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Found 178 results

  1. nahla

    one day in singapore

    we will be arriving to singapore at 6.00 am and leaving to adelaide at 09.00 pm can we have one day visa at the airport ? any clues where to go , what to visit ?
  2. Hi, I hope someone might know the answer to this wee problem...... My friend from Singapore is on a 457 visa at the the moment and now wants to apply for PR as he as been here two years. He is employed by a locksmith company on a 457 as a 'customer sales manager'. He works permanantly as a locksmith in the shop. He has been a locksmith for over 20 yrs and has recently passed his cert III in locksmithing. His agent has now told him he can't apply for PR as a locksmith because he is here on a 457 as a 'customer sales manager'. He has now been told he must re apply for a 457 as a locksmith then wait another two years to apply for PR. He is in his mid 50s so waiting another two years is not really an option. Is it possible to get PR after the age of 45? Or does his agent know its not and is just ripping him off by going through the motions and giving him false hope? Can he apply as a locksmith even though its not his official title on his 457? I hope someone can shed some light on this as he is a great bloke and i really don't want to see him taken for a ride. Cheers
  3. roger2shirts

    Stopover in Singapore

    Can anyone recommend a hotel for children in Singapore? We are considering the Siloso Beach Hotel on Sentosa, any comments?
  4. dave and ange

    Singapore Airlines

    Hi Guys, We are moving to Brisbane on 7th Oct and are flying with Singapore Airlines. Our daughter will be 14mths old and was wondering if she would be comfortable in the infant carrier. Also has anyone flown on the A380 and if so did the seats have foot rests. We flew to Perth last year with Emirates and they didn't have any and being quite short I found it very uncomfortable. Ange
  5. Hi, Have seen a few posts recently regarding whether you're definately allowed extra baggage allowance when migrating. We were told when booked our flights with singapore airlines that we would get 40kgs each if had permanent visa in our passports, our tickets still stated 20kgs each so decided to e-mail them for confirmation. Thought i would post the e-mail we received back to let everyone know: We are pleased to inform you that Singapore Airlines offer double baggage allowance for the first time migrating passengers holding an Unused Migrant Visa which states that it is valid for an Indefinite stay in Australia. If you are holding correct visa, you will be eligible for double baggage allowance i.e 40 kilos per person upon check-in at the airport. If not holding correct visa, your baggage allowance would be as per your ticket. Please be informed that Singapore Airlines has a strict procedure with the migrant baggage polices. Passengers will not be entitled to double baggage allowance, if they are holding a dual nationality or any other visa e.g: Temporary, Spouse, Provisional or a Stamped Visa. You are not limited to the number of bags that you check in for your flights as long as the sum total does not exceed your free baggage allowance. But due to health and safety laws each checked in bag must not exceed 32kgs in weight. If you exceed with your free baggage weight limit, you will be charged excess baggage rates. For excess baggage rates, may we request you to log on to www.singaporeair.com. You may navigate through to this information from our Home Page/Before You Fly/Plan&Prepare/ Baggage/Excess Baggage. I hope this helps your enquiry. Thank you for choosing Singapore Airlines. Have printed the e-mail off and will take it with us - just in case lol Maz x
  6. hi all can get flights off both CP & SA for similar costs, just wondered about your thoughts on each, which would get your vote? we are traveling with a 3 & 4 year old, so need good in flight entertainment CP is manchester HK SA is manchester SIN would the SA SIN>MEL on the A380 make a diff compared to CP 747 all the way never been to HK before is it a place to relax a little with the 2 little 'uns? cheers for the help ad
  7. KangarooJack

    Accomadation in Singapore

    Hi all We are moving to Aus in March and we are staying 2 nights in Singapore to break up the journey. Can anyone please give me any names of good inexpensive accomadation in Singapore.Don't need all singing and dancing just clean and comfortable please Thanks very much
  8. My husband and I need to supply a police certificate for Singapore where we lived for over 12 months. We are now in India with our newborn twins. To apply for a Singapore police certificate from abroad we need to send a copy of our fingerprints that we have to have done at a local police station ie in India. We have been advised by respectable people here that under no circumstances should we go to a police station to ask them to take our fingerprints (it would take too long to explain but seeking out the police here is courting trouble - think Slumdog Millionaire. We are here totally legally etc ). We could fly back to Singapore and apply in person but we have been advised by our doctor not to fly with the babies for a couple more months. The deadline for our police certificates is this month. What is our best bet? Should we ask our CO for an extension and fly back to apply in person (we don't really want to do this but will if we have to)? Would we get an extension anyway?Is there any chance we'll be granted a visa without meeting the requirement? We have submitted a letter from our doctor to say we can't travel until January. Also, we've submitted our UK police certificates which is where we have lived permanently all our lives apart from the Singapore stint. I am applying for a 175 as a CSL accountant.
  9. Guest

    Singapore Airport

    Hi everyone I am Debbie (sb1 wife) we are flying out to Brisbane on the 28th of November and will stop at Singapore for just 3 hours on the way, we were told there is a place to shower etc, please could someone tell me how to get there, how much It cost ie what currency we need to pay for it etc, with only having a short time at the airport so we dont want to get lost. Thank you for all your help, you are all a god send on this site. :hug:
  10. Hi Guys I booked my flights to Sydney last week and depart on 28th October and opted to fly with Singapore airlines as these looked to offer best value at the time of booking. The cheapest flight meant a long stay over in Singapore as my flight arrives at 07:35 and then does not depart until 20:40 the same day. Having previously researched the facilities at the airport which can be found at: Experience Changi I found that there appears to be plenty to do like a free sightseeing tour, use of swimming pools, Jacuzzi, Sauna and lots of other facilities (all of course for a small fee). being ever sceptical and in fear of ending up like Tom Hanks in 'The Terminal' I enquired directly from Singapore that my research was correct; which they did and confirmed that all I need to do is go to the immigration desk and get a social visit visa and am then free more or less to come and go, and I can still check my baggage in all the way through to Sydney. So my questions are, has anybody done this with Singapore Airlines (or any other to that mind), has anyone made use of the free sightseeing tour or used the facilities within the three terminals. or just gone it alone and visited the city on their own and if so what would you recommend if I were to do it with my grown up family. Thanks in advance.
  11. Some good fares to be had at the moment for 2010 Earlybird UK and Europe flights. There are some restrictions on some of these fares,and earlybirds require some land content but there are still some bargains. My friends at Best Flights are handling these bookings so if anybody is interested give them a call. New Singapore Airlines UK & Europe Earlybirds & Qantas Global Sale
  12. Hi We are heading home from our reccie next week and im a little worried about my babies milk. He has cows milk or ready made cow and gate usually but i cannot find any pre made toddler milk in Aus. Can you buy it from Sydney or from the int airport? Also, we are stopping off in Singapore and Im worried about giving baby their cows milk. Has anyone done this? I dont really want to buy a big tin of formula to make up with bottle water as he prob wont drink it when we get home! All help and advise grately received!!
  13. Guest

    Visa evidencing in Singapore

    Has anyone travelled to Singapore after getting there pre-grant letter for visa evidenicing? We got a standard letter saying allow 3 days for electronic transfer & then up to 5 days for evdencing, that's a bloody long trip! We were thinking of going to Auckland or Suva (Fiji) and our agent contacted them and both said they do the evdiencing whilst you wait so a 4-5 day trip would be viable (and more affordable!) But I've now changed my mind and decided Singapore would be better (feeling a bit flaky after recent events) does anyone know if the 'while you wait' service is available in Singapore? I'm sure my agent would find out for me or indeed I could phone the embassy in Singapore myself but we want to book the flights today, 'cos I'm on school camp next week and we have to go the day after I return. I know technically we don't need to get the stickers but I would prefer to. Jules
  14. Hi- there was a thread on here about emailing singapore air about extra baggage allowance last week but now I cant find it !! We have booked flights with Singapore Air and tickets state 20kg baggage as I expected. I keep emailing their contact email address on their website to ask about the extra baggage allowance and it keeps bouncing back. Does anyone have their email from contacting them previously ?
  15. Hi all, 8 Weeks to go and we'll be in the air on our way to singapore for a short stopover before we head onto sydney for three nights. We are treating the first week or so of our reccie as a bit of an holiday before we get our thinkin heads on when we are in Adelaide and Perth. Just wonder if anyone can help, we want to know what is a MUST see or do whilst we are in Singapore for a full day and then Sydney for Three days ??? I'm looking at anything to entertain a 9yr old and my 1 yr old who wont bother what we do really, no point mentioning the missus cause she's impossible to please no matter what we do !!!! any ideas would be appreciated........thanks
  16. We thought we'd do it in style seeing as we're flying one way and my wife will be several months pregnant by then. Just interested if anyone's experienced it yet? I can't wait. :jiggy:
  17. A friend of mine needs a Singapore police clearance. On the website of the Singapore police (Singapore Police Force - Electronic Police Centre (ePC)) it lists that as part of the application requirements one has to provide "Documentary proof from the immigration authority requiring the certificate. (A print out of the application requirements is not acceptable.)" What does this mean in practice? Can anyone share their experience? Does she lodge the application and then wait for the Case Officer to officially request the clearance certificate? Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  18. This is great news. Just received this press release from SQ. These services will connect with SQ's double daily flights from/to London.
  19. Guest

    Singapore Airlines "Sale"

    Singapore Airlines are selling London to Perth and Melbourne for £700.00 and London to Adelaide,Brisbane and Sydney for £710.00. Valid for travel between 15 September and 30 November 2009. This "sale" ends on Tuesday 14 July. Bookings online at Promotional fares from Singapore Airlines UK Conditions apply as below. Fares are inclusive of all taxes, surcharges and fees correct as of 07July09. No minimum stay, maximum stay 12 months to Australia and New Zealand destinations. Fares are subject to change without prior notice. Stopovers in Singapore permitted subject to additional taxes. Above fares valid for sale between 7July and 14July09. Above fares valid for travel between 1September to 30November09 Fuel surcharges, taxes and fees may differ due to exchange rate fluctuations. Fares are subject to availability. Disclaimer: This appears as a service to PIO members only and Mitta Valley Travel accepts no responsibility for failures of third parties .
  20. Hello there, is there anyone out there flying Singapore Airlines to Brisbane on the 31st August? We're flying out at 22.05, getting a bit nervous now!!!:eek:
  21. Hi, we are just about to book our flights to melbourne and we have a split decision, emirates and singapore seem about the same price, time etc., however we have two young boys, one who is decidely energetic. I'm not sure whether to do the longer leg to singapore first or have a relativley short flight to dubai and the bulk of the flying time on the second leg. We will not be stopping over just changing planes as we will be on a permanent visa, does anyone have any experiences of flying with young children many thanks Graham
  22. Les Avalook

    Singapore Airline Luggage

    Hi, Has anyone flown this year with Singapore Airlines and what did they find they were allowing as luggage allowance. Last year when we went out to see our son we took 20kgs each but was told that they do not charge up to 25kg, but they do not publicise the fact. We go in August for another visit and have both got 20kg plus. Just wanted to know if they still have a flexable rule on normal flights. When our son and wife emigrated last year they went with Singapore Airlines as they do the double allowance, but they went 10kg over that:shocked: and it cost them over £200 extra. Singapore Airlines said the double allowance is the one weight (40kg each) that they do not allow extra on, even on a half full flight! Be careful on that one.
  23. Not sure what time of day it is or even what day it is ? but we've just done a 13 hour flight with Singapore airlines and cannot fault them. They were fantastic, just waiting for the next flight 7 hour one, to Brisbane, oh joy kids really looking forward to being couped up again NOT !!!! Don't worry about your luggage allowance 40 kilos etc Singapore were again amazing, i had 5 suitcases and 1 hold all the sum total was 113 kilos so i could of taken another 2 cases but my mates estate car wouldn't of managed to fit them all in.
  24. SQ is offering some good deals from the UK ; valid for outbound travel from 1 Sep to 09 Dec and then from 15 Jan to 31 March and must be booked by 30 June 2009 Singapore - GBP295 Bali - GBP319 Bangkok - GBP329 Auckland - GBP369 Sydney - GBP399 All including taxes. Promotional fares from Singapore Airlines UK
  25. Hy all Well finally booked flights for 28th June with Singapore Airlines, 2 adults & 2 kids under 12. Manchester to Brisbane via Singapore £1850, a Whopping £700 + cheaper than Qantas for the same date ??????????? Say hello if your on the same flight. :biggrin: Anyway what i am asking is this, Singapore Airlines told me over the phone that even if i check in online 48 hours before i can still turn up at the desk and load the scales up with 40 kilos luggage per passenger as we are emigrating family. She did say i had to have the correct visa " mine is a Sub Class 175 " and it has to be the first time it's used, however knowing my luck i will do as she says and get told differently at the desk and end up paying excess ? Has anyone flown Singapore to Oz and presented them at the desk with 40 kilos each and shown them the visa in the passport and had no problems what so ever ? Yours in anticipation.