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Found 875 results

  1. Ok so I have a memory block too many things happening at once and my mulyi tasking devise is on the blink :wacko: I have 3 shipping agents coming next week all of which have been recommended by lovely peeps on here. Just wondering what questions I need to be asking them?? Started to make a list but can only think of storage costs until we find rental etc. Any advice would be great! Thanks Em x
  2. Guest


    What happens if you ship your household goods in a 20ft container and you cant provide a delivery address as yet . Do they hold your stuff in storage at the docks in oz till ur are set up in your rented accomidation. Is there an extra charge for this. Or is it a case of it takes that long to get there anyway you will be despearte for the stuff when it arrives. What if you only want to take some stuff and only require half a container. Do the charge you in overall weight. How do they estimate how much to charge you. Anyone recommend a shipping company.
  3. Guest

    Shipping quotes - GULP!!

    hiya just got my quote through today from curtiss removals which are part of whites as they are down south and happily came over to the isle of wight but GULP!! for 1/2 a 20ft container with a motorbike (which cost about £800 to ship on its own) it was £2800 i couldnt believe it i'd thought that a whole 20 footer was £3000 but to spend that on 1/2 i was shocked. Called PSS and they said roughly the same cost. Robinsons said they would fone me back but that was 7hrs ago so i doubt i'll hear from them. i have someone coming to quote that on the island so we'll see how much it is for just my stuff and not my brothers bike. i look at my stuff and i think do i really need it all but i've got rid of so much stuff already this is stuff i'll need when i get a house, i mean theres only 2 small items of furniture and 3 tool boxes. i'm like blimey what would i be like if it wasnt just me!!! so tell me does this cost seem right? i think they have added bout £200 to come over here on the ferry etc. look forward to your advise thanks ali
  4. Guest

    shipping vehicles

    Hi there, Has anyone got any information or adviceabout shipping vehicles to Oz? We are two very keen morotcylists and we are wondering if it is worth the time. trouble, effort and expence of shipping our two much loved motorcycles into Oz (if we get our visas)? We have looked on sites such as ebay and the choice of bikes seems rather limited compared to the UK - old, high mileage, outdated. So we are seriously considering shipping our two ladies - help??? Also has anyone experience HGV licence replacement? My O/H is being employer sponsored for our visa but he also has a HGV licence here in the UK. Just to edge out bets he wants to transfere this to his Oz licence if/whenwe get there. Does anyone know if/how this works? I know we only have to exchange our UK licences for Oz ones once we get there but is this the same for HGV?
  5. Guest

    Shipping co. recommendations?

    Hi there, just wondering if you have any good recommendations for a shipping firm. Anyone had a bad experience with anyone and would recommend to avoid? Many thanks Helen.
  6. Guest

    SHIPPING... Who to use.

    A spanner has been thrown in the works... i was going to use ANGLO PACIFIC, but the bad reports have put me off. :? Im interested to know who people have used, or who people are going to use, and what sort of costs are involved. Cheers
  7. Guest

    suggestions 4 shipping

    hi, does anybody have any advice for shipping? i am gonna start ringing around tomorrow but havnt a clue where to start! i live in wiltshire, we are gonna be quite brutal and dont imagine we are gonna take the whole entire contents of our house. any suggestions much appreciated!
  8. colin&louise

    Shipping Insurance

    Hi, Just wondered roughly how much people insured there belongings for. We are shipping a 20ft container and have been quoted over £1000 for about £40,000 worth of stuff. Do we really need this much cover? Any advice would be very helpful. Louise.x
  9. Guest


    hya i need some advice were looking to move from uk to adelaide and wondered about shipping cost or would it be cheaper to just start afresh in oz and buy everything in oz thanks phill and christina
  10. We are moving to Brisbane (dont know exactly where yet) on 16th Aug 06. Had torrid time with Migration Bureau. Reported to MARA but lost £4500. Swapped to Darrel Todd of Thinking Australia http://www.thinkingaustralia.com :lol: (absolute first class) he'll meet you personally and he's always available to take a call even at 12 midnight. So, £11500 and 3years later we've jumped the final hurdle. 8) Booked container with Chris fantastic bloke 2days prior to flight (just in case). £2700 for Container with inside dimensions 5.9Mts x 2.3 x 2.9,drops it off early morning 3hrs u pack it they ship it within 6wks. Apprx £80 per month storage in Oz :lol: UPAKWESHIP UK LTD 30 Lakehouse Road Wanstead E11 3QS Tel: 020 8530 1441 Fax: 020 85305353 chris@upakweship.co.uk Website: http://www.upakweship.co.uk Members of: N.G.R.S. (National Guild of Removers and Storers) Ombudsman Approved R.O.A.R.S. (Register of Approved Removers and Storers) H.H.G.F.A.A. (Household Goods Forwarders Association of America) ISO 9001 Registered Company Insurance from Email: Andrew.Lawrence@towergate.co.uk £475 for £20,000 goods as a rough guide. 8) No beds to sleep in so Booked 2 nights at http://www.travelodge.co.uk 8) 2 family rooms for £26 each per night at MANCHESTER AIRPORT. WOW 8) Worldwide currency provided excellent service to exchange currency you can book with Tonya Lark on a forward contract which means you can book at todays rate 2.45 and pay 10% deposit and pay the remainder when you Go TO OZ or get spot which means you pay the lot now. tel 0208 4645888 or info@worldwidecurrencies.com best rates available. :idea: Booked flights with Singapore airlines http://www.singaporeair.com 8) Booked 1 night in Brisbane at Metropolitan Motor Inn cost £117 for 2adults 4 kids operated by Octopus travel.WE ARE OVERTIRED Any Carpenters know if I can use my 110v gear on site with transformer in Oz? :roll: Any questions for me I'll gladly answer? :wink: DO NOT USE MIGRATION BUREAU AT ANY COST PLEASE. THEY CHARGED ME £95 FOR 1 PHONE CALL as an instance AND THEY KEPT ON STALLING FOR TIME SO THAT I MISSED CUT OFF POINT( 45th birthday)ENTRY TO OZ JUST TO MAKE MORE MONEY. THEIR AGENTS ARE LEAVING IN DROVES. I HAD 3 DIFFERENT ONES IN SPACE OF 3MONTHS. NOW ENTERING ON MY OTHER HALFS BUSINESS SKILLS. :twisted: Hope we can be of use to any of you WANNABEES Dave and Penny 8) :lol:[/img]
  11. colin&louise


    Hi still farely new to this site. we have had quotes for sipping a 20ft container to brisbane from anglo pacific and pss.were wondering if anyone coluld tell us of there experiences with either of the companies good or bad! Thanks louise.
  12. Hi there First time user of the forum. My wife and I are planning on moving to Brisbane by the end of this year with our wee boy. So far we have researched areas, rental prices, house prices, job availability and shipping costs for the cat!!! However, struggling to get a good indication on costs for taking a container full of all our worldly possessions and any tips on avoiding additional costs, like cleaning etc. As mentioned in the heading, we live in soctland, edinburgh to be exact and i am sure that will be a factor in the costs. All and any help will be gratefully received. Cheers Mattybhoy
  13. Guest

    household item shipping

    hi guys we should be out in oz by may 07 and are looking for a descent removals company, we have been quoted about £3000 is this about right as i felt it was a little high??
  14. Guest

    free shipping crate

    I have a wooden shipping crate which was made for me, it is 130cm x 80 cm x 95cm, it has a ispm 15 certifcate and as been marked to comply with aquis import rules for packaging timber. pm if interested mick
  15. Guest

    Cost of shipping your car

    Hi all Has anyone had experience of shipping their own car rather than buying once in oz ?? I've tried doing a search but noy getting anywhere. How much to ship it ?? Also what are the paperwork/documentation complications doing this, DVLA and what would i have to do once the car arrived in oz ( number plate brit to oz one etc ) ?? Any ideas would be greatly received Cheers Sg
  16. Hi Guys, Whilst still awaiting my visa, I have joined up with an exiting new company - A venture which I intend to set up in Perth........should we ever get there !! From 1 crate to Full Household Removals, please get in touch with me, where a guranteed Personalised Service is Given. PM Me or email any requirements to : chrisn@migrateglobal.com Regards Chris http://www.migrateglobal.com
  17. Hello We are moving to Alice Springs 1st week of Jan 07, can anyone recommend a good shipping company that they know of. Thanks for your help Neil & Sarah
  18. I have just shipped my goods off to Australia and a few months ago found an item on poms in oz about which company to use to insure our stuff - however it appears to have dropped off now and I was wondering if anyone could help with the names or websites of insurers. The name Lenton seems to ring a bell but I cannot find anything. Can anyone help? :? :?
  19. Hi Poms in Oz ! Please note current rates for Self Packing and Shipping of Effects to Australian Ports as follows : 20' CTR : GBP 1475.00 40' CTR : GBP 2125.00 FUMIGATION : GBP 125.00 LCL (LESS THAN FULL CONTAINER) : GBP 100.00 PER CBM Delivery to Local Depot. Rates are Based on Loading ex GTR MANCHESTER/MIDLANDS/SOUTH OF ENGLAND Please feel free to contact for any further information
  20. Bladder

    shipping / containers

    Hi, We are moving to Brisbane at the end of October, we hope to sell off most of our stuff, only taking personal belongings, so we only need to share a container. We haven't worked out how much we are taking in cubic feet, but it's not going to be a whole lot. Any suggestions of oversea removal companies with good rates would be appreciated. Thanks
  21. Guest

    Shipping dates

    Hi Guys! Just wondering if you guys have any clues on whether to ship after exchange of contracts but before completion of house sale or do you wait for the completion date and ship then. It seems like cutting it a bit fine to me.. answers on a postcard please!
  22. Guest

    Shipping Insurance

    We have just had quotes to ship everything across. They have not included Insurance, which is extra. They have quoted us standard insurance, I guess for loss or damage and an additional cost if you want to insure against mildew or internal damage to electrical items. Has anyone got any views on whether you need to take out the additional insurance for your electrical stuff and mildew and has anyone got experience of electrical items being damaged internally and not working or mildew everywhere. We are taking a couple of telly's and CD / DVD player etc. Many thanks Dominic
  23. Guest


    Hi All Can anybody recomend a reputable shipping company to use, I think we'll only need a part container. Anybody experienced any significant do's or dont's when shipping or dealing with these companies. Any help much appreiciated Many thanks Glen
  24. Guest

    Shipping goods and customs?

    Has anyone had any problems when shipping their PC and software cd's etc. when you may have copied software or loads of downloaded dvd, cd's and software on your hard drive. Also you may have some copied cd's from friends and family over the years. Can you just ship these without worrying about customs? regards
  25. Guest

    shipping furniture?

    Hi there We are hopfully going to live in victoria next year somtime but we are wondering if it is better to have furniture shipped over or to buy all new? we had a quote for £3,500 to have it shipped out which i thought was alot of money?is it reasonable to buy furniture in australlia? Thanks ruth