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Found 138 results

  1. My wife has completed 1 year ELICOS (Cert III & IV in ESL). We are planning to lodge 475 (offshore-relative sponsored visa). I went through the immi website about the requirements for the visa and found that for secondary applicant they need IELTS or "have completed at least one year of full time study in Australia towards a degree or diploma qualification with all instruction conducted in English". Does this sentence mean she doesn't need to sit for IELTS exam ?? Kindly waiting for the suggestion if anyone have got any idea......
  2. I'm emigrating with my daughter and my mum. Just lodged my 457 application. Obviously DD is a secondary applicant as my dependent cos she's 5! My mum is 64, lives with me in the UK (her house but I pay the mortgage and bills and household expenses as she can't afford it)...so she's effectively financially dependent on me. I've included her as a secondary applicant on my application in the hope that this will be approved. Anyone moved over with parents on a 457?? Thanks!
  3. Hey all, Apologies for yet ANOTHER teaching thread, and the twist here is that I am an Australian who is looking at getting into teaching. I am asking on this forum because it seems to be the most helpful that I have found (if anyone knows of other forums, please let me know). OK, on with my questions... I've spent the last close to ten years teaching English in Taiwan, and I am looking at returning to Australia and what I could do there. Teaching seems to be one avenue, which leads me to my questions. I understand that to be a secondary teacher you need a degree in the field you will teach, but my undergraduate degrees seem to be a bit vague or don't apply(BA in Modern Asian Studies and B of International Business). I am looking at doing a PGCE to become certified, but I doubt any of my previous degrees would make it possible to teach secondary classes? From the little I understand about secondary teaching, I think even with a PGCE I wouldn't be able to do it, so I was leaning towards primary school teaching. My other question is about the work hours. I have seen some horrible posts on other forums about how teaching in Australian schools involves so much extra work that it will burn up your soul and any free time you have. I obviously need someone to provide a balanced view. I realize this is hard to answer, but right now I've literally no idea and anything would help. I've done a fair bit of searching lately and realize that primary school teachers seem to be aplenty, but I don't mind going bush in order to get something permanent. Any info would be greatly appreciate. Thanks.
  4. Hi Everyone, Probably a silly question, but I couldn't find any info online or in the forum. Hope someone can shed some light. If a secondary applicant (or the relationship) is not approved by DIAC, will it effect me as the primary applicant? Can we get issued one, without the other? We don't mind waiting and her applying for a partner visa later, but to avoid paying two lots of the visa application charge, I would like to have her listed on my application. I'm going to be lodging my 885 application soon and will have my girlfriend as a secondary applicant. When we apply in November we will not have proof of a relationship for 12months (even though we have been together for longer). We will have: Registered relationship certificarte of NSW (4months) Join Bank accounts (6months) Join Utility Accounts (6months) Travel documents (10months) Stat Decs from friends and family (14months)
  5. Hoping someone can help, I am a qualified secondary PE teacher, however when I graduated there were no secondary jobs in the area so took a job as a Primary school PE teacher. I have worked there nearly 4 years now and I am in the process of completing my IELTS and getting skills assessment, documents collected together. I am hoping that I am able to apply for 175 visa as a secondary teacher. Since Primary teacher is not on the SOL. I have contacted AITSL and they advised me to apply for skills assessment as a secondary teacher as my degree was in secondary education. Which i have done. However I am hoping that I can claim the points for the specific employment section of the visa. I am hoping to claim either 10 points before 1st July or the 5 points if I apply after. Would my 4 years experience in primary education count towards this or as a closely related occupation?
  6. Just wondering if someone could clear up a query that I have. I am trying to find out whether we can claim 5 partner points for my wife's occupation. She is NVQ assessor in childcare and she also just completing her PGCE QTLS in Teaching (She'll have full teacher status in Feb). She mainly assesses and teaches 16 - 19 years olds (however there are some 14 year old students). She is a qualified A1 assessor and she is currently about to finish her Internal verifier qualification as well. I've looked at various occupation choices. I know now that despite her degree in Early Childhood Studies and working in the childcare sector she is unlikely to gain skills recognition for a childcare manager. I've checked and the most likely occupation is that of a Vocational Education teacher which is on schedule 2 of the SOL. Is it correct that to claim the 5 points that both occupations has to be on schedule 1 of the SOL or can we claim the points as long as the occupation is on the SOL? If not would her experience of teaching 16-19 year olds along with the degree and PGCE be enough to be assessed as a secondary school teacher which is on schedule 1? Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi, I like to know about inter state movement of my family in Australia. I am 176 VIC SS Visa applicant, my Brother-in-law lives in Canberra and I wanted to have my faimly in ACT with my b-in-law, is there any legal obligation for my faimly to move and live in a different state excluding me (primary applicant) until i have settled and get the job in my nominated state. Best. Nadeem
  8. Hi we are hoping to be in Toowoomba in August and have been looking online at several schools for our 14 year old son. any advice on schools in this area would be very much appreciated. thank you:cool:
  9. Hi, I hope somebody will be able to help on this one....We have been assigned a CO:jiggy::jiggy: but I have to get my IELTS(I,m the secondary applicant).:arghh:Does anyone know of any other way that I prove my competency in English?I just dont like the idea of another exam!!! Your valuable advice please:notworthy:
  10. Hi all, In desperate need of some wise words regarding returning to the UK on Bridging Visa B whilst my partner remains onshore. Here is an overview of our situation ... *My partner applied for RSMS 12th January with me as de facto partner *Unfortunately we couldn't lodge our application 'decision ready' as our police checks weren't back in time and we had to lodge by mid January for a waiver of the 6 month limitation of the working holiday visa to allow us both to continue working for same employers *RMA estimated 1 - 5 month processing as at that time the standard service for RSMS/ENS was 5 months (ETA) *On 15th May my employer (Education Queensland - I am a primary teacher in a remote indigenous school) sent a letter to DIAC asking when they would expect to process our application as they needed an estimate for staffing next term and we got a reply saying our case had been moved from Parramatta to Perth and we had a case officer and it would be 7 months!!! *On 1st July RSMS was given priority processing above ENS but standard service was changed from 5 months to 5 - 8 months! *On 4th July we moved from Working Holiday Visa to Bridging Visa A * Our RMA has advised us that our RSMS application could be rejected as my partners qualifications don't match exactly to the job. He has 4 years experience in a very similar position but it is all very uncertain. I am on a career break from my teaching position in the UK and need to recommence employment on 15th August or they will take this as my resignation!! So if the case officers estimate of 7 months is right it will be around the 12th August before our application is looked at :-( Teaching jobs in the area I live in the UK are impossible to get now due to budget cut backs so it would be very foolish for me to give up my position to be told our RSMS has been rejected. Our RMA agrees it is very high risk for us to cross our fingers and hope for the best! * At the moment it looks like I will be booking flights to the UK for the 13th August with the facility to change the date if we hear back before departure. I need to do this by Friday as Flightcentre are holding my flights til then. It is going to cost me a small fortune to fly to the UK and wait a few weeks to hear back from the case officer and our RMA has told me our visa won't be granted whilst I am in the UK as we have lodged on shore. I am hoping if it is a negative decision I won't be expected to fly back to Australia to be told our visa has been denied?! Sorry for the long story but just wanted to give the full story to see if anyone has been in a similar position or can offer any advice. So to clarify what I need help with; Has anyone been a secondary applicant and left on a Bridging Visa B whilst their partner remains on shore? Thanks to anyone who can help, so stressed!!!
  11. We are hoping to move to Mornington late August possibly.I am sure this has been discussed before and have been searching lots, but I have a 13yr old daughter and am looking for a State secondary school that is reasonable/not a particularly bad rep to send her to. Heard mixed reports about Mornington secondary to be honest, also wanted to know if anyone knew much about Dromana secondary school? I hear there is a state one in Frankston also that is much sought after. Any advice much appreciated. She would be currently heading towards 3rd year in September if staying here, not sure what grade/year she would fall into ver there, as I believe they start school a little later. Thanks in advance folks...:confused:
  12. Guest

    Secondary Schools

    Hello We are moving to Perth on the 8th August and we are looking around Carramar and Tapping.We would like to know what Secondary school you would go to from Carramar or Tapping Primary Schools. Thanks Mick & Claire:unsure:
  13. Hi, please could someone help me?!! I am a secondary UK PE teacher in my 6th year of teaching (female). How do I find vacancies in OZ, and does anyone know if PE is a shortage subject/or in demand? I am visiting Melbourne in April of next year (4 days flying visit!!), is it worth registering with a supply agency or dropping cv of at local schools?! Any advice, as we are looking at moving to Oz in the next 18 months. Also, I am looking to either move to Perth or Melbourne, what are the wages for teacher in either states please?? thank you :wacko:
  14. We are going to look round both of these schools for our children any feed back on both schools is most welcome.
  15. Guest

    Secondary Schools in Geelong

    We are due to move to Barwon Heads, near Geelong July 2012. Does anyone have advice on secondary schools in Geelong. Are the state schools good in Australia, as there seems to be a huge amount of fee paying schools and I was wondering why.:rolleyes:
  16. HI, I was wondering if anyone could help me....what are the job prospects for a secondary school teacher of religoius studies ? i do also teach History and PSHE. I also spk Japanese to a decent level and could possibly teach it.... I am wondering what sort of subjects i could teach and basically how much work there is for secondary school teachers?? Any help would be greatly welcome !! jo:biggrin:
  17. Hi there; I am about to apply for the 175 Migrant Visa as a Secondary teacher. In the application under previous Australian work experience it asks to list work experience that is closely related to nominated occupation. I worked for just over a year as a Primary School teacher in Oz..... do you think that would be considered as closely related? Thanks
  18. Hi, I am the secondary applicant, husband has been offered a job with a ENS 121, and I have recently learned that I may have to take the IELTS!!!!!!!!! How is it poss. to provide evidence that you were educated in English???? I have contacted my old school, no records... Also no teachers who remember me (was a while ago). I have asked my mum if she has my school qualifications....she will look but doesn't think so. I know I can have tem re sent at a cost of £40 but don't want to pay out anymore money.....paying enough!!!!!!! It is so frustrating. How did your secondary app. provide evidence of schooling?????Is it poss. to do a statutory declaration for this. Please help. sharon.xxx
  19. Hi can anyone give me some advice on secondary schools on the west side of melbourne around point cook area, is there an offsted report or a ranking system, like in the UK where you can compare their academic acheivments. i have two teenagers 1 - 14yrs 1 - 16 yrs thanks Andy
  20. From the DIAC website: You must provide one of the following: * your IELTS TRF Number to show you have a band score of at least four and a half (4.5) based on all four components. Important: If you are using an IELTS test to show functional English, it must be from a test sat no more than 12 months before making your application. * evidence that you have a degree, diploma or trade qualification requiring at least two years of full time study or training with all instruction conducted in English * evidence that you have completed at least one year of full time study in Australia towards a degree or diploma qualification with all instruction conducted in English * evidence that you have completed one of the following at an educational institution where all instruction was conducted in English: your primary education and at least three years of secondary education, or at least five years of secondary education. Now, my wife is a native Brit, and as such holds a British passport, which I believe 'counts as' IELTS level 6. Is this enough to satisfy the above requirement, or will she still need to sit an IELTS? What evidence could she use to prove her education was completed in English (it was)?
  21. My husband is struggling to find (decent) work where we live now and may (???) have the option of a job elsewhere! If my husband (who is currently the secondary holder on our 457) found a company that could sponsor him could he be transferred as the primary holder on our current one or we would we need to apply from scratch as it would be for a completely different job? The guidance states that 457 visa holders who want to change sponsors or nominated positions (within the validity of their current visa) will not be required to apply for a new Subclass 457 visa.....guessing that would only apply to main holder?
  22. Hi, My spouse and I are holders of a Skilled Recognized Graduate visa (Subclass 476). I was a primary applicant and my spouse is included in this visa as secondary applicant. My spouse satisfies all criteria for applying for a Skilled Permanent Residence Visa (Subclass 885) as a primary applicant and has all supporting documents for that. We plan to apply for this visa immediately upon arrival to Australia but I am not sure whether she is eligible or not to apply as a primary applicant onshore. In this respect I kindly request you to advise whether a secondary holder of Subclass 476 Visa is eligible to apply as primary applicant for Permanent Residency onshore as a primary applicant. Thanks
  23. Hi all, We are looking to rent/buy in or around the Joondalup, ocean reef, Quinns rocks area, basically anywhere north of Duncraig, no real preference. Where we eventually end up will be in a good secondary school catchment area, but would like some local knowledge to help us make plans. Can anyone please offer any advice on good state secondary schools around this area of Perth????? I really appreciate your help. Many thanks Steve & Laura
  24. Put simply, I am confused. I know a lot of the documentation we submit has to be certified in relation to the main applicant and their skills assessment. However does any of the documentation that we submit in respect of our relationship need to be certified, for example the statements of friends & family, copies of mortgage statements & bank accounts? We are already married so do not need to provide evidence of a de facto relationship, but we want to ensure we supply the correct documentation with the application so no delays occur. Thanks for any help you can provide Aileen
  25. Hi all, My friends are on bridging visa A, with 2 kids from 885 applications (previous international students). do they have to pay primary/secondary school fees in Victoria? do they get discounts on school fees ? do they have to buy private health insurance? much thanks. Goki