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Found 93 results

  1. Guest

    anyone else in this situation?

    Hi all, this site looks so helpful so I thought I would ask for some advice. I came to Oz on January 21st and met my bloke within 3 weeks and we moved in after 2 months. When I apply for the visa which is in January we will have been together for 11 months and lived together for 8 months (since May 2009). Has anyone else applied for a defact-o so soon? We have heaps of evidence and pictures and proof of our 11 month relasionship, what do you guys think? Thanks everyone
  2. Hi, I posted on here a few months ago asking if the job situation is picking up for tradies, specifically carpenters. Is the situation improving still or has it become slow again? We are moving to the Gold Coast next year and are looking to live around Helensvale/pacific pines. The work has dried up here in adelaide for him for the umpteenth time.:arghh: Thank you.
  3. Generalis

    Work situation in Qld

    Hi wondered if anyone can tell me what work situation is like over there at moment. Hubby is accountant and I'll work as PA (maybe) dont mind what I do really. Will be arriving in February and just monitoring situation. Been told that oz arent in recession and things good over there??? Thanks Sobera
  4. Hi, We were in no special rush after submitting our 176 family sponsored in May. Having now been given CO and request for Meds and PCC, I'm getting worked up about what might happen next. Anyone else in a similar situation? Do you reckon we're close (meds to go off after 28th Oct.)? Mat
  5. Can anyone out there give us an insight into the work situation in perth for joiners/carpenters, my partner has 15 years+ experience in the joinery trade and has been self-employed for over 4 years now? We are in the process of doing our medicals (6 May), then just waiting for visas to be granted. We hear that there is shortage of joiners in WA but don't seem to find too many jobs advertised on websites. Wens & Phil :smile:
  6. wilko7691

    Job situation in Perth

    Hi, looking to come out to Perth, could somebody please advise what the situation is with work and if the recession has had an affect there. I am a boilermaker by trade, but looking for supervisory/manager roles. If someone could help that would be brilliant. Thanks
  7. Hi Mates, I recently got PR (WA-SS) intended to live in Perth two years at least. Non Australian qualification with 9 years experience indented to CPA as well. How hard to find Accountant Job in PERTH for accountants?. :policeman: I am working in Zambia with $ 30000/- PA now plan to relocate ASAP. Rethinking of Relocation because of recession . Will it possible to get the same in Perth as well Opinions welcome mate. Thanks :hug:
  8. Hi Everybody! I'm relatively new to this forum and hope some of you guys can help me. Here's a bit of background. I'm an Aussie living in Sydney and my fiance is a Pom living in the UK. Now! We became engaged in April, when he came out for three months on a visitor visa. Now, because it's a visitor visa, he cannot stay any longer than three months at one time. During that first three months, we fell pregnant and are expecting our first child together in February. My fiance left in July and came back late August for another three months, and left two weeks ago to sort out his divorce in the UK. As much as it would have been great for me to have gone back with him for the two or so months he's there for, I can't travel because I'm 31 weeks pregnant. Now! We're both in the divorce process with our respective exes. My divorce should be finalised around March/April next year and his should be finalised soon as well -all going to plan. And provided that all happens, we'll be getting married ASAP. We just want to be together and be a family. Ideally, my fiance would like me to live with him in the UK for a few years, before we come back to Australia together - but it might be easier for him to come to Australia. Not too sure - that's why I'm posting here to get some opinions and insight. I have some really important questions. 1. What if there is a delay with the divorces? Do we have no leg to stand on so to speak if our divorces are still in the process of being finalised OR will this be taken into consideration? Can my fiance be given a visa to stay with me here? 2. What about the fact that we have a child? This child will be British/Australian - dual nationality - because I'm an Australian national and my fiance is a British national. Would this be taken into consideration at all by Australian Immigration authorities? 3. How do people stay together in the same country legally in the event that they cannot be given a spouse or fiance visa? Do they just have to keep travelling the world together until such time they can get the visas they need to settle down in the same country together? 4. Have any of you guys here had to keep travelling the world together to avoid separation and avoid breaking visa conditions? 5. I'm self-employed and have two companies that are reasonably successful. Ideally once we are married, I'd like my fiance to work with me in my companies once we have the right visa for him. How much money personally do I need behind me, as his sponsor? Can anybody shed some light on this? I hope so!!! Cheers, Amelia Jane
  9. hi guys well we had our visa come through this week and instead of feeling excited ive cried most days because we really dont know what to do, ive been offered a job which is great my daughter is 14 so will be taking her options in sept so if anything she would be needing to be out in oz for their term in Jan 10, she doesnt want to go at all. but what concerns us is my hubby is a builder, carpenter by trade but all we keep reading is the building trade is suffering just the same over there as here so do we jump out of the frying pan into the fire, we are so scare help needed is it really that bad tracy
  10. JoandGareth

    Job situation

    Hey, We ar considering a move to WA from the UK, after reading several threads on here regarding people from the UK unable to secure a job has left me very nervous. Can anyone offer any reassuring advice on jobs my husband is a CNC machinist / toolmaker and I a beauty therapist or can work in admin. Thanks for taking the time to read our message. :spinny:
  11. Foreign Exchange can often be viewed as a complex and closed industry, but at the end of the day it is simply one currency being converted into another, at a rate offered by the currency provider and accepted by the individual or company that is looking to transfer funds. Hopefully some of the information below helps you with deciding the best way to manage your money transfers. Let’s say for example that you are looking to buy 100,000 Great British Pounds (GBP) worth of Australian dollars (AUD) to purchase a house in Australia for settlement in three months time. Spot Contract Buy Now. Pay Now. A spot contract is used for immediate money transfers and is the most popular method of transferring funds. You would transfer your GBP 100,000 into AUD at the current market rate. Forward Contract Buy Now. Pay Later. A forward contract allows you to enter into a contract at the current market rate for payment in the future. A forward contract can be used to protect you from adverse market movements in the future. For example, if you wish to buy GBP 100,000 worth of AUD, but do not need to send payment for the house for 3 months, or do not have the full amount of funds available, you can agree the exchange rate now. If the exchange rate moves at all in that 3 month period you will not be affected, as you have bought currency at the originally agreed rate. While this strategy provides you with peace of mind, the downside is that your rate is locked in, so you cannot take advantage of positive rate movements during that 3 month period. Market Orders Let’s say for example that the current market rate to sell GBP and buy AUD is 2.0000 Limit Order. You can place a limit order with your currency provider to target a preferred rate of 2.0400 that is better than the current market rate and that you would like to transact at. A limit order enables you to take advantage of spikes in the rate. Your currency provider will monitor the rates for you and will execute the transaction immediately if your preferred rate is reached. Stop Order. You can place a stop order with your currency provider to target a rate of 1.9600 that you do not wish to transact below and that is worse than the current market rate. A spot stop will protect you from adverse market movements if the rate goes against you. Your currency provider will execute the transaction if the level you have nominated is reached. I hope the information above has been of some value to you members. There are also other currency products that may help you with your money transfers. Make sure you contact a specialist currency provider to discuss your situation and provide you with the information necessary to complete your money transfers in the most suitable way. Kind regards, Jon speedy Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy
  12. Hi all just checking out the work situation for carpenters in Perth at the moment and any thoughts for july 2010. Do you think things will improve. Many thanks Dom.
  13. Hi All, It's been ages since I've been online here, so a bit behind with reading all the posts. I'm just after a catch-up on what anyone thinks the work situation is like in WA at the moment for electricians in the construction industry?? (General electricians) We're still waiting to hear about our State Sponsorship (paperwork still with visa agent!!) so just trying to keep a finger on the pulse, so to speak. How is everyone finding things over there at the moment? Are things picking up a bit, work-wise, or is the construction industry still in a bit of a slump? When looking online, it seems there are still a number of jobs being offered, but it may be a case of 100 sparkies all applying for the same one! Me and family are still desperate to get over to Perth and just hope that things will have picked up over the next few months while our paperwork all gets sorted. Any feedback/advice would be much appreciated!! :jiggy: ~ Thanks ~ J
  14. MY DISCLAIMER - I HAVE NO AXE TO GRIND OR POINT TO PROVE. I KNOW SOME OF YOU ARE GENUINELY INTERESTED IN THE UK JOB SITUATION. A few of the big building companies with large overheads have gone to the wall in the last week,in the west midlands.........2 that i know of. All my mates in various trades ,roofers,electricians,decorators have all got work especially the one man bands........some are stacked out. Ive got a good mate,who is a roofer........hes got 3 big private jobs on. After xmas and up to may-june,it looked a bit precarious, i used to sit in the pub and think " how many of us will have work in 6 months",but things seem a little better,but the uk is still in the trough with experts saying the growth will start,slowly in 2010, going back into positive numbers,but only at 0.2% growth Measures have been bought in today to take a firmer stance with the Banks ......about time........hopefully this is the start of the long road back
  15. Guest

    Job situation in wa

    Hello everyone Could any one tell me what the job situation is like in western australia. Me and my partner were hopeing to move out last year, but had to put it off through one thing and another. Now i cant find any work so we were thinking of going. We were moving to Perth area and i would be looking at construction machinery or dock machinery. Any help would be grrrrreat.
  16. Guest

    Current renting with pets situation

    Hi, posted this here as I would like to get advice from people who are renting with pets in Queensland. I have read a couple of recent reports in tthe Brisbane Times and The Telegraph about a rise in the number of animals being handed in to the RSPCA because their owners cannot find rentals that will take pets. This concerns me as we are coming over with a year old King Charles Spaniel and a 9 year old cat and we would like to rent for 6 months at least. I know newspaper reports tend to dramatise situations so I would like to know what the real situation is like if possible. I have read some previous posts on this subject where agreeing to spray the house when you leave might just swing it but if it was that easy why are people reportedly finding it difficult. This is a big deal to us as our pets are our family and there is absolutely no way they are not staying as part of our life. Just looking for a bit of reassurance, I guess. Cheers Nigel and Kimi
  17. This is how it is ! I have been in melbourne 4years made redundant 5weeks ago I have applied for 84 so called vacancies 2interviews 5 replies If you want to believe the you never know if you try brigade that you can just come and somthing will turn up just be sure you are prepared and have a fair wedge of cash behind you, especially 457 visas and permanent as you will have 2 yr wait period for help ie dole. I spoke to one recruitment manager today she told me she had 114 resmes for one crappy cabinet maker job $17 per hour she also said in confidence 60% of jobs have already been taken on the job-seeking websites. As a apprentice trained carpenter joiner having spent 25 years working in uk and many eu countries believe me IT COUNTS FOR JACK SHT! Aussies will always stick with their own [ Who can blame them look at the mess we have made back home] I dont want to be mr doom & gloom but it needs to be said the work situation is dire & it is going to get alot worse. A lot of my friends are now worried for jobs and are on 3/4 days a week some have lost their jobs already and more going, comp i worked for laid off 50 when i went, and i know there will be more to go. Moving here is a big enough challenge even when you are working, I had a job to come to and a fair amount of money which i have held onto (phew) do your research read the ozzy newspapers look at the job forcast for this country but do not believe all the i love it in oz poms who just say go for it, I actually like living here kids are settled, but I feel for new people on the way, especially in the building trade. for all those that have work in uk in the building industry i would say stay where you are and wait until it picks up here, just want you to be careful money is hard enough to come by for some folks especially people with kids Australia will still be here.
  18. Guest

    Situation in Oz now ?!!!

    Have any of you heard about an improvement in the Australian market ??? A friend of mine told me that he watched a CNN report indicating that the worst part of the recession has passed and that the labor market in Oz is just starting to recover and get better , of course it needs time , but at least things aren't going worse , the worst time passed already !!! Any clue about this ??? Regards
  19. woodymcfc

    Anybody been in same situation?

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone had been in the same or similar situation to ourselves, we are currently in the process of our skills assessments, Maxine and myself have a child together and another from maxine's previous relationship. We are not married and Maxines daughter has had no contact from her so called REAL dad for years. Could this cause a problem with the visa process.............thanks.......Gary
  20. Hi Everyone I live in Adelaide with my Husband who is a maintenance fitter. Unfortunately, he lost his job just before Easter and is having no luck getting another. He is applying for everything that comes up but hasn't had any luck far. Any job he does apply for has hundreds applying. Can you please let me know what the job situation is for his trade in your area - we'll relocate anywhere. Thanks xx
  21. Hi, Two weeks ago I received my 175 immigration visa and am keen to get work in Australia. What is the best/quickest way to get programming work in Australia (perm or contract)? I received the visa just after my last contract ended so am at home at the moment. in the UK, the IT market is really slow and flooded with retrenched IT workers. Is this the same in Australia? Is it better to just fly over to Australia and search on that side? Is the market dead there atm? Should I look from over here in the UK? or are my chances really slim from here? Help, honest advice needed. Regards Byron
  22. Any comments on the likely hood of finding jobs in electronics and software engineering at the mo ? Also good place / websites to look on ? Nick
  23. Hi wonder if anyone san help? i can get a 457 visa to work as a nurse... i work for BUPA in uk and relocating to oz probably near brisban area the thing is i have been told im a guinea pig as they have not got a relocation package in place just wondering what sort of things people get with a relocation package i really have no idea so if anyone can tell me what they have been offered il know if it's a good deal...or not lol! thank you dawn xx
  24. Hi all members My 3rd post but no reply from anyone:embarrassed: Indeed it is very helpful for a new-comer like me in this forum having friends like you guys. I will definitely bank on that Model one i.e Network Security Specialist is 2231-79 (nec) as in my current posting (Assit Manager IT), i have the responsibilities, you can say Manager Network Security-cum-Network Administrator(Hope you guys get my point). But my current posting is from last 11 months. And i will apply for assessment hopefully when i complete my 12 months. Also plz clear one more point for me that is as due to organization nature i am sure that i w'not get any references (payslips, joining letter not an issue). How i will manage this situation? Waiting For Reply:SLEEP: Thanxx
  25. Guest

    Job situation in WA

    Has anybody who recently emigrated (e.g.: last 1-2 months) are finding it difficult to find a job? I have been reading articles in newspapers about all the job cuts and that the employers prefer Australian workers and would rather taken on an Australian over an expat despite good experience. I find these reports quite alarming. Not sure if it is the right time to move. Could you share your experiences?