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Found 705 results

  1. Guest

    Private and State schools

    Hi Guys, we will be moving to Brisbane, Redlands area, as a family around January time, just in time for the New school year. We are in the process of looking for a school to send our 2 daughters aged (on time of arrival) 9 and 6. We are looking to live in the Cleveland/Wellington point areas, and were just wondering if any of you can recommend schools around there. We have had contact with St Mary MacKillop Primary School, but were just interested in any others that might be suitable. Cheers
  2. Guest

    drama schools

    I'd really like to know if there are any good drama or theatre schools in or around Melbourne, Brisbane, Hervey Bay or even Auckland
  3. Hello, My family and I migrated with my work to Melbourne 4 years ago, but we feel like a change and so will be moving to Perth at the end of the year. We have secured a rental in Woodvale (Northern coastal suburbs), but think would like to eventually buy in Duncraig or Marmion in a year or so. I have been looking at the MySchool website and the local school websites, but wondered if anyone has children at any of the Catholic schools in the area. My children attend a Catholic school in Melbourne and we are pleased with the level of education, so would like to continue with that kind of schooling. I have emailed a couple of schools, but they don't seem to answer.:cry: Does anyone know about the reputation of the following Catholic primary schools? St Lukes - Woodvale Liwara - Greenwood Whitfords Catholic- Hillarys Our Lady of Grace - North Beach St Lukes will be the closest, but as we will be moving when we buy, I would rather have a longer journey to drop them off to school initially and at least they (hopefully) won't need to change schools again. Thanks in advance for your help.:smile: Mairi
  4. Guest

    Finding schools and a new home

    Help, my head is spinning LOL. :wacko: Those of you that have moved school age kids what order did you go about finding a school and a new home when you arrived? My kids are about to turn 9, 7 and 5. I really want to avoid having to move school more than once. This is the one bit of the move that really freaks me out! My youngest is about to go in to year 1 here and her birthday is jan 7. We've been led to believe we may be able to put her up a year rather than repeat the first year of school, it this likely?
  5. cartertucker

    Schools ~ Where do I start??

    I am so confused where to start looking at schools? :confused: We havent yet decided on an area to settle & are thinking that a good school should factor in this, but how to know? Please offer me any advice :wubclub: (We are moving to WA ~ NOR)
  6. Hi our daughter is 14 so will be starting Year 9 in February. We are emigrating on a 475 and want to live in Mandurah or nearby. Can anyone recommended a good high school in the area?
  7. Fruitysunshine

    Private Schools in Perth

    Hi there I am looking for some advice/tips on how to get my daughters into an all girls independent school in the Perth area. Has anyone else managed to get their children into private school at short notice? The schools I have contacted seem to have 2-3 year waiting lists with no prospect of a place! We are aiming to be out there in January. Many thanks.
  8. Hi, we are moving to OZ this november. We r a family with 4 children, (13,11,9,3)permanent residents visa subclass 176. Looking for public schools in the area. We are trying to :unsure:decide between 1) staying in Gold Coast, that is the suburbs north of Coolongatta airport, like Robina, Varsity Lakes, Merrimac or Pacific Pines. OR 2) heading south of the airport, cross the state border and staying in Tweed heads NSW. Factors affecting our choice are the following - our 3rd son is dyslexic, and requires help reading. We would ideally like a school with good support for slow readers. - our youngest daughter will be 4 in early July. This means if we r in NSW, she gets to goto preschool in Jan2012, but in Queensland, she will start Prep in Jan 2014. The Big difference there is making us lean towards NSW of course. - We have lived in the city all our lives in Malaysia, and I wonder if Tweed heads area has all the perks like there are in the other Gold Coast suburbs : like movie theatres, malls, and parks. - Are halal meat stores easy to come by in Tweed heads? I know they are in abundance in Surfers paradise and surrounding areas. - a lower cost of living would obviously be the more desired option, but not at the expense of being too far away from amenities that we are used to. - will we feel far away from everything if we decide to stay in Tweed heads NSW, seeing that the capital city (sydney) is so far away, or do you think we will be travelling into Queesnalnd for most of our shopping and entertainment? - which is better, the NSW school system or the Queesnalnd one? Obviously we have been to Surfers Paradise and not been south of Coolonggata airport. It's amazing just how daunting it can be to pick a place to live, when you have nothing actually pulling you to a particular city / place! Whetever it is, we need to visit some schools in both places. Any suggestions for good schools? thanks.
  9. I know we've probably been here once or twice.... I'm looking for High Schools with music programmes for my 13 year old, (aside from Churchlands) also is it worth establishing interest from this side of the pond? (as in audition, I know otherwise it's catchment only) we'll be arriving January 2012. Thanks guys Sarah
  10. Well we're finally here in Sunny Darwin. :jiggy: After packing up two houses, selling our house in liverpool (or trying to) and shipping all our worldly goods including the car to Darwin i can safely say i'm done with moving! I'm originally from Liverpool and Married to a fellow Scouser. We have two Children - Ethan aged 7 and Chloe aged 4. Over the past 12 Years we have lived in various African Countries due to my husbands job, most recently Tanzania in East Africa where we spent the last 5 years which we thouroughly loved........... well apart from the daily 12 hour power cuts, water shortages and fuel shortages. Ha ha! We finally arrived in Darwin about 10 days ago and so far things are looking good although i'm sure there will be ups and downs. I have managed to work my way around town and elsewhere in a hire car and it seems relatively easy to find places as it's well sign posted (unlike Tanzania with bad roads and roads with no names) :wacko: The kids are enjoying all the lovely parks which are so clean and tidy and generally well looked after. The kids will be starting school in the next week or two which will give us the opportunity to meet new people as we've not really met anybody yet although we've not been here long. So if there are any people out there living in Darwin or are new to Darwin who have kids let me know as i'd love to find out more about darwin life and meet new people..... plus the kids are driving me mad. Ha Ha! Love em really! :chatterbox: The weather here is gorgeous and very similar to Tanzania as they too have a dry season and wet season which gets particularly hot and humid towards the end of the year with lots of tropical storms etc so hopefully it shouldn't be too much of a shock to us but you never know. I had a look at the poms in oz website on numerous occasions while we were waiting for visa's etc and read some interesteing and funny threads keeping me motivated through the what seemed like a long wait. Now we are here i've finally got my backside into gear to join. Woohoo! Anyway looking forward to starting our new adventure down under and enjoying life and meeting some Poms in Oz people:yes: shell
  11. Hello there!!! This is only my second time of posting however I'd like to ask for some advice. My question is Melbourne specific but I guess the approach is common for any relocation. Its looking extremely likely that we will be relocating to Melbourne in December. We will not know 100% where we will ultimately want to settle until we arrive however based upon the research we have done we are most keen at the moment to relocate to Mordialloc, Aspendale and Chelsea (or possibly Seaford). The advise I am seeking really relates to the process of relocation. We don't know the area for sure where we want to end up however importantly we want to try and avoid our youngest daughter (10 years old) changing schools as we try and settle on an area/ accommodation. Can anyone provide any advice as to the process they went through in a similar situation and what works/ what doesnt work when trying to find a school and somewhere to live. In case it helps, we will likely be in hotels initially, then temporary accommodation (for 2-3 months) then a longer term let. Furthermore does anyone know what the schools are like in the areas I listed above and whether the areas listed are ok. Also, if anyone has general guidance as to the process to go through getting our daughter registered with a school (as we arrive mid December), that would be tremendously helpful. All this confusion is hurting my head! Thanks in anticipation.
  12. Hi there, I'd like any advice about peoples experience of Brisbane State Primary Schools. I am really concerned that in general queensland schools have extremely poor grades compared to interstate schools, and qld is generally considered one of the worst states educationally. This may be partly to do with the children starting school somewhat older than in the other states. In any case, I am wondering if we need to look at private schooling throughout to ensure our kids have a good education. (I went to state schools for my entire education prior to uni in nz so this seems unusual to me). Everybody we know in australia though has elected to do this. I was there recently looking at a (private) school and the young 9 year old who was showing me around told me her parents had moved her out of her state school because they were only "singing" their times tables in Grade 4 (I think that was the Grade). The school she was attending in considered a "really good state school" in a good area. My question is, do the private primary schools teach more advanced curriculum, more in line with other states etc? It seems like a lot of money but we can do it if that is what is required for a good education. I definitely dont want them to fall behind and have a poor education. (Also - is IB only for high schools? I dont know much about that) Thanks for any help in advance.
  13. This is a fairly specific question - so I may be whistling. My two eldest boys have reading difficulties and are probably dyslexic. They are both very bright, and have managed to maintain their results just below the national average despite the difficulties they have. If we moved back to Perth, we would probably go for private education. Does anyone know if they will get good support levels at private schools? and whether the support they get would be better than they would get at state schools.
  14. Hi - we are looking to move to Melbourne at the start of 2012 and are looking to move into east Melbourne somewhere - suggested places include Toorak, Armadale, Malvern, Brighton, east Malvern, Glen Iris and Hawthorn. None of these places mean much to us (at the moment!) but we are looking for an area that has a good Catholic school for the kids (primary and boys/girls) and you can walk to the shops/cafes etc. rather than having to jump in the car. The other key thing for is an easy to commute to work in town and good family houses. No doubt a number of people have been in this situation before so would appreciate nay thoughts. Also how do you go about getting your children into a school when you don't currently live in a catchment area? Many thanks, MVB
  15. Hi All, We am very close to submitting the WA SS form and they need 3 areas for us to choose. We have looked on job sites but finding it hard to work out what the best areas are for a Joiner and a recruitment consultant. :wacko: We have 3 boys (13,15,17) so schools are also important. Does anyone have any experience they could share with us? :notworthy: Any help would be greatly received. Thanks
  16. Hi every one We are looking forward to our move to Melbourne from Scotland. The only one worry I have is my child who is currently 5 years old and has significant delay in speech and social interaction. He well otherwise and is not any trouble to the school . He currently attends school here in a learning centre and has support from other team members. Are there are schools in Melbourne which cater to his needs. I dont expect it to be free and I am more than willing to pay for it if the services are good. I have heard that the support in the state school is no where near what we would get here but I get mixed opinions about the private and specialist schools. I am looking at Mooroolbark are to work if that is of any help. Please help.
  17. Hi I really need some guidance!! :biglaugh::wacko::wacko: Im trying to research north east Adelaide areas to live (we should be there before xmas) but mainly high schools! any information on Golden grove high school? would be great?! I love the sound of the area (my OHs favorite!) and its VERY! close to my OHs work but Ive heard a few bad stories about the school (a stabbing in 2009?) I want to know if this was a isolated incident? or is the school a no no? I would prefer the blunt truth rather than not know plz help! Id love to Move to Athelstone ideally but want to have a bigger area to find a rental before we leave but this doesnt help with school zoning etc as I was also looking at charles campbell high and banksia park international has anyone any preferences? all positive things about the last 2 so far but can anyone disagree with that? thank you wispa x
  18. I am trying to find private schools in the suburbs which aren't religious and am finding it difficult. Does anyone know of any?
  19. Been looking for a school in Port Kennedy, Mandurah, Sec Hbr area but cannot find much on here. I have seen some threads to say that Port Kennedy Primary is not that great but can anybody else give their opinion on the other schools? We are hoping to fly out this Nov so want to narrow down the school. Our little one is 7 and elder boy is 14 so need primary and secondary schools! Thanks peeps x
  20. The Smith Family

    Schools in Brisbane and North Lakes

    When we visited Australia last year, we drove around North Lakes and the schools, can someone confirm that depending on what side of North Lakes you live depends which school they can go to as there are 2 state schools and 1 private there from what I saw. Does it work the same all over Oz as here where it is in catchment areas as we are looking at areas we want to go to but also want to look into the schools that are nearby. I guess with private schools like here, you do not need to be in the catchment area at all. We are still unsure exactly where to go, although we like North Lakes, any advice on nice family areas with good amenities for 6 and 7 year olds and a social network for us adults North, South, East or West of Brisbane would be great please. Also, any advice of what the schools are like in North Lakes or other areas would be great, our boys are 6 and 7 at the moment and love their sport but I guess all schools in Oz are into their sport!!
  21. Hi all, We are in the process of buying our first WA home and will need to break lease on our current rental. If anyone is interested, it is a 4 bed, 2 bath with a pool and is SOR. We're 15 mins from the city and in an excellent school catchment area. If anyone is interested, please let me know and I can forward the details and photos for you to look at. Janette :smile:
  22. I wasn't entirely sure where to put this but as we're looking at WA i though this would be the best place. Is swimming taught on the school curriculum as standard? Where we are in the UK currently it largely depends on if the school has a pool. DS's current school does, but it is out of action so no swimming. His old school didn't have one. Just wondering as we spent close to £500 last 'school year' for his lessons and would love to not have to pay out but he is making such great progress and it's def a life skill i want him to have.
  23. ghost

    Yanchep Schools

    Yanchep Schools. Anyone have any feedbak on them.
  24. We are arriving In Sydney end of Sept and I have approx 2 weeks to find us a rental unfurnished property we can call home. We have decided we want to live Eastern Suburbs - at the moment we are thinking Bronte, Bondi, Clovelly, Waverley, Bellevue Hill, Randwick with Coogee being the most southern point. I have 2 questions - firstly I have heard most primary schools are pretty good in these areas but are there any I should avoid? Second question - We need to ensure our property is an easy commute to CBD on public transport (around 30 mins?) Are we on the right track with these areas or are we spreadingthe net too wide?
  25. Guest

    schools, areas,,,help!!!

    Hi! I ve just registered on here hoping to get lots of info!!!! We have just got our visa, flights are booked for oct 15th. We have perminant visas but have to live and work in Canberra. We have 3 kids all in primary school and just wondering if anyone has advice on schools, we wanted a state school, church of england type fine, wanted to avoid catholic if possible...not sure why just a feeling!! My dad was taught by nuns so heard bad stuff!! My husband is an architect/project manager and will be looking for work when we arrive.We are looking for an affordable area with lots to do and lots of kids for our kids to play with, we want the old fashioned life where kids can play out without too much worry. Can anyone recomend where to start looking?????? I don t want to move my kids too much as they changed schools 2 years ago and we want to settle!! Thanks, Sarah