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Found 178 results

  1. Hi, I would like to check if there is anyone here residing in Singapore currently and also doing the big move to Australia? If there is, I would appreciate some help to provide some recommendation for shipping services. Thanks.
  2. I think someone asked recently which airlines offer extra free baggage allowance for those migrating. I asked the question to Singapore airlines, here is their answer.. Note visas must be permanent resident status:- "Kindly note, if you hold an unused/unstamped/not validated migrant visa that specifically states that you are permitted to remain in Australia / permanently for flights departing from London/Manchester you will then be entitled to our migrant baggage allowance (i.e. 40 kilos per seat paying passenger) This baggage allowance will only be granted when you check in at the airport when this visa is sighted and checked that it has also not been travelled on before, this has to be the first time it is being used. You can have as many items of checked luggage as you wish provided: • The total combined weight of all the items put together does not exceed your total checked allowances • No single item of baggage exceeds 32 kilos in weight, as a health and safety requirement If you are not holding the correct visa mentioned above at check-in, then you will be entitled to the standard free checked baggage allowance of 30 kilos per seated passenger. For reference, for flights between the United Kingdom and Perth the excess baggage charge is USD 85.. Per kilo which is approximately GBP…66… per kilo. Please note excess baggage is charged at check in on your day of departure using the applicable currency exchange rates for that day. We hope the above information helps . Thank you for choosing Singapore Airlines."
  3. Hi guys, I'm from Singapore, I am 22 this year. I am currently serving the army, planning to study in a local university - SIT, Digipen to acquire a Bachelor In Computer Science and Game Design. I am due to complete my Bachelor in 2020. I've went through the Visa list and found that in order to migrate to Australia - I would like to stay in Melbourne, I can only apply the Subclass 189 (Correct me if i'm wrong). I've been through the Skilled Occupations List and found that Software Engineer is within the list. But just when I'm excited that I'm eligible to apply in the future, I did the points test. I believe i'm only able to acquire 55 points out of the required 60. 1. Age - 25-32 (inclusive) : 30 Points 2. English Language Ability - Proficient English - person has a score of 7 or more in the English Language Testing System (IELTS) in each of the four test components (This is just assumption) : 10 Points 3. Education - At least a Bachelor degree, including a Bachelor degree with Honours or Masters, from an Australian educational institution or other degree of a recognised standard. (My local Bachelor should be recognised) : 15 Points And... That's about it? I am unable to attain the 60 points. The only way I see is that i work at least 3 years in Singapore to attain an additional 5 points. By then, I would be 30 years old. Is that recommended? Also, I intend to migrate together with my girlfriend, who is currently in her first year, studying in a similar Bachelor - Bachelor in Computer Science and Real-time Interactive Simulation from SIT, Digipen. If this information is relevant? Any kind souls around to point me in the right direction?
  4. Hi all, I am returning to the UK permanently, and am going back via cruise and train to take a very long way home. I am wondering if anyone out there is interested in room sharing on the cruise from the 8th July, it takes 12 nights to get to Singapore. Cost for the room is around $6K (balcony room) including all food and some soft drinks (alcohol is extra). It is a one way cruise only and you would need to fly back or arrange accommodation in Singapore. about me: 33 years old, female, professional, polite, English, non smoker, non snorer! If you are interested please get in touch, Thanks Angela
  5. TurnersInOz

    Singapore weather

    Hi there. It's less than a month to go, before we leave the UK - excited! Were doing a stopover in Singapore, staying on Sentosa Island for 4 nights/5 days. We have three children, 13, 5 and 10 month. I would love to hear what activities people think are worth a visit? Places to eat? etc Also what weather to expect? I have a weather app on my phone and Singapore has been thundery showers for the last fortnight - do we take raincoats and umbrellas instead of bikinis and shorts!? Thanks :biggrin:
  6. Hi All, I have applied Skill Select - 189 subclass migration visa from Singapore. I have been asked to go for Medicals by case officer. I called medical panels in Singapore and gave my TRN number them to verify and book the appointment. Unfortunately, none of the panel is able to find my TRN in their system. What should I do now? (I have requested case office to provide HAP-ID 5 days back, but I have not received any response from her so far.). Please guide me. I am also not able to select medical Panel from "Arranging Health....", I am getting below error -> Warning Your request can not be processed this time. Please try again later, I am trying on this link since last 6 days but it's behaving the same... Really it's frustrating.. (EOI- 03/09/2012, CO assigned - 3/11/2012.)
  7. Guest

    Flying to WA

    Hi, Just been granted my WHV and plan to fly out in January 2013. I am thinking of staying a few days to stop off before I get to Perth. Any advice would be great. I am thinking of stopping in either Thailand, malaysia, singapore or hong kong. I am quite flexible about it all and have looked into flights, accommodation etc. cheers, Ian.
  8. The Pom Queen

    Singapore to Cairns Direct Flights

    Direct flights from Singapore to Cairns are set to resume after a six-year hiatus. The last direct flight from Singapore to Cairns was operated by the Qantas-owned Australian Airlines in June 2006. An announcement will be made at the state government’s Destination Q conference in the far north Queensland city next week and it is understood that Jetstar will operate the new flight. Tourism Tropical North Queensland chief Rob Giason says there’s been a lot of speculation the service might resume. “I’m not aware of any pending announcement but we’ve been working to re-develop a direct link with Singapore, it’s certainly one of our key goals in aviation,” he told AAP. Mr Giason said direct flights from the tourist hub would bring immense benefits. “Not only for the opportunity of linking with Europe and the UK, but also the growing Chinese and Indian markets,” he said. Mr Giason would welcome government support of the service initially, as “stimulus” to get the market moving. Queensland Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey says the government’s $8 million attracting aviation investment fund is wooing a number of new airlines and working on expanding existing services. “Discussions with Jetstar are ongoing and therefore commercial confidence remains in place,” she told AAP on Monday. “However, the government is hopeful of a positive outcome.” Jetstar would not confirm an announcement was pending. “Jetstar is often assessing different route options as part of our growing network and we never add weight to one option over another by commenting on speculation about where we might fly next,” it said.
  9. The OH and I are getting busy planning our trip out to Oz next year and are hoping to treat ourselves to a 4 or 5 night stopover in Singapore along the way. We've looked at quite few hotels but two that tickle our fancy are the Pan Pacific and Conrad Centennial. Trip Advisor speaks pretty highly of these, I just wondered if any PIO members had any personal experiences with either - or if anyone had any other suggestions. Looks like there's plenty to see and do in 4 days but does anyone have any recommendations for things to do in Singapore whilst we're there that we might have missed? Also, taxis to and from the city - are they fairly easy and cheap to get or is there a better way (assuming our hotel doesn't have a transfer service)? Cheers all! The excitement's building now - I've just told my boss I'm off next year... :shocked:
  10. > Thank you for your email. > > Please be advised, if you hold an unused/unstamped/not validated migrant visa that specifically states that you are permitted to remain in Australia indefinitely / permanently, you will then be entitled to the double baggage allowance (40 kilos, per passenger). > > The double baggage allowance will only be granted when you check in at the airport when this visa is sighted and checked that it has also not been travelled on before, this has to be the first time it is being used. > > You can have as many items of checked luggage as you wish provided: > > The total combined weight of all the items put together does not exceed your total checked allowances > No single item of baggage exceeds 32 kilos in weight, as a health and safety requirement > > If you are not holding the correct visa mentioned above at check-in, then you will be entitled to the standard free checked baggage allowance of 20 kilos per passenger. > > Yours Sincerely, Hi all, Yesterday I emailed Singapore airlines to double check that we will get 40kg of baggage allowance when we fly to oz. We just bought a regular one way ticket, we bought it online. I also spoke to them yesterday - to request this email confirmation, and they said I didn't even need the email, that the check in staff would automatically grant the extra on seeing the visa, but it is nice to have something to wave under their noses just in case! Anyway I just thought I would pop their reply in here, for all to see. X >
  11. We are emigrating to Queensland via Singapore for 3 days in Feb......last time i went to Singapore i went to a hotel information desk inside the airport and just found a hotel through them and they were very helpful.....does anyone know if that desk is still there ? dont really want to just turn up after a long flight and not have anywhere to stay......:err::wub:
  12. Hi all, ok, things coming along here and a little less stressed now everything got packed up by John Masons last week, as you may know we (wife & kids 3&12) fly to Oz on 8th Jan 2012 with a 2 night stopover in Singapore (universal studios visit, got to be done !!!) this is my intentions but not sure if I can do it this way so would like some help if you can, cheers - Fly from Man to Singapore arriving on 9th @ 07:55am in terminal 2 - check in all baggage, all but 1 of cases that we will use in Singapore, at left luggage - spend 2 full days in Singapore - book in at Transit hotel at approx 4:00pm on 11th Jan so we can have a rest prior to our flight at 01:00am on 12th Jan from Terminal 3 to Perth - Arrive in Perth @ 06:20am on 12th Jan all fresh and ready to go !!!!! !!!!!! Now it got me thinking last night when i was looking at the transit hotel and where it is, in the departures transit hall........... - What terminal would be best to leave the left luggage so easier when back in airport and leaving to Perth? - would we have to check in first with the airline? - can we do this with bags at 4:00pm or take the bags to the transit hotel and check in when desk opens? - what would be the situation with immigration at Singapore and going through etc...where are the hotels situated? any ideas ????? thanks Gary -
  13. Hi there My husbands company have just booked our flights and we are flying Quantas to Singapore and then on to Brisbane in Feb next yr. Does anyone know the baggage allowance for 1 way tickets ? and any info on Quantas ( are they ok compared to Emirates and Singapore airlines )?:wub:
  14. Im sorry but are some people so naive, it's well known you get ripped off in these types of places:no: SINGAPORE - How does one end up paying more than $2,000 for an item that costs only about $900? Filipino client support executive Nicholas Frias, 23, who visited Singapore last month, did. He paid $2,106 for the 64GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi to a shop in Sim Lim Square. Mr Frias, who arrived in Singapore on June 20, first went to other malls but found that they were sold out He then went to Sim Lim Square around 4pm on June 25. He was, at first, delighted to find out that the 64GB iPad 2 at Mobile Evolution LLP cost $890, before taxes. The same model is priced at $928 at the online Apple Store. The salesman, Eric, then charged Mr Frias another $68 for taxes, and asked $958 for the device. Mr Frias agreed to pay another $28.90 for a warranty which came with a free case and screen protector. Eric then left the shop and returned 10 minutes later with a $1,148 bill that shocked Mr Frias. Apparently, the huge bill was for coverage for two years and the $28.90 quoted was the monthly premium. That added up to a total of $693.60, still $454.40 short of the $1,148 charged. The shop did not state what the additional $454.40 was charged to at that point. They also refused to reduce the warranty period when Mr Frias asked for it. In shock and not wanting to cause any trouble, Mr Frias just signed for it. He ended up paying a total of $2,106.
  15. The Pom Queen

    Singapore Transit Hotel

    Does anyone know if you have to be in transit to use them. We have to be out of our room at 12 pm the day we fly home but we don't fly until midnight and check in isn't until 8pm, so we are going to be exhausted and have the luggage.
  16. Hi guys, I'm not sure if any one would be able to help me. My CO recently contacted me and told me to get my documents ready for my the processing of my 485 visa. I was really happy and thought wow end of visa nightmare and I can apply for my 885 soon! Little did I know that 1) the finger prints that I needed for my Singaporean Police clearance expired a while ago and 2)Fingerprints can no longer be done at my local police station and has to be booked through a central hotline!! So anyways to cut a long story short, the next appointment is in a months time in Ballarat and it takes a month on the Singaporean end to get my police clearance sorted. I was just wondering if anyone has been through a situation like that and how it was resolved with the Singaporean police! Im so lost and desperate! Pls advise! ljwalvin
  17. Hiya, we are flying with SIA into Sydney and then have a ticket booked to Hobart with Virgin blue - it was bought in conjunction with the SIA ticket so is a through fare. Just wondering though does anyone know what the policy for transferring from the international to domestic terminal is? I've flown with Qantas before and transferred through and they put you on their own free shuttle service but wasn't sure if Singapore and Virgin have this type of thing in place and I can't seem to find it no matter how much I google! I'm just starting to panic and want to be as prepared as I can be because of course we will have loads of luggage with us, a bike and also my 18 month old and pram! Thanks so much for your help in advance! xx
  18. Guest

    Singapore Airlines ticket

    I've just been checking the details on our electronic ticket receipt and all our forenames and middle names have been put together. Does anyone know if this is normal or will cause us any problems? Thanks
  19. JoandJon

    Singapore online check-in????

    OK, I'm stumped.. Got an email last night to tell me online checkin is open for my flight (SQ321 Sunday night from LHR, then SQ227 from SIN) It's supposed to be open 48hrs before flying - yep it's less than that, for the first leg anyway! But it won't let me check in yet - despite getting the email.... It is because the 2nd leg isn't open for checkin yet and I've got to do the two together? Or is there a bug in the website atm?
  20. bensdad

    Flights With Singapore Airlines

    Hi Just thought i'd share this, was originally planning to fly 6th Dec however we are now booked on 28th Nov and saved £500!!! Details as follows: Manchester - Singapore with 1 hour layover in Munich 2 hours stop over Singapore - Perth Also preferred seating booked for an additional £32 each Grand Total £1292 Well happy with that!
  21. Hi Has anyone got the email address where you got the confirmation of the additional baggage allowance for one way travel, I have looked on their website but cannot find it. Thanks
  22. Can't decided on how many nights stop over to do ??? Looking to go end of Nov. Anyone done the Singapore airlines stop over deal ? Is it worthwhile getting the attractions package?? We would like to go to the zoo etc but not sure if the ticket they give you included night safari etc. anyone done this package and shed any light on anything about it?
  23. yumimumi

    how much hand luggage with singapore

    hi, we are flying to australia from heathrow in october. with singapore airlines. just wondered how much hand luggage we can take on board with us. have had a look on singapore air website there will be myself, OH and our little girl. was thinking of taking a small trolley case each. 2 x laptops, my handbag, portable dvd player which OH would carry and little one would carry toddlers backpack will we be able to take all this. dont want to get stung at checkin desk. please help
  24. Hi, its been a long since weve been on here. Does any one know the baggage allowance for singapore airlines going from heathrow to perth (one way) ????:unsure:
  25. Booked flights- woooo!! Going from Manchester to Munich then on to Singapore then Adelaide!! Just wondered do we stay on plane when at Munich? Only there for 1 hour 10 and its same plane/flight number so not sure if we will need to get off or not? Thanks