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Found 178 results

  1. Dear all, Hope all will get visa soon. Waiting won't be wasted. I have some doubts , how to get the Singapore police clearance , the police webpage have mentioned they will not provide clearance for non citizens. Anyone have experience or need advice to overcome the situation. My occupation fitter has been listed in new Sol , I have moved from priority 4 to 3. So I'm planning to front load the PCC and medicals. Waiting for 2.5 years to get the visa. Mine is subclass 175 lodged on oct 2008, Fitter. Regards Core
  2. Hi, Just booked my flights with singapore airlines (A380-800) and wanted to try and book the upper deck economy seating (as the window seats only have one person next to them!!) When i went on their website there was only the option for lower deck seating.... Does this mean the upper deck economy is full or do i have to do something different (or pay) to get seats in the upper deck economy section..... any help appreciated Roflie
  3. Just FYI: Be a little cautious using Singapore Airlines new website for the timebeing. I booked a flight, selected seats, entered credit card info and hit submit. The session "timed out" and no booking was made, but the money was taken on the CC. Spent a couple of hours trying to convince them that I made a booking, which they eventually located. Had to rebook a new ticket over the phone and pay abother 2500 dollars and then they informed me that I must do seat allocation online (to pay extra for exit rows etc) because they can't. Exit row costs 49 AUD, and I selected 2. The grand total: $732.45...until I hit refresh and then it went down to $343.98...then again to about 150 then to around 600. Finally it stated the right amount, but this generated a system error when I selected 'Pay' I'm now chasing up the refund for the first ticket that was never properly created. Something serioulsy wrong with their payment system and new website (2 days old). Its buggy as hell.
  4. Hi, Has anyone used the transit hotel at sinapore airport. I believe its in the terminal so you can get a rest without going through customs etc and then having to check in again. It looks pretty good, anyone with good or bad experiences with this? Thanks alot
  5. Hi all, when you check in your bags and fly from Ireland to Sydney via Heathrow and Singapore (overnight stopover here), do your bags go straight through to Sydney? Just wondering if we will have pick them up in Singapore, as we have a stopover there for a night. If anyone has any insight about this, could you let me know? Thanks, Harry.
  6. having secured my visa this week i am looking at booking my flights in the next couple of days.... ...I've heard good things about Singapore airlines and also that i could get 40kg baggage if i have my visa stamp in my passport and contact them in advance (anyone done this?) I've done the usual comparison site searches and manageing to get a flight sub £600 for aorund the middle of June flying from one of the London airports... ....just wondering what the key things to look out for and peoples experiences with this carrier? Also which Singapore aircraft does the upper deck (2 seats per ailse) seating for economy and anyone manage to pre book their seats through them cheers Roflie
  7. Hi We are heading over to Perth shortly... yippee and were planning on stoping over in Singapore as I dont fancy flying all the way with our two girls who are under 2 years old! Its mind boggling searching all the hotels and was wondering if anybody could recommend a "toddler" friendly hotel where we could stay for 3 nights that isnt too expensive. Somewhere not too far from airport would be great. Have looked at Sentosa resort etc but prices seem very expensive - a few hundred a night! We are flying with Singapore airlines but doesnt look as if they do their stopover deals at the moment...any ideas welcome...thanks :wub:
  8. I almost booked my flights on Tuesday with Singpore Airlines, Perfect price and perfect flight times. I stopped where you put your card details in and remembered someone telling me to put it on credit card not debit card so i stopped. I went back in yesterday ready to go and bugger me the prices have gone up fro £2320 to £27?? can't remember the exact amount as this is where my tantrum started. Does anyone no of any sites that i may have overlooked where i might be able to get them cheaper. I've just phone Economy Travels who have the exact same flights for ~£2565 but i've never heard of them and i'm a bit scared to use them. He said they were ATOL protected but aaarrrgg has anyone else heard of them? We want to fly out on 27th November so that's why i'm have a little hissy fit:arghh:
  9. Hey guys, I'm just doing some research into flights and am being pretty insistent to fly A380. I've flown before in Qantas' A380 (downstairs) which was lovely a different world compared to their sweaty 747 (the flight was delayed and the air-con broke at a very humid Singapore connection!) So I've got the taste for the A380, and am pretty certain I will end up booking with Singapore as their so highly regarded. But the question is - where to sit? I will be flying economy and have heard good things about the upper deck. Any suggestions would be great! Cheers, Sam
  10. paul1977

    singapore airlines/ babies

    Hi people im after a little bit of advice regarding our flight from london to singapore, we are booked to fly on the 18th of august at 22.00 hrs. we are travelling with an infant under 2 years old and are wondering if any one has travelled at this time of year and knows if there were any spare seats on the flight as our infant is sitting on our laps!!!! would it be advisable to book another seat??!!!
  11. Hi, we are a family of 6 with 4 small children - hoping to go to oz in Jun/July but oh wants to do stopover in singapore as he not been b4 - I'm not too sure - would love to hear from anyone who has done this and found hotel that are good for kids and places for kids, I know the zoo is pretty good but not sure what else there is to do when you have kids.
  12. Guys, Is there anyone from Singapore who got their Meds done recently from SATA? I have the form 26EH and 160EH downloaded from the DIAC page which has all my details. However SATA is unable to book an appointment if I dont have form 501 and 502. I searched in the DIAC website for this info, no luck. Please advise. Cheers Div:confused:
  13. Hi We fly in August to Adelaide and the flight arrives in singapore just after 7am local time and departs at 23.50 the same day so we were going to book a day room in the hotel, just wanted to know what everyone thought of the hotel, have you done the same??? etc. whats the airport like?? Is there enough to keep a 13 & 11 year old occupied?? Thanks
  14. I am coming to Brisbane from the UK for a function and I will need to wear a business suit. Rather than pack a suit and bring it over I thought I might buy one in Brisbane. This is because whenever I've come over to Australia I've been pleased with the quality and price of clothing in the shops. But I've looked on a couple of websites and the "in-thing" for suits seems to be that they are "made in Italy". It would be a bit silly to go all that way and buy an Italian suit when I can get that in London. I was wondering if anyone knows a good tailor in Brisbane, or maybe whether I ought to get a suit in Singapore on the way over (3 day stop-off). Many thanks
  15. Hi I am flying to Sydney next Wednesday (2 March) as my OH has a four year contract out there. We are having our furniture etc shipped out but obviously need to take clothes/toys etc to keep us (me, OH and 5 year old daughter) kitted out as best as possible until rest arrives. We are flying with Singapore Airlines and I am struggling to keep us under the 20kg baggage allowance. My case at the moment is sitting at 23kg and there are still toiletries etc to go in. Has anyone had any experience with Singapore to know whether they are flexible at all? I have already found out on their website that to book excess baggage we will be charged £38.50 per kilo :wacko:so I don't particularly want to face those sort of charges at the check-in desk. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks Cara
  16. Hi everyone I have seen a number of threads on here saying how good Singapore are as an airline when flying from UK to Oz. I am due to be flying out at beginning of March, potentially on my own with a 5 year old as OH is going out a couple of days beforehand. One of my concerns is keeping my daughter occupied and there being enough for her to do onboard without relying on me 100% of the time. Looking at the different airline websites, Virgin seems to offer the best range of movies, additional backpacks for kids filled with goodies, childrens menu etc. Can anyone comment on what Virgin is like when travelling with children versus Singapore airlines? I have flown Virgin before but that was on my honeymoon and I didnt have a child to think about then! Any help/advice would be appreciated. Cara
  17. Just had the following email from Singapore Airlines! Don't think this is common knowledge as cant find it advertised on their website anywhere! Unfortunately we are not eligible for it as going on a 457....although we were initially told we were so trying to get some more for free!!! Imagine if we just turned up with 40kg each!!! "If passengers holding an unused/unstamped/not validated migrant visa that specifically states they are permitted to remain in Australia indefinitely / permanently, then they will be entitled to double baggage allowance (40 kilos, per passenger). This visa has to be used for the first time to enter into Australia and the double baggage will be granted after, the visa has been verified by our staff at the check-in counter on the day of their departure. For reference, passengers holding Work / Business / Students / Working-Holiday / Partner Visas, or visas that have already been stamped / validated, will not be eligible for double baggage allowance. "
  18. paul1977

    singapore hotels

    were on the move in august to oz and want a 3 day stop over in singapore, can anybody recommend us a hotel to stay. were a family of three and want to be fairly close to most things.. any info gratefully recieved:eek: paul
  19. Hi Jut wondered if someone could tell me if you have to change terminals or do you arrive/depart from the same terminal? Thanks Emma :hug:
  20. We are looking to book flights for end of February ~ Beginning of March 2011 Please can anyone suggest a good value website to buy the flights for 3 adults 1 child & 1 baby....We would like to fly Singapore airlines from London ~ Perth Many thanks in advance :cute:
  21. I think I may have mis-read something. We have just called Singapore Airlines for availability and asked about extra baggage allowance. They said non :nah:, not even when I asked about migrating one way. Can anyone please point me in the right direction with airlines and questions to ask? Many thanks Leila x :notworthy:
  22. Rakesh1977

    Singapore Airlines

    Hello all, I'm due to emigrate to the Sunshine Coast later this month and I've been looking at flying with Singapore airlines. The help desk hasn't been so helpful with my queries so far! I'm going out initially on 457 4 year visa. Does anyone know if they allow extra luggage on that visa or does it have to be PR? Any help, advice or contact numbers would be really helpful. Rakesh ps. Happy new year to everyone...hope this year brings approval for all those waiting for their visa.
  23. cartertucker

    Singapore or Quantas?

    Singapore or Quantas airlines ~ Which is better? :wideeyed:
  24. Guest

    Singapore for kids

    Hello, Just looking at flights back home and going to stop in either Singapore or KL for two nights. Can anyone recommend a child friendly hotel in either place? Thanks Chloe
  25. In peoples experiences which do you think are the best airlines to go with? We are planning on migrating Sept / Oct 11 from the UK and will have with us a 2 year old year old and a 8/9 month old baby. Do they all have the same baggage allowance as standard? Would love to hear your experiences, especially those travelling with babies & toddlers, i.e would Dubai be a better stopover than Singapore, etc. Does a 2 year old get their own baggage allowance? We are moving to Canberra so I guess we would be UK to Sydney Thanks Claire