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Found 143 results

  1. BrownEyedGal

    Car Boot Sales Sydney area?

    Hi All Does anyone know if there are car boot sales held in Sydney - not garage sales or markets - just car boots? I had a quick look into getting a stall at a market but it asks for some type of insurance cover which I'm not sure I want to get into. I've got heaps of things to get rid of/sell, (some has already gone to the second hand shops). I don't want to do Ebay or Gumtree. Grateful for any ideas BEGal
  2. Hi to all....need to put this one out there as it is driving me mad !! would love any opinion !:chatterbox:We have had our house on the market for six months..have the visa, ready to go...nobody want's it!! I know there are people on here in a similar situation! The thing is we have to enter Oz by May or validate...at the cost of about six grand as there are five of us! Have had an offer today of £132,000 ...it is on for £140,000 but we have dropped it ten grand...... so...do we sell it and go...or validate and wait...... cheers!!
  3. gazsmith

    Leave goods or sell

    Hi Guys, Hope someone can help on this one for me? We are thinking ahead about obtaining quotes from shipping companies and wondered if anyone can say if prices for white goods are similar to the uk or indeed as high as some people make out?, we are in a rented 2 bed and are leaving all wardrobes and alot of the bulky furniture, in fact we will possibly just take the bed, sofa bed couple of tv's and some medium sized items of furniture along with personal possessions, crockery and small appliances, not sure if i want to take white goods although they are good condition we only got them 2nd hand when moving into rented property earlier this year. I do not know how the shipping companies pack belongings but i would invisage not even filling half of a container. Any advice on the white goods or advice on shipping and companies would be grateful? Sorry for the rant but hope you can make sense of this Gary and Sue:confused:
  4. Guest

    Prize to sell

    Hi Dont know if anyone knows of anyone who can assist with this one I have won a prize for 2 return tickets to New Zealand (Not during the world cup) that i need to sell, they need to be used up before the end of this year The company i won themfrom are being very difficult and wont swop etc.. so the only thing i can do is take the prize and try to sell it on at a discount for someone and to make a bit of cash for my migration fund! Any ideas or takers! Thanks for reading Regards Stuart
  5. tony74

    To sell or to rent

    We recieved our visa this week and now have to decide to sell or rent our house. Just don't know what to do. Any advice would be great. Thanks:biggrin:
  6. Guest

    sell your state

    which state offers the most in australia (jobs/lifestyle/education/saftey) for me its got to be queensland,its got good weather all year round,and with the mining industry a secure future (to a point) its a bit over populated in some areas, but is so vast if you wanted seclusion it offers that 2--on a similar note which is the best county in the uk (some people may be moving back from oz) for me it has to be yorkshire,its got every thing friendly people beautefull country side the list is endless:wubclub:so what do you think--also as a member which state do you live in oz,and the county in uk if living in the uk--i live in gloucestershire/queensland
  7. Hi! I am getting very stressed because I am unable to sell my house in the Uk. I have my PR visa and was going to use the capital to set up in Perth area. Should I just book flights and validate the visa anyway? Maybe stay for 3months. Should I try and rent my property out for 6 months and hope that the market will be easier then? This will mean that I will be living on a shoestring (I'm 63) and will have no liquid assets at the end of that period. I am willing to work part time. Any thoughts on these dilemmas would be appreciated. I am positive that I will move to Perth, but the timing is proving a nightmare!
  8. rockola57

    Sell by Date!Do you check?

    Thing is,i soon noticed when i got here that it would be beneficial to my wellbeing to be observant regarding this issue!::shocked::wink:Anyone else noticed this anomaly here in OZ?:wideeyed:
  9. Right everyone help with this dilema, we are perth bound and cannot decide wether to sell up or not, fortunately i run my own business and can scrape 20.000 together.This would then enable me to keep my home in the uk to sell at a later date because as we all know the property market is not good at the mo. However would this weaken us in our determination to stick it out or would it give us an excuse to return to the uk if things got tight. My home is my pension as i have never trusted the robert maxwells of the world with my money. Do i sell or not, Are their any out their that have done similar.I was hoping that in the near future if things level out i could sell at a later date and buy down under.It appears that their are cracks in the oz housing market and their prices might drop soon. :wideeyed: regards jules
  10. Guest

    Moving home things to sell

    We are moving back to the uk and have a few things to sell burgandy corner leater sofa 2x beige leather recliner chairs 6ft pine dinning table and chairs whirlpool washing machine 7.5kg front loader (bought last august) samsung fridge freezer (bought last august) Ford falcon unleaded and lpg (very cheap to run on gas) rego till december (2002 model) Bought last year for over $13,0000 will sell for $6000 ONO Pm me if interested
  11. the dougans

    to sell or rent ??????

    hi we are seriously considering going back to oz we came back to uk in feb after nearly 8 months there but are so missing the lifestyle we had etc we have bought a house in uk wish i love so dont no what to do whether to sell or rent it will the housing market pick up again and maybe we could make money on it or are we better selling and maybe loosing few grand from feb ?? so mixed up help lol
  12. Guest

    Sell Us Your 'Sport'

    I guess we all like different things in life, and fair play to that, so with this in mind try to tell others what sport you are interested/obsessive/good at. I'll start, are you ready to be bored. I would mention Cricket, :SLEEP::SLEEP:, but I know of a few on here who will fall asleep if I go on too much,:wubclub:. But in all honesty fishing has to be my one sport that truly has me obsessed. I like all types of fishing, but am far more interested in Saltwater Flyfishing over recent years,:yes:. And the great thing about it is that it's NOT just the fishing that gets the old juices going, fishing allows me to connect with nature as it were, to stand alone with just a fly rod in hand on a flat somewhere truly does inspire me, brings peace to my very soul, and for all intents and purposes makes all well with the world. I have been very fortunate enough to have travelled the world in search of my own particular fishing 'Utopia', (yet to find it, but come close) and hopefully when back in OZ Exmouth, WA, may tick a few more boxes, (just need to convince the good lady). Australia and Saltwater Flyfishing are my two greatest passions, and without them my life would indeed 'lose' something. Difficult to put either of my passions into words, but hopefully my fishing thoughts will be better explained by a few pics and videos. [YOUTUBE]W8u9bygLV50[/YOUTUBE] Cheers Tony.:wink:
  13. Does anyone know the answer? I have to sell my car in 2 weeks before I come over to Australia but it is in my partners name and he is already in Australia! I have never sold a car before...will I need his signature or something!!! this has just dawned on me:wacko:
  14. Now this is what i call a decent advert, Worth reading all the way through.. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/220768216260?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fshop.ebay.com.au%3A80%2F%3F_from%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dp3907.m570.l1313%26_nkw%3D220768216260%26_sacat%3DSee-All-Categories%26_fvi%3D1&_rdc=1
  15. Hi I am new here but hopefully not for long. Like so many have agonised about moving back to UK but its all relative. Want to be near my ageing parents and have been unemployed in Brisbane for some time so Oz hasn't been that kind to me. It is a lovely place at times and of course I will miss certain things but I find it somewhat dull here just not enough variety for me. I will never be a surfer or AFL convert and I hate going round to peoples houses all the time!! Most of my friends are English and I don't seem to connect with the Aussies. I just need to sell my house in Sherwood so I can relocate back home so if anyone is interested in a nice house in Sherwood QLD (a very nice suburb and excellent location) have a look at http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-sherwood-107294133 Its good reading these forum as I thought it was just me who wasnt entirely happy here. Great place for young children though for any new migrants I will just put it down to experiencing life's rich tapestry. Regards Andrew
  16. Hi I am new here but hopefully not for long. Like so many have agonised about moving back to UK but its all relative. Want to be near my ageing parents and have been unemployed in Brisbane for some time so Oz hasn't been that kind to me. It is a lovely place at times and of course I will miss certain things but I find it somewhat dull here just not enough variety for me. I will never be a surfer or AFL convert and I hate going round to peoples houses all the time!! I just need to sell my house in Sherwood so I can relocate back home so if anyone is interested in a flood free house in Sherwood QLD (a very nice suburb and excellent location) go to http://www.realestate.com.au and see house up for $549,000. Its good reading these forum as I thought it was just me who wasnt entirely happy here. Great place for young children for any new migrants, Regards Andrew
  17. The Butlers

    Stuff to sell

    Hello we move into our rental in 3 weeks time so if anyone has anything to sell before they go back we are in need of most things :biggrin: Emma and Gang
  18. Hello all we have been here for 4 weeks now and we move into our unfurnished rental in 3 weeks time if anyone north of the river in perth have anything to sell please let me know as need to get this house furnished :biggrin: Thanks The Butlers :wink:
  19. Jems30

    Ok, sell it to me;-)

    We are looking at emigrating to Perth. I have a few questions to those of you who have made the move.... Would you say your life is better than it was in the UK? What do you love about Perth? What do you hate? What is the weather like in the winter? is it cold? Bugs/bites, is it as scary as it is made out to be?:laugh: Do you find the schooling better than the UK? Do your family/friends from the UK visit?
  20. When my wife and I move, we will most likely sell both our cars, and hopefully only need one car when we go to Oz. I know second hand cars are expensive, but our cars are falling to bits at the moment (a 2003 106, and a 2004 Yaris). Where would people recommend selling them? Not expecting to get much, and doubt I'd get much private.
  21. We are a family of five, son 8 yrs, daughter 7 yrs and son 8 mths. We have been looking at different states/suburbs for a while, we have ruled out qld coast due to heat and humidity, ruled out Hervey bay specifically due to the same but also because we wonder if it's a little too small and quiet for us, ruled out vic because although we loved living there previously Melbourne isn't where we want to raise our family and the climate generally was too unpredictable for us. Adelaide is defiantly still in the equation. We lime the quieter famy feel but still lots to do. OH just had a potential job match in Bunbury and to be honest we hadn't really considered WA due to geographical isolation. I've searched some threads on Bunbury and it's sounds great. Can anyone sell it to me?? What is living there like?? Do you have plenty to do?? Many thanks in anticipation.
  22. JohnandEirian

    Timing the big sell off

    I'm sure we're not alone in worrying about when to start selling off furniture and other effects. Waiting for a CO, the medical, etc delays the whole process of actually settling in Australia, especially as passing the medical is not a certainty for anyone. Has anyone done their medical early and got the results so that they knew there would not be a hitch which stopped their plans for going to live in Australia? If so, how long before the anticipated date of being appointed a CO have you chosen and when did you get your results of the medical? We have no reason to worry unduly about the medical, but one never knows. It would be disastrous to sell off everything only to find out later that the whole plan is off. John & Eirian Application acknowledged 8 Feb 2011
  23. We are due to emigrate within the next two months as hubby has hopefully got a job but we cant sell our house and have loans that will therefore not be repaid - where do we stand and what should we do. Plenty of people are just saying lock up the house and just go - let the banks etc sort it after we have gone but i am worried about taking this drastic step. Any advice is welcome.:wacko:
  24. Hello all, We now have our visa!!! it has now become real. We are having a decussion tonight about what to do with our house. we have a decent amount of equity and only 10 years left on the mortgage, we plan to move at the begining of next year, we can not decide whether to sell up or to rent our house out here, both have pros and cons. Pros after 10 years we could be mortgage free have a good pension pot some where to come back to if it doesn't work out in australia cons financially worse off for the first few years in australia with bonds and rent worry about house in UK without tennants and having to pay 2 mortgages having tennants that don't respect the house and having to sort out maintanance so far away. property market not great in uk plus low exchange rate I know every one is different, but people in the same situation, what have you done?? all advise welcome! many thanks Alan
  25. For Sell: Trek 2009 Madone 6.9 Pro Specifications Frameset Color White with Trans Blue Frame Sizes 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62cm Frame OCLV Red Carbon Fork Bontrager Race XXX Lite w/E2 full carbon steerer Wheels Wheels Bontrager Aeolus 5.0, carbon Astana Edition Tires Bontrager Race X Lite AC, 700x23c, folding Drivetrain Shifters SRAM Red Front Derailleur SRAM Red Rear Derailleur SRAM Red Crank SRAM Red 53/39 Cassette SRAM OpenGlide 1090 11-26, 10 speed Pedals n/a Other Components Saddle Bontrager Race X Lite Seat Post Carbon seat mast cap Handlebars Bontrager Race XXX Lite VR, 31.8mm Stem Bontrager Race XXX Lite Carbon, 7 degree, 31.8mm Headset Cane Creek IS-8 Integrated w/cartridge bearings, sealed, alloy; 1 1/8\" top, 1.5\" bottom Brakeset SRAM Red Private Message me for more info