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Found 875 results

  1. talesofatwinmum

    Packaging for shipping

    Hi, We're aiming to move over to Brisbane next year and I want to be as organised as possible because we've got a lot of stuff to sort through in our house, some of which we intend to sell and some we want to take. I'd like to begin clearing our loft first and sorting piles out for car boot sales/eBay etc. My questions is, does each shipping company have their own specific boxes you need to pack your things into and if so do you buy them direct from the shipping company or are they standard packagin boxes you can buy online? I'm thinking that if there are things we won't be needing before we go I could get started putting stuff to keep in boxes so it won't get mixed up with the sale stuff. This will also give us a better idea of how much stuff we want to take to get a quote for shipping. Any advice you could give about where to begin with shipping would be really appreciated as at the moment it looks like a really daunting task! Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I have been living in Melbourne for a year and a half and have made the decision to ship out some of our smaller furniture, lamps rugs etc and more importantly our cat! Anyone provide any advice on who to use for both, anything particular to the West Midlands would be fantastic. Also any pommiesl lving in Port Melbourne give me a shout if you fancy a drink C
  3. spicton1979

    What to ship in container

    Hi All, My wife, 3 kids and I are flying out to sunny Brisbane on 1st September this year and are in the process of booking a shipping company. My question is this: Due to the exchange rate, lots of things seem to be a lot cheaper in the UK, so is there anything that anyone can recommend that we should buy over here in advance and ship (we have some spare room in the 20ft container so won't cost us extra)? I.e. stationary, etc, etc ... is there anything in particular, electrical goods perhaps? Also, one of the shipping companies mentioned that we shouldn't bother shipping our main bedroom wardrobe as 99% of housing in Australia have walk in wardrobes, is this true? Thanks in advance, Steve
  4. sjn87

    Nintendo Wii

    Silly question but here it goes. Are wii games set by regions? Im considering taking my Wii over to Australia, I hardly use it here and i know i probably wont use it much over in Australia but still. Just wondering if i buy games in Australia will they work on my Wii from England?
  5. mamfa0345

    Shipping and buying new in WA

    HI we are hoping to move out to aus by the end of the year and doing the usual tally up of what to take and what not to take. Does anyone have any idea of what is good to take and what should be left behind? also, does anyone know of any good furniture places in WA? We have things like ikea, argos and supermarkets to rely on cheap household things, what's Australia's alternative? Any insight would be appreciated thanks
  6. I wanted to warn as many of you as I can about the very poor experience we have just had with one of the major shipping companies. They come highly recommended by themselves and from various international banks (when you open your account before you go). I appreciate I cannot name it but I am more than happy to PM anyone who wants to know who they are. We had quotes from 2 firms. My husband was in the military and had limited time at home in order to be able to see the companies and explain about our garage situation (which was packed with half-filled boxes due to being moved from a 4 bedroomed house to a 3 bedroomed house - long story, not relevant here). We possibly should have had more companies out and should definitely have taken recommendations from here but the situation was a little more complicated by the fact that we were originally going to Perth, then Canberra (job offer we withdrew from, then back to the original plan). The company we went with were very competitive compared to the other company we had out. They also seemed to know their stuff whereas the lady who came from the other company did not seem at all competent. The chap who came gave a very good sales pitch about how he had been a packer for 10 years and really knew his stuff. He was very convincing and we booked through them. He said that our stuff came to 49m3 and that a 40 foot container was 69m3 so all our things would fit in with no problem. He also promised us sole use of the container so if he had got it slightly wrong there would not be any issues. However, when the packers came they ignored the instructions to start with the garage (so that all the half filled boxes could be filled with bedding etc from the house) and started straight on the furniture. They packed things they were told not to, so we spent as much time unpacking things as they did packing them. My husband then noticed that they were only half filling boxes and were filling the rest with packing paper. If they had been valuables we would have understood. However, it was things like books and bed linen they were doing it with. We raised concerns with both the chap in charge and with the rep, as we thought, based on the way they were packing, that it would not all get into the container. When we spoke to the rep, she came back and reassured us that it was being packed in accordance with all the required regulations. However, to cut a long story short, it did not fit into the container. When we complained they just did not want to know and told us it was too bad. We were told to let them take away the extra items. They also, during the packing, announced that items such as a tool box needed to be in a crate, at £90 extra. Despite the fact that the chap who came and did the quote had seen it and noted it, he never mentioned any extra costs. They turned out to be "nice" surprises on the day. Everything went on the 19th December, including the three extra items which went off in their van. Today they have come back and said that if we want the 3 items which did not fit in shipped, it would be an extra £460. We have no way of getting our goods back and shipping them with somebody else, as that would involve extra charges. No surprise there. Suffice to say we have had very poor service and the original quote had not matched what we are finally being charged. Happy to PM the company details to anyone who wants to know. When we finally get our stuff in Australia we will post a video clip of the unpacking so you can see how much excess packing paper was used. I don't think we have any comeback or way to make them honour their original quote and that annoys me as well.
  7. Hi Everyone, We moved from the UK to OZ three years ago. As part of our move we transported out little pug. I have noticed some people on this forum looking for advice on pet transport so I thought I'd join and tell my experience. In the end I did the whole thing myself. I did all the paperwork, booked the flights (Japan Airways for pugs), bought the crate, booked the quarantine. In total it cost (with flight) around 2000 pounds. That was still a big saving on using a transport company and it was very successful. Little pug is sitting on the sofa in Melbourne with me now. Before I decided to do this I looked for quotes from transport companies. I ended up emailing Airsupply Shipping Agents (or Passports for pets). The owner and manager there told me completely incorrect information. He told me I couldn't transport a pug to Australia as Australia only accepted pets from Qantas and BA (not true he was muddled with Heathrow) and they do not fly pugs. I told him that wasn't right but that's fine I would get a quote elsewhere. He then became rude and abusive in his emails. calling me 'little girl' and telling me to 'go back to Australia':eek: (I am British). It was a bizarre email exchange ( I still have it, it was so weird) and I became very greatful I did not inflict a man like this upon my little pug. So a word of warning, they do not know their stuff and they are a very strange company. If your airline won't allow you to do it yourself (some won't) or you are not confident to try, my recommendation is avoid this lot!
  8. gregoire

    Burke Brothers

    Hi All, We are just about to book our shipping and wondered if anyone could help us out - there doesnt seem to be any obvious candidates. We met Burke Brothers at a Living Dwon Under show but have struggled to find anything about them on here. Can anyone suggest any others?
  9. Hi all, My partner just got offered a job in Canberra and we are therefore looking into the costs involved for shipping personal items etc. Are there any recommendations for which companies to use please? Thanks you :-)
  10. Hi there, Does anyone know if there is a handy resource out there giving guidance on what you can and can't ship over to Australia? We think know about the obvious stuff however it would be really useful there is a handy reference point out there where we can get some clarity. Also, I've heard that stuff like bikes and tools need to be 'as new'. Is this correct? Thanks in anticipation! Jimmyblogs.
  11. Hi I'm moving to Australia in about a month. I want to ship my TV from home to Australia (after I'll find a house). My TV is an LCD 46" (Samsung), and I'll use FedEx services to ship it (door to door + insurance). The only thing that is not clear to me, is how much (and if at all) I'll be charged by the Australian custom? Do they have a fee for electronics such as TV's and computer screens? or that I'll have to pay the release from customs fee? Thanks.
  12. Hi guys, I've just got wind of this - it sounds like some bureaucrats somewhere are trying to justify their existence! As of Jan 1, any vehicles with internal combustion engines being shipped in containers are now classified as hazardous goods. This also applies to any car on the water at that stage, so effectively, if your container hasn't already left, it will affect you. You have two options: the first is to make the vehicle non-hazardous, which involves draining the fuel tank and disconnecting the battery (which makes it a pain for moving around). The second is to cop the extra cost of labelling the container and filling out extra forms, which looks like being an extra GBP75 with the companies I regularly use. This only affects vehicles travelling in containers, cars being shipped on RORO aren't affected. The 'sarcasmist' in me wonders how we manage to drive our cars around without them exploding :wink:
  13. The shipper we are considering has advised us that around 60% of consignments have damage done upon the quarantine inspection. I suspect/ hope this is just a sales technique to get me to take the all risks insurance. Can anyone tell me if they had any damage done to their shipment and if so how bad it was. ​Thanks in advance
  14. Hello everyone. I am just wondering if anyone would mind sharing the approx shipping they have paid or been quoted. (inc. insurance) The removal companies I have looked at won't come out to give quotations untill we are closer to our move date so just hoping to get a bit of an idea off those who have experience in this. We have considered not sending anything over at all and starting afresh over there but now thinking there are a few bits that we would like to keep. I expect we will only need a shared container. I have heard people mention on here 'half container' quotes. Has anybody had an even smaller share of a container? Hope to hear from you... XXX
  15. Hi all I am hoping for some advice on shipping between states (Perth to Melbourne) and hoping someone can help? Is shipping furniture and boxes the cheapest way of getting our stuff to perth? Can anyone recommend any companies? Also, we want to to take our car, on the train I assume? Anyone got any recommendations? Its still all in the initial investigatory phase as Perth hasn't really worked out for us. Any help appreciated!!!
  16. I am convinced that this must be a dumb question but I am going to ask it anyway! I am not having a go at either company here but rather trying to understand the process more clearly. Why would anyone opt to use insure-your-move.com (this is not a reflection or indication of my opinion on these companies but rather a cost comparison) at 1.4% of declared value plus IPT, plus £50 admin plus £25 to insure the shipping costs themselves, when, Letton Percival are charging 1.3% of declared value plus IPT, shipping costs covered as part of the price and no admin charge? I know that insure-your-move.com have no excess and LP have £250 excess per claim. Other than that what am I missing? Cheers, Bub
  17. Does anyone know any shipping companies who let you pack your own boxes (but not furniture) for shipping? I had PSS round to do a quote and they said as we only have about 200 cubic foot it would cost the same for them to pack it as if we packed it ourselves, which seems a bit weird. We partly wanted to pack it ourselves for convenience, partly to save money, but also as it's all done on space I (perhaps stupidly ;-)) think I can pack a bit more in (or at least have a greater incentive to). Anyone packed thier own? Thanks Sophie
  18. Hi has anyone moved from France to Oz and can recommend a firm to use ? Thanks Sam :wubclub:
  19. Hi I am hoping someone can point out a flaw in my logic someplace, please help! I am thinking about how to transfer my £ equity to Australia to get the best deal I can. The exchange rate is not great, so I was thinking of alternatives. What I have noticed is that the price of some cars in Australia is very high, compared to the UK. An example I have is a friend of mine who is currently selling a car in the UK for £17k. In Aus I have found the exact same car for sale at around £45k. Now I know shipping and taxes at will eat up maybe £5k, but still that is a double your money scenario. I am thinking that instead of transferring cash, I purchase vehicles I know are worth a lot of money in Aus and ship them. Then convert the value in Australia. There must be some flaw to my cunning plan, or surely everyone would do this, does anyone know what the flaw is? Cheers, Andrew
  20. Hi So we are moving to Sydney in about 3 months. I have started to look around for quotes but I would appreciate the views of people with experience. We have a 4 bedroom house in England, which is not really that big. I am trying to work out roughly what size of container would be required to ship all of our furnituture, white good, clothes etc etc. From what I can see we are looking at a 20ft container. Would this be about right? I am also guessing that to ship this kind of container from Swindon to Sydney will cost about £5k and will take between 6-8 weeks to arrive - does this feel like a decent ball park or am I way off? Also - does the service offered normally include the company packing up your stuff and then rebuilding things like beds when they arrive in Australia? I am not sure if this is part of the package normally offered or is this is an extra? Any help would be appreciated. I just want to have a good ball park in my mind before I start speaking to people to ensure I do not get ripped off or duped! Cheers, Andrew
  21. Hi All, PIO (Poms in Oz) has been very useful for me so far. I thought I would share my own experience thus far, so I could perhaps help someone else. So here is our story... (so far.. ½ way there) The first step we took was to settle on a date to fly out to Australia. This was one of the hardest decisions in the early stages, but in deciding a date, we would give ourselves a time to work everything else around. Once we decided on a date, it was time to find flights. We were flexible +/- 1 week of the decided date, and then spent some time on the travel booking sites looking at flights. A key thing to note is, one way flights are not ½ the price of return flights. One way flights are probably close to 75% the price or return flights. If you book one way flights directly with the airline (ba.com singaporeairlines.com etc), then you can expect to pay close to double the price of a return ticket. Why? Who knows, but basically as a general rule of thumb you have to book via a travel site to get a cheap flight. So we used expedia, opodo and skyscanner with an end price of £785 each LHR -> SIN -> MEL http://www.expedia.co.uk/ http://www.skyscanner.com/ http://www.opodo.co.uk/ We looked at excess baggage policy of all of the airlines, and took this into account when booking the ticket. We eventually decided on flying with BA and Qantas as (at the time of booking) they had a price per bag excess, as opposed to a per kilo excess policy. Meaning we can check an extra bag for around £100, instead of £300+ Make sure you take into account journey times when looking at flights. LHR -> SIN -> MEL we decided was the best option as it gives us a long flight in the first instance, followed by a shorter flight. Once the flight was booked, that was one less thing we could worry about. Next (and this should really be organised first due to lead times) was the organising the transportation for our family pets (1 cat). Australia has very strict import laws and they are particular about rabies. Because of this we needed to prepare our animal well in advance with shots / blood checks etc. You should start investigating this 9-12 months out from your planned departure date. The blood work needs to be done 150 days before the animal lands in Australia, and then there is a compulsory 30 days quarantine. We decided to engage a company that is recommended all over this forum called petair UK to ship our cat to Australia. The costs vary, but we opted for their Gold Class treatment. This basically covers everything from picking up your cat, to getting it to Australia. What it doesn’t cover is vet fees, blood work fees and Australian Quarantine fees. All in, shipping the cat to Australia will cost close to $2400 - $2600 AUD http://www.petairuk.com/ Next up..... the preparation for moving everything! After the flight is booked, and the animal preparation is underway, that leaves the inanimate objects. What to should we take from the house? Should I take my car? Should I take my bike? Should I take my golf clubs etc? I found it was best to create a spreadsheet (we used google docs so we could share it amongst computers) with everything in the house. It takes some time, but we walked through each room listing everything in every room. Once we had done this, we then decided on what to keep and what to discard/sell. For the items we decided we didn’t want to take, we then decided what to sell and what to freecycle. For anyone not familiar with freecycle.org, it basically is a way to donate items to people who need them. We found it was best to search for people wanting items, rather than post things. This prevents people taking our items we’re donating, and then posting them on ebay. Or at least limits it a little. http://www.freecycle.org/ AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) has very strict rules, so seriously consider the value in taking anything that has contact with soil in the outdoor environment. Everything has to be cleaned with Dettol and all soil removed. Even then, there is a chance AQIS will want to charge cleaning and inspection fees. I believe its $80 per item, so this can quickly run up a bill. http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/travel/entering-australia/moving-emigrating So after making a list, with dimensions, we came up with an estimate for cubic feet requirement for shipping. We came up with around 300 cubic feet estimate without including any excess or the odd items. So next step was to engage the shipping companies. I read the entirety of this thread: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/transport-shipping/112260-shipping-cost-top-8-companies-hope-helps-4.html Which took a few hours, but it was very helpful. We eventually decided on engaging 5 companies: PSS International - http://www.pssremovals.com/ White & Company - http://www.whiteandcompany.co.uk/ Excess International - http://www.excess-international.com/ John Mason - http://www.johnmason.com/ Doree Boner - http://www.doreebonner.co.uk/ So after a couple of quick calls, we had our appointments arranged. We opted to have the agents visit outside of hours when they required parking permits. Saved the hassle of organising parking permits for them The first agent estimated 650 cubic feet, and the next three were within 10 cubic feet of each other (one remaining), two estimated 585 and one estimated 575. So the first may have been taking me for a ride As for pricing, it varies a lot and I’m still working on getting their price down. One thing I have learnt from the forums is, when getting quotes, ask for quotes above and below the quoted cubic footage. This way, if when our boxes are packed, we’re 30 cubic ft over what was estimated, they won’t be able to excessively increase the price. So next step is to decide on which company to use. The 4 companies we’ve had in so far, all seem personable and have good customer service. So we will probably go with the company that seems the most honest in their quoting and shipping time estimates. Right, I’ve got to get back to cleaning my golf clubs with a toothbrush and Dettol, they made the cut, unlike the bbq... more to come...
  22. Hey guys, I have been looking into shipping bikes to Oz for our impending emigration in April... I have found other feeds complaining of damaged bikes and expensive insurances. As this will be a one off journey so I'm trying to avoid buying expensive travel cases (bike box) that are available. I have therefore contacted my local bike shop and have sourced cardboard boxes and all the necessary polystyrene and other packaging used originally to ship every new bike worldwide. The bike shop say that this is common practice and the best part is it's completely free *smug-face*! Anyways, just thought I'd share in hope this could save you guys some cash... Now, who wants to clean my bike for me?
  23. I've run this past a mod and have been given the ok to post. Thought it might help people when they are researching for a shipping company to move their belongings. This is for UK - Australia shipping. Am polling to see which companies people use(d). I've listed 9 companies but if you have used another one and wish to suggest it please post in the thread. I went for the higher returning ones on a Google search. Important bit of blurb below for legal reasons. Please read and post your replies accordingly. * Feel free to reply in this thread to say if you would would use or not use the company again. Something simple like **Name of company - 'Would use them again'** **Name of company - Yes** or **Name of company - 'Would not use them again'** **Name of company - No** will suffice. Please stick to PM only with reasons if not. This is due to legal implications for Poms In Oz and I don't wish to cause them problems or have this thread locked/deleted. If you wish you can gives costs quoted or actual costs in reply. Its not expected as some people don't wish to share such information but if you do, thanks in advance for the info. Gives those looking for an idea of expense something to work with. Please could you state then if its for a part or whole container. Thanks in advance. Cheers
  24. Anyone used any good and reasonably priced shipping companies in Scotland? Trying to get some quotes and decide on the best company to use! Any tips would be appreciated!
  25. Hi all I just got a quote from PSS and was wondering if there are any issues with using them. I am planning to move 20 boxes from London to Sydney. Please let me know. Thanks Meliza