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Found 143 results

  1. Guest

    Need to sell house

    Hi all, well with the current housing maket adds to the doom and gloom of england not the land of hope (no hopers everywhere) and no glory (english are not as good as they used to be).......I have a job in aus but cant sell my house has anyone got any ideas of how to sell the thing quick? think my 457 visa will be ready around sept and need the equity to have a good standing in OZ!!!!!
  2. Hi all like to know how many of us waiting to sell thier houses> the house selling business is worse than getting our visa angiek so mad at moment:arghh: sorry for my anger:err:
  3. Guest

    Sell now or wait ???

    Hi Me and oh have decided to put house up for sale end of August if meds etc come back ok, we lodged visa application on 7/6/08 so we dont expect to get a decision until early next year, ive read lots of threads and it seems there are lots of you selling up before getting visas granted, are we making the right decision?? Vicki & Simon
  4. Guest

    Given up trying to sell

    After 5 months of having our house on the market, and having dropped the price 3 times with no joy, we have decided to rent it out as we are sick of hanging around waiting for the next chapter. It means that we will be absolutely skint when we get to Oz, and I will have to work instead of being a lady of leisure (fat chance with 2 kids)-but it feels like a huge relief to have made the decision and we are back on track with our dates. That means only about 14 weeks left to panic....
  5. I didnt know what to do with myself today so have hot tailed it to the library so that i can use the pc and post a thread to my friends, our pc is completly bust !! we had our 457 visa granted which is fantastic BUT we still cant sell the house, we are now on with a different agent but nothing has happened as yet, we have been on the market since feb......so i can see myself unpacking the crimbo decks at this rate. I have even stopped saying to the kids "when we are in Oz" as i feel that the dream is slipping away from us, my daughter is absolutly gutted that we are no there yet ( its only taken 12 months for her to get used to the idea) our visa is only valid whilst Trev has a job offer, if they decide that they cant wait for us then thats it over !! its not that i'm feeling sorry ( well infact yes i bloody well am) for myself just completly at a loss as what to do,i gave up my job in March as we were supposed to leave end May so am jobless as well, going to have to look for something else i think. As for the house we cant rent it out as our money for oz is tied up in it so we have to sell, Trev cant go to oz on his own as his salary pays the mortgage so at the moment i feel we are in a no win situation....just wanted to rant a bit. :arghh:thanks guys
  6. kellyjamie

    shampoo, do they sell this one??

    hi all already in oz, this is a slightly ironic question, here in the UK i use a brand of shampoo and cond called Aussie and i wondered if they actually sold over in oz? i know youd imagine they would but i believe it may just be a gimmick name as my friend was in perth 3 years ago and they didnt have it then? its a great product so if they have it there it saves me buying it here to bring over many thanks, kelly
  7. To everyone who can't sell their house and are thinking of renting but the rental income won't cover the mortgage, here is a possible solution. I spoke to my mortgage provider today to find out about changing to an interest only or buy to let mortgage to reduce our monthly mortgage so that renting could be an option. Well the bank I am with don't do buy to let mortgages and will only do interest only if you have £150k plus of equity which we don't have. However they sggested to me that they could extend the length of the mortgage term and this will reduce the monthly repayments by over £300, which means any rental we got would cover the mortgage. I am so excited by this news as it means we could be on our way without selling the house. As loathe as I am to rent it out, the thought of getting to Australia ASAP, makes it seem more of a good idea!! Might be worth considering for all of you that can't sell in these difficult times. :idea::idea:
  8. Hiya everyone. We've been trying to sell our house since Feb. Already dropped the price by 30K but still didnt get a lot of interest. So............... We decided to lease our house to the local council/association. (For up to 5 years). They pay approx 80% of the market rate but we dont have to pay any agent fees at all or arrange gas/electric checks etc. The council agree to hand back the property to us in the same state we gave it to them. At least that way we dont have to worry about the house not having tenants or getting paid the rent!! I just thought some of you might be interested........... Good luck Hannah and Steve :jiggy:
  9. We are seriously thinking about renting out our house so we can get to Aus. The house has been on the market for 4 months and no joy and we just want to go!! Very nervous about renting the house out though and not having the cash behind us from the sale of the house. Has anyone been through this or considering renting out your home? Thanks Angelcake
  10. Firstly i would like to thank everyone that has help us over the last 6mths or so. We may look like a new user but have meet a few of you at the meet ups. Secondly and to help you out and ourselves as well. We are moving back to the U.K. and are in Robina at the moment. We have plenty of things that new migrants and (old ones too) would possibly need and are only a few months old. Ranging from A 40 inch lcd tc, beds, household goods, Marks and Spencer Sofas and good old Aussie sofas to, the list goes on If anyone would like a list or to come and have a look please PM me. I am not sure if i can list them on here with photographs. Lisa.
  11. I am looking to sell a 2002 mercedes s class in good condition. Kindly let me know where can i find a good place to do the same? ---- April buy used cars in raleigh (North carolina Pre-Owned car dealer)
  12. mr luvpants

    Rent or sell?

    Although we are not at that stage yet, it will raise its ugly head. What did you do? And how easy is it to sell your house if you decide to, whilst you are in oz? JOHN
  13. mattandamanda2@gmail.com

    sell or rent

    Hi all,hoping to move to Melbourne from Dublin in Oct/Nov this year on a 457 visa and would like to hear from other people who have travelled on same visa class what they have done with their property ,did they just sell or did they rent,my view is if you rent its too easy to quit and come back,(knowing you have something to come back to) if you sell you have to give it a real go and make it work because you dont have the option of a house to come back to.Friends are saying dont sell some are saying do,just dont know what to do for the best,more money to take with us if we do sell and less if we dont.Any advise or thoughts would be great,thanks again Matt:err:
  14. lynnmarsh52

    Can't sell your house - try this!

    Not sure if this is going to help or benefit anyone who is struggling to sell their house, but thought it was worth a mention! We NEED to sell our house to be able to afford to go to Oz, thought that renting wasn't an option. Rent and fees would not really cover the mortgage and we would have no money to take with us.:arghh: Spoke to our financial advisor who suggested this: Change your mortgage to an "interest only", this then lowers your monthly mortgage payments. You also take a "reserve" (I think that's what he called it!) of around £10,000 or £20,000 however much cash you need to take. This stays in the bank and you only start paying this off once you actually draw it out of the account. Over 20/25yrs this is not going to be hardly anything each month. If you've lowered your monthly mortgage payments, then you can afford to put a little bit extra away aswell until you go! We are going to do this until the market picks back up again and then sell our house. Bearing in mind this probably wouldn't be an easy thing to do from the other side of the world, but luckily for us we know our financial advisor on a personal level aswell, so he said he would be able to help us. Hopefully, this may give all of you out there struggling with the housing market a slight bit of hope! We should all be sunning ourselves under the blue skies of Oz in no time :yes: Take care all - Lynn x
  15. Hi all.. have been on the market since nov o7..need to sell asap...have has stupid offers but no real ones... even slightly realistic ones... have dropped the asking price by 35,000 !!! have seen a few threads on homebuying companies.. am seriously considering that option...any info good or bad would help me so much... thanks chatty :arghh:
  16. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone and that there are a few of you out there who like me have a visa but can't sell their house. The media seems to bring daily gloom and doom news on the housing market and ecomony, and this morning one bank has announced its no longer doing mortgages for first time buyers. I am really finding all this rather depressing news. I'm feeling torn between riding it out, validating the visa and delaying going by what though, a year, two years, three years? Or... cutting our losses, and letting the house go now for alot lot less!?! I really don't know what to do, thinking I could be here for a year or two makes my heart feel very heavy. Anyone else having the same thoughts, any ideas, suggestions?????? Think I really need someone with a crystal ball but i guess we could all do with one of those!
  17. littlelegz

    sell or rent

    we hope to be out in oz buy may but untill i have been told ive got my 457 visa i dont know what to do with my house in england? Do i rent for 6 months (just in case) or go for the sale and just go! but i'm worried that if we have to return to england i'm off the housing market.... Any advise as its getting near!!!
  18. debbie2302

    Sell Up or Not!!!

    Hi Just wondered what the concensus of opinion is to selling up altogether before moving out to z or renting your house out in UK, just in case it doesnt work out. You then have something to come back to. I think if we sold up and then decided to come back (hopefully not) your lifestyle is so muh better in oz, you would find it difficult to adjust back here in England. Would like peoples views please? Debbie & Stuart
  19. Hi , I am new in this forum, my name is Leiza, resident of North London. I need to pay off my mortgage debts but I am currently going through rough time. Well wishers suggested that I should sell off my home, which I bought 11 years back. I know in present condition this would be one of the best options. For the past 7 months, I am trying this but all in vain. Estate agents keep promising to help me sell my property quickly but its been almost 6 months and we haven’t seen anything concrete happening. Classified ads to sell property in open market so far has resulted in just 1 response and that too was frustrating as the buyer was ready to pay just half the price of my equity in the home. The burden of paying mortgage and my sporadic income are taking their toll. I am frustrated and I need some good and quick advice on how to sell my property in U.K.
  20. Guest

    sell or rent our place?

    hi, just a quick one, me and kerry own a property here in the uk and have never been to oz, do you think it would be best to rent our place out or just go for it and sell. the sensible side of me is saying rent but the other half of me is saying just go for it life is to short. any opinions welcome thanks bob and kerry
  21. Hi everyone, I came accross this website / forum and I thought it had some interesting tips on how to sell you house. I wondered if it might help anyone.... House Selling - Money Saving Tips - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums Good luck!
  22. Guest

    To sell or rent House in UK

    Hi Guys, Just wondered if anyone had any feelings/thoughts on selling or renting their property in the UK.... I was all up for selling our house but OH said the other day that he would rather rent in case anything goes wrong.... we are just trying to get our heads round the TRA papers at the moment and are looking to apply for a 175 visa (OH is a roofer).. Our house is nothing big or grand, just a basic 3 bed terrace in Liverpool which would appeal to first time buyers or possibly those looking to downsize their mortgages, so im hoping that this may sell easier than a larger property due to the housing market at present... Has anyone else had similar thoughts ??? sorry just rambling thoughts running around in my head.... K xx
  23. Guest

    Keep or sell in UK?

    Hi all, I'm a bit new to this business, so excuse any gaffs in advance. We were just granted our visa (2 days ago) ULP! So now we are considering our options. We would like to keep our house in UK and rent it out (we only have 2 years left on the mortgage here and we feel it would be a good investment), but that would leave us with limited capital to set up over there - £20k max. We really don't know which way to jump. We have no kids as yet, but would like to buy a family home at some point- looking to the future! Would that be possible somewhere in Victoria, not Melbourne necessarily. I'm a teacher and my husband is a practical buildery type chap - can turn his hand to anything,but has done windows and conservatories for years - if that has any bearing on the matter. Help!!! Anyone got any ideas?
  24. Any one go any ideas or advice? We are unsure what to do. Should we sell up in the new year as the housing prices here are falling hre in the UK or should we release the equity in our house, take the cash to oz and rent out our house here? I've read on another thread you can take insurance out as a landlord incase you loose your tennats. I don't know the ins and outs. We are a bit weary of allowing strangers into our hose and also worried about any maintainance that may need doing when away. What a dilemma. Anyone had any good/bad experiences either way?
  25. Guest

    should we sell?

    Hi just wanting some advice, applied for visa, waiting, trying to be patient. Should we get the house on the market now? or wait untill we have it? jane:twitcy: