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Found 875 results

  1. Hi everyone - we have been told my spouse VISA (permanent) may not be processed until April 2013 and we are set to move in January 2013. I would be grateful for your help with a couple of worrying issues: What options do we have regarding me working from January onwards - during the interim? A tourist VISA will obviously not do nor (as I understand it) will an eVisitor VISA (Subclass 651)? All of our belongings have been shipped and as I understand it we will not be able to get them released by customs unless *all* the VISAs are in place - so if I do not have anything or it is still being processed, our container will not be released to us?! Any advice about this would of course be much appreciated - we have had an immigration officer in Oz working the case but I am keen to get some alternative opinions - thanks in advance for your expertise and help.
  2. angelofmercy186

    Buy new or ship old?

    Hi all I'm a sparkie hoping to move within 18months and was wondering whats best? Selling all tools in uk and buying fresh when i get over OR keep old tools and pay the shipping? Been told tools arent that cheap bit neither is shipping any help will do cheers Nick
  3. Hi everyone I was just wondering if there was anybody who could recommend the cheapest or best shipping company that they have used as I am just starting to look through them and they all seem the same? I would be looking to move some stuff to Perth in a few months so I would appreciate any help at all!! Cheers xx:smile::smile:
  4. Hi all I've been living in Melbourne since 2009 and am heading back to the UK next week for 3 weeks to catch up with family & friends. Now that I've bought a house, I think it is about time I moved the rest of my stuff out here before my parents decide to put it on eBay! Given the fact that many users of this site will have used a shipping company, is there a PomsInOz approved list of shipping companies? If not, I'd be grateful if people who have had a good experience could pass on the company name to me. The stuff I'm looking to ship is 2 electric guitars, some computer games & DVDs, a few clothes, some other small items and possibly (haven't decided yet) a collection of 3,000 vinyl records. No bulky furniture and everything is already boxed up. Thanks!
  5. Hi all anyone on here has moved from Adelaide to Melbourne or the other way round? Looking for a moving company but one that can lift furniture if needed up a few floors into the air if it doesn't fit through stairs - 60/70s type of apartments. Already been given one quote of someone that can do that ... Just wanted to compare. Anyone else had the issue of furniture not fitting through the stairs? Been told that even a queen bed could be a problem.
  6. Darius Kedros

    Musical equipment

    Does anyone have an idea about the rules on shipping/importing my musical equipment into Australia? I have a home recording studio full of equipment & instruments, and as i am a sound engineer i guess it would technically be regarded as business equipment, and not personal effects. Any ideas on where i stand with this please? Thanks
  7. Could anyone please recommend a shipping company which ships containers from Ottawa or Toronto (Canada) to Sydney with reasonable price? Many thanks, Hazel
  8. Hi guys, Were just getting quotes in for a full packing and shipping service in a 40ft container (door to door) with quotes around £5800-£6300. Usual agents are Pearson, UTS and ********. Crown quotes almost £10,000. what are your thoughts ? Is this reasonable ? Are they any good ? thanks Stu
  9. Has anybody used this company to ship their belongings? I only want to ship a few boxes of personal items - not taking any furniture. They seem quite reasonable and ship by air but I hadn't heard of them before so would appreciate any reccommendations or advice. :v_SPIN: Thanks Clare
  10. Hi, anyone been offered free air freight along with their shipping?
  11. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, even though it is only 4 months till we move!! Bit scary as I haven't been able to organise anything yet due to an operation. However, I'm on it now!! I just wanted to ask all you knowledgable people about taking electrical items over with you.... - I see from a few posts that most people seem to take electricals/white goods with them. My husband is not so keen as he doesn't like the idea of using adapter plugs for everything - in that it might be unsafe to do this on a big scale. I'm clueless about this kind of thing....can you just change the plug to an aussie style one? Thanks so much in advance for any advice. Sx:err:
  12. cominhome

    anyone used move corp?

    Hi We've got a few quotes for our move to Perth, (20 ft container) .Crown and Pearson are about the same price but ******** are about £800 cheaper. As far as I can tell all the quotes cover the same things - Door to door, packing, flat packing furniture and re-assemble etc. All 3 are very prompt at replying to emails, ( and I've sent quite a few ) and very helpful. Has anyone used move corp or know anything about them Thanks Geoff
  13. Guest

    Ultimate Check List

    Hi I just wondered if anyone had or knew where I could get a sort of checklist of things that need doing before the big move...eg contact shipping companies, redirecting post etc etc....... :unsure: Many thanks
  14. Hi Everyone, I thought I would do my little bit by posting some information on this site regarding shipping costs ets....I have got so much information from POI...I thought it was time to see if I can help others in return. I looked long and hard into shipping as it can be a considerable cost. I decided to get the following company's out to quote my removals: Pickfords =£4000.00 PSS International =£2860.00 White & Company =£2685.00 Excess International =£2877.00 John Mason =£ 2650.00 Doree Boner =£2613.00 Crown Relocation =£3779.00 Anglo Pacific =£3999.00 I used the same speech for every company that came round to quote as I wanted the best overall quote and estimate on cubic feet. I specified that I would flat pack as much of my furniture as possible as this can save you tens if not hundreds of cubic feet in your removals. My first quote was from Pickfords who decided that I would need sole use of a 20ft container and that it would cost me 4k....I was a little surprised at first as i thought in my own mind that we would only need part, due to the fact we had no fridge or freezer and our main bedroom wardrobes were built in. I was in fact glad on the next quote that I had other companies to price, as PSS said I was only part container at 597 cubic feet.....This excercise went on for the next two weeks...as you can see from above list the cost varies a little and most companies were close on cubic feet except for Anglo Pacific & Pickfords. As a note 5 of the companies came in at 592 - 620 cubic feet of each other!!!! I decided to get the closest 4 to re-evaluate there costs to see if I could lower the price...three of them did...inbox me for details on those and prices...I can also send you an inventory of exactly what we are sending so you can gauge a price on your own belongings. I hope this is of use to anyone seeking removals!...if you require any further information drop me a line! All the best! Si:biggrin:
  15. I've been reading several posts where people have been saying that buying in bulk--esp meat and such could be much cheaper than buying from the supermarket. Just wanted to know if most homes in Oz land have a separate freezer or does the normal fridge freezer suffice? Is it worthwhile having a freezer shipped out from here when we come? Thanks in advance!
  16. I have just started sorting through our childrens toys and getting rid of anything that we aren't taking to Oz. We have decided not to take our eldests bike (it was only cheap anyway and I'm sure she'd love a new one) and we are not taking her swing or slide or anything else from the garden. From her inside toys, we will get rid of the ones neither of them play with, or things that other people have bought for them that make stupid noises (other parents will understand this :wacko:!). They have lots of wooden toys, such as blocks and puzzles, that we would like to take, but are unsure as to whether customs might have issues because we know that wood can be a problem. Some of them are fine - they are painted or varnished which means we can take them with no problem. However, looking at some of their things today, some of them are made of plywood which don't seem to be varnished or painted at all. They are mostly puzzles, for example jigsaws and dominos. So, my question is can we take childrens toys that are made of plywood? I presume that plywood is used to make packing crates/protective covers for tv's etc for shipping, so is it okay to take it?
  17. Hi All Apologies to post a topic on here which has clearly been done to death! I've gone through loads of the forum threads and called a few of the recommended companies (thanks so much to all the info everyone has posted). We are moving to Brisbane in late December, and are sending a 20 foot container with roughly 800 cubic feet in it. I had 2 questions..: 1) I've narrowed it down to John Masons, Global Moving Systems and Altantic International (friends recently used Atlantic - but they are at least £600 more expensive than the other 2!!). I can't seem to find any reviews on Global Moving Systems and just wondered if anyone had used these guys? They seem to offer the most competitive deal and the man who came around to do the survey was extremely helpful. 2) Insurance via the shipping company or direct through an insurance company, from what I've read it's cheaper and more efficient to go to via an insurance company, can anyone recommend one they have used recently? 3) One of the companies said we would be ok to take our indoor wicker furniture (it's a solid wood chest of drawers with a very small wicker patter detail on the front of the drawer - from homebase and is treated). Just wanted to check if anyone got hit with huge costs for cleaning of any treated indoor furniture with wicker? Thanks for reading, and again apologies for exhausting a question which has been hugely asked over the years! I'm very nervous about the shipping company we choose due to the personal effects being taken (as I'm sure most are)! Thanks Laurie
  18. Hi, Does anyone have any bad experience of shipping out work tools or garden tools. We have heard that the authorities are quite particular on the condition of certain items ( i.e. no soil or rust etc. ) We have garden table/chairs that show a little rust but are thoroughly clean. Should we spray paint them too? ALso have lawn mower & strimmer. Are these OK to take or too risky even if cleaned to the best of our ability? Finally, hubby has loads of tools, general household and wall/floor tiling tools. Should these also be rust free & clean? Thanks for any helpful advise you want to throw our way! :wink:
  19. The Pom Queen

    URGENT UPDATE - Shipping Pets

    Dear PIO members The Australians have now classed UK as Rabies well controlled rather than rabies free. Which means that pets travelling from UK to Australia after Jan 1st 2012 now have to have pre travel rabies work. Pets have to have a rabies vaccination within 12 months of the flight date and a rabies vaccination at least 60 days before the flight, but ideally 6-12 months. They then need a rabies blood sample ideally at least 5 months before their flight date. It can be less than 5 months before their flight date, but they will have to spend longer in Australian quarantine if that is the case. The pets are allowed out of quarantine 180 days after the date of the rabies blood sample or 30 days after they land whichever is the greater. Basically - if you are thinking of going to Australia with your pet, start planning early. If you are planning to go in Jan or Feb next year - either try to send your pet before Jan 01st 2012 or be prepared for pets flight to be delayed or the quarantine stay be extended. Check out the following link: http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/cat-dogs/countries/cat4 http://www.petairuk.com Please see the update on the Pet Shipping Forum http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/shipping-pets-ask-pet-air/124633-new-rules-shipping-pets-back-uk-2012-a.html
  20. Guest

    Moving to Melbourne

    Hello, I'm new to this website and have joined as I have recently obtained a permanent residency visa, sponsored by Victoria. I'm moving out on 21st August with my husband and son (he'll be 10 months by then) as we have to validate our visa by 31st August 2012. I am a nurse and currently looking for a job, however I am still waiting for my registration with AHPRA to come through, my application has been with them since January & I'm hoping it's going to come through soon!! Hence I'm rather nervous about the move as my husband doesn't have a job yet either. We still have 3 months though so I'm hopeful, although I get the feeling we'll be more successful with jobs once we're actually in Melbourne. Does anyone have any tips to help with the move? We're currently looking into shipping our furniture etc over. Also need to sort out childcare for my son, but as we don't know where we'll be working...or living it's a bit difficult at the moment. Any advice people ca offer will be greatly received! I'm really excited to be making the move and can't wait to get out there! LK.:biggrin:
  21. Hi all, we are looking for shipping companies to ship from Ireland to Melbourne,has anyone had good or bad experiences with company's they would like to share? I got what i think is a good quote from Careline but not really sure what the going rate from Ireland is? Having worked it out approx. it would be around 2.5 or 90 cu/ft so it would be a shared container. Thanks
  22. Hi All We're going to need a 20ft container to move our stuff from Kent to Melbourne. I'm really leaning toward White & Co because they came up significantly cheaper than the other quotes we've had. But it makes me suspicious: are they too cheap? I've not been able to find much on here about others' experiences so if anyone used them and would/wouldn't recommend them I'd love to hear. Thanks!
  23. We are moving furniture from a large house to another large house via a smaller, medium-term rental that only has two bedrooms but does have a spacious and dry, non-flood prone garage very nearly the same size of the container. I have identified the garage as a useful medium-term store for stuff that we want to bring in container but don't have room for until we buy a three or four bedroom house. But I am investigating how humid Melbourne is throughout the year and concerning myself how things like sofas would cope in a dry, relatively well ventilated lock-up garage with no heater. I've looked at weather statistics so I have seen average humidity data for each month of the year. Statistics are all very well. Does anyone have experience or views about such storage in the Melbourne climate and the wisdom of it. Mildew and mould would be fairly disastrous for some items. Spiders etc: we could nuke with appropriate concoctions. Advice appreciated.
  24. Guest

    Shipping your own container

    Has anyone packed your own container? How much work was involved? We have a friend with a freight company and he can get us a 40ft container to Brisbane for £2500 obviously we will have to arrange transportation the other end and insurance too just wondered what kind of paperwork etc will be involved?
  25. My in laws have bought my son a quad bike for Christmas,it is only really small but is petrol driven. We are due to fly out end of Jan and have shipping companies giving us quotes. Anglo pacific said we need to obtain a VIA import certificate or something,but this only I thought would apply to vehicles. I have downloaded form and it asks for vin numbers chassis number etc.its a child's non road legal quad hasn't got any??!!! Any help on what we need to do appriecated or someone who has shipped a similar item what was the procedure , Thanks Kate