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Found 705 results

  1. Hi, We may be moving back to Perth, and so may a few of our friends... All Nor. We all have kids of different ages, so will be looking at different schools and living in different areas. So, from experience or ward of mouth what are 'the good schools' and what are known as 'bad' schools? In all areas Nor of the river? Thanks
  2. Guest

    Recommended schools

    I'm looking for recommendations for government senior high schools in the baldivis area. I also wondered if there is transport to and from school, e.g school bus, if you live in the catchment area? Ideally, my kids would love to be able to walk to school. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. Guest


    Hi looking for some advice...moving to Oz on 24th Oct..have two daughters, 10 years old and 12 year old. I am looking for anyone who knows of any good schools in the redcliffe/north lakes areas...or any schools in the surrounding areas...thanks, Dennise:wubclub:
  4. We are moving from the Uk to Canberra in December and I have loads of panic induced questions for anyone willing to help. We will be on a 457 visa. 1/ I know we have to pay for schools. Our son is 4.5 yrs so we will need to get him into a school. I understand is 9K for a government school. If we wanted to go provate do we JUST pay the private fees or the provate fees in ADDITION to the govn costs. I cannot find this info anywhere!! any advice on good schools would be great. He is on a gifted scheme for those good at maths here in the UK so we would want to look at good schools for him. 2/We would probably have to go into temp accomodation when we arrive but Im terrified of the rental situation there. Given we are arriving mid December, will this cause big problems for us to find a good rental quickly? We cant afford to stay in temporary accomodation for too long - but any advice on this would be gratefully received. I just have visions of a scrum type situation. We would be looking at getting a 4 bed house in a decent area. 3/ Which areas are good for 1/ schools and 2/ transport links to the City. My husband does not want a more than 20 min commute. Is it worth doing a reccie visit in November to visit schools and areas? This is an extra cost for us but #Im wondering if we would achieve lots during this week (as we would leave kids here in the UK) while we visit schools etc. Any advice would be great!!! Angela
  5. Hi, High schools question this time. Has anyone got any experience of either of these high schools. Any info welcome Many thanks
  6. Hi there We currently live in Tas but are planning a move to Queensland and are very interested in Petrie. I love the look of kurwongbah school but can't seem to find out if there is a catchment area? Would prefer to live in Petrie so oh can walk to train station. Also interested in Petrie school but not sure if it's a good school. Myschool doesn't seem to have very good results for schools in qld but I know results are not everything and would rather decide based on personal experience. Thanks for any info you can give me! Kind regards
  7. Guest

    Catholic schools

    I would like to apply for my child to go to the local Catholic primary but we are non Catholics (actually I am agnostic) for reasons that I think it a good school,agree with the fundamental principals of the wellbeing policies and being a small school can be good for my boy. IF we do get in do you think it a good idea? Would he have to attend Mass etc. and if he didn't would he be singled out by the other kids? Could it cause confusion for him? Have any other Non christians had any experience of Catholic schools?
  8. Guest

    Primary schools in Adelaide

    I'm going to do a reccie in Adelaide later on this year, to look at areas to live around Blackwood/Flagstaff but also at primary schools for my daughter (aged 5, will be coming up 6 by the time we move). I'd appreciate some advice from locals about the best primary schools in this area. Daughter is rather advanced academically so would prefer a flexible school which would be able to cater for this. Preferably non-private as I can't afford this at the mo! Thanks :-)
  9. Can anyone recommend any high schools around the Secret harbour or Mandurah area? I only know of Comet bay!
  10. Hi there, My family and I are moving to northern Brisbane on Wednesday (woop!) and I've been looking into school options for my soon-to-be 5 year old. She will be starting Prep in January. Having got my head around the Ozzie schooling system and got to grips with myschool website, I'm still a bit confused about the core differences between state and Catholic schools. Obviously, Catholic schools offer a religious education, but is this the only difference? I can't seem to see a real difference in performance of the kids? Maybe the difference is more obvious from Yr 7 upwards? I'd be really grateful if anyone can point out the benefits of Catholic school above state schools, as if there is a real benefit, we would be happy to pay the smallish fees for our little one? We are Christians, but not Catholics, so would ideally like a form of religious education for her, but not necessarily a strict Catholic one? Very confused, as I feel as if I'm missing something obvious! :twitcy:
  11. Hi, We got the 457 Visa and will be moving to Brisbane by end of September. My kids are 5 years and 7 years old. Is it possible to enroll 4th term in Brisbane private/public school. And please tell me some good schools in brisbane. Regards Paul.
  12. Perthbum

    Schools private or state.

    I do not understand why people have to sent their kids to private schools in Oz, what I have seen and heard of state schools they do a good job in turning out well adjusted good kids, why do so many Pom's choice private, I am just interested and I have no kids.
  13. derham

    Good schools in Perth WA

    Hi Can anyone advise on the best schools (state or private) in the Perth area, we are hoping to be in Perth at the start of next year. Regards
  14. TheTillins

    lota and birkdale state schools

    Looks like we may end up living in Lota. Has anybody got any thoughts on what Birkdale State School and Lota State School are like? These are the nearest two recognising that we can't get into Manly.
  15. Guest

    Canberra Schools

    Dear Canberrans We are seeking your advice as to the relative merits (or otherwise) of the following schools; St Clares Merici Canberra Girls Grammar Any input/knowledge re St Peters and St Pauls would also be great. We have 2 girls -the eldest entering YR 8 the youngest YR 5 as of Feb 2012. Our hope is to rent initially in the Inner South / Garran / Weston areas . Obviously we have looked at league tables but any local knowledge would be invaluable and a lot more useful. We are planning on a Jan 2012 move . Thanks in advance PS Quoll your advice would I am sure prove especially helpful.
  16. Guest

    Schools in NSW ???????

    We have thinking about moving to NSW. We have two children age 6 & 4. We are very confused as to whether we have to pay for education? Any help would be grateful.
  17. Well we're finally here in Sunny Darwin. :jiggy: After packing up two houses, selling our house in liverpool (or trying to) and shipping all our worldly goods including the car to Darwin i can safely say i'm done with moving! I'm originally from Liverpool and Married to a fellow Scouser. We have two Children - Ethan aged 7 and Chloe aged 4. Over the past 12 Years we have lived in various African Countries due to my husbands job, most recently Tanzania in East Africa where we spent the last 5 years which we thouroughly loved........... well apart from the daily 12 hour power cuts, water shortages and fuel shortages. Ha ha! In November last year, we decided that whilst we loved Africa, we didn't want to spend another 10 years in a developing country while the children were at an age were education was not the best, and my husbands job would only ever offer African countries. We therefore decided to explore other options such as Canada and Australia and thankfully a job offer came up in Darwin which we obviously decided to go for. We then had to pack up our rented house in Tanzania and have it shipped to the UK where we could consolidate all our goods as we would then have to pack up our house in Liverpool and send altogether to Darwin (which we are hoping to receive soon) We then said goodbye to some good friends who were also moving on to new pastures around the world and took the kids out of their school and finally left for the UK before Easter. Once we arrived back in Liverpool we then had our house to sell and pack up. We knew that we wouldn't be going out to Darwin till End July so i decided to put the kids into a local school which they settled into really quickly and seemed to love. My husband then travelled to Australia for 12 weeks to start his job as well as sort a house for us etc. while i sorted things back in Liverpool. He then returned for a week to pick us all up and finally get out to Australia. We finally said our goodbye's to family and friends who were so supportive through this whole process but sad to see us go again. We finally arrived in Darwin about 10 days ago and so far things are looking good although i'm sure there will be ups and downs. I have managed to work my way around town and elsewhere in a hire car and it seems relatively easy to find places as it's well sign posted (unlike Tanzania with bad roads and roads with no names) :wacko: The kids are enjoying all the lovely parks which are so clean and tidy and generally well looked after. The kids will be starting school in the next week or two which will give us the opportunity to meet new people as we've not really met anybody yet although we've not been here long. So if there are any people out there living in Darwin or are new to Darwin who have kids let me know as i'd love to find out more about darwin life and meet new people..... plus the kids are driving me mad. Ha Ha! Love em really! :chatterbox: The weather here is gorgeous and very similar to Tanzania as they too have a dry season and wet season which gets particularly hot and humid towards the end of the year with lots of tropical storms etc so hopefully it shouldn't be too much of a shock to us but you never know. I had a look at the poms in oz website on numerous occasions while we were waiting for visa's etc and read some interesteing and funny threads keeping me motivated through the what seemed like a long wait. Now we are here i've finally got my backside into gear to join. Woohoo! Anyway looking forward to starting our new adventure down under and enjoying life. shell
  18. chiara

    boarding schools

    Hi Is anyone considering boarding school for their kids and if so, any feedback on schools and fees etc? Thanks
  19. My daughter is going to school next year in berwick , Im not sure how good is the state schools and which ones to go to .Or should I go private and why?
  20. Hi everyone, we are moving to the Redcliffe area and have a 15 year old daughter who is looking at Clontarf Beach and Redcliffe High schools...... does anyone out there have children who go to either of these schools? does anyone know anything about them.... any info would be great... I just keep looking an thinking..... they look nice and suny to me!! not really helpful I know but hey :err:. Thanks Kelly
  21. Guest

    Performing Arts Schools

    Hi Can anyone offer any recomendations on schools that specialise in performing arts / drama / music in the perth area. My daughter is 14 yrs old. Would be grateful for any help.
  22. Ciaraj

    Advice on schools.

    Hi Just wanting advice on schools in north lakes as my 4 year old is starting prep in Jan. Thanks
  23. Guest

    Schools in Cleveland

    Hi... We're looking at being in Brisbane around about November 2011, and looking at a number of areas around Brisbane (Wynnum, Manly, Ormiston, Cleveland). We have 2 boys (age 5 and 6), and I was wondering if anyone is currently in the Cleveland area and can recommend schools for their age ???? Also, a side thread really - but what are your experiences of Cleveland ?? Good place to live, place to avoid ?? Many thanks for any feedback, which will be most welcome.... Mark
  24. Guest

    Manly primary schools? Help

    Can anyone advise what is considered the best primary school in Manly regardless of religion, state or private and advise why you recommend it? Trying to find a good primary school on the northern beaches near Manly ??? help thanks
  25. Guest


    hi im katy and im 10 11 in october im moving to brisbaen in october 2011 if you know any good schools please let me know and please tell me if u like the school and if u have lots of friend and if u have setelled in fast thnks :wink::biggrin::jiggy: