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Found 138 results

  1. Hello everyone Please can someone help me with my Skills Assessment applicaton to AITSL. I am a secondary teacher with 3 years experience, I completed my PGCE with a University alongside doing a SCITT with a teacher training organisation at the same time. It was a joint course where the university and the teacher training organisation worked together. I completed my PGCE which consisted of three modules each worth 20 credits and my supervised teaching practice (45 days plus) at a secondary school was completed through the SCITT. I am worried I will not be accepted by the AITSL as my 45 days + surpervised teaching practice was not completed wthin the PGCE but within the SCITT. After checking the AITLS website it says that they require a transcript from the University outlining my supervised teaching practice. I have this from the Teacher Training Organisation who ran my SCITT but not the University who provided the PGCE as they wont provide me with one. Has anyone had any experience of completing their skills assessment witihin the same circumstances or have any advice they can give me? Thanks
  2. Hi, before I spend $300 on seeing if my UK GTP teacher training is accepted to register with the Teachers registration Board which has a high possibility of being a negative outcome, has anyone got an update? When we moved to WA in 2011 the GTP wasn’t recognised so I couldn’t register as a teacher here even though I had QTS in the UK and years of service. I moved over into the TAFE sector but now looking at options to get back in to schools. Also if I have to do the AU grad dip which is now 2 years, has anyone gone through this and got any RPL credits? And I’ve also got a bucket full of AU cert iv/diplomas now too in VET education so maybe this might be taken in to consideration? I will contact the uni’s to see where I stand but would be good to hear from anyone in a similar position. I taught Home economics and Hospitality at secondary. Hope to hear from someone soon ? Thanks WA / SOR
  3. Hello My partner and I had our skilled permanent visa (189) granted in December 2016 and have been living & working in Aus since. I was the secondary applicant for this. If we were to break up, does anybody know if I need to inform the DIBP of the change in relationship status? And what if anything it would mean for my own Visa status?? Thanks
  4. Hello My partner and I had our skilled permanent visa (189) granted in December 2016 and have been living & working in Aus since. I was the secondary applicant for this. If we were to break up, does anybody know if I need to inform the DIBP of the change in relationship status? And what if anything it could mean for my own Visa status?? Thanks
  5. Phil23green

    AITSL Secondary School Teacher

    To those who by chance opened this post, your help is appreciated. I am a graduate of secondary education major in english and have succesfully obtained the necessary score for IELTS. My only question is about the qualification in AITSL where it says: i. ITE ii. Other higher education qualification I studied for four years, where ITE is included plus the supervised teaching but the "ii. Other higher..." confused me. Does this mean I have to get a masters degree? Your help will be needed for this journey I am taking. Thanks a lot.
  6. Buyer71

    Entering Australia mid Year 11

    Hi, My 16 year old daughter arrives in Melbourne in 2 months time after completing her 10 exams GCSE's in the UK and will enter into the middle of year 11 at our local school. Looking at the Victorian education board website it appears to be that she will only need to pass half her GCSE to be considered having reached the equivalent of full year 11 results. Does anyone know how the comparison assessment would link into ATAR scores as my daughter would like to study Physio therapy and this would require good ATAR scoring. In addition she will have GCSE Spanish and I understand that language skills are beneficial to ATAR scoring. The alternative option is for her to go into year 10 and start the VCE in Jan 2018, however she is fairly mature for a 16 year old and has outgrown a number of our present school peers which means I feel that would almost be worse for her adjusting socially.
  7. We have a 189 visa & are looking to move to Melbourne in August. We've had little success in finding jobs from the UK (well, we can find them, we just can’t get them!) so we’re now thinking we should come over & go contracting until something permanent comes up. This leaves quite a lot of scope on where to live but after a lot of research, we think we've narrowed it down to south-east Melbourne; Sandringham & around. Our lines of work mean that there are likely to be more jobs in the CBD & on the east side of Melbourne & we really fancy living somewhere close to the sea but without a long commute. We've not been to this area before but it looks good on paper. We have 2 kids; if our school year calculations are correct the eldest should be due to start secondary/high school in late Jan. The move (to Oz and from primary to secondary school) is a big upheaval & we feel under pressure to get the suburb & school right first time – we don’t want to have to move again shortly after arriving. We don’t have the luxury of being able to afford private school but neither do we want to end up living in an area we don’t like purely because there is a good state school there. So, in terms of specific questions: How have others solved this suburb/school quandary – which do you choose first? Any tips or lessons learned would be appreciated Does being 12 in December 2014 mean that you go into secondary school year 7 at the end of Jan 2015? (I’m struggling somewhat in mapping UK school years onto Australian ones) Any views on the state secondary schools in Sandringham & surrounding area for academically-inclined children? I’m thinking specifically of Sandringham, Brighton, Cheltenham & Bentleigh Secondary Colleges and Glen Eira. I've heard that most government primary schools are good - is it the case? Any specific recommendations? For zoned schools, I've heard that if you live in the zone then they legally have to give you a place – is this right for both primary & secondary schools? Any wildcard suburbs we should be looking at? Ones that we've not picked up on yet but would fit the bill? Thank you so much!
  8. Hi, I'm a secondary school teacher looking to move to Oz at the end of April (start of second term) this year. I have not yet decided where out of Perth/Brisbane, as I want to know where it's more likely I'll find work (permanent or casual). I have tried contacting teaching agencies, but the outlook is not good. I also have other experience in retail and admin that I am happy to do. I heard the economy is good in Perth, with lots of work available? Please help me decide! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  9. Ruth1972

    Secondary schools for Mentone

    Hi Howe are hoping to move to Melbourne and I have been trying to research ares based on decent state / public high schools. Berwick seems to be my favourite so far, so any opinions on that will be greatly received. PI have also been looking closer to the coast and Mentone sounds nice but as I have daughter (10) and a son (7) I seem to be struggling to find a mixed state school. Does anyone know of one accessible to those living in Mentone? Thanks
  10. I am looking to apply for my PR by putting in an EOI for the Skilled Independent 189 visa. I am currently in Australia on a student visa but my spouse is in Pakistan. Can I apply for the 189 visa as the primary applicant in Australia and the secondary applicant is in Pakistan? I am aware that in the previous visa 885, the location of your spouse was required to be in Australia at the time of the application. Is this still the case here?
  11. andyglendenning

    Visa eligibility confusion- teaching

    Hi everyone, I was hoping that with the wealth of experience and knowledge of all the members on this forum, I might be able to clear up some of my confusion. My partner and I attended the Down Under Live expo in Glasgow recently in the hopes that it would answer all of our questions. Although it did provide us with a lot of information, it through up a lot more questions which I couldn't get answered. A little about me; I am 34 and currently studying on a PGCE course in secondary education in Design Technology and will qualify in June. Previous to this I studied a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course at uni for a year in D&T due to my 3 year Bachelors degree being in History, so needed to gain the relevant experience in D&T before teaching it. I spent nearly 2 years in Oz on a WHV back in 2006. Some of the questions that I hoped to have answers for are; 1) if granted a PR visa (such as 190 or 489), can I work in any other type of employment whilst looking for teaching positions (due to the lack of teaching positions from what I hear). If so are there any time restrictions? 2) Who decides if the type of PGCE that I am studying is accepted? Also, will there be any issues of my degree being in a different subject to my PGCE? (by the end of the course I will have spent 5 years at uni) 3) Am I required to do the academic IELTS due to going into teaching? If so anyone have any experience with them? Obviously I hope to get 8's across the board for the extra points! 4) Is it possible to register with multiply teaching agencies in more than one state at a time (to have the option to teach in any state where I can find work) 5) Finally (for now!), what is the situation with NQT and teaching in OZ? is it required? Do I need teaching experience in the UK before I can submit the EOI? sorry for the long message and thanks in advance! Andy
  12. Hi I'm 15 years old and doing GCSE's in Maths,English,Chemistry,Biology,Physics,History,Geography,Photography,RE and Food Technology at my school. I'm quite academic at school and hope to go to university. My Family are very keen on leaving the uk and moving to Adelaide . I could be out there in weeks or months as people in Australia really want my stepdad to work for them and are keen to get him as soon as possible although I have the option to stay . My ambitions in life are to go and live in America but to do that I need good qualifications (dont know what career I want to take yet so have left it quite open).My questions are ....What's the education like there.is it good ? Is it better to stay in the uk? Are kids in Australia nice around my age? Would I suffer from the move as I have already done a quarter of my exams ? Thanks
  13. I have a 457 visa, and my eldest daughter wants to come a visit for a while from UK. She is 20 years old, single and had a baby. What will be a suitable visa to apply?
  14. Hello all I have just completed a PGCE in ICT Secondary Teaching. I want to apply for PR as a Skilled Migrant as a Secondary School teacher. Under the previous (before 1st July 2012) system I believe you had to have 1 year experience before you could apply. I have now got a job (starting in September) so I was going to wait until I had the required experience before I applied. However, looking at the new system (post 1st July) it does not seem to say anywhere that you need this experience. My occupation is on the SOL1 list and I have the required points to make an EOI. Could I apply after 1st July 2012? Do I need to get all my checks and skill assessments done before I make an EOI? Is it better to apply for a state sponsored visa, if so, how do I go about getting state sponsorship? Thanks in advance to all you kind kind people :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::smile::smile::smile: Phil
  15. Hello I need some advice please! Am really keen to leave London and see somewhere else. I am a mid-30's, qualified modern languages teacher (French, Spanish and Japanese). How employable am I over there? Would I find a job easily? Met a guy on a train and he said they're crying out for teachers in Brisbane, and a teacher from Sydney who has recently joined my school says Sydney would be easy too. Is it that simple? I need as much advice as poss before I take the plunge!! Thanks, Sarah itchy-feet
  16. the_whites

    Mount Eliza Secondary College

    We are heading to Melbourne in December to the Mornington/Mount Eliza area and have looked at a couple of school websites. Our daughter is 15 in January so unsure on the Year she will start in (currently in Year 10 in UK). We are going to do a tour of Mount Eliza Secondary College. Does anyone have any children at this school or have any information they can share? Thanks
  17. Hi, I've been looking at Pittwater House and St Luke's in Northern Beaches as possible options for our potential move to NSW next summer and just wondered if anyone had any knowledge or information beyond the usual website stuff. My boys will be in Year 7 and Year 11. Thanks x
  18. Hello PIO's, As the subject says; I am in need to some clarification regarding our 856 ENS application. My husband's company lawyer had lodged his application in August with me as the non-migrating partner. I returned back to OZ on a Tourist Visa and the lawyer had my husband sign a letter advising DIAC that he would now like for me to be added onto the application. I am not sure what else the lawyer would have sent with this letter to advise DIAC to add me on. We have asked the lawyer to clear the doubts but its been extremely frustrating for us to get anything out from him as he's not helpful at all. That is why I need assistance with the following; 1. Should'nt I be on a Bridging Visa already? I am concern as I do not want t be unlawful should I still remain assuming my Bridging Visa has kicked in when my Tourist Visa expires. I am also afraid to contact DIAC to enquire incase I alert them to the fact I am applying for PR whilst on a TV. 2. Would'nt DIAC send some sort of an acknowledgement to advise that they will add me onto the application? Many thanks in advance for any assistance provided with clearing my doubts. SW :hug:
  19. Hi our daughter is 14 so will be starting Year 9 in February. We are emigrating on a 475 and want to live in Mandurah or nearby. Can anyone recommended a good high school in the area?
  20. Guest

    IELTS for Secondary Applicants

    How many marks need for Secondary applicants for Each band? ketthy
  21. Guest

    IELTS for Secondary Applicants

    Hi, Australia Migration- Under 176 I lodged my visa application under 176 and processing is now going on under previous migration rules. So how many IELTS marks need for Secondary applicants? Someone said each band needs to get 4.5 or Overall average marks 4.5? Please clarify. Thanks. Donald. :biglaugh:
  22. I'm emigrating with my daughter and my mum. Just lodged my 457 application. Obviously DD is a secondary applicant as my dependent cos she's 5! My mum is 64, lives with me in the UK (her house but I pay the mortgage and bills and household expenses as she can't afford it)...so she's effectively financially dependent on me. I've included her as a secondary applicant on my application in the hope that this will be approved. Anyone moved over with parents on a 457?? Thanks!
  23. Hey all, Apologies for yet ANOTHER teaching thread, and the twist here is that I am an Australian who is looking at getting into teaching. I am asking on this forum because it seems to be the most helpful that I have found (if anyone knows of other forums, please let me know). OK, on with my questions... I've spent the last close to ten years teaching English in Taiwan, and I am looking at returning to Australia and what I could do there. Teaching seems to be one avenue, which leads me to my questions. I understand that to be a secondary teacher you need a degree in the field you will teach, but my undergraduate degrees seem to be a bit vague or don't apply(BA in Modern Asian Studies and B of International Business). I am looking at doing a PGCE to become certified, but I doubt any of my previous degrees would make it possible to teach secondary classes? From the little I understand about secondary teaching, I think even with a PGCE I wouldn't be able to do it, so I was leaning towards primary school teaching. My other question is about the work hours. I have seen some horrible posts on other forums about how teaching in Australian schools involves so much extra work that it will burn up your soul and any free time you have. I obviously need someone to provide a balanced view. I realize this is hard to answer, but right now I've literally no idea and anything would help. I've done a fair bit of searching lately and realize that primary school teachers seem to be aplenty, but I don't mind going bush in order to get something permanent. Any info would be greatly appreciate. Thanks.
  24. Hi Everyone, Probably a silly question, but I couldn't find any info online or in the forum. Hope someone can shed some light. If a secondary applicant (or the relationship) is not approved by DIAC, will it effect me as the primary applicant? Can we get issued one, without the other? We don't mind waiting and her applying for a partner visa later, but to avoid paying two lots of the visa application charge, I would like to have her listed on my application. I'm going to be lodging my 885 application soon and will have my girlfriend as a secondary applicant. When we apply in November we will not have proof of a relationship for 12months (even though we have been together for longer). We will have: Registered relationship certificarte of NSW (4months) Join Bank accounts (6months) Join Utility Accounts (6months) Travel documents (10months) Stat Decs from friends and family (14months)
  25. Just wondering if someone could clear up a query that I have. I am trying to find out whether we can claim 5 partner points for my wife's occupation. She is NVQ assessor in childcare and she also just completing her PGCE QTLS in Teaching (She'll have full teacher status in Feb). She mainly assesses and teaches 16 - 19 years olds (however there are some 14 year old students). She is a qualified A1 assessor and she is currently about to finish her Internal verifier qualification as well. I've looked at various occupation choices. I know now that despite her degree in Early Childhood Studies and working in the childcare sector she is unlikely to gain skills recognition for a childcare manager. I've checked and the most likely occupation is that of a Vocational Education teacher which is on schedule 2 of the SOL. Is it correct that to claim the 5 points that both occupations has to be on schedule 1 of the SOL or can we claim the points as long as the occupation is on the SOL? If not would her experience of teaching 16-19 year olds along with the degree and PGCE be enough to be assessed as a secondary school teacher which is on schedule 1? Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.