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Found 143 results

  1. Guest

    To sell or not to sell....yet

    Hi, Im really starting to panic now!!! Were still waiting for decision from visa and decided that until we get deffinate decision we wouldn't put our house up for sale. But a lot of you seem to be doing it before the visa. We seem to have made quite a few wrong decisions along the way and don't want this to be one if we end upnot being able to sell the house ( we have until 1st july to validate visa) so should we bite the bullet and do it or wait? If for some reason we didnt get visa we would stay in this house for another year or so thats whats causing the dilema.
  2. Hi there all.. Its Trace here once again....Hope you house sellers are all well.. Has anyone managed to sell their house since I last posted the thread...on who is struggling to sell...:arghh:We are still no luck..just come back from Thailand after a surprise holiday from Mark..:jiggy:.and still o luck.Mind you I really didn't want to come back Melbourne is not far from Bangkok could of quite easily gone on.Only my grown up kids where at home so I couldn't.So here we are back this Sunday gone and now gonna lower the price once again for the last time.....cause we all want to be there so badly.anyone one else have not sold since the last thread I sent. Or do anyone know of a way of getting shot of our house....without loosing money. Let me know how your all getting on selling yours. Thanks for listening. Trace.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. Bladder

    SELL UP OR RENT OUT ??????

    Hi all, We are on the cusp of the case officers official confirmation, we've had the house valued, but now we are considering renting it out instead. Dilema - If we sell, we take a bundle of cash for our new life, and leave Blighty firmly in the memory, but if it doesn't work out, we come home a few rungs down the property ladder, as prices are set to keep rising. If we rent for a few years, we can sell then for a bit extra, but it's obviously a hassle, we will need to re-mortgage and hope to get decent tennants etc,. Anyone out there had good/bad experiences with either option, pro's and con's to each I guess, but my outlook is long term investment, whereas my other half is saying money...now! Help. Rik
  4. TheBrammies

    Rent or Sell

    I'm just wondering if to rent or sell my property when we eventually go down under,i've noticed everybody seems to be selling but wdoes anybody rent or intend to rent their property
  5. Hi All... Any update on those that where struggling to sell their houses... Have any of you guys managed to cause we havent:arghh::sad:... We so want to get out of here and its the house thats keeping us.. If there is anyone working in an estate agents can give us any advice? We are now changing from one thats been Crap basically...we have been on with two at 1% which is good..but hasn't helped. Lets hope September can do better. Its so frustrating cause we can go...we have our visa..cannot afford to just rent this as we need the cash to start over. Any feed back on your situations feel free to reply. Cheers Trace..... get us out of here...:cry::cry:
  6. Hi Everyone Until this weekend the idea was to sell the house and move to Australia but all of a sudden I feel the need to have the security of my home here in England behind me. Can I please ask all of you PIO people what you are doing regarding your property in the UK and why? I feel I need this security net and on the other hand i'm not sure it's right to go feeling we could possibly be coming back!! Your views are welcomed Kimx
  7. Helz980

    Sell the house or rent it out?

    Hey Paid our 1st installment to Visa Bureau so its all go at the mo! espesh with the rule change 1st Sept!! I have a question: how many people have sold their houses before moving to OZ? I want to rent ours out so that if things dont go well we can come back and still have a house! but OH has other ideas! Appreciate everyones views! helz:SLEEP: PS: How do I get my pic on the side of my profile???
  8. OK, Im starting to get slightly stressed now. We are waiting for our 457 visa which we hope will arrive in next couple weeks. House been up for sale for 5 weeks, had 4 viewings all good feedback on house but its the area (which we knew could be problem). We have dropped the price today to see if we can shift it. My worry is what if we dont? My OH will have to be in Oz pretty much asap to start his job which is a condition of the 457 visa, Im worried about having to stay behind with 2 small children to tie up a house sale let alone make a 24 hour flight on my own with them. We cant rent it as we need the capital to relocate otherwise would be laughing as my brother and his girlfriend are looking for a place to rent. If we have to leave it in the hands of an agent so they charge more fees for this?? I would be worried about leaving it unocuppied (have been burgled once) altho it is fully alarmed. But this would mean we still have no capital to pay relocation costs but obviously could use a credit card until the house sale profits come thro. I think that we would struggle as would need to pay mortgage and bills in UK as well as OZ and will only be OH bringing in any money initially. I think Im ranting now OMG I think Im going to crack up.........deep breaths :arghh: Em x
  9. Guest

    Sell Or Rent

    MY OH wants us to sell our house here, but I want to rent it out, reason being if we don't like in Aus, we would not be able to come back and buy another house of the same size. It would be like 1st step of the property ladder again.:no:If we do stay in Brisbane we could sell at a later date. What is every one else doing. OH says "we would have to make it work" Any advice would be great THANKS
  10. parsonsbigfamilyadventure

    To Sell Or Rent

    I want to sell our house in the UK and make a fresh start in Oz but my husband thinks we should hold onto it and rent, he is thinking that when the 2012 games arrive we will make a huge profit ( we live approx 15 miles from London) but I cant bare the thought of hanging onto it for another 5 years, I just fill that if we have somthing to go home too, that we wont make a proper go of it in Oz, and if it gets tough we can call it a day and go home, is anybody else in the same situation. Joanne
  11. Guest

    Take the Ninja or sell it ?

    Hi there Quick question I've got a motorbike and was wondering if it's worth putting it in the container or is it too expensive or too much agro to bother with - any ideas ?
  12. Just wondering? Did you put it on the market before you got your visa or wait till it had come through? Thanks Angelcake
  13. I,m just about to submit skills assessment, going in as a residential officer, been told that we should have no problems passing skills test due to qualifications, as we are five points short we must invest £40.000 into an oz Government investment account, to do this we need to free up equity, does anyone have any advice on when we should put our house up for sale? all views will be appreciated.
  14. We've just checked our emails and isn't it just the way that when you stop waiting for something it turns up in your inbox! Our visa was granted today! That's 6 months and 14 days since we received our acknowledgement. All we need now is the house to sell and we're off! Is anyone interested in a 4 bed detached house with conservatory & garage? :wink: Anita x
  15. Guest

    Sell Sell Sell !!!

    The exchange rate for Aussie dollars has hit 2.50 today :!:
  16. Hi Folks, Im hopfully moving to Brisbane in August/ September 2006 on a 3 year secondment with my company who have offices in Oz and the UK who will sponser me. I will be there for the full 3 years and will decide then if im staying or coming back to the UK - I dont itend to think to much about that, just to enjoy my time in Oz with the Wife & start a Family there. so........ I dont know wether to let my house out to rent in the uk and rent in Oz, or to just sell up and buy something in Oz. I intend to rent in Oz for the first 6 months regardless, and so letting my home in the seams the obviouse choice and i also understand that buying in Oz will not be easy as we will be non resident. But to be honest, i dont fancy the hassel of letting me house out. Can any one give me any advice on this?? I suppose house price rises can also be a factor - are Brisbane properties still rising or has that settled down now? That said, the excahnge rate seams to be falling (raising..) all the time also increasing the relative value of Oz houses...
  17. Hi is anyone in the same predicament as me .My husband and I both have jobs at Royal Perth hospital as RN'S and our buisness visa's are through .We are really worried as we were hoping to go to Perth in the new year but our house still hasn't sold and I need the money we make from the house to finance our move as we have 2 children. Although our employers are ok and really understanding about our situation ,we are so concerned our dream of moving to Oz can be taken away from us .Does anyone have any reassuring words to offer as we feel desparate at the moment .Thanks vcatayxx :cry:
  18. Guest

    Rent or Sell UK home?

    Hi I would welcome any comments on my dilemma. We are a family of 6 hubby Paul me Angie children 14, 12, 9 and 4. I really want to rent the house out, but Paul wants to sell it. I just want to see how we go for a year, then make the decision. I know I am being a wimp but its just such a huge decision HELP Thanx in advance for your replies :shock: Angie :shock: