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Found 73 results

  1. We should finally get our camper through compliance and registration on Monday! WooHoo! after 3 weeks of delays:mad: Ive had to do some more bloomin modifications to it, in 37degC heat, which was sweaty to say the least! But, fingers crossed, its good to pass now. I have to admit, he's looking a little bit sexy in the Australian sun:biggrin: (will post a sexy beach shot on Monday) For all you petrol heads out there, here are a few pics!
  2. we've been asked by our case officer to get medicals and police checks done for a second time. we did the first set when we applied for our 886 visa two years ago, following the advice of someone on the DIAC phoneline. they expired whilst we were waiting to be processed. it was really exciting to get this phone call, as i had almost given up hope of them ever processing any of the 886 (onshore state sponsored) visas. but we are pretty pissed off to have to shell out another $500 (for a couple), through no fault of our own. can anyone suggest if there's any potential of complaining about this and who to complain to? i guess i should keep my mouth shut until if and when the residence appears!! but i imagine a lot of people are gonna be in this same position...
  3. Hi I am new to this but thought I would like to post after spending my first 6 months here just to give people who are thinking of coming here an idea of what it is like. I spent two years planning this move, I had been over to Australia a couple of times previously and I loved it and so decided to make plans to move here. The application was long winded and I honestly think personally I just went through the motions of applying without really thinking about how the move would affect me. The main concern for us was selling the house in the middle of a recession and my husband leaving a good job in the UK and finding work here. When I look back I didnt think about me or what I would do when I got here. We were lucky and sold the house but it was at this time I started to have major doubts but we had gone so far I blanked it out and concentrated on the move thinking it would be a better life for our children. Renting the house would have been a far better option as at least we would have something to return to. Well we arrived, my husband found a really great job, we spend a couple of months sorting out all the usual things which took my mind off home, but deep down I was feeling awful. The buzz of the move had gone and here I was in a lovely house with the sun shining every day feeling so down. I appreciate that everyone is different and not everyone will feel like I do but I do wish I could turn back the clocks and go back to my old life. I have a lovely home here and we have a good income but it is not everything. the pull of my old life and family is just too much. The things I have found most difficult are, a horrible feeling of being alone and not being able to call family because of the time difference, not being able to work because of childcare waiting lists etc, having a young family and no support network - this is so hard, the expense of living here - the only thing which is cheaper is petrol , food bills have doubled here and the variety and quality of food is poor compared to the UK. Whilst it is lovely being in the sun, throughout the summer it is too hot for young children and we spend most of the time indoors as we cant stand the 40 degree heat. I have not posted on here to moan about Australia as I moved here because I was so fond of it but to me it is just a holiday place, real life here is so different. I hope anyone planning on making the move with a young family are 100% sure before they do it. As other people have mentioned make sure you have enough finances before coming here as the cost of everything will be a massive shock. The cost of living is not cheaper than the UK and generally wages are lower. If you are coming with a young family think of how you would cope without the support network you may have in the UK. I am glad I came only because I would have always thought I had lost out on a fantastic opportunity to have a great life, but at least now I know the grass is no greener over here and the UK is the place where I want to be. I wish everyone luck who is making the move but just make sure you have no doubts before you do it.
  4. Hello Well I am 22, I Finish my degree in computer science in 20 days, I have been offered a full time contract for a good company I have been working with for the past 2 years, prior to that i worked for another two years in a tech company whilst completing another Computing course. Now like my title says I've made the decision to go for it and set a rough date (hopefully around February). Until that time I need to sort out my visa, whilst I'm waiting for that I'm going to be working full time, saving my money and living at home. Starting to freak out about it now lol but I am so going through with this ! I've got no idea where I want to go in Australia any recommendations where there are also allot of IT related jobs available ? One more thing, I've checked some of these on-line visa tests and can get in on a skilled visa plan. I have no family over there and I was hoping to have at least 10k gbp in the bank when i leave for there, Obviously there is no guarantee on a job but is that a realistic amount to have to be able to afford a nice place to stay and everything else needed for a while? Cheers and hope to speak/see you over there soon
  5. Guest

    Change in Occupation -Skill Set

    Hi All , I have 175 PR Visa granted (3 months ago) and not yet moved to OZ , My ASCO code was 2231-79 Dot Net specialist , Now for past 6 months I have been working in Datawarehousing. My question is can I come to OZ and start continue working on Datawarehousing instead of Dot Net ? Is it mondatory to work in the ASCO code in which we assessed or Can I change the skill set ? Please advise me
  6. i have been in australia for 2years,but i never do shopping online,since the price on the website is not cheaper than real shop,and the fee of delivery is very high.anoyher reason is all the items on line haven't their detail pic.i mean i cannot see them closely. so i want to set up a online shopping business.it will be some different from the ones that are popular in OZ. first,i donot have store,i just accept order,then shipp the products from CHINA ,THAILAND ,IDIA 2,For shipping,it will take 21days,so buyer must wait.but out price is very good. 3,i seek the top quality,and cheap items and paste their pic on the website,so people can see all the details i have no need to put too much money in the business,just a website, and some ad sheet,but the problem is i need someone to join me to spread my website,and do the service,because i am not good at english and donnot know what is the local really like. BTW, believe me,the products made in china are very poor in Australia market,such as Aldi, ,Coles,BigW,but in China there are a lots high quality things just a little expensive.when i first arrived sydney ,i am so surprised with the products in chinese discount shop.and big w ,audi,is too expensive. anyone who have some ideas,plz tell me .I just want to do something to make living,and i think it is a good start
  7. We are lucky to have a visa. ( So don't need a business visa to get to Oz). Is it easy or hard to start your own business if you buy ,rent or lease a shop? And say open a food shop, coffee shop, a hair salon, beauty salon ,clothes shop? Is they any rules or regs? Has any one got any good or bad information on this please? Any information at all please Garry :confused:
  8. Hi all i m new in this thread, i want 2 room set in adelaide , i can pay only $200-300 per week. pls give me info about it ,we are 2 person husband and wife
  9. Hi All, I'm new to the forum and am moving to melbourne in sept. and could really use a bit of help? I'm in the process of applying for the defacto 309 subclass visa, i was wondering if anyone knew whether it was possible or not to set a business in Oz on this? I run a successful business here in blighty and was hoping to set up shop in oz as well, although i know it can be tricky so just wondered if anyone knew if it was possible? Naturally i will need to set up a business bank account as well, will this be possible? or will it need to be set up by an australian citizen? Thanks James

    what to set up upon arrival???

    hi all we arrive in perth in may what things should we be setting up ect child benifits ect??? tax numbers ????
  11. We've loved our things, and have looked after everything, but can't take things overseas. We're only taking clothes, so EVERYTHING IN OUR ESTABLISHED HOUSEHOLD MUST GO!!! If you're after nice things, well-loved and even lots of new things at a bargain price, you should highlight this date in your diary 27 March, 2010! If you're moving to Australia/Melbourne, you could pretty much set up your household in one day...! * Brandname Kitchen Items, Whitegoods, Juicer, Blender, Utensils, Crockery etc (ScanPan, Russel Hobbs, Tupperware, Stanley Rogers etc) * Furniture (shelves, sideboards, lovely & functional CD & DVD storage), Decorative Items, Plants, etc * Manchester, Towels, Rugs, etc * Books, Stationery, Desk, Computer Accessoiries, and other items to organise a study/home office * Gardening equipment, tools, etc Location: Unit 3, Number 6 Flowerdale Road, Hampton East (Off Wickham Road, which is off Nepean Hwy) Date/Time: Saturday, 27 March from 9am.
  12. Im from the UK,24, and in Oz on a Tourist Visa? I want to set up a soccer business as I see a huge opportunity? What would be my VISA options? I have already had a WHV here so Not too sure what my next step is really? Thanks in advamce
  13. My phone comes with WIFI function but I don’t know how to set. Anybody knows how to do? Thanks!
  14. What do you think? Skilled migration program set to change
  15. We have a 9 mth old Choc Brown fabric (suede effect) lounge suite..one 2 seater, one 3 seater...modern style $600 buyer collects from North Lakes, North Brisbane. Also, 7 piece wooden dining set.. Contact me for more info or pics Must be picked up by 16th Feb 2010 as we are going back to the UK :biggrin:
  16. Don't really have any comments n this as it doen't affect me, but i saw it and thought someone might find it useful:dull: Households' living costs set to soar in 2010 | News.com.au
  17. HI, after returning to the UK last month I have a Topfield TF4400PVRT set top box in good condition & 19 Aussie plugs ready to fit on your UK appliances. Any offers? I have photos if required & can post to anywhere in the UK
  18. JVC 32 inch / 81cm Widescreen (16:9) pure flat screen TV. Comes with stand and Audiosonic digital set top box with remotes for both units included. Dolby Digital stereo speakers with Sub woofer and Fastext / Teletext. Excellent working condition. $250
  19. rockola57

    Uk tv set in oz ,yay or nay.

    Aloha, So anyway some bloke i hardly know is givin his old 8 yr old telly away for nowt, brought over from the UK THEN,with a british plug still on it (CRT)GOOD QUALITY ONE LIKE NEW.He has offered it to me,Should i take it,what probs lie ahead?Will a set top box give me perfect sound and picture? Thanks.
  20. Guest

    limited company set up

    Start a new contrac job soon, can anyone pls advise if it is worthwhile setting up a ltd co in oz for contractors as it certainly was tax advantageous in the UK. I hear Company tax is 30%, compared to UK 21%, but can still be worth it as top Oz tax rate is 45%, also the rules for tax deductable expences and spouse dividends would be useful to hear your views, lets not give our hard earned cash up so easily to the Oz government, it's expensive here as it is in WA.
  21. jo90

    Getting the tv set up?

    Hiya! We've received our tv along with our other belongings today. My OH has been busy attempting to get our UK tv working. We've managed to get picture but no sound. Does this mean we have to buy set top box to get everything working? :confused: Jo x
  22. Hey guys, Just wanted to tell you about a new radio station i have set up. Its called 'No Rules Radio' and it broadcast live from the UK, with humour you can only expect from home and nice dose of Britishness! It would be great if you could take the time to check it out on No Rules Radio - Home , maybe send us a message and get involved in my show. Thanks for your time! Allan x
  23. Purple Princess

    Can I set myself up in business?

    Hi all, OH starts uni in Brisbane in Feb 2010 and I need to know whether I can set myself up in business when here semester starts. If I can, am I still limited to only working 20 hrs a week or is there no restrictions if I employ an Aussie to carry out my labouring jobs, I have been using contracted labour in the UK for many years but I am not to sure on the working methods/ideals in what will be our new home country.Or would I be better off purchasing an existing business? Any help would really help,thanks in advance Rich:confused:
  24. Hi all, OH now enrolled in uni(thank god, she has been driving me mad). Am I going to be able to set up as a sub contract installations engineer or do I have to find paid employment before I can set up on my own,I would really appreciate any kind of feed back because as the OH IS GOING TO BE 'STUDYING' I will need to find something that will not interfere with her studies!!!! Thanks in advance Rich:smile: