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Found 138 results

  1. Guest

    Secondary Schools

    Can you help me, my wife has been reading that secondary schools in the melbourne area arnt very good, can anybody tell us what they are really like as our 8 year old twins will have to go to a secondary school once out of primary. Many Thanks Charlton Boy Going to Melbourne Feb 09
  2. Hi, if someone gets 475 what would be the status of secondary applicant?? Is the secondary applicant allowed to work anywhere in oz or he/she has to be in the regional area with the primary applicant? thanks..
  3. Hi The OH is a teacher and we need to find out about teaching on either a supply or permanent basis. Any tips/help/advice appreciated!
  4. Guest

    Secondary Applicant

    Hi all, New to this site so i hope someone can help. My fiancee and i have nearly completed the general skilled migration visa but are confused about a small item. On the form 'including secondary applicants in your application' and under the title 'evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship' it says" there are FOUR broad categories of evidence......." yet it only lists THREE?? 1.finacial aspects 2.social content 3.your commitment Is it missing a category or should it have said Three broad categories?? Yet i have noticed that under the 'interdependent partner' section it does list four sections?? Anyone know whats going on?
  5. Hi all, I am new to the forums but think it is a great way to discuss the issues surrounding migration. It can feel like you are the only way who finds the process so difficult and time consuming ...but reading the posts I know I am not alone!:smile: Me and my new husband final submitted our visa application on Friday we have both studied here for the last three years and can't bear the thought of having to leave. As a teacher I am the primary applicant and my husband is down as the secondary applicant. After months of gathering all the paperwork together we have been able to submit the application only for a new dilemma to arise this week. I received a confirmation of receipt e-mail and a bridging visa yesterday. The receipt said any secondary applicant will be listed below. And his name wasn't there. Of course i rang the dept straightaway but they can't see what the problem is and are referring it to another dept so in the meantime we just have to wait. I am just a bit concerned because he will also need to be issued with a bridging visa soon to stay legal! I have spent hours and hours reading the info on the website and as far as i can tell there doesn't seem to be any reason why he is not eligible to be included as a secondary applicant - so fingers crossed its just an error! Was just wondering if anyone else had experienced a similar problem. I know I sound like a total stress head but we have wanted this visa for so long that I am a nervous wrecK!!:arghh: Gemma & Nopi
  6. Hi, OH and I are getting all the documents ready for when we send off our application for a subclass 175 visa. We have been married for 4 years. Is a certified marriage certificate enough?? As on the IMMI website it talks about (quote): In all instances, you must include evidence that your relationship is genuine and continuing and you have a commitment to a shared life together Do we need to write a statement too? Cheers! Diane & Steve x
  7. Bored of Studies - Powered by vBulletin Can t recommend it enough.
  8. Hi im Kieran,12, and i am probably going to move to victoria, namely (probably, and hopefully...:unsure:) the area around Numawading and Warrandyte. I'm just wandering about the schools there, what are they like compared to the schools in the UK? What is their version of GCSE,AS levels and A levels? Do they have SATs, or something similar? And what kind of career prospects are there, I would, at the moment, like to maybe be in the police for IT forensics:policeman:, or something like that. Finally do they have any air cadets, like the britsh ATC?(i like flying!):radar: Thanks alot, Kieran :notworthy:
  9. Hi folks, quick question, I've got the 60 points for my profession (IT Manager) but in total only manage 115 points cos I'm 37 now, nice touch that they took away the 5 points for the $100,000 (cos I was gunna use the mortgage for that one) So need to get the wife's 5 points for spouse on MODL list....now she has completed here teaching course and is now an NQT - The Teaching australia site appears to require only the certificate rather than the completion of the years NQT is this correct or am I overly hopeful - she is working part time to the NQT year will actually take 2 years and then we're 40 - and lose ANOTHER 5 points...
  10. Hi I am Kieran aged 12 and I am probably going to live on the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne in 2008. I am a bit worried about what the schools will be like. Do they have GCSEs? What time does the school day start and finish? Is there anyone out there who can help? :GEEK: Thanks, Kieran :arghh:
  11. Guest

    Advice on Secondary education

    Hi, Wondering could anybody advise on secondary education in Oz. we have two children , boy 14yrs and girl 12yrs, and we are thinking of moving to Oz , but concerned their education may be affected, not because of difference in standards (if any) but the eldest is about to choose his subjects. How different is the curriculum?
  12. I have just been reading a post on the RPL help forum, which stated that any one as part of a pplication over the age of 18, needs to supply certified copies of secondary education in english to prove english education, even if you were born in here- Has anyone who has submitted their DIMA apps had to supply this information.
  13. Hi Guys! Just wondered if anyone has any names of secondary schools in any of these areas please.. The DIMIA and Victorian Education websites are not that brilliant when it comes to secondary education. I can do the research when I've got names but i'm not even sure if any exist there at the moment! Help, please!