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Found 875 results

  1. I've recently arrived in Australia and I wanted to share my shipping experience with you - you can't get enough good news stories! I didn't have a lot of stuff to ship out - it was mostly clothes, various bits and bobs (books, ornaments, CD's, bedding etc.) I chose to use Seven Seas. Reviews on here were OK (there were no horror stories at least!). It was an incredibly easy process. They send you boxes, you fill them up and then arrange a pick up. They give you a 1 hour pick up window the evening before. I didn't have any issues with them coming late or not turning up. They advertise that it will take approx 70 days for your boxes to reach Australia from UK with 1 week to go through customs. In the first delivery it was almost exactly correct but customs only took a couple of days. The second delivery took 60 days, again customs only taking two days. Taking advice from on here I ensured I did not pack any product with wood with me. I also marked the box which had shoes and trainers (which i packed together). No boxes appeared to have been opened (which is apparently a random process by customs). It was a reliable, painless and efficient service and I would definitely recommend them for anyone bringing a small load over with them.
  2. TheGlovers

    Shipping cat to Melbourne

    Hi, Can anyone tell us roughly how much to it would cost to take our cat with us to Melbourne. Thanks
  3. Surfy Brit

    Surf Board Shipping

    Hi All Wondering if anyone has any experience and can offer input! Im moving to Aus in Jan on a 457 visa for the next 3 years I love to surf and bought a board back when I went 2 years ago! Want to take it back again, question is do I take it on the flight (it got damaged on the flight back last time) or do I get it put in the container? Im going to be living in townsville so surfing all the time is prob not on the cards! has anyone else put a surfboard in a container? I dont have enough to fill so will be sharing one (not sure if this makes a difference?) Thank you
  4. mathewsmarkey

    Shipping car and motorbike

    Hi Guys, hopefully coming out on a RSMS visa, nomination has been approved, medicals done just waiting on the go ahead. Looking to bring our car with us but OH would like to take his harley davidson with him and thinks there is a limit on how many vehicles you can take. Any info appreciated. Moving from Ireland to NSW hopefully sooner rather then later.
  5. bessiedoll

    What I'm shipping help

    All of my things are packed and ready to be shipped, I have been in touch with a shipping company and I'm almost good to go, however I'm a bit confused. It states that I need to have an itemisation of all of the goods I am shipping, does this mean that I actually need to list every single thing I have in every box?
  6. derham

    Help with procedure on shipping dog

    Can anyone tell me what procedure I need to follow for shipping our dog to Oz. We are planning to move next July. If anyone can tell what i need to do and when I would be greatful.
  7. Hi all. I am here with my girlfriend for 6/9 months. We both have nice bikes and wonder if it is better to ship them bearing in mind I will not be resident here but it will be my base for the ASIA Pac countries. Any thoughts please? Cheers Ken
  8. Hi all, What kind of prices are you getting to ship from Ireland. I am getting ranges from 3200 - 7000 for a 20' and a 40'. And each company's pricing are quite different. Who did you use and what kind of prices did you get. I am taking my car and household items. Thanks Smelf1
  9. We'd like to ship a bedframe from the UK to Aus - the UK supplier is unable to export it themselves but happy to transport it to a suitable UK port etc. I'm struggling to find a company who will quote on this as it's not commercial and/or a container load. We can wait for it to be shipped - we don't want the high expense of air freight. Total weight of the 3 packages is approx 180kg. Any suggestions on who could help? Thank you!
  10. Hi there, I am a mechanic currently in the process of relocating to Perth however am unsure how to go about organising to have my work toolbox shipped over. Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated :biggrin:
  11. Hello My husband and I and our 3 year old daughter are moving from the UK to my native Australia in January. We are unsure whether to take everything or if it will be more cost effective to just take our clothes and some of our most treasured possessions and re-buy the rest in Australia. Also, if you are someone who did take everything, are there some things you now wish you didn't bring because they proved costly to ship or unnecessary in Australia. Looking forward to your thoughts! Thanks.
  12. Guest

    Oz to UK Shipping Companies

    Hi All, I've seen a lot of threads about what shipping companies to use when moving from England to Australia, but who are the best shipping companies to use if moving back to England from Australia? When we moved to Melbourne from Reading, we used PomsInOz to find Voovit as a decent company to use. And they were just what you'd hope for in a shipping company I suppose, no nasty surprises or bad experiences. So now I'm hoping PomsInOz can assist once more and provide some options for shipping Australia to England, based on past experiences. Googling for reviews gives more questions than answers! Has anyone used Seven Seas Worldwide, and if so, would you recommend them? Thanks.
  13. Hello All, I think I have decided to base myself in Airlie Beach (if not Mackay). I will have a 20 foot container being shipped from Dubai and they have quoted me for the container arriving into Brisbane. Is there a sea port nearer to me than Brisbane that would handle this? Thanks, GB
  14. Hi all I'm heading home for a while and need to ship a few boxes. Most of the info I can find is around whole house moves and talking in terms of containers. I just need to send a few boxes - any ideas on the best people to use? Thanks! Ruth
  15. We're in the process of planning our move from the UK to Adelaide next year when our spouse visa comes through (fingers crossed). Apart from clothes we're not really shipping too much - we're taking a suitcase each of clothes and then shipping maybe 2 or 3 tea chest type boxes between us at about £60 each. We like travelling light :wink: The only item I'm not sure about is our digital piano which may or may not be worth taking depending on shipping options. When packaged in its original box it will weigh about 15kg and measure approx 150cm x 30cm x 30cm - too large therefore for a tea chest. I've had a couple of online quotes for around the £130 mark - which is not too bad I guess. Much cheaper than replacing it anyway. Just wondered if anyone had shipped anything similar and whether they found a cheaper way of doing it?
  16. Hi We have had quotes from Crown, White & Co, Dorrer Bonner, PSS & Anglo Pacific. Crown & White and co are coming out at the most expensive. What experience has everyone else had with Dorrer Bonner, Anglo and PSS, We need to make a decision in the next few days, as stuff is being shipped out 2 months before we leave. We have already got reduced quotes and it looks like its between these three We are really struggling to choose. :arghh: Thanks Becs
  17. Hi - just wondered, has anyone use the vaccum storage bags for shipping? I've been advised by one of the shipping companies who came out to do a quote that due to sections of travel where the temperature is too high, the heat can cause condensation, hence moisture in the bags. any experiences?
  18. Has anyone had any issues when shipping belongings with Doreen Bonner or Grace? I am in a situation where I shipped my items from the UK with DB/Grace on 24th February 2011 on the basis of a shared container. It took 20 weeks (not the quoted 8-12 weeks) for me to receive my shipping in Sydney. However, one of my boxes had been lost by the shipping company (full of winter clothes) as acknowledged by both DB&Grace. I paid £456 for insurance through DB's recommended insurer (plus £3026 for shipping), however, the insurance company have stated my claim for replacement is not valid as I did not adequately itemise the clothing items on the insurance application form. I was advised when filling out the insurance form it was the final figure which mattered not the itemised sections. I find myself in the situation where I paid £456 to insure my belongings (in addition to the £3026 shipping costs), completed the insurance application in line with advice, the shipping companies Doree Bonner and Grace accept they have lost a box of my belongings yet I receive no compensation, insurance payment and can not afford to replace my items. Has anyone had similar experiences and could suggest where I go from here. I'm really upset to be honest. Many thanks
  19. Guest

    Shipping furniture

    Please excuse the new thread if the questions have already been answered somewhere - please point me towards that area if you can - i couldnt find. Anyway hear goes What would the appox cost and time be to ship the following - just a rough guide on time and costs would be excellent as i am thinking of doing this pre selling up at home. Large leather sofa NEW LCD TV Dishwasher Washing machine Fridge tumble drier double bed Queen size bedside cabinets x 2 tallboy thank you in advance Simon :jiggy:
  20. clusterofgeals

    Pet shipping D.I.Y

    Has anyone on here done pet export to oz by themselves rather than using an agent ?
  21. Ive waited to post this thread, as I wanted to put the whole story down at the end, but I think Ill do a part one and finish off when its done. Went out and got all our quotes , as usual, decided to use crown as they seemed to have an excellent reputation. They werent the cheapest, but decided when shipping all of your worldly good, you want quality right ? In the run up to "D" day, I was a little concerned as I had rang the birmingham office a couple of times with questions but no one would ring me back. But didnt worry too much about it. Anyway the day the packers arrived came , they were due at 9am, by 9.30 no one had turned up. I rang the office, no one rang me back, I rang again, and finally got someone to tell me the guys were running late, and would be there shortly. 10.30 Still no one. Again rang the office, no one rang me back. I had to ring the salesman, who eventually rang me back, and told me there had been an accident, and they would be there around lunch. 12.30 they turned up. They stuck to the story about an accident, but 31/2hours, I wasnt convinced. Well the packers were really good , and very helpful. They put us at ease. We were due our 40 foot container on the wednesday. It was due to arrive by 10, should have been packed by 2 and then we would go back to our hotel, to spend an evening with family and friends, before leaving the following day. 10am we hear the lorry to see a 20ft container on the lorry. Again, many unanswered phonecalls to finally be told the container would arrive by 3pm. Very frustrating and traumatic. THe other thing is I was transporting my motorcycle. A very heavy 2 litre cruiser. I was told they had a ramp and they expected me to ride the bike up the ramp onto the container. Very dangerous. Im not evel kneivel and im not risking my pride and joy on that ramp. I made various suggestions to deviate the trailer to my work to get the bike lifted on correctly but they would not deviate the trailer to more than one drop. Eventually the trailer turned up. And the loading started. My bike had to be lifted on to a luton van, then from a luton van onto the trialer. No mean feat, as this is a 300 kilo bike. Then the crate, was not big enough. They had to pack the crate with extra wood to make it fit. It wasnt wide enough, or high enough. Eventually the container was filled. I left my house at 10pm, dirty tired and p*ssed off. I had to cancel seeing some of my friends because of one too many mistakes. Surely it could only get better at the other end. Well the container arrived at Perth on the 24th October. I was quoted 5 to 10 days to get customs cleared. I know that crown didnt even get the container until 2 weeks after it docked, and I have just been told today they will be delivered on the 24th November. A full month to clear customs. There has been some issue with some spare bike parts I brought, nothing to do with my bike, just a couple of sets of bars and risers, customs want the kept out as they want to tax me on them. I should have just sold them before I came. Im fed up and want to sleep on a proper bed. My bed. Just hope things are ok when they get there. I know crown have had to open alot of boxes to find my bars and risers. Ihate the thought of people going through my stuff. Im hopeing my next post on this thread will be happier, but needless to say If we end up going back to the uk, we will not be using crown.
  22. kitesurfer

    Shipping a boat to Perth

    Hi, Has anyone ever shipped a speed boat to perth ,just wondered about taxes and costs ? and is it worth doing.The wife hates the sea because of all the beasties and would love nothing more than for me to sell it. please help
  23. Hi there - has anyone used Karman Shipping to ship their car to Oz (including taking out marine insurance)? If so, did it all go smoothly or were there any problems? Cheers JES9
  24. gazsmith

    Shipping companies!

    Subjects along this line have probably been kicking about since the site started but i shall ask and hope you can advise! Is there any shipping company that stands out from the rest? Is there any to avoid and is the top insurance package worth taking? Has anyone recieved there furniture etc and its been broken, missing etc.....? Also is it wise to let the shipping company pack all our items? Had Britannia here on Friday but not recieved there quote yet but they estimate 636 cubic feet, not even half of our possessions, dont think its right so will see what whites amount it to next week! Thanks in advance Gary & Sue
  25. :wink:hi im moving to oz in january but im finding it hard to get my tools over there at a reasonable price just wondering if anyone out there has any experience with this. many thanks