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Found 138 results

  1. Hi, I have looked at 4 possible schools for my 13 year old son in Adelaide: Brighton Secondary School Pasadena High School Hamilton Secondary College Immanuel College - Private If anyone knows of these schools and doesn't mind giving me a quick review I would really appreciate it. Or if you can recommend a site that reviews these schools, inc league tables, etc. Thanks in advance. Tracey
  2. My family and I are moving to Melbourne (East side) in October and I am trying to get to grips with the secondary schooling system. I found a good link to the VCE rankings in Victoria and so have been using this to judge whether a school is good or not. My findings are that the expensive private schools are clearly at the top of the table plus the selective girls schools (much like the UK). Then the lower paying fee schools seem to be next generally followed by the non-fee paying schools. My 14 year old goes to a regular school in the UK and wants to continue to go to a co-ed as she has lots of male friends (and I mean friends) which i think is a good thing. So my dilema - I can't afford an expensive private school but could afford a low paying fee school. Does anyone have experience of either - is a low paying fee school any better than a regular school - what are the benefits? I have just started looking in the Berwick area and have found Beaconhills which comes about 200 in the VCE ranking and also liked the look of Berwick Secondary which comes about 300. I know that VCE results do not necessarily mean that the school will be a nicer place to attend but how else can i make a choice? Any thoughts will be great!
  3. Hi ALL, Anyone have any experience or info about the Senior Secondary College sector in ACT? I have downloaded their curriculum, and think it is very close indeed to our Sixth Form Colleges, especially the Edexcel BTEC Nat Dips. Would love to hear from anyone who works in that sector, as it seems ACT are the only state to have this system. Would an FE teacher / lecturer from the UK (i.e. without QTS) be able to work in this sector? By the way, I am an Australian Citizen, so I don't need to go down the skills visa route!
  4. My husband and I are living on the Gold Coast on a 457 visa and have been here since April 2009. He is the primary holder of the visa and I want to know if I can buy a business (I know I am entitled to work). I will have a 50/50 partnership with a NZ citizen who has lived here for the past 2 years. Help!
  5. Hi We are moving over in September and staying with my Dad in Mount Eliza. We bought a block of land in Mount Martha and this is why i am asking about MSC. Does anyone have children attending at the moment and what are their views on the school? I am aware it didn't have a good name a while back but i also heard it had improved??? I don't want to go down the private route but would appreciate any views on non-paying local schools too. We know about the usual costs of schooling as i grew up in Melbourne. Thanks :wubclub:
  6. I have a son currently in year 9 in the UK. We have kept to date most of his coursework and assignments that he has done since year 7 as revision for later on in his exams. Is it worth keeping this and shipping it all out to oz or is that just a waste of time. Thanks Mel xx
  7. Hi, My Husband and I are hoping to have our 175 PR visas very soon, and are headed to Perth in December. My Husband is a Secondary School Teacher - Head of PE at a large school here in UK with 11 years experience. Can anyone give us an idea how easily he may find work? Whats the current situation for teaching in Perth - is PE in demand at all or do you think we may struggle? Is there any chance of us being in the Metro area or will he have to go rural first - and stupid question, how rural is rural? (Im a city girl and starting to panic!) Any info anyone has on the subject would be very very gratefully received, Many thanks in advance x
  8. My 11 year old son is going to either Mckinnon High School or Brighton East Secondary College in January 2010. I have heard many people say that the state school in oz aren't as good as the state schools in London. Anyone have any views on this? Both schools have good results on paper but I'd be interested in hearing about any personal experiences. HELP!! Hello can anyone give any advise
  9. Guest

    secondary school language teacher

    Hi! are there any ex-pats language teachers in Oz? and if yes can anyone help with the requirements for teaching? Are my UK qualifications recognised and accepted and/or do I need to go through some kind of training in order to teach in Oz? I have been teaching languages (French and German) in a UK secondary school for 15 years now and am wondering about how to get on with the whole process! Cheers in advance :jiggy:
  10. We are busy planning to move to melbourne as soon as the house sells and so I have made some enquiries with secondary schools about visiting whilst we are on our validation trip. I have researched what schools we would like our sons to go to and emailed the schools directly about visiting but they said they do not do personal tours of the school!! why? how are we supposed to make a good decision on a school without looking round it and how is our son going to get a sense of belonging if he can't even walk round it. surely there is more to a school then their performance figures. they are happy to give an information prospectus and website info but not for us to visit. is this normal for victoria? would appreciate some help from those in the know. Bonnie
  11. BuddysMum

    Secondary School question.

    I have heaps of questions about education in Australia. Many of them were whizzing around my head last night but I bet I won't remember half of them now. Please bear with me. 1. My son is 11 and started secondary school here in UK last September. Am I right in thinking that if we were in Oz he would start in February next year? Or would he have started just now? His birthday is in June. 2.What is the title of the certificate of education they are aiming for? i.e. here it is GCSE. What do you call it in Oz? 3.At what age are these exams taken? 4.What is the Australian equivalent of A levels? 5. At what age do they choose their GCSE equivalent options? 6. How many subjects do they study at this level? We aren't sure when we are going to be able to move over. In a way we are panicking that we should try to get over in the next two years before he has to choose his options, but we are stuck for the time being due to family issues. Has anyone got any experience of this sort of transition at various stages of secondary education?
  12. Hi All, Could someone please explain to me exactly how the OP system works and how it benefits you and how you achieve them etc... I thought I basically understood what it meant, but yesterday my son whom is in year 10 here, came home and asked 'What is an OP?' Well I thought I knew but I couldnt answer him all I could say is well OP1 is the higher one:wacko:. My son had various Universities go to his school yesterday and they inspired him that Uni was a good place to go, so his mind is set now. He would like to study Information Technology and one of the courses had OP2 to gain entry plus it had a 'Ranking'!! What is the Ranking all about ?? If someone could please explain this to me, I would be most grateful as I cant get my head around it all. Also here Jordan is in set C, which you would think is the lower set but here C is the top set!! Its all upside down - but we are in Australia after all:twitcy: Or it could be 3 - geez I don't know but anyway it's different to UK Thank you & Regards Kim
  13. Hi I would like some information if anyone can provide it. We are moving to the Rockingham area in May and have 2 children 11 and 9. I want to know what people think of secondary schools in the Rockingham area - from Shoalwater down to Singleton. My husbands family have been worrying me by telling me that the schools have bad reputations and they themselves sent their children to Frederick Irwin in Mandurah (they live in Shoalwater). They are quite snobby and I don't know how much of their opinion is their prejudice and how much is true so I'd like other opinions. It obviously makes a difference to where we'll settle. The thing is I'm already on edge about the move and the thought of taking my kids away from a good school that feeds into a good secondary here and putting them in not so good school in another country is making me even more panicked! Any thoughts would be really, really welcome. Thank you in advance. Alex
  14. Guest

    Berwick Secondary v Kambrya

    looks like we have decided on Berwick after a few days looking around. But all the nice houses seem to be in The Chase which I believe is catchment for Kambrya Secondary, but its reputation is poor compared to Berwick Secondary. OK so its Median VCE Study score is lower but does that make it a bad school?
  15. Hi all, We are seriously considering the move to Oz (hubby a bricklayer so will be going on his trade) but I am wanting a change of career from local government to secondary school teacher (possibly RE). If we go ahead with Vetassess and visas, we have been told the whole process should be done by summer 2010 so my question is this....will it be better for me to retrain as teacher here in UK or in Oz? I have degree already so will just have to do 12 months PGCE (which apparently I will get paid £9000 for in UK). I know absolutely nothing about teacher training in Oz and any info or advice will be welcomed!!
  16. Guest

    Secondary Education

    Hi Me and my wife are both Registered Nurse thinking of emigrating to Oz. We have three children 14,12,& 8. My 14 year old is currently in the 10th grade/year she has already started the course work for two GCSE;s although not due to take her full options until september 2009. I would appriciate any comments advice in relation to the suitability of transfering her education from the UK-Oz at such a critical time, and I wonder wether it would be resonable to do so. I could wait for a few years until both my older children 14 & 12 have finished their secondary education but with my age being against me at a mear 43 almost 44. I am uncertain of my best move for the family. Is the education examinations similar to the UK and will I affect my eldest child's chances of becoming a vet if I move to Oz at this time. :mask: Stephen
  17. Hi All, I'm currently a science teacher in the UK at a High school with 70% A* - C passes with a real mix of catchment, (the good, the bad, and the very very ugly!:wacko:). I wondered if teaching is massively different out there, is there as much paperwork, OFSTED(Ouch! did I really say that!) etc. i.e is it better or worse in your experience. I know that this can depend on which type of school that you go for. I'm hoping that you guys can give me the benefit of your experience. All comments are welcome, both good and bad!) Cheers!:smile:
  18. Hi all, I am new member here.:unsure: I was wandering around this active forum for the last month, and finally decided to register. I am 32, from Bangalore, India. I had been an English teacher (MA BEd) in a reputed ICSE school, teaching English and History in secondary classes for 6 years, i.e. 1999 to 2005. I am willing to see if there is any oppo for me to come to oz. My wife too has the same qualification with English, but does not have exp. Now I'm working with MNC at a Medical Transcription Company since 2006. Suggestions are welcome from all members...... Pliz help.:wideeyed: Thank you. Graham
  19. Guest

    Point Cook Secondary Schools

    Hi, Does anyone know if the new secondary school in Point Cook has opened yet. It's on the Melways map as "opening 2008". TIA. Jo
  20. Hi All, Can you tell me what the job market is like in and around the Gold Coast. I am a secondary Science Teacher. Secondary teachers are on the CSL list at the moment but i realise it may be completely different throughout Oz. Thanks in advance. Leanne
  21. Hi everyone Just needed some help of further info about the title subject. I am currently on a working holiday visa and been working for a company in Melbourne. My 6 months that i am allowed to work for the same company is up in Feb and they are now looking into sponsoring me, hopefully hear something next week. Anyways my main questions are about including a secondary applicant on my application. Does it matter if the secondary applicant is from a different country to yourself (e.g. my OH is Japanese?) Also does she need to prove her level of English? I couldnt see any info about this on the immi website. If she does need to prove then does she have to take the IELTS course before we make our application? Another question is not related to the title. Once i start my 457 visa application am i still under my working holiday visa (which doesnt run out until July 09) or do i need to move onto a bridging visa? The reason i am asking is that i am looking to leave the country while my application is processed. Any help wud be greatly appreciated!
  22. Hi all, I am a newbie but have been reading messages on here for a while. We are currently planning a trip out to Australia to decide on an area to move to (if all goes okay on visit) We are looking at sydney (suburbs as i am not that rich :sad: and do not really want the city life) and also Brisbane. There will be my husband, myself, my son (6) and my daughter (3) We are looking for a community area with good schools etc, basically somewhere were my kids can go out and play on their own as they get older without me having a nervous breakdown! :wacko: I am a secondary school science teacher and my husband is a butcher, does either have better job prospects? i have been looking online etc but sometimes it is just better to ask people that are already there! Also is it really going to be worthwhile considering the current economic climate, are people losing their jobs left, right and centre like here in the UK? Thanks in advance Leanne
  23. Guest

    Age to start secondary school

    Hi My son will turn 11 in August 09 and will start secondary school Sep 09. Can anyone tell me when he would start secondary school in QLD please? Cheers
  24. Hi, does anyone know any good secondary & primary schools near Point Cook, Sanctuary lakes or Altona meadows in Melbourne? Any help would be much appreciated :smile:
  25. Hi all, Does anyone know of or could recommend someone that has a short term rental in Berwick Victoria. Am looking for an unfurnished min of 4 bedroom maybe for 6 or 12 months. Tenancy starting 1st february 09 if poss. Thanks Clare.