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Found 143 results

  1. Guest

    Sell or Rent? Job or just go?

    We've had our SS Victoria visas for about 6 months now - validated July 09. We came back full of enthusiasm to sell our house but had to finish it first. Of course we've picked a really crappy time to try and sell... So - do we carry on trying to sell (it has only just gone on the market but we aren't terribly optimistic), or do we rent? In addition, it isn't as easy to find jobs there from here as it has been. Hubbie has applied for a couple but not heard anything. Should we just go for it and get out there? Don't know what to do! xClaire
  2. hiya, i'm returning to uk and need to sell my car. got it when i arrived. great little car, have had no problems with it whatsoever and really helped me get about when i got here. link below: 1991 holden nova for sale - Cheap Second Hand Cars - Gumtree Perth Free Classifieds michelle
  3. Hi, I really don't expect anyone to be able to answer this for me but I need some input to help me think. I'm within touching distance of a job offer but still waiting for my 176 to come through (just done meds and pcc and yes I'm CSL). Anyhow, I'm trying to do the sums and so far Perth is looking crap for property prices. I've got about £100K equity in my UK house and anything we like the look of in Perth is around the $400K mark. Basically, after making the paying to make to the move it looks like I'd be looking at 50% of my Perth take home going on a mortgage if we buy. With Oz interests rates on the up and the UK (Exchange rates and property prices) looking static at best I'm really worried about the cost of moving. Should I rent in out my UK house (assuming I can + cope with the stress) or sell up, make the move and rent long term? Or try and make the plunge into the Perth property mayhem and take a punt? I'd really like to hear from those of you who've just made the move or are close to it. I like the idea of an adventure but I don't want to f**k it all up on the money front.
  4. Hi All, We only have a couple of weeks left here in Oz. We really need to sell our car before we go. The details are in THE SHED section. Its a mitsubishi Lancer. We have never had a problem with the car and it has been serviced regulary since we bought it. Hopefully there is someone out there needing a car or coming over from the UK and needing a car. Thanks Faye 04666 933 71
  5. Mitsubish Lancer Coupe MR FOR SALE AS MOVING BACK TO UK early Jan. Year 2000 1.8L Manual Service history Metallic Green 2DR, AC, EW Alloy wheel and sport exhaust $5400 ono Pls msg me for pictures and any more details. Thanks Faye
  6. Hi there, If anyone is looking at moving to the South East Surburbs of Melbourne Berwick/Pakenham areas then I am selling a load of Furniture as we are returning to the Uk anytime from Jan-Mar next year. Depening on jobs etc, I have a sofa pits and pans, 32in TV and Stand Computer desk lots of other little bits and pieces which would come in handy for the newcomers Also a Ford fairmont top of the range 1998 4 ltr 6 cylinder car in White. Runs excellently new shocks done fully services etc, Is has got a scrap down the passenger side back door but this does not effect the car and a recent quote to fix was only $500.00 Rego till Sept 2010. Bargain at 3500.00 Any takers who are ready around that time please message me. Thanks
  7. Hi, We have our visas and plan to move to Oz by the end of the year. We plan to rent our house out here in Ireland for the first year or so and rent in Oz. I believe that if we sold our house here and then moved to Oz we would not have to pay tax on what we make from the sale. Does anyone know what the situation would be if we sold a year or 2 after moving, would we then have to pay tax on our money? Any information on this would be appreciated. Thanks. Dor X
  8. sgperry

    Sell and buy or rent and rent

    Apologies, I'm sure this topic has been discussed previously on this forum but I can't find anything about it. My partner recently received her migration visa and so we are planning on moving over / back to Oz in July - September. My dilemma is that I have a house in London with a tiny mortgage on it, and given the current exchange rate my father suggests it may be better for me to rent my house out here and use the rental income to rent somewhere in Australia - at least for a couple of years until the exchange rate etc improves. Then I would sell it. As things stand, we have no intention of returning to the UK. I'm sure there are many in the same boat as me - do I rent here, rent there for a while or sell here and buy there. I'm not sure if it makes a difference to my tax situation but I have dual UK / Aus citizenship. And if anyone knows a good London-based UK / Australian tax adviser, I'd be grateful if you could send me a private message with their details. Much obliged. regards sg
  9. Hi All Just wanted to know how many of us, are still trying to sell our houses?:arghh: Ours has been on the market now for 13 months, had 2 offers but pulled out at the last minute. I don't think we will get many viewings leading up to Christmas, and with the $ low it does not look good, for changing money over. I feel we will never that down under (I know its not going any where). Sorry for the moan. Paula
  10. still in limbo just need house to sell:chatterbox: waited 2 years for visa to be granted and still waiting all we need now is the house to sell !! getting the viewers but fed up living in a show home !!! and shouting at the kids to keep the house clean will be moving to perth with 3 kids not quite sure where yet anyone know what halls head is like ??? we visited 2 years ago and liked loads of different areas especially rockingham area ie secret harbour or even up north !!!! anyone else out there in the same boat or already living the dream xxx need some friends !!!!!!:yes:
  11. Guest

    Sell or Rent my UK house

    Hi All, I am new to this forum having just accepted an offer to work in Melbourne only yesterday, looking to start early Novemeber. My main dilema is what will be the best thing to do with my house. My wife thinks we'd be better to keep it thus retaining a foothold in the UK that will be there should we want to come back. My worry is that our mortgage repayments are high and rental income will leave a shortfalling of around £600 a month. We have savings which we can leave in the UK to cover this shortfalling and it won't be money thrown away because we'd be paying the mortgage off. In my mind we are better to get shot of the house and any headaches involved in renting it, putting any proceeds from the sale in with our savings and sitting on the money, either in UK savings accounts or to be transfered to Oz if we need it. What is peoples advice on this please??? Other dilema is when to start marketing the house etc seeing as our visa applications have only just gone in and the company want me to start in a couple of months, don't want to sit on our hands for a month whilst waiting for visas but don't want to shoot ourselves in the foot should any problems arrise and the whole deal falls through!!! Thanks Ben
  12. Guest

    Sell UK property or rent out

    Hi all, Shortly migrating to Sydney on 2yr secondment with global firm I work for (4yr 457 visa), however our view (both me and employer) is that this is a long term role and we're only going down the secondment route initially as it's better financially, etc. My dilemma is whether to sell our UK property and release approx. £45K of equity or rent out; now as the UK rent wouldn't cover our mortgage/costs (we'd need to top up by £300), my default position is to sell. Also, if we do rent out, but then are unable to secure another tenant, we'll be left with needing to find moeny to pay the UK mortgage, as well as our rent in Sydney. Just interested for people's opinions and experiences in this field. Thanks, AP
  13. Hi, I have just passed skills assessment to ACT and we're now going for ACT sponsorship. We are not sure whether to sell our UK property or rent it out until house prices pick up. The problem is, do we have to pay capital gains when we sell the house as soon as we will have rented it out? If we do, it would be best to sell now and not pay the Capital Gains Tax. Cheers! Mike.
  14. tommo64

    Sell or Rent?

    Hi there. I know there are loads of people out there who are trying to sell their house right now. We are considering renting our place for a year or two. Hopefully, when the time comes to sell again, the market will have picked up. It also means we still have a place here if things don't work out for us in Oz. Has anybody else considered/done this. We would like to hear your thoughts and experiences, good or bad.
  15. Guest

    My UK House - Sell or Rent ??

    Hi Everyone, I am driving myself crackers with this so thought I would try and get an opinion on it; I will be made redundant in the UK :arghh: shortly but fortunately have a perm res visa for the family. Will move to Melbourne at the end of the year and so I have my UK house on the market. I have been offered 9% under the asking price which in this market seems good (stamp duty threshold a factor). But should I accept bearing in mind exchange rate is rubbish at mo and unless its me the prices in Melbourne east, where we are headed (Ferntree Gully,Boronia etc) seem to have increased marginally (I look EVERY day!!). I could rent it out and wait until prices increase, but that means going to Oz with very little capital initially. However it could be worth it in the long run becuase historically UK houses have seen good returns. Even if I say so myself, its a nice house and should get a good price in a better market. Arragh - I should just flip a coin..........whilst I still have one!
  16. Hi there, Is there anaybody out there in the same dilema as us. We have had our 136 permenant skilled residency visas since last January, we have sold our house 3 times, all have fallen through, at the moment we are thinking should we just go and rent our housw or wait to sell, getting very fed up here now. Let me know any views anyone has.:wideeyed:
  17. Soz guys but we are having to sell our house as we are returning to the UK as OH's job is under threat of redundancy and we are hanging on by a shoe string at the moment waiting for the day that he's called into the office. They have very little work, nothing lined up for the future either and are currently working a 4 day week and at the end of June people are going to be asked to work a 7 day fortnight but this causes issues for us as we are on a 457 visa and have to work 35 hours a week and earn over $55k and this will take us under the threshold. They have already made a lot of redundancies (cut over 10% of staff WA wide) and his office holds the most people on 457's. There are no other jobs locally, similar buisnesses have already sent their staff on 457's home. Anyway we are seriously thinking of keeping the house in Australia as the prices are falling and house on market for a lot less than we paid for it and we were wondering if anyone is doing the same or has done the same and the tax implications. We've looked at both countries Tax Office websites but they haven't proved much help. We are looking at all options as preferrably we'd like to sell the house as all our money will be tied up in Australia and get on with the next chapter of our lives but if we cant' sell then we need to rent the house so at least we are covering the loan etc. I know you guys making plans to come don't want to hear this about jobs but unfortunately its a reality at the moment and we know of lots of people being sent back to the UK or returning under their own steam as jobs have simply dried up to migrants or the wages are nowhere near what they expected. We've enjoyed our experience here and don't regret coming at all just regret being on a 457 visa, building a house in a declining market (it was fine when we got here) but hey that's life if we had a crystal ball none of us would do anything and just sit there. Sarah
  18. Hi All, hoping to move to perth this year. I have a 9 yr old, 10 in august and a 12 yr old, 13 in july. Am i right in thinking my 12yr old will start high school feb 2010? Can anyone recommend good primary and high schools in north perth please. So far i"ve found out that woodvale is a good high school.....any comments?? Stay away from Wannoroo! Is this right? We will be renting to begin with, so would like to rent in the area of good public schools especially high schools. If we were then to buy a house out of the catchment area of a school would my children still keep their place at that school? We a looking at spending around $400,000 on property so areas in keeping with this thanks. Cheers Tracey.
  19. Guest

    To sell or not to sell!

    Well here is our dilema, we are just about to lodge our visa application forms (husband just passed his practical) so it can all go off together,and our house has been on the market for over a twelve month and no interest at all! then out of the blue someone comes along 2 weeks ago and offers the asking price and its going to be a cash sale!!! :jiggy:we agreed but suddenly its dawned on us that if we didnt get the visa for what ever reason then we would be screwed!!! We dont want to rent over here as its to expensive and our morgage is peanuts in comparison. Do we gamble or play safe? Any suggestions would be very welcome:idea:
  20. Guest

    how did you sell your stuff?

    First off, sorry if this is in the wrong place, wasnt sure if it should be here in money or household so mods move if necessary!! Basically when we go to Oz we are going to ship a few bits over but its really not worth out while shiping everything, we are lucky enough to be staying with my parents when we get there and I have a few bits from when I was at home anyway. We will be shipping stuff that is importnat to us and would probably cost us more to replace. How did you all sell anything you didnt take with you, we will have some furniture and odds and end really, kitchen stuff, books, mainly general household stuff. I would rather try and sell stuff and get SOMETHING for it, rather than give it all or chuck it away, even if we only made a few hundred on everything....its a few hundred we woulnt have had before. Ive researched some stuff on that well known auction site and we would be unlikey to sell alot on there, especially as you get charged listing fees. Another possibility is a car boot sale but neither of us drive (altho we might be able to get someone to help us out) Any other suggestions on ways to sell things, Dont want to spending too much listing/advertising to not sell anything. Suggestions comments experiences welcome!!! Thanks!
  21. emmaj

    Ideas How To Sell My Car?

    Ive advertised my car for sale in my local paper, local bargain pages and also on gumtree. Are there any other free or reasonably priced papers or websites that yo would recommend when selling a car? I really need to sell 'Elvis' asap as he is funding our cats flight! Thanks Emma x
  22. Guest

    A house we own may sell.

    We have had an enquirey today for a house we are selling, Vary spacious house two floors 5 bedrooms, fully kitted out loft and a conservatory. The potential buy wants to come tonight and view, they are willing to pay cash................. Bloody problem is - it is a Dolls house we are selling on Ebay and not ours....... :biglaugh::biglaugh:
  23. kernow43

    A way to sell your house!

    Here is a novel way to increase your chances of selling your house. Woman offers free car in bid to sell her house | The Courier-Mail
  24. Hiya all, Just thought I would let you know the good news. Because the mortgage rates have come down so much over the past 3 or 4 months my lovely lovely son has offered to take on the mortgage, move in my nephew, and keep the house going for us. Sounds like a really good idea to me and too good to be true after all this time of stressing about selling. I think it is a really good idea because when the prices pick up a bit and the banks start lending again they are going to buy it off us. (in about 5 years time) It also means that I will not have to rent it out to strangers. :v_SPIN: I can't tell you how happy I am about this because in the end if it does not work out for us in Oz at least we we still have a home in the UK. It also eleviates the depression at selling for less than we paid for it 2.5 years ago and losing around £25k. Kind regards Karen :wub: