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Found 138 results

  1. Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone can help on this one. We have done alot of research on schools for my 13 yr old daughter in Canberra and have decided to go with a Catholic School. Based on the rentals we have seen online and the schools we have decided that we will probably settle somewhere in Belconnen - Inner North and South seem a bit run down when it comes to rentals and dont have the famous central heating i want :biglaugh: . There are 4 Catholic Schools/Independants to choose from: Francis Xavier in Belconnen, Daramalan in North Canberra, St Clares(north Canberra), Merici (south Canberra) - I think they are the areas! Im just wondering about travel times to the schools if we were to settle in Belconnen. Currently my daughter goes to school and leaves at 7.30 in the morning and it takes her 45 mins of a bus ride. I would like to send her to a school that would be closer to where we live but dont (not a 45 min bus ride) but I dont want to send her to a school that wont suit her needs. Ive had a look at the ACARA website and it seems that all of these 4 schools come in about the same as regards results etc so on paper they all look pretty much the same. We want to get Sarah into a school immediately aswell and we wont have a permanent address so do you think this would be a problem with the Catholic Schools? Being new to a country I dont fancy putting her on a bus on her own for the first while because she is a bit nervous of going anyway. If we were to live in Aranda for e.g how long would it take her to get to school if she was to go to St Clares or Merici? Or how long would it take me to drive her? I noticed that the schools have a bus service - is this a public bus or just serviced for the schools? Any help would be great ! Cheers Suzanne
  2. Hi everyone, I have a question about secondary teaching in Australia. I have read some of the other threads and comments from people about how difficult it is for primary teachers to get their foot in the door. My husband and I are both considering major career changes and we are thinking of pursuing biology degrees (hopefully a one year top up for us as we both have health based degrees) and the going on to pursue the PGDE in biology, here in Scotland. Our ultimate dream would be to move to Australia, both for our children but also to be closer to some of my family. We are at the stage where we have a few months now to decide what to do that is best for us and for our eventual move - which hopefully will be in the next 3 -5 years (max). Could anyone advise us as to whether pursuing this would be a good idea, particularly with the job market over there? Are biology teachers in demand? Any help and advice would be very much appreciated. Kind regards, Su:smile:
  3. Hi all, I was wondering whether any teachers could provide me with some clarifcation. My situation is as follows. I am currently employed as a Secondary PE Teacher with 4 years experience. I obtained a Primary and Secondary Physical Education BA (Hons), QTS degree. However, the degree was structured in a way that allowed me to complete four years of study into three. I am therefore confused whether my three years of study will be accepted. I sent a couple of emails to the Teaching Institute but have been given unclear response. I note the Teaching Assessment handbook states the following: Completion of study assessed by AITSL as comparable to at least four years full-time higher education* level study (or part-time equivalent) in Australia, which results in a qualification (or qualifications) comparable to the education level of an Australian bachelor degree or higher.
  4. Moving to Perth in Dec, I am not planning to work the academic year 2011, prob will start 2012. However i would like to know the process that I need to go down to work as a science teacher in perth. Got a 175 visa and done skills assessment all good there. I may want to do a little supply this year if need be, how do i go about doing this? any advice on teaching welcome Thanks Zoe
  5. Hi, Could anyone help with this please. Planning to migrate to Sydney in the next few months currently holding a 176 GSM visa .. does this visa qualify for free schoolling for primary and secondary state schools? Also, does anyone have a rough idea of private schools costs in Sydney (Manly / Northern shores areas) and the differences between private and state schools ... any opinions welcome Thanks Chops
  6. Had to have a bit of a rethink today after speaking to my sister in Mellie this morning & I maybe be looking at a role in school nursing when we come over next year. I've looked at a few JD's at jobs currently being advertised & I think that I could fulfill their criteria. If anyone is currently working in this role anywhere in OZ (Geelong/Melbourne area would be great) just to pass on a bit of insite & info into what it's this role is like in Oz, what kind of problems you come up against both within the school & outside e.g child protection.
  7. Guys I was hoping that you could help me. We are moving to Melbourne in 4 weeks and following a huge amount of research and help from this website we are planning to live in Beaumaris or Brighton. We have 4 weeks temporary accomodation sorted. Brighton Primary School and Beaumaris Primary School both look good but I am struggling to make my mind up between Cheltenham Secondary College and Brighton Secondary College.....can anyone help with local knowledge?? Thanks Vicki:wacko:
  8. Guest

    Adelaide secondary schools

    Secondary school teacher looking for work in Adelaide, any ideas? Looking south of Adelaide, want to get a feel for it before I apply for jobs in schools that people would not recommend. :spinny: Thanks Michelle
  9. Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone has added a secondary applicant to a 457 a year or two down the line? I'm being sponsored to work in Adelaide and although i've been with my OH for 18 months we haven't lived together yet so he can't go on as a defacto partner as a seconday applicant. He'll be going over on a WHV and as he's in construction and we'll be in Adelaide he'll hopefully be able to extend his WHV into the 2nd year so that once we've been living together in Oz for 12 months we can add him added as a secondary applicant onto my visa. I'm just wondering if this would be possible? or would i need to apply for a new visa with him on from the get go? does the employer need to re-submit a nomination with my OH named as a secondary applicant? :unsure: any advice would be most appreciated :notworthy: Caz
  10. Hi guys I see you are all chatting about categories here and I am a bit confused as to which I might be in. I am a secondary science teacher so am on the csl and sol list for queensland. What does this mean in terms of processing time lines? My immigration lawyer has asked for police checks and these have been done but I haven't been asked for medicals. The skills assessment is still processing, should only be another couple of weeks though. Any replies would be greatly appreciated Michelle x
  11. Hi everybody, first of all, please excuse my english insufficiencies, as I am not a native english speaker. I am a qualified secondary school teacher in biology based in Geneva and I am deeply interested in the opportunity to migrate to Australia inasmuch as I love this country for its beautiful natural environment and its unique natural history. I was wondering if any of you have had any experience or knowledge about the migration and job prospects for a teacher. I know that secondary secondary teacher is a profession included in the skill occupation list and that it is even part of the so-called skill eligibility lists of some of the States, but I was wondering about the relative "easiness" of getting a state sponsorship for such a profession and also about the real job prospects in this field in Australia (especially, which State should be considered first from a job prospect point of view, considering I would prefer to live in a small countrytown (although not too remote) than in one of the big cities). I know that there is a global shortage in the field but I also know that there is wide differences amongst all the disciplines (I also worked for some time as a casual maths teacher in the past, which might help). Thank you for considering my message. Any answer or comment will be much appreciated. Cheers, Cedric
  12. Guest

    Mount Eliza Secondary School

    Hi, We are moving to Mount Eliza in Feb and have enrolled my daughter (17) in Mount Eliza Secondary School in year 11. We loved Mount Eliza when we did our reckie trip a few months ago, and also had a tour round the school etc. The school looked fine but it's always difficult to tell from a short visit. Is there anyone here who sends their children to Mount Eliza school and can give us a frank and honest evaluation of the school. Both my daughters are fairly academic and are keen to go to Uni - one focusing on psychology, the other on Maths. The reason I'm a little concerned is that both girls spent a day in a different school during our reckie. However, most of the time the pupils did not listen to the teacher, and were on their ipods or laptops - and this school is higher up the ranking than Mount Eliza. We did get a good vibe at Mount Eliza school, but the girls never got chance to spend time in the classroom. Many thanks, Simon
  13. Hi all, My husband is a secondary science teacher and we have recently been over to Oz for a recce. We loved what we saw, especially Queensland, and are currently trying to digest all the info regarding immigration, visas etc. What we are wondering is how we would go about applying for private school jobs? We have heard that if we go down the state school route we could be put anywhere. We want to explore the private school option and applying for jobs that way. Does anyone know how we would go about this-will they even consider us with no visa yet, would a private school sponsor a science teacher to move over? So many questions! Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  14. Sarah Tatt

    secondary schools in melbourne

    Hi, we are looking to move to the Cheltenham/Sandringham areas of Melbourne in January. Does anyone know of any good secondary schools for my 12 year old son? Thanks.
  15. Hi All, I have lodged online 176 VISA application as primary applicant . Primary applicant should attach IELTS report within 28 days of the VISA application. As primary applicant, I already attached IELTS report. For secondary applicant, is there any obligation to submit the IELTS report within 28 days of the VISA application. Can I add the IELTS report of secondary applicant later and when should the secondary applicant need to sit for IELTS. BR, Morshed
  16. Hi everyone, just wondered if any of your children go to any schools in these areas and if so whats the name of the school and do you like the one they go to?:smile: Just getting some info together for when we move back over. Cheers natalie
  17. Hi, we are two scottish secondary teachers looking into the possibility of moving to Oz. 1. How to find a permanent teaching job from Scotland? One of us would have to secure a permanent job prior to boarding a plane to Oz.We have two young children and I would not like to put them through a rollercoaster ride. 2. I am presuming our teaching qualifications would be accepted. We both have postgraduate qualifications PGCE - me in Modern Languages and my partner in Technology. 3. Equivalent jobs - how to match up a Teaching Management Position? My partner is Faculty Head of 3 departments. Any advice or potential job offers?? I am a TEOL teacher too and from my initial research, there appears to be lots of work in Teaching English as a Second Language. Perhaps more than for French? I don't mind doing the Supply circut, but my partner would really need to secure a permanent job. Thanks. Thesis to follow!! Ledi:chatterbox:
  18. Hi All, Really need some advice. I am a qualified secondary Geography teacher in the UK, currently doing my NQT year. In August of this year (once the uk academic year is over) i am going to Aus on the WHV. I have been wanting to migrate for a few years now, so im hoping this is just a starting point. Obviously im looking for sponsorship. Now I have sent off my application for QLD college of teachers, hasnt been registered yet. Now, i called up DET for qld the other day because i was hoping for sponsership through the E457 visa. She told me that as a rule they dont really sponser people on that visa. Obviously very upset at this, and now im considering other options - maybe NSW. Does anyone have any tips/advice on how to go about this? whether other states are more willing to sponsor on the e457. Just really need to think of all my options !! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  19. I hope to be arriving in Sydney in about 12 months on a skilled independant visa. By then I will have had 9 years full time secondary design and technology teaching experience. Can anyone tell me what kind of wage I can expect to start on as I know experience does count. Does it differ in state, catholic and independant schools and what are job prospects like? Hope someone can help.
  20. Hi all, My husband is a secondary science teacher and we have recently been over to Oz for a recce. We loved what we saw, especially Queensland, and are currently trying to digest all the info regarding immigration, visas etc. What we are wondering is how we would go about applying for private school jobs? We have heard that if we go down the state school route we could be put anywhere. We want to explore the private school option and applying for jobs that way. Does anyone know how we would go about this-will they even consider us with no visa yet, would a private school sponsor a science teacher to move over? So many questions! Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  21. Hi to any secondary school teachers out there! I am emigrating next year on a 175 visa and am hoping to secure a teaching job in the Peel region of Western Australia. How easy is it to get a job as an English immigrant? Also, can anyone give me an idea on how much I could expect to earn with 8 years teaching experience? Am I right in believing that the pay is better than in England? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  22. hi well my oh contract has arrived so i am looking at schools for a 13 yr old boy who is on the talented and gifted register for maths and science in his school here and has been since he was 5 he's just started yr 9 he has a march birthday probably would be a public school as not sure could finance a private school he is pretty good at languages too latin, german and french so would be looking at schools in areas surrounding West Sunshine tbh i am looking for a school that will challenge him i dont take notice of league tables as his previous school was in a poor neighbourhood with bad results but was classed as an ofsted outstanding the head and the teachers fantastic the school he was at beforethat was high on league tables but bullying and one upmanship was rife amongst both children and parents and had cliques was horrible but in both schools he did well so i know he will do well wherever he is have transport straight away as company are giving us their ute for 3 mths what yr would he be going into in oz ? also have 3 yr old starting nursery here on monday would he have a nursery place or would we pay going over on a sponsored 457 and company will then sponsor pr thank you in advance for any advice
  23. Hi friends! I am a permanant resident of Australia, as I hold GSM-Subclass 175 visa. I am in Australia at present. My dependant-husband and child is also along with me. My sister is a student in Australia and on a student visa. I would like to know if I can apply for my sister as my secondary dependant?? I searched for visa categories and found :REMAINING RELATIVE (ONSHORE) SUBCLASS 835. But, It has a clause: Remaining Relative Visa (Onshore) (Subclass 835) I am confused on this below mentioned point on eligibility: "You and your partner cannot have any other brothers, sisters, parents (or step equivalents), or non-dependent children other than those who are usually resident in Australia and are Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens". We are 3 siblings(Brother, sister who is a student in Oz now and myself) in family. At present, I wish to apply for my sister. My brother is well settled in UK. Please help me find a possible visa and clear my doubt?? Regards, Shilpa
  24. Hi All I arrived in Australia 18months ago, i was under my girlfriends visa as she is a nurse and had sponsorship. After a long hard process she went for Permanent Residency 856 visa and i was added as a secondary and it was granted. We have recently split up and i have no idea what my options are i.e do i have to leave or am i able to stay? My passport stamp for residency says 'Class BW Resident S' i think the 'S' is for secondary. It still has some 4 years to go on it but i have no idea if this still counts or what i should do. If you have been in a simular boat or know anything that could help that would be amazing. Thanks
  25. Guest

    Secondary Teachers _ Queensland

    Hi There any secondary school teachers out there from the Brisbane area? just looking for a bit of advice m