accurate picture of the job market when December unemployment figures are released on Thursday. Economists foresee the jobless rate rising to 4.5% with 20,000 jobs lost, up from 4.4% as a slackening pace of business triggers more positions to be trimmed. The ANZ bank predicts the economy shed 21,000 jobs in December alone, pushing the jobless rate to 4.6%, a 22-month high. During 2009, the bank expects the rate to rise to 6%. Signs of slowing economic activity abound, both in Australia and abroad. In recent months, ANZ, which publishes the survey, GM Holden, Don's Smallgoods and HP EDS have all announced plans to reduce staff. Last week, a shock drop in building approvals along with a halving of the trade surplus, led several economists to pare their GDP growth expectations for the final quarter of 2008. Overseas, in the US payrolls dropped by 524,000 positions in December, outpacing analysts' expectations by 24,000. Too optimistic In Australia, "ANZ is forecasting the unemployment rate to rise to 6% in 2009, up from the current rate of 4.4%,'' Mr Hogan said. "The risk to this forecast remains skewed towards a worse outcome, particularly if labour shedding or corporate failures intensify.'' Mr Hogan said the Federal Government's unemployment forecast of 5% by June 2009 followed by "modest'' employment growth in 2009-10 was "too optimistic''. "We expect to see confirmation of deteriorating labour market conditions with the release of the December Labour Force report this Thursday.'' All states down Western Australia, where the white hot resources economy faces a weaker outlook, led the newspaper declines, falling 22.8% in December. Lower demand for iron ore from Asia and crumbling minerals prices have dashed expansion plans for Australian miners and forced them to delay new hiring or eliminate positions. Chinese iron ore customers will reportedly seek to pay 40% less than last year, as global commodities prices retreat in the face of sharply lower outlooks for growth. After WA, Victorian job ads followed, where newspaper job advertisements dropped 18.2% in December, while South Australia gave up 17.2% over the same period. Newspaper job ads in Queensland were down 10.5%. Only the Northern Territory enjoyed a gain in December, with newspaper ads up 7.5%, "partly unwinding the sharp fall in November'', ANZ said.
  7. looking at moving back to bunbury.I know Australia hasnt got it as bad as the U.K , but iam particularly interested in Bunbury
  8. Hello everyone, This is my first post on the forum and I joined to get some answers to some questions and make some friends before I hopefully comit to come over. My situation is im 40 years old and have a permanant residence visa already sorted out and in place now...my brother and his wife moved over and have lived in Sydney for 4 years now and both have citizenship. Thay have told me life is and can be very hard in oz for british people. they say everyday they see racisim towards british people in particular, they say the aussies are always saying things like bloody poms all the time, and if you say anything about australia which is even slightly negative you are told to go back to Britain. Also people who are less experienced are promoted over brits in jobs that they were very good at in the UK with years of experence. They get the impression that australians they know treat them with contempt because they are british and also they have been victim to their so called aussie friends taking advantage of them in the work place. When they first turned up in sydney to get a job and was told even though they both have good qulifications for careers in the uk and were skills tested for Oz they had a real hard time finding a first job and feel they were discriminated against because the are british and told that their experience effectively counts for nothing and will have to rebuild their careers from scratch again which is a real strain not to mention the financial problems they face. They also tell me the average brit is unemployed for at least 6 months.and what happens a lot is as soon as they speak to Aussies because their accent gives give them away as brits the Aussies attitude changes to one of contempt. Dont get me started on housing etc... my questions are 1/ Is there anyone on here who can say this is not the majority case and they are having 4 years of bad luck. Australians actually like the brits after all there is a lot of them in Oz? 2/ Is there anyone on here who can say my brother's experience is a true representation of life in OZ for brits? 3/ Are Australians that racist towards Brits to the point of having a full blown potato farm on their shoulder? 4/is any of this true for other Brits already in Australia? 5/ should i apply to the USA instead? Worried .... Andy
  9. hi all,we fly out in 4 and a half weeks.but worrying as i know things are slowing down in oz.we're renting out our house so not taking much money with us.we have a rental lined up and all that but need o/h to start work very soon after arriving.he's a painter and very good at what he does but what if he can't get work.going to gold coast.hw bad are things there?thanks for an advise,tracy.xx.
  10. sandramcd

    Help - Plasticine situation!

    Hi there, our first viewer is coming in 2 hours and I've just discovered plasticine all over my boys' carpet!!! AAARRGHHHHH:arghh::arghh:!! Do any of you wonderful people out there know how to remove it?! Thanks Sandra
  11. Australia is about a year behind the UK in the economic collapse process. So the nation will be in recession by 2009 and in depression 2010 onwards. Does this bother you at all?
  12. Guest

    catch 22 situation

    Here goes, my first post on PIO. My partner and I want to move to Australia but seem to be hitting a brick wall whichever way we turn. I've been involved in IT support for the last 6 / 7 years but it wasn't my official job title so I'm told it doesn't count:nah:. I have the ECDL (Microsoft office user) course under my belt and am studying for my MCSE (systems engineer) which I should have in about 18 months and I have been self employed fixing, maintaining and building PCs (though not for very long). Unfortunately although I've been perusing the agencies and such for some time looking for sponsors, I cannot seem to find anyone willing to even undertake a telephone interview. The area I'm training in is supposed to be in demand. My partner is also in an occupation in demand (hairdresser with over 20 years experience including running her own business for at least 6 years) but she has been told (not in so many words) that she is too old (44), she took some time off to raise our daughter as there is no family near to look after her it is being held against her. Are we just unlucky or can someone help?
  13. I wondered if anyone can let me know what the work situation is in Taz. I am a multi trade person ,but I dont think that is an exam option ( let me know if you know otherwise) ,so I may take the painting exam due to this being my primary trade. Everybody says there is stacks for builders, is this true? even half true would suit me. Cheers Butt.:biglaugh:
  14. We are a little confused tonight. We submitted our 175 visa (8th April 2008) as an electrician (on MODL list) and haven't had any communication for request for medicals etc. Tonight we found out that someone else also applying for 175 and an electrician, got a CO two weeks later and their medicals are booked, yet they applied a MONTH LATER!! Whilst I am very pleased for them...I am feeling like what the heck is that all about? We have a straight forward case and it seems unfair somehow that they do not take on new cases in date order perhaps. Has anyone else experienced this? Or is it just luck of the draw? I have sent an enquiry form incase we have missed a communication, but just feel like the whole systems seem cockeyed!! Bernie :unsure:
  15. Guest

    Anyone in a similar situation?

    Hi Guys, Im just wondering in anyone elses parents have been granted a visa. My 49 yr old mother, who is single would love to emigrate and would need to work. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experiences of this? thanks x
  16. Guest

    job situation

    as we are submitting our application we thought we best check out the job situation in adelaide , my wife is a head chef ; ive worked in factorys for 15 years but am on a decorating and tiling course as well , but would do anything to get on the job ladder , what is the job situation in adelaide thanks phill and christina:Randy-git:
  17. Hi All, So most of you know we arrived on the Gold Coast in August and settled really quickly. We have a nice 3 bed duplex (rental) in a nice area, very quiet in the evenings apart from the odd party or barbie nearby which is cool. HOWEVER..............we have encountered a problem. We have a lady lives next door (single parent) with her 2 boys approx 6 & 7 years (quite close in age). I have spoken to her and cut some trees back etc that were overhanging her washing area, she seems canny enough. Everything has been fine until the weather has started to warm up. We dont have any air con so our windows/doors are always open. For the last 2 weeks from 6am till school time and evenings from 4pm ish until darkness, she permanently screams at the kids and I mean screams at them. OK so you have to put up with noise etc I have 2 little ones and I know they make noise and the baby crys etc. BUT she swears at them and they swear back at her. They use the F word, I have heard it prob about 6 times in last 2 weeks, but the screaming is continuous. Now im no snob or anything but this starts at 6am, my little one is up sometimes before that but it is starting to really wear me down. The last two weeks have been tough the baby has been bad and my aunt in UK passed away and things have been hard, and every day I have had to listen to it. I am all for finding out her rental agent (as i know she rents) and reporting her, I dont want to get her in trouble but I came half way across the world for a more relaxed lifestyle and she really is stressing me out (more because I feel sorry for the children being brought up in that kind of manner). M says not to cos we dont want any hassle (which of course we dont). At the end of the day its nothing to do with me what she does in her own place or how she brings her kids up. but theres no reason why I have to listen to that or my little ones. I only thank god that they are at school all day. Any advise????? Please...................sorry for the rant!! Em x
  18. Sunday blessings to all Having read several newspaper articles lately and seen some very disturbing documentaries. My OH was wondering what the drought situation is REALLY like in Oz at the moment. Does it affect what you can do/ Can't do AND what is being done about it? How do the local Aussies feel about it etc? Some word from the street would be appreciated. We are hoping to come to Adelaide ...do we need to invest in some bore hole equipment????!!!!!!!!! :confused: Thanks Guys