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Found 93 results

  1. Hi, I'm currently in Australia on a long stay Tourist Visa ( up to 12 months) from the UK. I have to leave by June this year. My partner is an Australian Citizen... now this is where it gets tricky! I'm two months pregnant( accident! ) ... we want to stay together in Australia, but my visa has a no further stay condition on it. I have contacted immigration who at first said there was nothing that could be done, then upon hearing my personal circumstances said I could apply for an extension of my visa on compassionate grounds, but was not guranateed to get it. We need to sort things out as soon as possible as I won't be allowed to fly in the latter months and the last think we want is for me to have the baby in the UK whilst he is stuck in Australia. Does anyone have any ideas? Name of a recommended immigration lawyer would be great... we are in Brisbane. We have not lived together for long enough to gain a de facto partnership Visa... most other visas take 5 months to sort out. Does anyone know if my partner has rights to have his child born in Australia? Immigration said the child has citizenship rights once it is born, but they didn't seem keen to elaborate. Help!!!!! Thanks , Tessie :wubclub:
  2. :notworthy:hi im new to PiO, im 26 and desperate to move to Australia to live and work. Having travelled all over the country before i am not too worried where i go but would love a heads up on the work situation over there at the moment, i am a neat quick bricklayer with ten years on the trowels and an nvq level 2 with a proven modern apprenticeship of 4 years under my belt, have been foreman on previous jobs but i am getting increasingly tired of the work in England and the money has dropped by as much as 50% in most areas i would love a chance just to work hard and get a good days pay as i fell in love with OZ it seems a natural progression, and from what friends say who live there already, the brickies seem to be appreciated a lot more than in England. i would be moving over with my girlfriend who is an experienced hairdresser, so any info on that would be great too, any information at all would be great to be honest lol. thanks in advance. Rob
  3. Guest

    RSMS- a pickle of a situation!

    Hi, I have received my RSMS visa nearly a year now. I have what may seem like a very strange complaint to make- as I have read through other peoples comments where they are being treated unfairly etc in their workplaces. My boss is a very kind and very generous person who I consider a friend. However on a daily basis he visits the local pub and the rest of the afternoon is completely overtaken with listening to a one sided drunken conversation. I get no work done every afternoon and often the mood isnt great in the mornings with a subsequent hangover to follow- My patience with it is wearing thin. I feel like I'm not using my brain anymore!! My boss has also lost his driving licence and so I am a full time chaffeur- which is really no where in my job description- and its driving me crazy (excuse the pun!) As far as my job description goes I barely do anything on it- from time to time I do- but its not very difficult and I feel that mentally I am not developing- I studied in university for many years and I have excellent qualifications that I do not want to go to waste. I really want to leave my employer and start in a job where I can use my skills and progress them- but I dont want to insult my employer (the drinking issue is not one I feel comfortable bringing up with him- as he does not see it as an issue!) Is there anyway out of this situation? A sober and frustrated employee!
  4. Hi, researching these forums and the interweb I have come to think we're in a good situation to buy. Please, a few questions and a little info: Recently started the 457, within my first month of getting regular pay checks (weekly) - I was working for them part time before the visa kicked in. 1) Will I need to be here longer to satisfy the banks/lenders? Was flatly turned down by Commonwealth bank as I'm not PR (my wife is also a foreigner to these parts) 2) can you recommend a good lender or two? We have money saved and are not looking to buy big, we hope to have 50-60% of the cash we need towards the house. 3) surely having 40-50% deposit is a great help(?) Would anyone recommend keeping some back for future, say kids, school or the like or is it wise to invest all we can afford in the house? I understand the process is: Find a lender, get approved, find a house, get the FIRB... 4) Can someone tell me if there is more to the early stages of the process, any pitfalls/caveats? I need to move cash from the UK at some point. I'm not desperate to move it yet and the exchange rate is painfully poor right now. 5) Recommend some methods of moving cash. Are any of these cash moving agents scams? (surely but I hope not the ones posting on these forums). Any wild guesses on when the exchange rate will improve and to what levels (I know we can only guess and hope here). That's all for now, more questions to come.
  5. Anyone with any insight into the current situation? Thanks!
  6. Guest

    Visa Situation

    Hello, I am in quite a similar situation. I am was visiting my partner who is a citizen of australia because he went to Sydney for a semester of school while I was finishing my semester in the states. Once i finished, I planned to visit and I am now here on a work and holiday visa. I just recently found a great job that I love and my partner would like to finish his schooling here but he has another 2 years until completion. Originally we hadn't planned to stay but now that I am here we would love to stay and I would love to keep my job here! As I am reading more into the de facto visa I am learning that I may have hit a few road blocks. First is that I also believe I have a no further stay condition on my visa. I am not sure how to find out for sure though or how to request it to be dismissed. This means that I would have to leave the counrty to apply. Now my holiday visa is valid until june 2011 so I am assuming that I could leave to apply and then return under my holdiday visa. I assume I would also have to leave to accept the visa once the decision has been made. (Could I also leave and return under a bridging visa?) The other problem is that I also wish to keep my job. It is the main reason why we deicded to stay! The visa I have lasts for 1 year and I can only work for the same employer for up to 6 months and then I can no longer be employed by them. I have worked with them for a few months now already so after February 2011 I can no longer legally work for the company. The problem is that I just read that once I receive a bridging visa (while the decision is being made on my application), the bridging visa will hold the same working rights as my current visa. Does this mean I still would have to terminate in February. Would my 6 months start over once my application is lodged? Probably not I am guessing. This job means the world to me and at this point I am not sure they would even be eligible to sponsor me since the ocmpany is less than 1 year old. If anyone has advice to give me, I would appreciate it. I don't have the money right now to hire an agent and any help or advice would be appreciated! Thank you!
  7. Hi just as we thought we had decided on QLD we ( a family of 5 itching to leave SA asap!) have now changed our minds and decided to have a good look at the nsw coast pretty much anywhere from port macquarie to tweeds takes our fancy but the big factor from what i have read on here and from looking around on the net seems to be jobs.... is it hard to find work in areas like coffs and port and tweed?....which are prob our top spots if lookin at nsw, hubby does the hands on dirty stuff storeman, logisitcis, warehousing, farming, what ever goes sort of work, finding it easy to find info regarding what areas are good to live in but not so easy to find out what the current job market is like.... i keen to have good look into northern nsw before making a decision what state etc but no point loving the look of somewhere that is hard to come by work. also would love to know if tweeds area is bad with crime... it looks great but seems to have a mixed rep?? Any info on the job and family friendly areas there would be very appreciated!! once we are more clear on the job prospects maybe we will finally make our minds up and just make the move already :laugh: Living in a state of confusion :twitcy: so many great areas in oz!
  8. Hello everyone! My OH and I will be moving to Mackay in Jan 2011 and I'm a bit worried as have read that it's pretty difficult to get a rental property there! This is a bit concerning! :wideeyed: Does anyone know how difficult it is to get a flat? It's just the two of us so we'll be looking for a one or two bed apartment. Another potential issue is that we'll only be there for six months, not sure if someone will want to rent to us for that short a term! We'll be over in Australia for a few days (visit) in September so, if the situation is hard, we were thinking it might be worth us visiting Mackay then and trying to sort something out. Any info on this would be much appreciated! :smile:
  9. Hi - I was wondering what the current jobs situation is around Perth for Welders. I can look on Seek and on The West via the internet, but you can't really get a feel for what the current job market is like. Thanks :biggrin:
  10. mygirlies

    Please help, messy situation!!

    Hi there! Please can anyone give me advice, Id be very appreciative. Ok so my ex is emigrating to Australia in a couple of weeks (he moved over there with his family years ago, but came back to UK) So he just had to get a returns visa. I am suppost to be following him with a partners visa.....but we are no longer together (Just recently split up) however we do have a child together, well 2 but ones in heaven. Can I still apply for this visa or is that against the rules? How does it work. He is deffinatley going, his returns visa in his passport. What are my opition?? Ok....One last question..... If I was granted a visa and moved out there. Can he take my baby from me and get me deported....or take her away from me while im still in Oz and I have no legal rights as not a citizen?? Please can anyone help. Im so confused on what to do. Thank you
  11. today when I collected my daughter up from nursery, I saw a man at the top end of the car park talking to two young boys who'd walked up from the main entrance, up towards the playing fields at the top (the man had come in from a snicket up at the top).... I was putting daughter in the car and the man walked past me and stopped just near the gates to nursery and started taking pictures (don't know if it was of the building or kids, but was in that general direction and the kids were playing outside). So when I get out of the car park, I pull over and ring nursery...while I am on the phone to them, he walks past my car and up the road, back towards the snicket entrance. So I start taking pictures of him on my phone and follow him up the road... he walks back up the snicket, stops there for a couple of minutes and walks back down and heads towards a car, so I drive up the road, turn round and pull over and take pictures of the car (reg no) and drive back down to nursery to speak to staff who were outside. There were also a couple of residents who'd seen this odd behaviour who'd come to see what he was up to. I gave the vehicle details to nursery staff who went to call the police. The police said as far as they were concerned it was an urgent situation that would be dealt with, with the highest of priorities. So this was all happening about 4pm...... at 5.20pm the police ring the nursery and ask if someone will be there after 6pm which is when the next shift come on - they'll try get them to come out as soon as poss..... Of course no one will be at nursery at that time, so she now has to stay in tonight so if they bother to turn up, she can speak to them and will give them my details.... But if this is an urgent situation....I think fobbing it off onto the next shift is sh1te! Maybe it was all innocent..... but it bloody well didn't look it...and if it wasn't what's to say that pictures of those kids aren't posted on some sick paedophiles website already!!!! I tell you, the Police are so wrapped up on red tape, they don't have time to actually deal with crime.... they're too busy form filling..... :arghh:
  12. Hi Everyone. This is aimed at those that are already down under.Can someone please let us know if there is work.We have to validate by the 11th Sept,hubby leaves in Aug to do the licence thing.We are getting increasingly nervous about whether he will find work quickly.We dont have a lot of dosh to fall back on so please tell us how difficult it is down there at the moment. Thank you.:wubclub: Mylady
  13. Guest

    Job situation - hydrogeologist?

    Hi! Does anyone know the job situation for hydrogeologists or job agencies that work with geologist, hydrogeologists, hydrologists or engineers? Thanks in advance, Carolynne
  14. Hi, Myself (UK) and my partner (Australian) have been together since Oct 2009. I am here on a WHV and in Sep we are heading to the UK for a few months to see my family/friends, do a bit of travelling etc. I then plan to come back on a tourist visa to be with partner and have saved enough funds to do this i.e to still be able to pay rent and general stuff etc. At the moment myself and my partner share food bills etc but he is going to help me out by paying that when I return. Anyway, returning in Nov would mean leaving by Feb 2011 and we wanted to have applied for a de facto visa by then. We met in a houseshare and have been together since Oct, however I didn't move into his room until Christmas. As I was in a 6 month contract for a well paid job, we were not going to rent out my room until my contract ended (April 2010) and it became necessary for me to pay less rent. It was then used as a gym/storage room until late Feb when a friend at a party mentioned they were looking for someone. MY QUESTION IS...someone officially took over my room and so I couldn't physically be in there from 26/02/10 and this is shown via bank statements with myself paying less rent and someone else paying my partner rent (it is his name only on the lease). However, I moved into my partners room before we went away for xmas and our other flatmate can put that in a statement...is this enough? With the 3 month tourist visa running out in Feb, we would need to put the de facto app in at the end of Jan and by then we would have been together 15 months and living in the same room for 13 months but this could not be proved on paper until Aaron moved in on 26 Feb? SECONDLY...this is the stuff we would have for de facto by the time we apply: Letters to same address for more than a yr Bank statements to show shared shopping/internet (all other bills are inc. in the rent and we all just pay my partner this) Joint purchases of household items (stereo and a bed) Tickets for trips together Trips he has booked/paid for the two of us Letters/cards/invites from home/people in Oz addressed to both of us Photos Evidence of my partner supporting me when I return on a tourist visa and cannot work Statements from 2 housemates, his parents and best friend Statements from my mum in the UK We don't have any joint accounts etc as although separated for a time, my partner and his ex wife are only now officially divorcing, which complicates financial matters. I can't be put onto the car insurance as it is a work car and anyone is insured to drive it. Is there anything we could try to get between now and Feb? Do you think we should be waiting beyond Feb 2011 when the rental of my room is documented on paper? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi all I am a second applicant on my spouse's 457 visa application. I have an issue with the medical examination required under the health declaration part of the visa (xrays, needles etc). So I replied NO to the questions ' do I intend to work in classroom situation' and ' do I intend to work in pre-school' - Thinking it is unlikely I would get a job in my field of expertise ( Steiner preschool) - I now find myself in a position of being offered a job ! Does anyone know if it is possible to get the 457 without having a medical - then later go on to get work in classroom environment without any comeback? Ie. What is on your 457 visa form when it is granted? Does it stipulate all the declarations you have made? I have already sent in the 457 application - it is half way in being processed - I don't want to delay it unecessarily - if I need to get a medical later ( if required by the school) then I guess I will. Any advise appreciated! Thanks Any advise appreciated! Thanks
  16. Hi I m new in this forum. I m confused about my offshore 175 visa application. I applied offshore 175 visa application on 3rd February 2009. It included me and my wife. I am studying in Australia and my wife is in my home country. I applied as an electronics engineer which is in CSL. I claimed MODL points as an engineer. The thing is when I was doing my master degree I did job as an research engineer in abroad for 1 year 2 months (1st november 2006-31st december 2007) . After that I returned to bangladesh and worked as a lecturer in the electrical engineering department in an engineering university in Bangladesh for 8 months ( 9th April 2008- 31st october 2008). If some one wants to claim modl points he or she has to show at least 1 year work experience in his relevant field in last two year. If i follow this ruls from 3rd november 2009 I have 11 month work experience as a research engineer although i did for 1 year 2 months. But also I showed I worked as lecturer in the electrical engineering department for the last 8 months. So I showed that too. In this part I am confused whether they will count it or not? They assigned me a case officer in august 2009. First she told me to submit personal documents employment certificate. Later she asked me for employment reference letter. I also submitted that. After that i submitted all the required documents such as police verification, wife's ielts result and all the other documents. After couple of days she told me to do medical test. Also she advised if it takes more time to take decision on your application you should submit your australian police verification. I also did that. When I did my medical the case officer told me to keep the results with me. She told me not to send to her until I am requested. So far what i heard if someone does medical test here for offshore 175 application, he or she sends the medical results to case officer immediately after doing medical. But Why she told me to keep it, I don't know. The HSA told me case officer can see the results online. I have done my medical at the end of October. I applied paper based application so I cant track the status of my application. I sent an email at the end of december. They told me its processing normally and to be patient bla bla general terms, nothing serious. Still now nothing came. I am not sure whether my application is pooled or not. Or when the results will come. How can I know is it pooled. What i mean that if someone's application is pooled, does the case officer ask for medical. Or When the application is pooled what i mean at which step they notify. It will be great if someone can help me on this.
  17. Guest

    Job situation in UK

    Hi This is mainly aimed at people in the UK Am considering moving back and have heard the UK in coming out of recession but has this had any effect on jobs. In particular in the IT industry? Thanks
  18. As an electrician the main priority for me when I get to Oz is to get my licence to spark and then a job (or the other way round if I can). However - I have recently spoken to a few other tradesmen (not sparkies) who have gone to Oz only to come back after 3 months because they couldn't get a job. Has anyone here heard similar stories or experienced it for themselves. What is the REAL job situation at the moment??? If the papers are to be believed (red tops) there is a shortfall of tens of thousands of tradesmen - This clearly isn't true.
  19. So I'm a 31 year old single guy based in the UK. I've been offered an internal transfer within my company to Sydney where the office is in the CBD. A 457 visa has been mooted. Salary in the UK is 64K + 5k pension contribution. I spend 750 on rent + 110 council tax. I generally save 1-1.5k per month. The initial figures suggest for the Australian job are 110-120k AUD. Not sure if that is before or after superannuation. I think I will try and get 120k AUD + superannuation on top and try and get 20k of that as the tax free living away from home allowance. Do you think that is a reasonable thing to ask for and would it give me a good quality of life compared to the UK? I don't want to undersell myself on salary. Note that my major outgoings are rent and savings.
  20. I have posted on here before but with regards to getting my mum and visa, which is not possible as she does not meet the certain criteras needed. So here goes:- Hubby is an ozzie we have been living here for the last 12 years and have 3 children. I have one brother and one sister both live overseas and have done for the last 11 and 7 years respectively, have no plans on returning home or emigrating to oz. Mum was an only child and both her parents have been deceased for many years now. My dad passed away 13 years ago. So here is the problem we are both quite desperate to return to oz but in doing so I will be leaving her here home alone, billy no mates! Have gone down the avenue of getting her the one year holiday visa (who knows what might happen) and then it would be 6 months thereafter. She does visit both my brother and sister for 1 month at a time each. but thus this would leave her here 4 months with no one. We were all set to go last year believing stupiedly after being informed wrongly that she would be able to get an cpv, so we halted the house sale and stayed put as I could not think straight to get the right answer. But both of us are still really wanting to return. Mum is 63 and a still currently works on and off as a bank nurse, has a few friends but mainly her life revolves around me and the kids who she adores. I feel so bad as I am trying to make the right decision as the kids would like to return also, if we stay I am putting my mums life before ours, if I go I am leaving her here alone for 4 months. Sorry I know I have waffled but would really appreciate someones point of views on this! Thanks :no:
  21. Hi to everyone. New to the fourm, just found it on line and it seems like a great place to get some friendly advice on all things Oz from fellow Poms. I've been in Australia since the start of June on a working holiday visa. I met my partner (an australian citizen) when working in America in June 2008. After our work stint ended, she came to stay over in the UK. As I was contracted to living in university halls, she moved in with family in Cardiff, and we commuted to stay withe ach other at weekends. My partner came back to Oz in March 09, and I followed her out on my visa on 1st June 09. We've decided that, as she has a large family and I don't, and because I love this country so much, that we are going to apply for a de-facto relationship visa so that we can live here together permanently. We've looked through all the paperwork and started to put our application together, and I was just wondering if anyone who has been through this process could offer some advice. Although we have been together since June 08, the working of the conditions seems to indicate that you must live together for 12 months prior. We obviously didn't in the UK, but will have by the end of my visa. We're not sure when would be best to apply, because we obviously don't want me to have to leave and come back, and are hoping to be granted a bridging visa in the interim. We're also a bit concerned because, as we are lving in an extension of her parents house, we have no utilityu bills in our names, although I have paid for the internet and phone since June, and it is in my name. If anyone has any advice, stories, anecdotes or suggestions that might help us, I'd love to hear them. Thanks for reading this loooonnnnggg post! :-)
  22. Hi, I applied for my brother under subclass 175. At the time of working, he was working on a govt run project for 4 years. The project has expired on Jan 2010. Now, he has to look for another job. Do I have inform DIAC about this status? Thanks.
  23. Guest

    Help with my family situation

    Hi All, Firstly, Happy New Year!! My mum owns her own catering business here in Sydney and employs a number of staff through her business to run a contract at a factory servicing about 400 people a day etc.. My Auntie (mums sister) and her de-facto partner (Chef (self taught) curries, kebabs, pizza's, chicken - take always and restaurants etc etc) they would like to relocate to Sydney and live with us.. My Auntie is 45 ish and her partner 55 ish... Now, he is an amazing cook and can create the various Mediterranean dishes and ethic variants that she creates to accommodate the diverse mix of people employed at her contract venue. My mum would be happy to sponsor, pay, support and do anything necessary to help them and would have no issues becoming an employer under the nomination scheme.. I guess what I’m asking is.. Is this the right course of action? Where do we start? I remember looking before and thought it was VISA 108 for the employee and visa 100 for my auntie as the spouse.. Thanks John
  24. I have an Australian girlfriend of just over 4 years. My brother, who was born there but I wasnt, brought back some friends to UK and we 1st met. We kept in touch and she visited a few more times over the next year or so. I went to OZ to see her for 3 weeks about 2 years ago then later that year she moved here - on a temp visa though. We had spoken of getting married but given our love of our own countries could see issues - plus she doesnt have a great job. Well this all changed last June when she got pregnant and wanted to go back to Sydney to have the baby. She left last Sept and we have kept in touch all the time and Im flying over there to see our child being born soon. Being apart has hit us both really hard and the fact I can only get 2 weeks off work to go see her and am dreading having to leave her and come back here. I have said to her I will come live there, after all she spent 2 years here. Im seeing a very difficult process in getting a visa so I can work when I get there, Im hoping to sell up and move there before the end of the year or as soon as possbile really. Can anyone offer any advice on my situation, I dont know what type of visa to apply for and although I work in IT I dont have a degree. We intend on getting married but I dont know whether she has to leave and do it here or am I allowed to go to Oz and marry her there. Its all so confusing and heartbreaking. SB
  25. Hi, Would love to hear from anyone who has recently returned to live in Bonnie Scotland in particular, are there Job's to be had still, if willing to take anything to earn a wage or is it all Doom and Gloom? Thanks in advance.