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Found 168 results

  1. Guest

    Selling or Shipping

    I have a dilemma really I have sold my house and will be moving into rented, my visa application (spouse visa) will be going in soon. We are looking at going to sydney but what are peoples thoughts on shipping items out there is it worth it or is it better to sell everything and buy new once your settled?? I'm talking about things like wardrodes, beds, sofas, kitchen goods etc.... any views would help!!
  2. Like many of you, our house is up for sale during a really slow period. We we wondering if anyone had decided to let their house while it is still for sale? The thing is, ours looks really nice at the moment and we were thinking that if tennants didn't keep it looking good then it might make it even harder to sell. Does anyone have any tips? FANX:goofy:
  3. Guest

    Selling and moving dilemmas

    Just wondered if anyone has been able to sell then emmigrate straight away without having to move into rented accomodation first. You see, my dilemma is: We currently pay £250 pcm on a mortgage and if we moved into rented accomodation we would have to pay over £400 pcm, which I suppose we can manage, but it will be a shock to the system. Also we may not be able to keep to a contract of 6 months. The other thought was that once the sale of the house goes through and we have unlocked the money, we could maybe try and get enough leaway from our buyers to have enough time to organize flights and shipping container to leave straight away. This would probably have to be done within a couple of weeks. Unfortunately our parents don't have the room to put us up temporarily before we go. Any other ideas would be very much appreciated...:notworthy: Cara
  4. KazzE

    Selling houses

    Well you could have knocked me down with at feather
  5. Guest

    Warning, If Selling Your Car!

    We decided to advertise our car in Autotrader as we were starting to have a few problems with it and thought the money would come in handy to pay for our ongoing emigration process. Advertised it in Autotrader a week Friday. Got an Email Sat morning from a bloke who lived in Ireland, although sounded European. Desperately wanted the car, but due to work commitments, ill health and age could not come and get it personally but would send his PA for it. He was going to pay us the full asking price and an additional £200.00 so we would not sell it to anyone else. Plus on top of that an extra £5,000.00 which we would transfer to his P/A via Western Union. All of this would be by bankers draft. We thought about it and it all seemed quite genuine. I spoke to my bank who said bankers drafts were fine, just wait for it to clear. Anyway, my mother spent whole week worrying as she had read about this kind of transaction. My sister then looked into bankers drafts and it turns about that thousands are stolen every year. Then had a closer look at Autotrader website who advised this type of transaction is a complete con. Not only do you lose the car but all the money too and no-one helps you get it back. So we sent him an email telling him to get stuffed and have reported it to Met. Police. Just thought should let you know. We added our email address to advert but have taken it off now. So be careful. We feel abit stupid now for going along with it but at least realised in the end. Claire WAS :no: NOW:spinny:
  6. Guest

    Houses Selling

    Looks like things are on the up with the property market , things have been so slow for ages .We put are house on market in may had one viewing then nothing till now , estatae agent keeps ringing saying he has people wanting to view house . so fingers crossed might get an offer soon , before xmas would be nice ......
  7. Guest

    houses not selling

    we all know houses are not moving at the minute, my house is priced at 330.000, i have dumped it to 285.000 and now im getting views every night. I now have 2 people who want it but haven't sold their own but i changed agents it made a big difference. Anyone look on rightmove at my house at le193ps and look at the difference a new agent can do so i say to you all take a leaf out of my book do your house out nice put it on the market early and price to sell you may even be able to use my agent if its going on rightmove. I've got another lady round tonight . she is in rented :arghh:p.s lets get out of this sh1t hole
  8. Hi Is there anyone else trying to sell their house and having no luck what so ever. Had a few potential viewers but they cancel just as they are do to come..it makes me :realmad: and :cry:.We have our Visas and just want to get out of here. SOMEONE please buy our house I'm never gonna put my self through this ever again:no:. Anyone else in the same boat please let me know so we can be made together..We just want to be going to MELBOURNE... here we come ....when ever at this rate. Sorry I needed to get that off me chest ..thanks for listening. Cheers Trace.....
  9. Guest

    Selling vechiles in the UK

    has anyone else had the trouble trying to sell there cars/bikes in the UK? I have tryed to sell my 2007reg 125 yamaha xmax scooter here in london bought it for 3650 installed a alarm system and now people wont pay more than 2000 for it ! what a joke !!!! :arghh:
  10. After reading all your threads on selling your houses in the uk, we are considering auction as you exchange on same day, has anyone done this? Advice appreciated, thank you in advance.:daydreaming:
  11. Hi, We're planning on selling our house towards the end of this year, but we'll probably not have our visa through until spring next year. Should we store at this end, wait for the visa and then ship? Any other ideas? We're moving in with my parents and there's no room for our stuff.
  12. Guest

    selling house, when?

    Just starting to proceed, at what point do you put your house on the market, a little bit confused. Any advice greatly received.:wub:
  13. :wideeyed: Hi all, We are thinking about what is the best way to sell the car before we set off to Oz. We have had a look at a couple of online sites who buy your car from you. The prices they quote seem to be quite good and they come to collect your car from you. Has anyone sold their car in this way, if so, can you let us know how it all went? Cheers
  14. Has anyone sold there business in england ? If so how did you go about using an agent or on your own? Its a small electrical contractin firm but i have been told it has some value? Just wondered if anyone else has sold theres ??
  15. Has anyone else had to sell a business in england ? Just wondered how you value it, where you sold it etc Any help appreciated Thanks
  16. Guest

    Selling or Letting

    Just found out about this website and found it useful. We are probably going to Brisabne and wondered if anyone is letting there property rather than just selling up lock stock and barrel.
  17. Guest


    Hi, I am having deep depressions about the UK housing market at the moment. We are well into our visa application, waiting for the medical request to come through. The trouble is I can't get excited about going as we have had no interest in the house. We have had it on the market for three months with only one viewer. We need to sell the house as our money is tied up and renting is not an option as we have a large mortgage. Is there any one else in this predicament? If I had it over again, I don't think I would have applied for the visa as it is the most stressful thing we have done and we are totally in limbo and don't know were to turn, just hoping that a buyer will come soon. :cry: John.
  18. Guest

    Selling and Renting

    Is it common for those who are awaiting visas to put their houses up for sale and rent here to enable them to use equity before actually going over? This is something we are thinking of doing so any advice would be helpful. TIA. Choobs