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Found 875 results

  1. Well the day has arrived. Took the advice to trial pack it in reverse in our spare bedroom and be conservative with measurements. Hopefully all fits! Our large items include a king sized mattress and bed frame, a child's bed (no mattress), coffee table and a very large antique rug if this helps anyone thinking about 'what may fit'. Will add photos of our large game of Tetris plus any leanings if of interest.
  2. The Pom Queen

    Should I ship my furniture to Australia

    What to Bring to Australia One of the questions we all ask ourselves is should we bring our furniture or not. Personally we didn't we sold everything and arrived in the country with 5 suitcases. Do I regret it, yes and no. Leave Everything Behind Pro You can sell your belongings and make some money for the move. Great excuse for a clean out You don't have the costs involved There is no waiting 12 weeks for your furniture to arrive No risk of items being damaged You can buy furniture to fit in to your new house You can start shopping immediately Cons We only tend to acknowledge our large items and forget all the small things It gets expensive buying all the little items like pans, bedding, towels, and coat hangers. You have to do numerous car boot sales Cost of buying new Bring everything with you Pro You have all your personal belongings around you You don't have to worry about buying new furniture It's cheaper in the long run Cons You have to wait around 12 weeks for items to arrive Cost Risk of loss or damage Items may not fit in to your new house You may not have enough furniture. Out of all the pros and cons the main issue we see coming up from members who ship is members waiting for their furniture to arrive. 12 weeks is a long time to go at either end without your belongings. Below are some ideas of how our members have managed. One month prior to your flight move in with relatives and send your good on their way. Once you arrive in Australia go in to a holiday rental while you start looking for a rental and then move in when your furniture arrives. Send your good the day before your flight once you arrive in Australia book a holiday rental until you have a rental sorted. Now with either of the above options you are going to be left without furniture at some point during the move. You could look at purchasing garden furniture to use as a dining table and sofa. A BBQ to cook on, and air mattresses to sleep on. You could also purchase, bedding, pots and pans from the charity shops to put you on. Hiring furniture is another option, however, it is an expensive one. Here is a price list for hiring furniture for a 2 bed property. Please also note they usually charge a delivery and take away fee on top that can be around $250. Two Bedroom Package The two bedroom pack can be tailored to accommodate a family of 4 or a couple. Select the bed combination you require and then add extra packs as required. Select the rental term and packs to display weekly rental price MAKE YOUR SELECTION AND CLICK SUBMIT Select Pack 2 Bedroom (4 Person) Package 1-2 Months 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months Furniture 1 x lounge suite; 1 x coffee table; 1 x dining setting; 1 x entertainment unit; 1 x queen bed ensemble; 2 x single bed ensemble or * 1 x queen bed ensemble; 3 x bedside tables; 3 x bedside lamps. 271.00 per week 171.00 per week 134.00 per week 113.00 per week Electrical 1 x fridge (300 - 350 ltr); 1 x microwave; 1 x washing machine (5 kg); 1 x LCD television (100 cm). 62.00 per week 46.00 per week 30.00 per week 24.00 per week Kitchen 1 x kitchen utensils; 1 x kitchen knives; 2 x crockery setting (20 pce); 2 x cutlery set (20 pce); 2 x drinking glasses (set of 4); 1 x wine glasses (set of 4): 1 x pot set (set of 5); 1 x mixing bowl (set of 3); 1 x chopping board; 1 x toaster; 1 x kettle; 1 x kitchen bin. 48.00 per week 26.00 per week 19.00 per week 14.00 per week Laundry 1 x steam iron; 1 x ironing board; 1 x laundry basket. 9.00 per week 7.00 per week 6.00 per week 5.00 per week Linen Bed 1 1 x quilt; 2 x quilt covers; 4 x pillows; 2 x sheet sets; 1 x valance. Bed 2 2 x quilt; 4 x quilt covers; 4 x pillows; 4 x sheet sets; 2 x valance. 86.00 per week 44.00 per week 31.00 per week 22.00 per week Towel 8 x bath towels; 4 x hand towels; 4 x bath mats. So the above would cost you approx $500 per week. They only do 4 weeks minimum so let's say we do it for 4 weeks that is $2,000 plus delivery and pickup approx $250 so to rent furniture for 4 weeks it would cost $2,250. So if you left everything behind let's do a rough price up of what it would cost to buy new. I will price up for a 2 bedroom, cheap package, obviously you can spend as much as you want but it will give you a rough guide. We will choose Fantastic Furniture for the package, now it isn't the best quality, we furnished one of our old rental properties with their furniture, the table bubbled because mats weren't used at meal times and some of the trim started to peel from the TV unit but it lasted 2 years and we may have got longer out of it but we sold up. The cheapest package is for 2 people and costs $999 It doesn't include a bed or the TV and lamp. To add a bedroom package on it would be an extra $179 without a mattress but includes bedside cabinet, bed and 3 drawer chest. A cheap foam mattress (double) can be added on for $98. Now if there are 4 of you then we may need to look at the other package, however this does include the bed and mattress (obviously not the TV). This is $1,999 Ok so we have now got the bulk of our furniture so we need to look at white goods. Now if you are buying a couple of items together please do not be afraid to ask for a discount. This is usually where my husband disappears in to thin air whilst I talk the sales man further down than what the item cost trade. He does get embarrassed but I once saved us $1,000 on a bulk purchase so don't be afraid to ask. Also check the prices of the same product elsewhere, there can be a huge difference and most stores will price match. I will price up on undiscounted costs but remember buy a couple of items together and knock them down. 'Now I had a look at Good Guys and the cheapest front loader they had was a 5kg one for $450. A fridge freezer was $399 but only small at 222litre. A 42" full HD TV non branded for $298 If you have time to spare then I would highly recommend Appliances Online especially for branded goods, just watch when it says free delivery as that doesn't include all areas. https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/ So for the main items we are looking at Small package for 2 people $2423 Family package $3423 but that would include a spare double bed and mattress. So as you can see it's nearly as cheap to buy items rather than rent furniture. Now you can also look at buying second hand using gumtree, Facebook, or second hand stores. In regards to accessories, pans, bedding (they call Manchester over here) plates, cutlery, microwave, kettle, toaster you can get them all cheap at Target https://www.target.com.au/ Kmart http://www.kmart.com.au/ Big W https://www.bigw.com.au/
  3. PSS International Removals

    PSS International Removals

    PSS International Removals have specialised in home removals to Australia for over 35 years. We also we ship smaller consignments including baggage, personal effects and vehicles all across Australia, including popular destinations including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Bunbury, Wollongong, Sunshine Coast and many more. We're honoured members of the FIDI Global Alliance and accredited by FAIM quality standard, the only quality standard for overseas removals to destination including Australia. In addition, we are financially bonded by the British Association of Removers (BAR) & IMMI Payment guarantee scheme. We're proud of our reputation as the UK's first choice for removals to Australia, having successfully helped thousands of customers with their move. We'd love to help you. https://www.pssremovals.com/contact-us
  4. Lever40

    Anyone used Move Cube

    Has anyone used the movecube option from sevenseas? It looks pretty good on the website and the video for it. I don't have a huge amount of stuff to move its mostly my bikes and tools so I was probably going to look at a medium cube which is 187cm H x 146cm L x 112cm W. Is there any other options out there that are similar? its fairly expensive £915.00 plus $325 for importing too. Would it be best to just post them in my own box ? which would seem more hassle.
  5. I am looking to use Crown Relocations for our upcoming move to Sydney from the UK and wanted to hear your feedback - good & bad of how you found them. Also, if you decided to not go with Crown and opted for another company, it would be great to hear why. Thanks! xo
  6. Hey all, Moving back to the UK After a few bad experiences with removal companies..I am now considering buying my own container and having it shipped from Melbourne to the UK. Has anyone ever done this? How much did you save? how complicated was this process? what companies did you use? Any advice on this would be appreciated
  7. immy21

    Shipping a car to Australia

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of the cost of shipping a car from the UK to Australia. I have found the cost of certain European cars to be excessively expensive over there so am considering alternative ways. Any ballpark figures would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  8. Two pet crates complete with water bottles etc in good clean condition £20 each jet pets and dogtainers crates pp40 size collect from cannock junction 12 m6 or Telford shropshire
  9. Hiya everyone, Just thought I would share our shipping quotes that we had from 6 companies in Nov/Dec 2011, yes I know its not that recent, but might help give an indication on prices for those of you, who like me are wondering whom to go with for shipping .... We had the following companies in and this is what we got so far: [TABLE=class: grid, width: 800] [TR] [TD]Company [/TD] [TD] Total Volume (Cubic Feet) [/TD] [TD] Total Volume Price [/TD] [TD] Price Per Cubic Foot [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]PSS [/TD] [TD] 403 [/TD] [TD] £2049.00 [/TD] [TD] £5.20 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Anglo Pacific [/TD] [TD] 445 [/TD] [TD] £2354.00 [/TD] [TD] £5.29 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Excess Int'nl [/TD] [TD] 409 [/TD] [TD] £2067.00 [/TD] [TD] £5.05 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Crown [/TD] [TD] 435 [/TD] [TD] £2650.00 [/TD] [TD] £5.39 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]John Mason [/TD] [TD] 438 [/TD] [TD] £2150.00 [/TD] [TD] £4.91 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Pickfords [/TD] [TD] 439 [/TD] [TD] £2095.00 [/TD] [TD] £4.77 [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] We got all of the surveyors in over one weekend (Fri - Mon) and showed them all the exact same things and made it kind of like an interview and asked them the exact same questions ... lol !! :GEEK: Anyone in the same boat getting surveyors in to assess their volume, prepare lots and lots of questions for them .... my wife and I bombarded them with questions relating to the shipping process, the costs, insurance, hidden costs eg ... storage costs, getting boxes early to prepare for packing as some companies were charging for this. This was the most crucial time for us to get as much info out of them as we could. In some cases, some of the surveyors were struggling to answer some questions or even understand the terminolgy which showed how much they knew about what they were trying to sell and did make them look rather unprofessional. To our amazement one surveyor did not know what BAR Overseas was, and another selling insurance, had to flick through the T&C's and narrate them to us when we asked general questions relating to insurance? Another thing to notice is that some companies will advise one thing and others will not advise it, for example, we asked whether we should pack some things into vacuum packed bags to save on volume, some surveyors were saying not to as when shipped in the container, the items will start to sweat due to heat changes in transit and this could result in condensation and mould happening. We weren't planning to anyway but wanted to see what they would say. Others were saying that this was fine and you won't get condensation or mould issues, so sometimes it can be confusing. Anyway, we are still debating who to go with but are trying to filter them down from 6 to 3 and then see who can do a better price, I guess you have to go with your gut instinct of who you feel will look after you and your belongings (even if it means not choosing the cheapest option), but it is tricky as everyone is finding out ... we don't know yet who we are going to go with yet.... :unsure: As for those of you wondering what we are planning to take hence the above quoted volumes, its not even a full 2 bed house ... bits and pieces of everything ... just the bare essentials to get us started (just to name a few things, excluding the obvious like clothes): Biggest items: Bedstead & Mattress x 1 Small dining table with 4 foldable chairs Duvets + pillows 1 x two seater sofa 1 x Small 22" Flatscreen TV 1 x Glass Coffee table 2 x Games Consoles Lots of DVDs 1 x Baby Cot flat packed 1 x Baby car seat 1 x Baby pushchair Boxes of Toilettries Vacum Cleaner Ironing Board Lots of kitchenware Ok then hope that helps some of you out with prices and quotes and good luck with choosing your shipping companies !! :biggrin:
  10. I know someone has posted this recently but I feel it needs to be made a sticky, there are lots of people who need to return to the UK and this is great news for them. I have attached the information from DEFRA, but briefly: Dogs/Cats now only have to wait 21 days from after the Rabies Blood Test No Blood Test for Dogs and Cats No Tick Treatment is required pb13582-bringing-pets-to-uk110706.pdf pb13582-bringing-pets-to-uk110706.pdf
  11. As I used this site to gain knowledge re shipping before we moved back I thought I would give a brief account of our experiences. We shipped 2 medium Move Cubes and on pro packed Kent shipment. Both Move Cubes arrived without a single breakage 3 months after we got back to London, they were easily tracked and professional and easy to deal with I can't recommend them highly enough.Almost 6 months on we are still waiting for our Kent shipping. It has been pretty dismal service. We have no idea when it will turn up. We had a shared container and were told roughly 3 months. It was picked up on October 24th, professionally packed. In late December I received an email asking for delivery details to release it from Sydney!!! I was told they would contact me when it shipped. By Feb I still had heard nothing. I sent 3 emails to our contact. nothing. I called her, she said she had "so many emails to deal with". She said it would arrive at the start of March. The receiving company called me and gave me a delivery date of April 3rd into customs and said I would have it within a week, over 4 months since it had been collected but at least I would be getting it! The next thing I heard was the receiving company (Excess International) had gone into receivership and all goods they held had been left dockside and in a warehouse and we had to wait for warehouse staff to contact us. A week or so later we got an email saying Brittannia movers had taken over the deliveries. I then heard from Brittannia saying they would be in touch but no ETA. Still no ETA. Sigh.And still we wait. It's very very annoying. I work freelance and only used Kent as I wanted my work system (monitor and server) professionally packed for insurance reasons. I couldn't have even give my clients an ETA for taking on their work remotely. Very luckily I upgraded my Mac this side and borrowed my friends monitor as she is on Mat leave. I bitterly regret using Kent who were so much higher cost, when I could have just used Move Cube. The consignment also contains our fridge freezer and dining table. We are currently eating standing up in the kitchen or at our toddlers table whilst kneeling down!This is only our experience, but I would not be using Kent again or recommending them. Even before the receivership debacle they were hard to contact. The contact who quoted the shipment that side was actually quite rude to me (I questioned the sq m he had quoted given what was going in) but I'm pretty thick skinned and brushed it off at the time but I wish I hadn't now. We are very very happy to be back, and will certainly not be returning to live in Sydney (despite enjoying our 9 years there) so hopefully won't need a shipping company ever again! But I'm recommending Move Cube all the way!
  12. Hi all just to have a little moan From the top, while searching for shipping companies we had a few quotes in. We decided to go with a company that charged a bit more than we was quoted from others, one because they had an office located in Perth too, but also because the customer service was great the lady rang helped us through all the questions whenever we was unsure. She said our children would get a special box that they could fill with their toys and everything would be professionally wrapped, Door to door service within 12 weeks and no extra charges added on arrival (unless needed quarantine). She gave us the original quote which was too much for us so after taking of some of the larger items it made it more affordable and we were happy.. Fast forward couple of months, we didn't hear anything from then until 2 weeks before they were due out, two youngish lads came all the items we were taking were stacked as we were told..they didn't professionally wrap anything. Everything we had in boxes just had paper put over the top ..other bits were just put in a box..The guys who came out said they was expecting a lot more from us..the items we had taken off to make it cheaper were still on their list and they said we was under the expected amount we had been charged for. Phone call later from the company said our possession amount were "what they expected". The items didn't leave the UK until 8 weeks after they were picked up. They arrived in Australia last week. First of all we had a bill for $40 for a bottle of champagne we brought with us (wedding present) which was tax so wasn't anything we could do. Today we have just had another call asking for another $150 for delivery..We were told on many occasions (i asked a lot) that there would be no more charges. They have had our address from the start. We was told it was a door to door service straight up fee and now they asking for more money..Of course we are going to have to pay up as we need our possessions. But i am so gggrrring annoyed! We are yet to get it all hopefully they haven't broken anything.. i will update on arrival. Definitely a company i would avoid!!! Sorry for my little moan. its just the last thing we need a moment grrrr
  13. I have two Extra Large Sky Kennels for sale. I used them 4 years ago to ship my Golden Retriever and Labrador from Perth to the UK. Not going to be returning in their lifetime so have opted to sell them. They have only been used once so are in good condition. Measurements are as follows 40" x 27" x 30" (102cm x 68xm x 76xm) Full details can be found at http://www.petmate.com/sky-kennel Looking for £75 each collected from Midlands. Possibility of delivery for cost of petrol if you are not miles away
  14. Me & my OH are flying out to Perth in June, the shippers are coming in in a couple of weeks. My OH is a carpenter and wants to take most of his hand/power tools. I have just sat down and started to clean up some of them, but I've given up! I have spent ages cleaning one of his power tools, and there are so many more to go!!, however clean it maybe, it still does'nt look like it's just come out the box, obviously they have all been well used so will never look band new again, exactly how clean do they have to be? or has anybody has their tools professionally cleaned, maybe thats an option? He has purchased some new ones to replace some that we towards the end of thier life, so they will be ok, but he has so many that need to be cleaned, it's going to take forever!!!
  15. BearnBob

    Shipping Costs

    Hi All, We are moving from Cheltenham to Sale (Victoria) in April and have had three quotes for shipping. For a 20ft container, prices range from £4,500 to £5,000, plus marine insurance. Is this a typical ball park figure? Many talk about this being the first quote. How do you bring the cost down from such a figure? Bear
  16. :wink: If you are moving overseas can highly recommend ReloUK especially if you live in the South East (West and East Sussex, Kent, Essex, Surrey etc) This is a company on the up and the man at the helm, a really clued up businessman goes above and beyond to make sure you get the same quality service as the big guys (John Mason, Pickfords etc) and ReloUk are nowhere near as expensive. We moved out here and the service they provided was faultless. Always good to go on recommendations. We dealt with Billy Cook, Consultant working out of the Pevensey office and he was so helpful at explaining the moving process and made our experience of moving 9000 miles away far less stressful. Plus no breakages or damages...always a plus.
  17. Hi All, Just wanted to be sure everyone insures their stuff adequately and read the small print. PSS lost a boix containing some of our wedding dinner set, but because it was only part lost they would not pay out! Read the small print people!
  18. Hi, just got some shipping quotes and thought it may be of help to some of you that are considering heading back to Blighty. All quotes are for a 20 foot sole use container with each company providing full packing and wrapping service, door to door delivery form Gold Coast QLD Australia to Ely in Cambridgeshire. (20ft container should fit typical 3 bed house contents) All Quotes are exclusive of insurance. most offered insurance at a premium of 3.5% of the value of the goods being shipped. (no excess to pay on claims) However, we are going to arrange insurance ourselves through Letton Percival Their premium is 1% of the value of goods being shipped. (Small excess of 100 pounds on any claim) Here are the Quotes King & Wilson - $8,200 Overseas Packers & Shippers - $6,900 Grace Removals - $ 7,545 OSS World Wide Movers - $6,280 Suprisingly, OSS who offered the cheapest quote were by far the most infomative and profesional. We dealt with Simone Percy and Joanne Jackson, both have been extreemely communicative and responsive to all our questions. Additionally, the literature provided was very informative and helpful. Highly recommended Hope this helps... P.S. if you got way cheaper don't tell me, or i'll be crying for the entire flight home :-P
  19. Gin100

    Sea shells

    Has anyone tried to take sea shells into Australia, either in the shipping container or in hand luggage? Did customs let them through & did they need fumigating? If so, how much did it cost? We have a small collection that we would like to take with us but we're getting different stories from the removals companies - one said no, one said yes, another said we'd have to varnish them and another said take in hand luggage on the plane. As far as I can tell, hand luggage is subject to the same DAFF restrictions as shipping by sea so I'm not sure how this helps.... Thanks!
  20. Section six of "Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement" asks: "Within one month prior to shipping these effects to Australia, did you or any member of your family who arrived or will arrive with you, visit a place where farm animals are kept, including farming communities, research farms, sanctuaries and sale yards or visit an abattoir or any meat processing plant." Just a tick box yes or no. No space to say, "Well actually we live in the British countryside and we do respect what you are trying to do and we've cleaned everything really well twice ...", rather than we've been hanging out in meat packing plants (like you would). This question concerns me because, unless one lives in a town, it seems one has to tick "yes", which has to be asking for them for the quarantine people to, er, fleece one. Thoughts and advice appreciated. Direct experience valued.
  21. Hi, I'm trying to decide whether to use my shipping company for insurance or go with an independent company. I've been quote around £900 to insure a 20ft container with my shippers as they say they base the quote on a standard per square foot price. They've told me the only other option is to come up with a total value of goods and itemise every item you need covering which sounds like a nightmare and they advised against it. I've checked a few companies online and got much cheaper quotes but I can't figure out if with them I'd need to list every single item to be covered or not. Can anyone shed any light on the issue? Are my shippers trying to scare me into paying for their expensive insurance (I assume so, but also don't want to be let down if something breaks and it's not covered)? I'm trying to speak to a couple of the insurance companies today but am waiting for calls back. Thanks.
  22. Hi, I was wondering if anybody could assist. I am searching for a reasonably priced company to ship my items from the uk to Aus. I do not have a whole house - it will simply be for my personal items (photos, CD's etc) and my clothes/shoe collection. I am thinking i will have enough to fill 4 large boxes - maybe the equiveland of 3 or 4 suitcases. Alot of information i have found relates to much larger shipments than what i require. Hope there is somebody who can give me a hint :-) Thanks in Advance
  23. I'm going to apologise for posting something that has appeared on here probably a million times already but I just find it easier to post my own thread with all the information I'm looking for. Thanks for bearing with me. - We are moving back to Australia from the UK in June 2015. We have a 2011 VW Passat Station Wagon that we are considering bringing with us (we'll do the calculations to see if it's worth it first). - I have read that John Mason is a good shipping company to use that will transport the car with our possessions. Does anyone have any other recommendations? - In addition to the shipping company, do I also need an Import Agent? I've seen The Iron Lady mentioned a few times. The whole process sounds quite complex and there seems to be a lot of additional costs which may or not be charged so it seems pretty hard to get a final costing. Has anyone else gone through this and lived to tell? Any advice or suggestions will be very much appreciated…I'm starting to pull my hair out!! TIA
  24. Audrey Hepburn

    Shipping Ireland to Adelaide

    Can anyone recommend most economical but quality shipping company from Ireland to Adelaide? So many out there and many complicated ones.
  25. Hi We are shipping out our car and contents soon we have quotes from Anglo pacific UTS/ Persons Bollinger UK Crown Relocation. Pls share your experiences. thanks