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Found 143 results

  1. Hi We have been looking at Perth as our destination but I've been doing some research on Brisbane tonight and quite like what I see. So with the following factors what would you do :err: 1. H is a Drainer, also training as bricklayer 2. I work in IT Support 3. We have 2 young daughters aged 5 and 2 so will be after good schools, recreation choices etc Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Just arrived in sydney, I need to get a cheap second hand car, which is good nick and no more than $4000. I don`t want to get ripped off by a dodgy dealer, so if anyone knows of a good car for sale , please let me know Cheers Daz
  3. Hi There If you are returning to the UK and have stuff that you need to sell, please get in touch... I have a house to furnish, but most importantly I need to buy a car. I can pay in £'s....so the money is in your account before you arrive back in the UK. I live in South suberbs - Perth, but am willing to travel for the right items... Get in touch if you think I can help Thanks all Sweetpea
  4. hi guys, not been on for ages. had visa since april, validated in august and spent all our savings on that trip. we're now saving up here as our house has been up for sale since march and not had one single viewer even though weve reduced it. next year we're goin to brisbane and will rent out house if need be, but we're considering having a baby before we go. i'd get 9 months off with pay here compared to 12 weeks in oz so it is tempting. has anyone done this and how would i add them onto our visa etc. any advice on this would be fab - or anyone who wants a cheap house get in touch ha ha sarah nurse 29 stu plumber 32 and sean 9
  5. Guest

    Sell your suburb-Perth!

    Following on from Joannes great thread thought it would be good to do one on Perth. So all you lucky people already there give us a bit of info on your part of the world please. It will help those still deciding and give them some idea of what to expect. Would be useful to include proximity to the beach and the city as well as general info. Thanks guys xx:notworthy:
  6. Hi, New to all this but here goes. We have been on sunshine coast for a couple of months, love the area, but personal reasons mean that we have to make our trip much shorter than intended and head back home shortly. So anyone looking for a great rental property, our 3 bed house on Kawana Island is available for a very reasonable $370 p/w and is advertised on www.realestate.com.au with Raine & Horne agents at Kawana Waters. We also have recently purchased a complete furniture package and fridge/freezer and washing machine that will also need to be sold asap. So if you are moving to the area, and like us found it impossible to find a decent furnished property and need some furniture quick then drop me a line!
  7. Guest

    Rent or Sell ?????? HELP !!!

    Hello... Dilema central here.... Ok so we have been on the fantastic roller coaster also known as the housing market since feb this year, we started at £330k... a couple of viewings... no offers, we dropped by 10%... no offers.. 1 viewing, we dropped by another 10% oooh 3 viewings! wow... and an offer... wow i hear you cry... no an offer at £230k it's me (and my wife) who's crying! We have always figured we could rent it out... but major hassle from the other side of the world... the mortgage has dropped as we are on a tracker but who know's what's around the corner... We have squeezed our offer up a massive £5k to £235k! but having done multiple spread sheets are now thinking that this might not be a bad offer! basically once all is paid for and we have put a deposit down on a rental in Oz and shipped and all that stuff we will have £50k to put away in savings... Mmmm If we rent out and sell in 3 years.. after you deduct the cost of management, insurance, flying to the UK to sort things out etc etc and assuming the market has gone back up to what it was 18 months ago we might be better off by £20k or thereabouts... My head is starting to hurt as I am thinking about it, analyzing it, calcutaing, projecting, digesting, sleeping on, pondering and generally been mulling it over far too much and can't make up my mind...... Help.... :arghh: James...
  8. :unsure:We had an offer on our house today (after 19 viewings) and it was £35,000 below the original asking price (£23,000 below the reduced price) and were thinking of saying no as we feel this is too low. Our other option is to rent our house out when we go to Oz, can anyone give us any advice on this? Is there anyone in Oz now with a property renting in England & if so how are you finding it? We were hoping to sell so we would have some money to set us up once we arrived but we are thinking of re-mortgaging so have a lump sum to take with us. If we rent it out we will clear the rent easily so thats not a problem. Really need some honest advice from you guys please.:wideeyed: Thanks
  9. Hi folks, On checking out house prices in my area, I come across this website. It tells you which properties in your area are on the market but have reduced there original asking price and how long they have been on the market for. property snake -- home -- find falling house prices in your area Hope it helps someone. Mandisfam
  10. Generalis

    House to sell/not sell

    Hi all Wondered if you could give me a bit of advice as things going round and round inside mine and hubby's head on this one. Not got visa yet this went in in May so still time to hear and also not done medicals/police checks yet. House been on market since April had 1 offer but they cannot sell and it was a good offer. Now 2 offers have been made on Monday for a lot less than we wanted. House was up for £150k in April then dropped it around August time to £140k and 2 offers have been made for £125k and then slightly increased to £128k. What would you do? Keep thinking want to sell in case lose them and house prices drop more but not got visa yet and feeling scared and getting cold feet too. Also found I got heart palpitations which I'm having tests for so part of me thinks will I pass a medical. I reckon its all stress related! What would you good folks do? Thanks v much all Sam x
  11. Guest

    Ship or sell electricial???

    Hiya guys wondered if I could pick your brains? Is it worth shipping washer/dryer etc. I'm asking this because I have a large frost free freezer made by Hotpoint but will it cope with the Brisbane climate? Been on aussie electrical website and seems electrical items are about the same price as here. Cheers Del
  12. shaza

    Our house....Rent or Sell??

    :spinny:We've had our house on market now for about 12 weeks and dropped the price yesterday by 13k. Im just wondering if we'd be better to keep the house here and rent it out and rent a place in Oz which we were going to do for about a year anyway, or should we sell it and have no ties? I know the housing problem in England wont get better for at least 2 years but I dont want to sell for a ridiculous price. Would we still be entitled to the first time buyer grant if we decided to buy after being in oz 2 or 3 years? I also read somewhere that there is some kind of grant you can claim if you rent your english home out. Can anyone who has done this or knows about it please give me some advice, not sure the best option for us. Thanks. :unsure:
  13. Hi all we had an open day at our house today,the agent advertised it well, we spent the last two weeks cleaning, and making our already tidy well kept home MINT!!but guess what? nobody came! were now in the unfortunate position that we will propably have to validate and could do without the extra cost of this trip!!does anyone out there know how long we get if we validate were on a (176) ????.were thinking that if we have to do this we will wait and see if the house market improves?? cant get any worse eh?? would like to console with anyone else in the same boat as it could be a slow one to OZ. :arghh:Andy and Tina.
  14. :skeptical:Hi all you probably think I am mad but I think I may have an offer on my house, and we would have to be out for Christmas. The problem is that my OH is a HGV driver and things are a no go with them at the moment. We did change our minds a while ago about OZ and thought about buying a business in Florida instead but again things are really dodgy there at the moment. I just worry that once the house has gone we have no real plans as to where we go from there. Canada is another option, but most people have a good idea of where they are going and have planned things out before they sell up. Im really mixed up at the moment but at least if we do selll we are in a position to move straight away.................what do you think????
  15. Guest


    omg, just received an offer for our house only just short of asking price!!! not caring the way things are going im going to bite there hand off. oz here we come!!!:jiggy:
  16. Hi folks, Whilst we haven't got our visa as yet, we very aware that when we do get it, we might have to go and validate it because the house will not sell. I was wondering how many other people are thinking the same and how they feel about it? For family of 4 we reckon it going to cost our about £5 or £6k for a 2 to 3 week holiday out there. Would it be better to knock this money off your house price to just get out there, or would it be best to hold out until you get the right price. Its so difficult and very frustrating. Be interesting to read other peoples views. Thanks, Mandifam
  17. Guest

    Open day to try & sell house

    Hi, I know someone on here held an open day last weekend. Sorry I couldn't find your thread! I wanted to ask if you had, had any joy with it as I know you had a fair amount of interest on the day. Anyway, it's our turn this weekend so wish me luck! We thought, nothing ventured, nothing gained, etc... So have put an ad in the local paper and made some adverts to display in shop windows and distributed them. Anyone else trying it? Will let you know how it goes Monday.:wubclub:
  18. Hi all, What is everyone planning to do if your house doesn't sell in time? We have got until March 10th to be in Oz and we've had our house up for sale for 3 weeks and no views!! Not sure if this is normal but we're living in Ireland and everyone is saying there is a reccession here so i think we can safely say its not going to sell. We seem to be going round in circles, rent out, abandon ship (lol), sell it at a huge loss, give it away??! So what is everyone else planning to do? And is there anyone living in oz now that is renting out their house in Ireland or UK with an agent or otherwise? Is it massively stressful? I just imagine that being so far away from your house with strangers living in it is asking for trouble. Has anyone had any experiences that have been a nightmare with leaving there house in the hands of an agent or are they really trustworthy? Also I was wondering if anyone is planning to go to Oz to validate their visa's then come back home and wait until their house sells, could that be an option or do you think thats living in complete limbo? We're planning to travel round Oz for a while before we settle anyway so maybe we could do that and make sure our visa's are in order then come back and work and save for a bit longer and wait for the house to sell,whatd'ya think? Look forward to hearing your views and ANY advice.:jiggy:
  19. emmaj

    Rent or Sell & Rent or Buy?

    I was wondering what everyone decided to do with their homes in the UK? Did you decide to rent it out or sell it? Also, if you are still in the UK which would you prefer to do and why? I know the housing market has slowed right down so selling may not be an option right now but what would you prefer to do? Also - When in Oz - Do most people rent or buy and what are the reasons behind this choice? Many thanks Emma x
  20. Maybe do what a guy out here did.... ................................. .................................. .................................... He got a books of raffle tickets and sold each one for a dollar each. He ended up selling more tickets than his house was worth so made a nice fortune. And the person who ended up with his house got it for a dollar!!!!!!!!!! I think they have put a stop to that sort of thing now I think you have to buy a raffle licence :biglaugh: But the UK may not know about that one :biglaugh:
  21. Guest

    Need advice to sell my house

    :arghh: Can anyone please help. We are planning to move to brisbane in October, got a job 457 visa in pipeline. The problem is our house has been for sale since March, has anyone use these companies that buy your houses off you. i've been looking at some on the net but a bit wary. Lou
  22. Guest

    Wait and sell or rent out?

    Our family's goal is to be in the land of Oz by xmas. House on market for 2 months and only 2 viewings!! Do we wait to sell? or rent out our house and go to Oz with only a little bit of savings and let a letting agent look after our house and sell in a year or so? Nobody looks after your own house like you do and not sure if we have enough money to set up in OZ
  23. Well the good news is we now have our visa's :jiggy: The bad news is we now need to sell our house :no: this will be mission near impossible! Also, what do I need to do now, it's all come round very quick and now we have little time left. Perth here we come!!!!!
  24. CharmedP3

    To sell or not to sell.....

    So we were going to put our house on the market in the next few weeks after we'd finished a bit of sprucing up. But next door neighbour came round last week to say they were putting theirs on the market and the sign went up yesterday. So would it be a bad sign if we both had them on the market at same time? The are practically identical in terms of layout...except we don't have a conservatory and our driveway is shared (and to be blunt ours is alot more modern than theirs but they are pensioners) and ours would therefore be a tad less than theirs (theirs is up at £149,950 and if you fancy a nosy at theirs here's the link Halifax HomeFinder).... Anyway....with the somewhat downward spiral of the housing marking and economy in general (and the competition from next door lol) we are thinking of NOT selling... we are lucky enough to be able to save a reasonable amount each month and if we work really hard at this for the next year we would have several thousand saved....not alot when you have flights etc to consider......but "do able".....just But what are the tax implications (if any) of owning a property in the UK while living and working in Oz? To be honest if we kept the house we would probably have to take a bit of a hit on the rent income V mortgage payment the way things are atm... As I type this I know we sound mad.....but things seem so volatile ....also if we didn't sell it would mean not being able to pay off a loan before we went....can we still make the payments from over in Oz or would we have to settle it before we went does anyone know? Sorry for the long post...just weighing up our options :spinny:
  25. ok so we all know the problems with the housing market at the moment. so a lot of people must be facing the same problem. would appreciate your thoughts and advice. do we 1) put house on market (next door is already up for sale and have only had one viewing) and hope it sells eventually. 2) borrow £10k, change to interest only mortgage and rent it out for a few years. this should at least get us to oz and get a rental for a few months. the better half is dead against renting it out but we have been granted our visas and i am itching to go! i wanted to be there by christmas. cheers. Lee.