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Found 138 results

  1. We are looking to get our boys enrolled in school for the beginning of the 2011 year and we are looking for any advice people have regarding schools, websites or areas to rent a house with good schools. Any information we can gather would be very helpful. Our boys are both bright and sport is a very important part of our whole family. Thanks...
  2. we like the low house costs in cranbourne . . .don't like the overhead power lines, but hoping there are areas without them. Now for the schools. . . . we like public schools, but do NOT want to send our children to a free for all school full of bogans. We usually find public schools offer more options and have more resources. Private and catholic are smaller and more personal. . . According to wikipedia, Cranbourne secondary is one of the best schools in the area. Lyndhurst secondary is not. Casey grammar is good as is St Peters co - ed. What do people think of Cranbourne Secondary in particular, or any of the other schools i have mentioned. Would love you feedback! Jenny
  3. Guest

    Secondary school yr7 or 8???

    Hiya we are thinking of moving to Brisbane from Melbourne, I have just read that kids start secondary school in yr8 is that true? my son is 13 next month and and started high in yr7 here in Melbourne. So I'm a bit confussed now as to where he would be going high or primary:confused: thanks
  4. My partner of over 2 years now has just been offered a job in Sydney on a 2 year 457 visa. He is from the UK as am I. I want to be able to apply as the secondary applicant as his de-facto partner but we have not previously lived together. What exactly are the requirements for this? We would certainly be able to provide evidence of the relationship over the last 2 years, via friends/family/holidays abroad etc. We were planning to sell our respective flats in the UK and buy a place together in London this year, then get married (civil ceremony) as our lives are very much together for the future! The possibility of the job in Sydney co-incides with these plans. From what I have read so far, to be considered as the de facto partner you do need to have lived together for 12 months but am not sure if this is also the case given that I would be the secondary apllicant on the Sponsored 457 visa? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :biggrin:
  5. When we moved last September we only knew of Mornington Secondary College as a non-fee paying school in our area. We are currently building in Mt Martha and our youngest attends Osborne Primary. The new house is 5 minutes walk away from the primary school. MY DILEMMA IS that the youngest wants to go with her friends to Dromana. I'm slightly blinded by emotions here as i feel terrible for taking her away from everything she ever knew in the UK for her to find friends here and make her move again... The eldest is in year 11 and when the youngest starts secondary will be in the year 7 block anyway so will not have her sister to fall back on etc. PLEASE GIVE YOUR VIEWS I AM GOING NUTS HERE TRYING TO WORK OUT WHAT TO DO FOR THE BEST!!!???:wubclub:
  6. Hi Everyone, I thought i would email for some advice, I am in the process of getting my 457 visa hopefully by the end of the month so all is go go go... Hope to be in Victoria by end of May yay!!! I have a 14 year old daughter wonder if any one can advise me re secondary schools we are looking at areas Doncaster Templestowe lower, Croydon also dingley village or seaford I know this is a massive area also any comments on these areas would be great. Does anyone send their children to schools in these areas I am looking at sending her to a govenment school not private as we have had lots to pay out for so far so need to not get into finaciall difficulty, this would be a great help so much to do at the minute exciting and nervous at the same time. At least we have jobs to go too when we arrive so no finacial burdens there..... I look forward to hearimg from you Nicki :biggrin:
  7. Or am i asking too much ?? Some say on here that their kids go to a great primary with a good secondary school attached so they wont have more change etc..... Where are these schools ?? North or South were open to all areas,
  8. Hi Guys We have just received our ACS skills assessment back as positive and are writing our Commitment Statement for SS to ACT. Having looked at the prices of properties - obviously we will rent first but long term we have about AUD 450,000 - 500,000 to spend on a property. My daughter is 12 now so she will be starting secondary school when we move. Ive had a look at myschool ratings and it seems that Burglan Anglican School - Gunaghlin and Radford College in Belconnen have the best ratings. I know we wont be tied to an area as these are private schools but was wondering would the commute be far from Gunaghlin and Belconnen if we chose to live in a different area. Ive done some research on property prices and it seems that the areas we could afford would be: Belconnen Gunaghlin Ngunnawal Dunlop Higgins Holt Page Scullin Evatt Latham Mcquarie Does anyone have any opinions on these suburbs or what they would be like for teenagers? We dont want to be in an area where there arent other kids of my daughters age for her to make friends with, but also we dont want to be in an area that we "should avoid" either. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks Suzanne
  9. I applied for my ENS visa on 05 Dec 2009. The nomination from my employer was approved 4 weeks later. Meanwhile my 457 visa expired, and I came on to a Bridging Visa. Later in Jan 2010 I converted my BVA to BVB and travelled overseas for my arranged marriage. I was married on 20 Jan 2010 and arrived back in AUS yesterday. Can I now include my wife in my original application, as the application has not yet been approved? If so, can my wife be granted a visa, even though she is not in the country now? Or is it better for me to wait till my visa is finally approved, and then lodge a separate spouse visa for my wife?
  10. Hi all. Is there anyone who can recommend a Secondary school anywhere between Pakenham and Wonthaggi. Have heard good reports about Leongatha SC and bad ones at Pakenham SC. Choosing an area to live in depends on this info.
  11. Hello, can anyone tell us if there is any clarification on the new CSL list. I would like to know if it is has been put into practice or is it going to be enforced in April as some threads suggest. I am a secondary school teacher, (who now don’t appear on the new list) who would like to know if I should still apply and send my visa application form before April as I has had initially intended.:spinny:
  12. Guest

    Secondary Applicants for 457

    Can secondary applicants for 457s be added after the initial application for the primary applicant has been lodged? If so, does that apply for other business/skilled/ENS/RSMS visas? Thanks in advance.
  13. just got the secondary applicant's medicals finalized, my medicals are yet outstanding though. We've frontloaded our medicals on 19th January 2010 while the update appeared on status page on February 1st 2010. All the status has shown as "Further Medical Results referred for Further Processing". Today the secondary applicant's status changed to "Health Requirements Finalized." Hope that Primary applicant's medicals, that means my status will be finalized, too, soon. Cheers
  14. Hi there We are just starting out on the road to migrating! My partner will be the main applicant as he is a Secondary school science teacher - the 2 problems we are having are 1) the question of agent or not to agent??? Any advice on this??? 2) The main problem is with the skills assessment, the assessment authority is having a change over and the website is not really giving any information - has anyone lodged an assessment application during/since the change-over? I can't even work out who to contact now. Any help, advice is much appreciated!!! :goofy: Thanks China
  15. Dear Reader, To fullfill the English requirements for secondary applicants ,is it OK to submit the evidence of english language studied in degree lever or secondary level instead of IELTS test. ( My IELTS test result is coming after 1 month and i want to submit the proof with in one week to CO) which one is ok ( Degree or secondary level) Please guide. thanks <LI class=MsoNormal style="mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto; mso-list: l1 level1 lfo2">evidence that I have a degree qualification requiring at least two (2) years of full time study or training with all instruction conducted in English or <LI class=MsoNormal style="mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto; mso-list: l1 level1 lfo2">evidence that I have completed one of the following at an educational institution where all instruction was conducted in English: <LI class=MsoNormal style="mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto; mso-list: l1 level2 lfo2">your primary education and at least three (3) years of secondary education, or at least five (5) years of secondary education.
  16. Please please can anyone help, my husband works for an automotive company and has finally got a job offer job in Melbourne where they have two automotive plants Broadmeadows and norlane nr geelong. We are struggling to find a school for our two children. We were hoping the job would be in Broadmeadows as we really liked Eltham North and our friends have children that go to St Helena's and are doing really. However the snag is the job is in Geelong, having spoken to his fellow collegues out there they have all sent there kids to either Kardinia Internation College (private) or catholic schools. We have had a look at the fees for private and even with my husbands good salary this is out of reach (exchange rate and drop in housing prices has reduced our money drastically). We are not religious in anyway so the catholic school is out of the question. We have heard not great reports about Bellerine High School, and even though we were impressed with the Deputy head at Geelong HS when we did our rekki visit in April 09 the school appeared very run down and old compared to their current school in the UK. So my long winded question is does anyone know of another school that is good that we may not be aware of - it will have to be a state/government school and the private fees are too high even for us? Otherwise our only option is to move to Eltham and my husband drive the 100K journey to work :confused: I don't think my stress levels can take anymore of this, so many constant hurdles since we started this process 2 years ago. We have to get this right because our daughter (16) has never wanted to go and is miserable at the thought of emigrating and our son (13) who was keen is now having doubts too. Regards Joanna
  17. Hi, I'm confused, at what age do they children in Oz go to secondary school?. I thought it was the same as us (11, year 7). But i've just looked at a website for a Primary school in Brisbane and it said they had a year 6 & 7. My kids are 7 and 11, so will they both go to primary? Melanie x
  18. Hi all..:biggrin: I am a secondary teacher from India and hoping to get settled in NZ. M.A. B.Ed. from Gujarat University with 5 years secondary teaching experience. I have come to know that I need to get my qualifications assessed by NZQA and then get NZ Teacher's Council's registration. Can anybody advise me in this regard? I am just curious to know if my degrees from Gujarat University India get approved. Is anybody or has any teacher from India been in the same boat? If not, any advice is welcome.:unsure: Thanks in advance. Graham.
  19. Hey all, please give me some expert advice here on my situation. I am currently holding a student visa, just graduated and have all my documents ready to apply for the Skilled – Graduate (Temporary) visa (subclass 485). However, I am planning to include a partner, my girlfriend (3years relationship) into the Subclass 485 visa being her as a secondary applicant while me as a main applicant for this visa. My girlfriend is currently here in Aussie too holding a Work and Holiday visa (Subclass 462) and her visa has a 'condition 8503' on it. I would like to ask whether is it possible for her to be the secondary applicant for the subclass 485? If can't, what are the other solutions I can look into? I really appreciate all your opinions and all your tips. Thanks loads
  20. Guest

    Class UA Secondary Applicant

    Hi Fellas, A tricky question, hoping someone might help. We got permanent Family residence (Jan2007) - My wife was primary applicant. Due to family circumstances she could not go. I went alone in Dec 2007 and got my Tax File # and MEDICARE etc. - stayed there for month and came back. Now I want to take up permanent residence - prolonged stay and then citizenship later. Q: Will I be allowed to do so (Remember I was secondary applicant, - Primary never went and it is an employer sponsored VISA catagory) ? Any thoughts ? Boubie. Doncaster UK
  21. dear Pomsinoz, I've some doubts on 175 application Spouse English, English requirements for secondary applicants, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- your IELTS TRF Number to show you have a band score of at least four and a half (4.5) based on all four components. Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is that Overall 4.5 or individual 4.5? 4.5, 4.5, 4, 5 -> overall 4.5 is that valid? Please help me of that doubts thanks
  22. Hello! I bumped into this forum when doing some research on migrating to Australia and I am hoping to get some advice from you people... My fiance who is a UK citizen who is working in US, and has recently got a job offer to work in an university in Australia starting Feb 2010, and is in the process of applying for a 457 visa. I am living in Hong Kong currently. Initially we were planning to get married within the next year, but now we are wondering whether we should get married before he submits the application (with me as his secondary applicant -- which means we have to get married in the coming month or so). The second option would be for him to add me as his secondary applicant later next year after he arrives at Australia. Does anyone have similar experience? I am just wondering if it would take longer time to approve for the second option... Any advices will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much, Alice
  23. Guest

    Schools in Manly / Sydney

    Hi, We are moving out to Sydney in Jan for 6 months and hope to find a place to rent in the Manly area. We have two daughters (9 & 11) which means one will go to primary school, the other secondary. Can anyone give us some tips on good primary and secondary schools in or around Manly - the main ones we have seen so far are Manly Public School and McKellar Girls School. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of these schools or others in the area? We understand that you can't register until to you have an address, so the choice of school (catchment) may influence where we look to live. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  24. Hi there, We have a 14 year old son who has just started his GCSEs (year 10) here in the UK. We are hoping to move out to Oz early next year and was wondering what we can expect in terms of him continuing his education. Really don't know much about their system. Do they get to choose subject options in year 10 like here, or is it completely different. I understand there is no equivalent of a GCSE in Australia, but rather a general high school certificate covering a range of subjects, similar to the American system. Is this correct? Can anyone advise please. Thanks in advance.
  25. Hello! I'm coming out to Victoria in July 2010 and will probably live somewhere near Ballarat. I'm a secondary maths teacher with experience in private schools and also relief teaching in dodgy schools. I've heard such conflicting information about the job situation - I understand it's tough for primary teachers, but is this also the case for secondary? Also a lot of the private schools seem to be religious - how difficult is it to get a job there without being an actual Catholic? (one application asked me to describe my personal relationship with the baby jesus - probably not the school for me...) I'd love to hear any experiences people have had. Cheers.