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Found 73 results

  1. Migration rules set for revamp Found this on another thread, does anyone know if this is imminent?
  2. Hi All, A little update !! The whole visa process started Jan 07, TRA passed & applied 136 April 07, House for sale May 07, visa Granted Jan 08, Validated visa May 08, House sold Dec 08. FLIGHTS BOOKED 11TH SEPT :jiggy:PERTH HERE WE COME !!!! It's all been a very long time coming [ four months short of three years ]we would like to thank you all for your words of wisdom along the way PIO has been a real life line along the way. We have a holiday rental for six weeks in Mindare [we used hoiliday lettings], so will have time to settle a little without to much panic of sorting everything out. Have booked Doree Bonner for our removals 20ft container,found the competitive and very helpful and wasn't put under any pressure by them. Have sorted a leaving party after alot of pressure from friends, we just wanted to slip away quietly as hate saying goodbye at the best of times. Hotel booked at Heathrow for the night before our flights as my eyes go really puffy after crying and with all the final goodbyes especially as I will be leaving my two boy's { 25& 23] boy that is going to be so so hard.:cry: Thank you all again for you help when asked, your encouraging words and reasurance and those great Essex meets [KPnuts] Can't wait to meet all you Poms in Perth Goodluck to all still on this rollercoaster it will happen it just take time and lots of wine, but your time will come. Love to all Jackie, Bruce & Matt xxx
  3. This is a tough question and I guess it depends on who you ask, but here goes anyway: My husband and I and 2 small children (currently aged 4yrs and 1 yr) are planning on moving to Perth next year sometime. We still have to sell our property but with prices as they are, we aren't expecting to make a killing. So what we're trying to find out is a rough idea of how much £££'s we need to take over to Aus to set ourselves up with a rented house, car/cars, food, utilities etc for approx 3 months until my husband hopefully has a job where there will hopefully be a steady cashflow. Are we talking Aus$20k? Or Aus$30k? Or am I way under budget? I'm thinking £10 000 would be enough to get a fair amount sorted in the UK, so surely the same for Aus?? (we're possibly looking at Carramar, Joondalup. Only because friends have been there and said it's good) My hubby is an electrician, so does anyone know if it's a totally mad idea to be trying to live off a tradesman's salary or is it definitely DO-able?? Not sure why I'm having these panic attacks now as we've already forked out for visa agents, assessment fees etc.....we're almost at the point of no return. Yikes!!
  4. Modern Charcoal Grey 3seater,2seater,double sofabed/ottoman. $1,450 ONO. Bought 18 months ago for $3,995.Scotch guarded. Sale due to relocation overseas. Photos available upon request.
  5. Guest

    Confusion has set in already!!

    Hi all, Now I don't know if maybe it's because my brain is still struggling with waking up or what but I've just read an email from Murray at True Blue Migration detailing what we have to do to start the visa process going - skill assessments and references etc - and I'm already confused (but trust me, it doesn't take much!). The sheer detail and the precise way it has to be written has aready made my head hurt. Plus we've already stumbled onto a hurdle because of my husbands birth certificate. It needs to be sent off to confirm his identity, but it has a different surname on it than the one he's always used - his parents divorced when he was a baby and his mum changed his name to that of her second husband, but I don't think she formally changed it via deed poll. Do you think that if he was to officially change it now that that would be alright? :confused: Jen
  6. Dear Tony Thank you for the feedback on the new trade evidence form. My client will complete it as soon as possible. I would just like to raise a concern regarding the new trade evidence form. My client’s application was sent along with four other applications, these have all come back with successful competency profiles using the old matrix. It seems unequitable that four applicants have been allowed to use the old matrix and only one applicant has had to comply. This has also meant that four other applicants have made it onto the next practical and my client, who sent his application in due time may well now not be allocated a place on the February practical. I would like to enquire if there was a particular reason that my client needs to complete the new trade evidence form? I trust that you will take this matter into consideration. We will make every effort to ensure that future clients will be using the new trade evidence form. Yours sincerely Vanessa Germond This is a copy of a email that our agent has sent to vetassess today!! Any body else come across this!!:no:
  7. :confused::sad: Hi all We our sponsor for our 457 has sent emailing delaying sponsorship Due to the confidence in the gobal financial problems.. they said they will review offer in feb.. Now What ? I know its a set back not a refusal but we were hoping to go March Feeling crappy ! ! Thanks for shoulder guys Bev
  8. Guest

    3 months in and all set up

    Hey all, long time no see. Sarah and I left the UK on 10th August and arrived in Sydney on the 12th. We spent a couple of days in Sydney, seeing the sights (great city based on 2 days!). Then we spent 11 weeks in Tamworth. We weren't sure about being in a country town, but we both enjoyed it. It's known as a hick town, but we felt it had more of a pleasant country feel. There are some really nice surrounding towns (Nundle for example, a great little craftsy town) and it's got everything you need. Sarah has finished her emergency medicine rotation in Tamworth now though and we've moved to Warners Bay, into a really nice 3 bed, two bathroom, double garage house with a good yard and garden. Warners Bay is on Lake Macquarie and we're actually living only a hundred meters or so from the edge of the lake. Very nice. Not only all that, but we've got a dog! A beautiful 1 year old black labrador called Bella who's been fabulous so far. I was a little homesick the first week or so, which I wasn't expecting as I didn't really feel too much connection to the UK, but that settled down pretty quickly and now we're both almost completely at home. Sarah starts her second rotation, in General Medicine, at the hospital here tomorrow, so good luck to her!
  9. Hi all, might be a bit of a tricky one. I am just setting up my own scientific supplies business in NZ ( I am a pom with a kiwi passport). I have been asked by a European company to be a distributor in OZ but this has to be via a registered company in OZ. Can I do this from NZ any adice appreciated Kenny
  10. I have just read in the Australia and NZ magazine that more centres have been set up in Australia to deal with the increasing amout of visa applications. They have been set up in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne on July 2008. Do you reckon that means they'll catch up with the back log pretty quickly? Adelaide are up to Nov 07 just! Hopefully the new centres will speed things up a bit?? xxxxxxx
  11. High TAFE fees threaten debt for students | theage.com.au High TAFE fees threaten debt for students Farrah Tomazin Education Editor August 23, 2008 TAFE fees will almost triple over the next three years and thousands of students will be forced to take on debt to cover the increased costs as part of a contentious State Government plan to tackle skills shortages. In a move that has prompted fears that TAFE will become unreachable for many, the Government will increase fees for diplomas and advance diplomas, and introduce a HECS-style loan scheme for students to try to soften the blow. The new fee structure forms part of the most dramatic shake-up of Victoria's vocational education and training system in years. The maximum annual tuition fee for a diploma or advance diploma will increase from $877 to $1500 next year. In 2010, the fees will rise to $2000, and to $2500 in 2011. The price increases will affect most courses but not "foundation" learning areas such as maths, reading and writing. Skills Minister Jacinta Allan's spokeswoman, Lidija Ivanovski, said the Government was seeking to create a fairer system and train "thousands more" Victorians to meet the state's skills needs. But TAFE teachers and students yesterday lashed out at the plan, saying it would deter many from entering the system. "This will put TAFE education out of the reach of the ordinary working person in Victoria. To slam working Victorians in this way when most are struggling with mortgages and petrol cost is ludicrous," said Australian Education Union TAFE vice-president Gillian Robertson. National Union of Students president Angus McFarland agreed. "This will mean that people leaving TAFE — who are meant to be skilled up and in turn contribute to the economy — will instead be burdened by debt," he said. The new fee structure will be unveiled as part of the Government's broader plan to tackle skills shortages by getting more people into higher qualifications. Also as part of the plan, the Government will: ■Open up the training market to unprecedented competition, in which public TAFE institutes will have to compete with a growing number of private providers for student funding dollars. ■Create a new "demand-driven" model, under which any person who wants to gain a higher qualification, or any school leaver who wants training and can meet the relevant course requirements, will be guaranteed a place. ■Allow people to take out an income-contingent loan — similar to HECS in universities — meaning they will not have to pay for the full cost of their studies until their annual income reaches about $41,000. State Government insiders say the Federal Government has agreed to support Victoria to become the first state in Australia to create the income-contingent loan scheme, which is tied up with the federal tax system. Yesterday, federal Education Minister Julia Gillard remained tight-lipped when asked, through her spokeswoman, about the extent of Canberra's support, other than to say: "I would be concerned if cost was a barrier for Victorians, which is why we are in discussions with Victoria about the role the Commonwealth can play in helping people upgrade their skills." Victoria has 18 TAFE colleges, which educate almost 400,000 students. However, 1.4 million Victorian adults do not have a post-school qualification. Advance diploma fees in Victoria ■THIS YEAR $877 ■NEXT YEAR $1500 ■2010 $2000 ■2011 $2500 How we compare ■Tasmania $990 ■Queensland $1003 ■WA $1100 ■NSW 1420 ■SA $1980
  12. Does anybody know about the child's trust fund that was set up buy the UK government to encourage children to save. This was introduced around 4-5 years ago, I think you have to leave it in until they are eighteen the child can do with it as they wish. I would like to know if we move to oz can we still continue to put into the account and would he be able to withdraw from it even though he lives in Australia when he is 18. Kindest regards Glynn, Wendy and family :huh:
  14. immy21

    Mobile Phone Set Up

    What will I need to get a mobile phone when UI arrive in OZ Daft I kow but I have had the same mobile phone contract for 10 years so don't really think about it Will they need an address???
  15. we have only just started the process , sent skilled assesment.... read somewhere when arriving in australia you must have 20 thousand dollars minumum in your account is this true? :daydreaming:is there a set amount you must have in your account before leaving for proof of being able to support yourself and family? and is it woth opening up a bank account over there now, if so which bank would you recommend?
  16. Hello everyone, was just wondering if anyone knew if there was a set 'time limit' on emigrating once your visa has been granted? i've been told you have to get out there within three months but is this just an urban legend? also is it different for different types of visas? Thanks! :jiggy:
  17. What can I say, just having a moan really, after 5 months on the market and a change of estate agent later we finally got an offer on the flat, a good offer at that. Great we though until we recieved a letter from GLasgow Council to say that they wanted to re-do the roughcasting on the front of the building. Well that also comes with a £16k price tag per flat. They say it comes down to a vote amongst the people that stay in the buiding but if you are a council tenant (1 in the building) or a pensioner (1 in the buiding) you get it for free and if you are single thats everyone else apart from us they will be entitled to a minimum of 50% discount with addition discount dependant on income. Can you believe it, I am desperatly trying to talk my neighbours out of this because we cant sign any contract for the sale if there is a pending debt, if this goes ahead no doubt my buyers will pull out and even if we get another buyer we will make nearly no profit on the sale after paying out the £16k. It never rains but it pours. Starting to think maybe these are all signs that we shouldnt be going. boo hoo Mandy
  18. Guest

    Help hearts set on gold coast

    Hi guys need your advice, We have been intouch with a few agents and think we have decided which one we are going with. But we are 5 pts off a skilled visa. The agent has suggested a sponsored visa but looking at a different state as we could get a state sponsor but our hearts are set on the Gold Coast. So should we insist the gold coast is where we want to go? I know we can look into an employer sponsor but you here so many stories it makes you worry. Do you think we would be better off trying to get extra points by taking the ielts test so we can get the skilled visa and not have to worry. I know I’m waffling on but I just need some advice so we know what to say to agent next time we speak to him. Thanks Jo, Roy, Kieran & Lewis:skeptical:
  19. Hi Guys, What is recommended to do about bank accounts? First we were just going to keep our Lloyds acct open until we got out to melbourne and then try and open a new account over there, but i have just seen a post saying to do it b4 we go??? What has everyone else done about this? Gail
  20. Guest

    First Set of Goodbyes

    Well the cases are packed and we are leaving for Leeds airport soon. Off to Germany (one of the other lovely place that we like to visit) and spend the weekend with our very best friends. Really looking forward to it but not looking forward to Monday and saying goodbye. I will also see my dad who I will be sad to leave but hes never been around anyway so wont make too much difference (long long story) but still love him so will be bit emotional. We are lucky that our friends have passed their TRA and are going to apply in Sept for their visa, and if you are ready this you two I have order loads sunshine and heeps of Australian Rose so dont let me down haha Catch yous all on Tuesday if I havent drowned myself in tears. Em x
  21. Like me you may have noticed that Australia, like the UK, uses the DVB-T standard for digital television. I had assumed that I would be able to take my PVR but a quick email to the manufacturer yielded the following answer - it won't work:
  22. Firstly hello to all I've heard so many different stories on this Aussie tax dilemma! Lets say for example a couple migrate with £150k from the proceeds of their property sales - will they or won't they get taxed on this sum? Second example: If the couple migrate to Oz for say 2-3 years, decide its the place for them so they come back to the UK to sell their properties and can bring around £150k back into their adoptive country - will they be taxed on this? If yes - how much? I hope I am clear about what I am asking... Any ideas what would be the best way forward in this or a similar situation???? Regards N & N
  23. As title! What costs should we expect when we first arrive? Are there insurances we need to take out etc? We plan to rent some where until decide where we want to settle. Thanks