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Found 74 results

  1. Hi there i am new to this but want to explain my situation, we have a serious issue back home in uk and need to get back asap, but we are 2 months in to our 6 month rental and we want to be as helpful as possible to get the house re-let, we are currently awaiting a reply from the owners of the house (let through the professionals). and wondered if there was anyone wanting or looking for a place. its a beautiful area, 4 bed, 2 bath, twin garage. its on Kumarina drive secret harbour, if there is any one interested we would be eternally grateful:wubclub:
  2. Guest

    guess my secret

    its a bit like cluedo--you ask the questions--and the answer will appear eventualy--1 question a post please----the answer will:shocked:you--i will answer every question with the truth only if it relates to my secret:wubclub:whoever gets the answer to the secret will have a go:biggrin:are you ready for secrets:wink:
  3. Hi all, Very new to the forum, Looking to move out next year (once visa eventually approved) and would like to live near Mandurah. We visited in April and stayed in Secret Harbour and loved it as we have 2 boys who love to golf and swim. Tried to find out info about schools which will help us to decide where to live. Boys will be 9 and 11 when we move and we would want to send to state school. All info that we have got so far suggest's High School in Secret Harbour is not to good and it is now confusing us. We are now thinking about Seascapes in Halls Head does anyone have any helpful comments. cheers louisa
  4. Hi 47 yrs male seeks drink buddy for "last hour" or so on fridays at local pub (Whistling Kite -Secret Harbour) Likes all sports, UK sports, music, humour, good conversation, live music -the usual stuff. Dave S Harbour
  5. Hi Can anyone advise us on what it is like living in either Mandurah, Secret Harbour or Port Kennedy or if anyone can recommend any other nice surburbs. We are planning on renting and we have two young children. So we need good schools and close to amenties, shops and the beach if poss. Cheers Sam x
  6. Hi we are looking to move to perth in the next couple of months, we are looking at staying in secret harbour. I would like to know what the nearest catholic high school is to secret harbour as I have a 13 year old who has just started year 9 and a 11 year old who has just started year 7, i do realise that they will have to start these years again in february. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i'm going round in circles. Thanks
  7. hi all Does anyone know of any meet ups or does anyone fancy meeting up fairly soon !!! Me and the wife along with our 2 girls(9and 7)and young lad (3) are living in secret harbour but don't really know that many people as yet so it would be good to get to know a few more friendly faces. cheers jamie
  8. Secret Harbour is a 40 minute drive south of Perth in Western Australia. There are 2 primary schools and 1 highschool, shopping centre, pub/tavern all walking distance from our home. The beach is also just a 5 minute drive away. Secret Harbour is a great community where there is so much to do or you can just relax at the beach. Why would we leave such a beautiful place where we can walk to baby class, swimming lessons, the shops and the beach? For more info about Secret Harbour, check out these links: Welcome to Western Australia - Tourism Western Australia Local Newsletter - Secret Harbour Whisper home page Community - Community Development - Secret Harbour - Residential Estates - Satterley Property Group - Land, Houses & Real Estate Golf Course - Secret Harbour Golf Links - Homepage Schools - New Page 1 Comet Bay Primary School Comet Bay College Website Pub/Tavern - Secret Habour Tavern by Rockingham | Restaurant | Bar | Functions Beach - Secret Harbour: Home Baby Sensory - Baby Sensory, Baby Development Classes Swimming - Swimming School | Swimming Lesson | Learn to Swim | Aquatic Classes Perth| Baby Swim Lessons| State Swim – Secret Harbour - Swim Schools
  9. Hi We need advice on areas near Mandurah or Secret Harbour? We have two young children so we need good schools and close to amenties. Can anyone recommend any other areas nr Mandurah? Many thanks Sam
  10. Hi all My English girlfriend migrated here a year ago and we are both looking to widen our circle of friends. A lot of my friends have moved on over the years, and moving to a new country makes it hard to meet new people. I'm 30 and my girlfriend is 26, we'd love to hear from anybody in the Mandurah, Secret Harbour and Rockingham areas that would like to meet up and hang out. We love going out for drinks and dinner, bbq's at home and generally spending time with good company. Hope to hear from people
  11. Hi We have recently moved to Secret Harbour (4 weeks ago) and are loving it!!! My 7 year old is enroled in school but I am looking for a nursery for my 3 year old around the local area. We are going to look at one tomorrow in Rockingham which has come recommended but seems a bit far to travel! Not heard great things about the ABC Nursery in Secret Harbour??? Any advise would be great!! Cheers Emma:smile:
  12. Guest

    Secret Of Success

    OK, without trying to start an all out war I thought I would put this thread up as to find peoples opinions/views , etc. We all know that 'some' people find it easier to settle in Australia than others, each to their own I guess. Whilst this thread is aimed at those of you have 'successfully' settled in Australia I hope that the comments you give will help others that are contemplating the big move. In some small measure your views 'may' paint a picture with some degree of realism and educated thought. I also realise that whilst your life 'may' not be perfect in Australia (is it anywhere?) I reckon those who have settled 'could' still have some worthy thoughts , etc. Just to start the ball rolling I will give some basic reasons, may be not my own, but may help. 1. Acceptance that it is a different country 2. Biting your tongue 3. Keeping your head down and getting on with it 4. Making the best of it 5. The weather 6. Family ties 7. Looking to the future 8. The landscape 9. The Aussie attitude 10. The 'newness' of it all I realise that it is a very personal viewpoint, and my list I think is way short of reflecting other people views. As I said I am not trying to start another slanging match, just seeing how the more successful migrants got over the initial pitfalls and have made a relative success of their new lives. From my own personal point of view I realised after a very short while in Australia that 'my' key to making a happy life in Australia was that I had to accept that it is and always will be a 'different' country. That doesn't mean accepting everything Australia throws at you, just a realisation that it IS Australia and not the UK. To this day I can still have a moan and bitch about certain aspects of Australia, just being a realist is all. But in the main I have accepted Australia, warts and all and realise that I have been very lucky to have been given the opportunity to live all over Australia. And also, may seem silly to some, but I love the wildlife, snakes, spiders, roos, insects, etc. I have always been a bit of an anorak concerning wildlife but Australia is truly blessed with some wonderful creatures, and this includes the more 'dangerous' ones. Cheers Tony:wink:
  13. THE SECRET OF SUCCESS IN AUSTRALIA John Sintome is 48. He has been 21 years in Australia. And has worked as a laborer, steel-furnace loader, bread deliveryman, rigger, sheetmetal worker and pie-maker. He ran a catamaran hire business (without ever sailing before); worked as a gold assayer (a mate from the golf club gave him the job), carpenter (yet had never seriously hammered a nail), owned a cafe (had no idea how a cappuccino was created). And now hangs plasterboard for a living in the tropics where he and his family live in a home across from the beach worth $180,000. [He bought the land after rescuing a real estate salesman who had overturned one of his catamarans]. Lucky? "Nah," says the rangy, Birmingham-born John. "The secret of getting on in Australia is listen to people. And tell them what they want to hear. It's a bit like sheilas, really," (he has been an Aussie for a long time). "Tell 'em what they want to hear and you're in. "Brits who come over here and think they know everything, and say they know everything, get up the Aussies' nose." The Sintomes' story begins on the production-line at Cadbury's in Birmingham with 16-year-old John eagerly running wrappers to the girls on the machines. "Twelve thousand people worked there. My first job in Australia was in Whyalla, and there were only 8,000 people in the whole town!" His baker dad and his mother had sailed off as migrants, so newly-married, John and Jeanette paid their 10 pounds and headed for the sun. "I'd been skilled at nothing more than running around in a factory making sixpenny chocolate bars. So in 1969 I went to BHP and got a job as a laborer, loading scrap metal into furnaces and pouring moulten steel with big ladles. I said it was the same as in the chocolate factory, only bigger ladles." The message he received from the other Brits, Yugoslavs, Germans and Italians: "Keep your head down, apply yourself to the job and you'll get on." And fib a little... He stuck it out in the steel making plant for three years, with Jeanette working as a nurse. Then homesickness set in. "I missed soccer more than anything. So we paid out all we had for fares and we went back." "It was a terrible mistake. We were picked up at Heathrow, and even as we drove through the narrow streets of Oxford, with all those houses leaning against each other I knew we'd made the wrong decision. I went into a pub at home in Henley in Arden and there was a fella sat on the same seat as when I'd last left. He said: 'Haven't seen you for a while. Been on holidays?' "So we worked our butts off saving, living in a little council house in Redditch. I had a job as a works policeman with British Leyland, stuck in this little box in the middle of winter, a freezing bum and six inches of snow on my cap." Son Jason had been born in Whyalla and now another son, Robert, arrived. Getting back to the sunshine took 18 months of scraping money together. They kept it from Jeanette's parents that they were going back, right until the last minute. "We'd already done it to them once. Now we were doing it again." Back to square one. With $A25 and two suitcases as they stepped off the boat. And the fibbing began again... But no worries. At Whyalla, where they gave him his old job back, John went to night school to learn rigging. "So I was able to bull---- my way into a job as a leading hand, moving heavy machinery. But we still hadn't seen Australia, and they were looking for people to go to Alice Springs to help put up a radar centre. They wanted an experienced rigger... "We stayed a while at The Alice, then headed for Darwin to do sheet-metal work at a power station. Never done it before in my life. Somebody showed me and I was appointed a second-class sheet-metal worker. They ease you into jobs here. You see how they do it. Copy them. Keep your head down and you're OK." The bright lights of Sydney beckoned. "I got a good job as a pastrycook, said I knew a fair bit about it. Closest I'd ever been to dough was delivering bread as a sideline in Whyalla. They said: 'Just throw in the flour here, pull that lever there, practise it a few times and you're right.' And I was." Itchy feet again took the Sintomes and their sons to tropical Cairns. "I saw those islands just south of Cairns, and the blue mountains and the palm trees and said to Jeanette: 'This is it. This is where they can bury me.'" John rigged once more. Until they went to the beach one day and saw a sunbronzed Australian operating a catamaran-hire business. "I said: 'This would be great!' Bought the business and six catamarans for $6,000 from the guy and was set up. Only thing was I'd never sailed anything in my life before. Weekends were magic for business." During the week he helped weld metal sheets into Navy patrol-boats, and when that ran out got a job as a carpenter building a huge new resort. "They said could I hang a door and of course I said yes and I hung most of the doors in the hotel." That job ran out and a mate he played golf with said would he like to assay gold in an outback gold mine? Sure. Why not? "We had a bit of money saved after selling the catamarans and my sister worked in a beachside cafe which was for sale. The lady wanted $A25,000 and I said what about $5,000 and she took it. So it was cappuccinos - we made the best in Cairns with New Guinea coffee - until the lease ran out. "I'm back gyprocking. Our house is a stone's-throw from the beach. Jason works in television, Robert's a lifeguard making sure topless sunbathers don't get into trouble." A great life? Well... as the Aussies say, somebody's got to do it!
  14. I have been looking at both schools and can anyone tell me which they would think is the better school. Or is there anything to choose between the two. Its very difficult as where we live will depend on this. We will visit both when we get there, but I just wondered if anyone had any "inside information":cute:
  15. Does anyone know what is happening in Secret Harbour...there is a strong smell of smoke and the sky is a strange colour?? I would fathom a guess that there is a fire somewhere..but where....does anyone know Sue
  16. My family and I (2 boys aged 8 and 5) have all our visas in place and have booked a one way flight to Perth on the 16th of August this year. Although we have been to the Gold Coast and Melbourne to research the areas 3 times in the last three years, we decided on Perth due to more work opportunities for my husband who is a bricklayer. We have been researching suburbs on the internet and are totally confused about where to settle. We quite like the look of Butler NOR and Secret Harbour (SOR). What do you think about either of these areas and do you have any other suggestions?? Thanks for any kind of advice you may offer us :biggrin:
  17. Guest

    secret harbour to perth

    :biggrin:G'Day, Can anyone tell me what the traffic is like at six in the morning from secret harbour into perth cbd, and how long it takes to get there at this time of day? We are thinking of settling in secret harbour and are just wondering about comute times by car or (van)should i say because i am a painter and decorator. :nah:
  18. Would anyone be able to give me advice about which of these would be the better school?:cute:
  19. Hi folks as the title says looking for a house to rent in either of these 2 places for my wife and 2 boys . We arrive on the 1st of july and will need it for 4 weeks , thanks stevie
  20. The Yuills

    6 Months in Secret Harbour

    Well we have now been here in Secret Harbour for 6 months and still we are loving the experience and have no intention of going anywhere. Hubby is still settled in his job and finally is earning more than he was in UK and not having to work Saturdays..considering he has probably worked 6 days for the last 10+ years. I do not have to find work yet, as we are still managing on the one income. This is something we could not of achieved in UK, for most our married life I have had to work 2 jobs fitting hours about hubbys work and kids and schools. Now I am able to kick back and relax. We do not live an extravagent life but an affordable life here and certainly are able to do more as a family at a cost that we can afford. We have taken out yearly passes for Adventure World at Bibra Lake and have been several times now (more than got our monies worth!!) The whole family love it there and we always spend the day there. We still enjoy just packing up a picnic on a Sunday jumping in the car and driving somewhere and having the day out as a family. Again we missed out on this in the UK at Hubby worked Saturdays and I worked Saturday evenings and Sundays..so were not able to go out at a whole family. Kids (15 years and 7 Years) have settled at there schools and have made friends. Eldest has always been the worry since we have arrived and we still have moments with him but all in all they enjoy it and even the eldest does not see himself going back to the UK. We have met some lovely people Australians, English, South Africans, new Zealanders all sorts really and have not come across any "bad eggs" really. We have had a few problems with cars..but we have decided not to dwell on that and move on..it could have happened anywhere not because we are in Australia. We have met a lovely English/Aussie lady (she came here when she was 15 and is now 58) and my youngest (3) sees her as a nanny which is lovely, she has also offered her caravan to us so we can go to Monkey Mia in December!!! I still get days when I miss my friends in the UK, especially by best Friend Sue, but I do speak to her on a weekly basis and she is saving for a trip over!! Another friend is coming over this month to stay with her brother (he lives in Singleton) so that will be nice. Also have just discovered a few days ago that I am expecting again (and I thought I was menopausal!!!) so at 42 years of age it is going to be hard..and I have to go all the way to King Edward Memorial Hospital for my care and delivery, this was the hospital I was born at 42 years ago! Fingers crossed it all goes to plan..so our new life now takes on a new meaning. Really just wanted to say we are here and we are staying..come hell or high water!!! We did not come with a lot of money or belongings but we have managed to survive for the 1st 6 months and hopefully we carrying on doing well. Good luck to all of you waiting to come and don't give up if that is your dream! Heres to the next 6 months. Sue xx
  21. The Flinns

    The secret to my IELTS sucess

    Firstly, I am in no way associated with the site that I am recommending, but I thought that, for those who need to get their IELTS, that they should take a look at this great (and cheap) course. I have just received an email from them this morning and thought that I would pass it on: We understand that your subscription to Scott's English Success has expired. We hope the course served you well and that you have now successfully completed your IELTS. For those of you who have not yet taken the test or are looking to improve your IELTS score, we would like to advise you that the Scott's English Success Website has made some EXCITING NEW CHANGES including a new IELTS General Training course complete with specific General Training Reading and Writing practice tests. There are also a number of other website additions. Check out IELTS Practice Course, IELTS Sample Tests, IELTS Study :: Welcome to Scott's English Success! for details. Good Luck Howard
  22. Just so you know Two charged after burglars stone officer in Fremantle | PerthNow Tut Tut ...... :policeman:
  23. Hi everyone We are just in the process of applying for my Spuse Visa, our childrens certificate of citizenship came through this morning...yay! We have our heart set on moving to Perth and we have looked at Secret Harbour and Dalyellup as potential areas to live. Does anyone have information on either of these with regards to suitablility for young families, schools, our children are 3 and 12 weeks so might be a while off going yet but we want to find somewhere we can settle in long term, also work for my husband who is an electrician. I am a HR officer but can do general admin. Many thanks! Laura :unsure:
  24. i am due to come over for a reccie trip in April 2010. i am trying to get a feel for certain areas within my price range before I get over to try and attempt to not waste any time. My friends live in Cottesloe, so i know I can't even start to look near them ( unless i win the lottery ). I am trying to find some areas for me , the wife and 2 kids ( 10 & 7 ) to settle. i have a budget of around $450000 to buy a house. I have looked on www.realestate to try and understand the prices. There are a couple of areas north of Cottesloe that are in my price range, which seem wellestablished areas. Secret Harbour looks fantastic and i can't believe that the properties seem so cheap considering they are right on the coast(4 beds, on the coast, pool, virtually new, large floor space , etc )....... this is where I ask the main question. Why chose Secret Harbour ? Is there a reason it seems cheaper than other areas ? I do understand that an area will be cheaper until it develops etc, and also I have heard the area called ' little britain ' !! Any constructive comments etc eitherfor or against thi area would be greatly appreciated. i also know that it's how you personnally feel for an area when you are there that is the main point, but i don't want to get my hopes up and really excited about this area, only for it to be so obviously wrong. Cheers. XX
  25. Hi I know this sounds a bit silly but........ I've just moved to WA 4 weeks ago from the UK and have just enrolled my daughter in Secret Harbour Primary school. I have a 3 year old and would love to meet some friends who have kids, as I have another daughter aged 3 looking to meet some mums around this area for coffee or going to the park etc. Rebecca:biggrin: